Hall of Shame Member Apologizes

Hello everyone,

I think this is really worth posting. BadBroetchen, involved in the recent Hall of Shame, apologizes for his behavior. You know what? I can really appreciate that. So, there you go, removed from Hall of Shame.

I mean, I am sure everyone realizes that I know these guys aren’t really bald tattoeed fat swastika-wearing nazis, just raging kids. Doesn’t mean this should be tolerated of course, but it’s a good thing what he wrote:

Dear “For the Record“ community,

I am very sorry about what i`ve done in those Random Battle. It`s been a long time since i wrote that into the channel and i was too childish to understand what i wrote there. Im definitly not a Nazi and it is very embarrassing for me for getting shown at such an article. I don`t know where my thoughts gone and i know it will never happen again. So please accept my apology. I dont know how to make up for that. I`m not against jews or any other ethnic minoritys. Normaly im not in that rage mode but somehow i wasn`t by myself that day. I know that some of you will think that im doing this just for deleting my post in the hall of shame but it is important for me that you know that im not such a horrible person. I will apologize first of all to “Der_Mittelfranke” and, if it was somebody else sending this post in naturally also at him/her.

Thank you gratefully, Your Max aka FlyingBroetchen

And a nice letter from his clan, I actually really appretiate this.

Dear SilentStalker,

as a regular reader of your blog I was horrified, when I scanned your latest Hall Of Shame entry only to find my own tag among the submissions. We as the leadership of the Bad Company [BAD-C] are very sorry for the behavior of our member FlyingBroetchen. Our regulations clearly state, that abuse – especially in the form of right wing statements – is forbidden. We also don’t accept such statements (racist or nationalist) on our internal TS3 server. We had a very stern and very serious talk with our member. In the light of him being a minor and us not having any clue about the date of the incident displayed on your site, we decided to put him on probation. Should we as the leadership receive ANY complaint about him – even if he just called someone a noob – we will INSTANTLY remove him from our ranks. FlyingBroetchen will further apologize to the players he has offended. We as a clan feel a responsibility especially for the few minors among us and since he joined us, we have constantly worked to reign in his temper and give him social perspective. Therefore we believe, that it is better for the community to keep him in our ranks and temper him than to kick him and let him rage on. We would be grateful, if you could place our response in the context of the Hall of Shame entry.

Regards on behalf of the full BAD-C leadership

Well, that’s it. Thanks, good luck!

117 thoughts on “Hall of Shame Member Apologizes

  1. As I was recently looking for a good German clan to Join I actually considered BAD-C as one of my top choices. Good choice me thinks, reading that from their leadership here. They seem like a competent and socially responsible bunch, kudos.

    • *Competent*
      *Socially responsible*

      Sounds so manly.

      I hope they also promote gender equality, homosexual rights and fight global warming, because that’s the reason to join.

      BAD-C the very socially responsible klanu.

      • BAD-C is actually “Moms against dank weed und crystal meth” undercover and sends funds to the US Navy to fight mexico and le heisenberg

  2. One word: Respect!
    To be honest, I don’t really approve with the hall of shame. Why? because everybody swears in an online environment, especially games. more do it more often, others do it in a real bad way, with racist regards and such. I’m mature enough not to swear or at least to “swear” without using bad words. I’m against it, but even me I tend to rage sometimes and rarely use some bad words. We are, after all, just humans.
    But after seeing this, and especially the fact that some people are still mature and still know the meaning of respect and honor…. maybe the Hall of shame has its good side too….

    • Agree. This hall of shame is dumb.

      Someone tries to offend you? Shame on them.
      Someone manages to offend you? Shame on you.

      People can only offend you if you let them.
      This is the generation that grew up on 4chan. They don’t give a shit, and neither should you. It makes you much happier than running off to uncle-SS and whining about the big bad meanies on teh interwebz.

      Holy shit someone called me a cancerjew, STOP THE PRESSES THE WORLD IS GOING TO END, OH NOEZ!

      Just because something is in bad taste, which most of the HoS content is, doesn’t mean you need to get your panties in a bunch about it. Some people cry about it on a blog when someone tells them they’re going to rape their mother. I just offer them to borrow my shovel, so they can dig her up if they care that much.

      • No. Just no.

        Though I question the effectiveness of the hall of shame, the fact that a generation of kids/young men grow up thinking they can spit any offensive shit they want on the internet, make death threats and joke about cancer or extermination camps, or display the most disgusting form of racism, *isn’t* fine.

        It’s yet another proof that internet shouldn’t be allowed to anyone, and that, overall, our societies are going down the drain because of a lack of education and too much egocentrism. It’s a toxic behaviour that deserves to be denounced, ostracized and punished.

        Cynicism and this whole “meh, I don’t care” attitude is just bullshit.

      • 1933 – 3rd Reich, just rage some cancerjews
        1936 – put cancer in gethos
        1939 – start chimo, shot cancer here and there
        1942 – start massive elimination of cancer in gas chambers
        1945 – 6,000,000 Massacred

        hey, but we can just call them cancer, no harm. kids rage

      • Nonsense. Racism, cancer wishes and all that are poor form. Simply because the guy you just told to die in a concentration camp cannot punch you in the face, does not make it OK. Bunch of dumb, sad cowards who feel like using the holocaust, cancer and racism to vent their childish tantrums richly deserve to be named and shamed. SS does just that. Glad to see it is working.

        • It is poor form.

          That does not change anything of what I said.

          It really is just a childish temper tantrum as you said. The more you care about any of it, the more you lower yourself to their level. I am above that kind of thing, I just don’t care. I can see it for what it is, and it really is nothing of any importance to anyone whatsoever. Someone screaming in chat about wanting to resurrect the 3rd Reich isn’t going to magically make it happen.

          • Thing is why people should not care? Maybe for a change people who don’t care will try to care. There are only those 2 solutions really. Caring increase standards, not caring doesn’t. So i guess choice is not that hard.

        • If it doesn’t concern you. You should give yourself less bullshit and just go on about your day

    • I think everybody has raged at least once in WoT, calling enemy arty driver a faggot, because he oneshot you is not a terribly offending thing to do, but wishing someone death/cancer/whatever colorful stuff HoS members can come up is not something we should ignore.

      As long as HoS features latter behaviours I’m fine with it.

      • I have felt the rage and wantef to express such rage with a few choice words. But I restrain myself because all that name calling does is make a bad situation even worse. All I, and anybody who engages in this behavior, will get is a flame war in detriment of my game an possibly an eneme for life who will harass me anytime we meet in randoms.
        So, no I don’t call anybody a faggot, etc.; I have never entertained rhe notion of wishing a disease en somebody, much less cancer since there is a cancer survivor in my family and I know how a fucked up situation that is to wish it to somebody much less over a game. But then I am 47 years old and maturity is expected from me.

        I can understand a minor exploding in expletives and death wishing but not somebody who is 20+. The first is somebody who us learning how to act in polite society. The later ought to know better since that behavior will have negative consequences in life.

        So, kudos for that clan for teaching that kid that his actions can, and will, bring consequences, some of which he won’t like.

    • Yes, everyone swears sometime, but when it becomes this racist / nazi / cancer wishing kind of stuff, it definitely should not be ignored.

    • “because everybody swears in an online environment,”

      you’re projecting hard here. There’s a lot of people who do not swear just because there’s no big, tall guy right next to them, ready to punch them in the face. If you can’t behave, there should be consequences. Wargaming is unwilling to enforce their policies, so the Hall of Shame is mostly a result of Wargaming being useless.

      • Eeyup. If they had proper moderators, HoS wouldn’t be needed.
        But they don’t care, so IMO the HoS is a very good thing.

  3. Was this the guy you named an shamed in your FB post some days ago, where you could also see his private mail address?
    Just wonder how much spam he received after this.

  4. People should give less shit in general, not fucking make an affair about someone swearing on teh interwebz.

    Just lol.

    • swearing is one thing..
      eg: you blocking me and calling me idiot, me calling you moron and teamkilling you.
      but if you wish cancer on my entire family, and my dad died of cancer earlier this year, that’s gonna hurt.
      various idot/moron/mongol are targeted at your skill and your capability to play the game properly.. i’d even consider it as a reason to improve my skills
      wishing death/cancer/rape on someone is going out of the parameters of the game. this is personal. and offensive..

          • No you sissies should grow up. God damn what should the Internet troll do? Capslock you to death?

            • Perhaps your big mouth will say the same once someone you know died of cancer? Will it, idiot? It bothers me, I don’t mind other insults, but this one really gets to my nerves.

              • It bothers me that your nickname is kind of homophobic.

                But still your butthurt is so fucking awesome. And it is the best about all this stupid artificial drama :D

                Grow some fucking balls or never use the internet ever again. Because you will step on this things every now and then.

                • Morons like you simply can’t decide that ‘we can’t give a fuck and shouldn’t bother about it’.

                  If you think that 15-25 years old people can and should run around making death threats and jokes about exterminations camps, AIDS and cancer, by all mean, go ahead.

                  If we think this is a toxic behaviour that should be punished whenever possible, I’m afraid it’s none of your business. Unless you’re one of those pos deathwishers.

    • Swearing is calling someone an [expletive] idiot.

      Taking about rape, cancer, the holocaust, is more than swearing.

      You will find you need to know the difference at some point as you grow up.

      • So if someone tells you to get cancer, will you get it? There is no difference, since you won’t get cancer. I find it funny that someone can get so worked up over a game so I troll them back.

        Sounds like you have no real life problems when you spend time on the internet to get abused by your minors. Maybe you are the one who should grow up (mentally and emotionally).

        • It’s not about whether one really would get cancer, but about whether one wants the gaming environment to be like that.

          One can either ignore it, tease, quit, or fight back with things like a hall of shame.

          Myself, i like to further troll such ragers, but all three other approaches are perfectly legitimate as well.

          Also, i don’t see the connection between real life problems and internet problems. Someone may have a ton of real life problems and seek some hours of enjoyment in a game, which then get spoiled by misbehaving brats. Taking an issue with that is perfectly legitimate.

          • What are ignore lists for?

            What is “disable chat” for?

            And mainly, what is the WG report system for? (don’t tell me it doesn’t work, because that’s a lie, I know plenty of people that got chat banned).

            Sounds like WG gave us all the tools needed to deal with this issue. If anyone would actually bother to report people to WG, I’m sure they would get banned. Yeah but people rather go to FTR and whine.

        • On the contrary,
          People with cancer or people with family or friends with it will probably take it worst of all.

          So you were hit by arty? it’s still worlds apart from what they are going through.

          comparing getting hit by arty in a computer game to getting cancer in real life is more than just insulting

        • I wish you to experience someone who has cancer. Iam sure you would change that attitude in an instant. I visited oncology hostpitals and I can tell you that even tho iam a well grown man, the sight of children living in the hospital fighting with cancer got me on my knees. Seeing them bound to their beds with their parents crying in the hallway was a sight I will never forget.

    • People swearing in “teh interwebz” is an issue, if you behave normal when anonymous it’s easier to behave normal in real life too. When you lower the standards of ethics and morality on internet / in games it will lead to lower standards overall, this is already reflected in group behavior you see for example in football matches (soccer for US folk) -> people who normally wouldn’t go shouting racist things at random strangers will make jungle noises by the hundreds / thousands in a stadium with everyone doing it.

      It is up to each individual to keep it clean and nice…

      • Mob mentality. Separate individuals from the crowd and they will not make “jungle noises” anymore. Swearing it teh interwebz is a bit different issue but those little keyboard ninjas are best ignored. Do not add fuel to the fire and it will go out.

        • I think it’s important that people point out that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in any form. Even if they do get published and later apologize for what they said.

          If I see such rubbish being posted in chat I will send a message letting the sender know that type of behaviour is not acceptable. This is also done to try and show the recipient that not everyone that plays WoT is a racist.

  5. I think this shows that the hall of shame has a place within the community to keep at least some of the players restraining themselves when losing their minds in rage and maybe do better or at least face consequences through public awareness.

    It won’t cure all fails of social behaviour within the game but at least some.
    And somewhere you have to start – even if that hurts innocent (like an entire clan) sometimes.

    Good thing leadership of that clan responded and took action and reacted responsibe.

  6. Perhaps you now see the folly of your “auto-report mod” that you have planned, Silent?

    You get posts from random people and you choose what’s going to be included in HoS or not. I don’t agree with any of the statements these people have written, but the above highlights an one-time insult in the past which got included in HoS. Furthermore, you aren’t a neutral party at all, as have come to light regarding members from your own clan didn’t get included in Hos even when they had some radical statements and your opinions regarding Romani people.

    I don’t care what you do or not do in your spare time, but you will essentially use your fame from ftr to peddle this mod onto people that do not know better. I doubt the average WoT-player would think this through from a cynical point of view, and just download the mod to ban “all the evil, fascist/violent players”.

    Better to manage a system within WG itself where these people will be monitored for further offence ->ban.

  7. beautiful!

    thank you, the word is still nice place to be.
    Seeing own mistake and being able to apologize is beautiful action.

    Everybody might have sometimes bad day, and nerves out (that’s why i disabled chat myself..)

    both clan and FlyingBroetchen
    ….. very nice!

  8. My hats off to both of em. Takes guts to write and post an apology like that. And kudos to his clan leaders for reacting to it properly instead kicking him and ignoring it.

  9. One always should accept apologies – we all know that feelings can go high having a bad day, and then – even in the game everything goes wrong repeatedly.

    Our life is about learning, and i am sure the people that apologize have learned smth for themselves, that should be acknowledged. Often we do smth wrong to realize how very wrong it really was..

    Myself i would forgive everyone, if i feel that it is honest

  10. This is a joke :D, who cares about stupid SS half of shame (“SS” is nazi symbol lol), he think hes god :D, die from cancer with all your family retard shit

  11. Once I heard that Germans were a proud nation.

    Now they are just bunch of multikulti devout feelsorry beta sissyboys.

    Stand your ground like a man, worm!

  12. And where is your apology, SilentCunt, for promoting mods that are on the edge of cheating?
    But hey. Since hordes of tomato clickers that sent you few cents here and there are happy….. There is no moral dilema for you right?

    Today I have played one game with arty and deep red tomato idiot in GWTP was typing to me: “Get this new mod from FTR (like SilentCunt made it or something, when its already at least 2 months old),you will get much better results in your arty!

    GJ SilentCunt. You have made it again. Now go hunt down few unicums with defoliant mods or whatever but keep promoting another cheat. You know how they call hypocrits like you? Sanctimonious prick is the expression.

  13. From the comments and ingame chat I have concluded that most kids these days are stupid, undereducated, without a care in the world.

    Idiocracy isn’t a movie, it’s a prophecy.

  14. D – douche, M – me

    D: get cancer
    M: already got it. maybe try ebola or H7N9, m’kay?

    D: die in Auschwitz
    M: been there and didn’t die, it’s a museum now yknow… you should visit sometime

    D: fakin Jude
    M: I’m not a Jew and my wife is neither so ur wrong I’m not fkn any Jews

    D: fuck ur mum in da ass
    M: I’m adopted and got 2 daddies so if you want to fuck one of them in da ass go ahead, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind


    HoS is such a waste of time IMHO. Let them keyboard warriors cry whatever they want, freedom of speech applies to all. This is just a game chat, some are just trolling, some let negative emotions rule over them, whatever. I am quite sure that they would not do that face2face and that they are just average Joes in RL. Make Hall of Fame instead and show all those rare instances of proper teamworking, helpfulness in the battle to encourage good behaviour rather than trying to discourage bad one by making those morons a laughing stock or penalising them in game. Take a positive approach. Cheers

  15. This FTR post and apology reminded me of that crying apology from ESA scientist after some feminists got upset that his shirt had pictures of girls on it. People just need to get a grip and stop getting butthurt over everything and being so goddamn politically correct goody two-shoes wussies.

    Man the fuck up before you grow vaginas.

    Someone insulted you in online game? Aslong as there is anonymity in internet, it is going to happen no matter what now and then. Going to cry about it to your mother or sending pictures of the bad words to SilentStalker isnt going to stop it.

    But hey, atleast these HoS posts provide good drama and entertainment.

    • Might sound dumb, but believe me when I say that one visit in a local police station reporting someone with a death treat would ruin the day for the offender. My brother is a police officer (major) and he personally dealt with such things and I can tell you that the offenders got into serious trouble. Same goes for nazi stuff, but that is abit less punished, but I can also tell you that parents wouldnt be pleased to see two police officers ringing at the door that their 15 year old puberty child made a huge mistake hiding behind internet anonymity.

      • Haha, maybe the police will knock on your door if you live in China or some other commie shit country, but here in the western world can you pretty much write whatever you want without getting some police knocking on your door.

    • As long as there is anonimity…..indeed. How long is that going to last you think? A couple of years maybe?

      Rule of thumb: don’t say stuff to people over the internet you wouildn’t have the nerve to tell ‘em to their face. It may (or will) come back to haunt you some day.

    • Well, since the kid is appearently a minor……why not? Happy we don’t have any minors in our clan tho :-)

  16. I think it isn’t about giving a shit about what they say, but rather being responsible.
    Swearing and such, sure, everyone have times they have to vent a bit of anger, but getting so angry that you start giving death threats and wishing cancer on people, just over a video game? They may get away most of the time with giving death threats, but they will eventually meet that one person who reports to the police about it. They need to learn to be responsible for shit they say on the internet, don’t say anything that you wouldn’t say in real life.
    Also, wishing cancer on people, there are people out there that lost family members to cancer, it isn’t very polite to wish cancer on them.

    People that rages out on video games easily need to manage their anger, not just to avoid raging on people, but because playing video games while angry isn’t gonna help your performance, you’re more likely to do worse when angry.

  17. if i read some comments here, i think the comment section is the hall of shame!
    At least he has balls and i guess more brain than some commentators here.

  18. you can rage without insulting others, i do that all the time and im never in hall of shame. those who send SS screenshots are not as bad as a death-wisher, but they are like little kids in kindergarten who will run to the caretaker lady sayin ‘he said im not clever!’. learn to get over it, 95% of people who say these stuff dont mean it, they just have anger issues.

  19. Get down on Earth, SS. Stop pretending you matter more than you do. No one gives a fuck about his apology. It baffles me why the fuck would he wrote a goddamn apology to a random guy running a fucking blog. I wrote some shit in random battles, got chatbanned 10+ times and i’m not proud of some of my insults, yet i wouldn’t give a single fuck if you’d put me in HoS. You’re just a Q&A guy, nothing more, nothing less.

  20. While I can appreciate true apologies*, I have a hard time accepting apologies from people who would use vile racist, anti-Semitic, or Nazi, etc. insults. Why? Because to me, it shows that those vile thoughts are too easily thought by those people and will pop out in moments of anger. Maybe it’s just that some people have better internal filters on what they say or write in moments of anger. But I tend to think that the people who have poor “filters” think those vile thoughts too easily, while those with strong “filters” would never say such things under any circumstances.

    *As for “true” apologies…. I feel that there are two types of apologies, the true ones and false ones.

    A true apology is along these lines: I’m sorry that I offended you. I was wrong.

    A false apology is along these lines: I’m sorry if you were offended.

    The true apology accepts responsibility for the error. The false apology makes it appear as if it was the other person’s fault and accepts no responsibility.