T-34-85M Mission a Placeholder?

Hello everyone,

so, about the leaked missions for December. Earlier, it was announced that between 24.12. and 15.1. or so, a “marathon” would take place on EU server. Okay, that’s nice, I thought. But then, Evilly, WoT producer on RU server, announced that the Russians would have a different vehicle – something “that was available until now only on Chinese server”. He also added that it’s possible that the T-34-85M will be sold in the premium shop (on RU server, anyway).

Basically, looking at the Chinese server offers, Russian community came up only with 2 candidates: first, the WZ-111 heavy tank (first Chinese vehicle to be introduced in the game, really, REALLY old stuff). Or… M56 Scorpion, which is sold on Chinese server as we speak. Both are tier 8′s. At that point, I told Evilly that if we (Europeans) get a tier 6 and the Russians get tier 8, there will be butthurt on forums (well, I mean, there might be, but honestly, how many people can really complete the hardcore grind, right?). He replied that “everything’s gonna be fine :)”

Well – that leads me to think, maybe the leaked version of missions contains placeholders, I mean – WG EU had to know they would get leaked, as they did months before. Maybe we will have a nice Christmas surprise and instead of… let’s say good, but lackluster T-34 clone, we’ll get a chance to win the WZ or the Scorpion :)

That would be awesome. Not holding my breath, but it would.

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    • Same here. We will be able to buy Scorpion when it will come to shop, but WZ could be a great one time deal and nice motivation to complete that mission.

  1. Get your hopes up and then get raped by stronk WG donkey! :D We will see, but it wouldn`t be a suprise if EU got T-34-85 and Russians Wz-111

    • There will be butthurt either way.

      If it’s a tier 8 the requirements will be higher so there will be butthurt from those who figured this one was in their reach.

      If it’s the T-34-85M then there will be butthurt that the Russians got a better tank (even if they had to work harder for it).

  2. I think those sneaky bastards from WG are doing the HD FV4202 for the upcoming patch 9.5 where they will replace it. Since they know that everything is grinding hardcore the FV right now just for the chance to get it free, WG will play dirty and switch it before New Year. I got that feeling….

    • Then they would actually have to make a model of the Action X and supertest it. I somehow don’t see, where it is done!

      Both Brit prems will certainly come next year.. maybe even next year in WG style, as in – 2016. ;)

  3. The T34-82M is useful as it’s a Russian Medium for training crew, rather than the meh Tilly 4. But the M56 is a US TD which is also useful as there isn’t a premium one of those atm!

    • yep. also waiting for the T34-85M as a crew trainer. There is no real alternative for Russian med crew training.
      A premium US TD will come in the individual missions, so no real interest in the scorpion.

  4. Hmm I wasn’t going to bother with T6 medium. But a T8 Prem is another story. Best to quickly grind my Chinise and Japanize line. I hope they at least change requirment to T5 from T6.

  5. M56 – врятли, ведь он тестируется на RU сервере ST и его иногда можно встретить в рандоме. http://wiki.wargaming.net/ru/%D0%9E%D0%B1%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5_0.9.4#.D0.A2.D0.B5.D1.85.D0.BD.D0.B8.D0.BA.D0.B0
    Wz-111 – может быть, но он тоже засветился на первом тесте китайских ТТ, но из-за убогости был заменён на Wz-112.

  6. Still, 350K exp in one month is way too much for me, so I’ll still pass. I’m trying to reduce playing this game anyway. I’ll get FV in a month and it’s adios until FV mission or whatever they decide with it…

    • 350K exp too much?
      IS-6 mission needed 700K exp on Tier6 tanks ONLY. And people did that in couple weeks. 350K with tanks of Tier6+ will be like walk in the park!

    • 350k Its not that bad,… considering Holidays,.. x3 x5 events, possible u will have chance to get some premium accounts,… in the end i could be just make 100k standart xp (of course depends how many tanks u got in garage)
      I did SP mission, gived up on IS6 couse chinesse t6 just didnt suits my style and houlidays teams.
      Not sure baut T34-85m,.. if it will have Types 58 gun,.. hope it will at least have some depresion like standart T34-85

  7. Butthurt? Ofc they will be. Its always the same forum people that rages over this. First the IS-6 mission was to hard and only no lifers could get it. Then the SP was to hard. Then the TOG mission was to easy. Then the tier 6 mission that we get now will be to hard as they don’t have tanks in all nations…. I’ll bet that those will rage about they getting a tier 8. Just as they did when US had the T34 instead of the SP… or was that the IS-6. And that US got the better tank.

    Personally I know the WZ is a tank many have wanted for awhile. I only have one Chinese HT “IS-2″ so don’t really care. But would be interesting ofc if that was the tank on offer. As for the Scorpion? TD crew trainer for the US is nice finally. But with the Tier 7 T28 around the corner for a mission to and the fact it got 0mm of armor so that even the M5 with its 37mm using HE can kill you really fast. So no thx.

    I was kinda looking forward to the tier 6 medium. Why? Cus I’m bored of training crews in the Matilda with its 86mm pen. Nice change of pace. But if we get two missions? Not gonna complain then ofc, but not gonna get disappointed if we don’t get em either and just get the planned tier 6 one.

    • I like this trend that seems to be appearing, different tanks for missions than those for sale. I also have zero interest in the Scorpion, I’m not a fan of tanks with zero armor (literally, it seems, with the Scorpion), no matter how fast they are. On the other hand, the T28 Concept will be a mission tank, and more likely to be well suited to how I like to play. I’ll happily do a mission for it, then there will be no reason at all for me to buy the M56.

      Same with the T-55A. I love my T-54, and having a similar tank to train German medium crews means I will have zero need to purchase the Panther 88. I’ll happily play a mission for a 55A rather than spend real money on what is basically a Panther II with worse armor and the same matchmaking. I’d rather play a tier 9 medium than a tier 8 medium without preferential matchmaking any day of the week.

      I already have an IS-7, so no real need for an Object 260, but if I can manage to get that mission done, why not? As for the Stug IV, not really that interested, but hey, should be easy enough to get.

  8. I’d rather do a shorter grind, so a tier 6-7 thing would be nicer. The Scorpion however looks good – I like fast vehicles.

  9. I quite liked the idea of the T34-85M, but if the option instead is a Scorpion or a WZ heavy, I guess I would prefer the Chinese heavy, but it’s pretty much personal choice. As I have at least tier VIII in every nation, and kept a tier 6 in each, the IS6 and SPershing grinds weren’t that hard for me (and I guess alot of other three year plus account holders).

    I use my 110 in SH rather than my IS3, simply because the crew is better, and a trainer will help there.

    I have a T110E4, but it does not get used much, and I cannot imagine using a premium crew grinder to increase the perks on the crew when there are other crews I have, that would be a higher priority grind.

  10. I know I regret not doing IS-6 mission due to my brilliant idea of “hurr durr let’s take a WoT break during december”
    T34-85M sounded nice for crew trainer purpose but if it has to be a T8, maybe it will be T34 for EU and trollpershing for US ? Considering they did the opposite last time.

  11. I don’t care WZ, FK, PC, or MFR. All what i need is: I need tank !!!
    End of the story.

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  13. I’d like to have a T-34-85M for Soviet medium crew training, I just can’t bring myself to play the Matilda IV, just too boring. So, I won’t be disappointed if NA gets a mission for the 34-85, I love my regular T-34-85, and I do well enough in the Type 58 that the lower penetration gun doesn’t turn me off.

    WZ-111? Well, I have the 112, but I do love my Chinese tanks, so I would eagerly grind out an IS-6 or T34 like mission for one, hopefully more like the latter, since it allowed more tiers. I will, however, have to grind some credits. I sold a lot of lower tier tanks in my garage recently to buy three tier tens (FV4202, 121, E100) while they were on sale last weekend, and I’ll need to buy some of them back.

    M56? No interest. While I would like a premium US TD, the whole thing comes rather late for me. I sold my Hellcat post nerf, I have the E4 in my garage, and I’m about halfway to the E3. I’m not really in need of US TD crew training anymore. Plus, the T28 Concept looks like more my style than the M56, and with it being available in the new missions after the new year, I have no interest in grinding out the M56. I don’t expect to buy it either when it appears for sale.

    So, my preference is actually the T34-85M, but I’d also be excited by a WZ-111. Hoping it will be one of the two.

  14. Big NO to Scorpion,big NO to the chinease heavy..It’s not a premium tank, so I don’t realy care the tier.
    T6 russian medium is fine, especieally the T34-85 are very strong in t6 and the T34-85M even has a useful frontal armor.

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