Wargaming Organizing WoT Tournament for Russian Cadets

Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/remember-everything/cmvs_30_11_report/

Hello everyone,

an interesting piece of info. You know how WG claimed on several occasions not cooperating with the Russian army?

Well, apparently, that’s not a problem with the cadets (you know, that’s only the FUTURE army, so it doesn’t count). It took place in Moscow in the computer room (education class) in the Moscow military museum. A part of the tournament was the tour of the museum and – I quote: “the holiest of places – the Hall of Victory” to “taste the spirit of 1945″.

I don’t know… doesn’t it look a bit odd? I mean, I guess that in the end, they are just young guys wanting to have fun. But considering they might be sitting not long from now in real tanks heading west as “volunteers”…

42 thoughts on “Wargaming Organizing WoT Tournament for Russian Cadets

    • (WW 3…A russian cadet,now a T-90 commander is advancing into Poland…).

      Lenin-03(T-90) comms log:
      (09:30)OK! i’ll just sit in that bush with my T-90 and snipe dirty capitalists…
      (14:38)Hey,what is that?!? Seems to be a ‘murican drone! Not to worry my camo is good enough.
      (14:40)Hmm it is closing in…and what is that bright thing it dropped???
      (14:40)SUKA!!! A ROCKET!!! MOVE!!!MOVE!!!
      (connection with unit lost…)

  1. Since when does modern warfare require driving into the face of your enemy and aiming for weakspots?
    War Thunder, with the complete utter shit collision models, could potentially be a better “tank trainer”.

  2. Volunteers or not, Donbass militia and the Russian holiday soldiers did their job perfectly. Now Ukraine is even more fucked up than before with massive debts, puppet government and ruined economy. Thanks Obomba and Tsar Vlad.

    • At least Ukraine has a chance to clean corruption. Russia in meantime has no chance.

    • Russia talking about “massive debts” and “ruined economy”

      Pot. Kettle. Black.

    • I wish that the east AND west would keep out of the Ukraine. I say let the people decide.

      • Sadly I think shit is only going to escalate. EU/US have interests in Ukraine (taking resources, building bases etc.), Russia also has interest in Ukraine (Crimea, Donbass, joining the ‘Euroasiatic Union’…)
        hehe 2015 will be one interesting year.

    • Also, Ukraine now wants to join NATO, Russians are forced to build expensive pipeline through the territory of one of their worst enemies – Turkey, also member of NATO, oil prices went low and so did the ruble, China is buying their gas for ridiculously low prices, investors are fleeing the country and overall Russia is heading to be even more pisspoor than it already was.
      Great job!

  3. Russian training stronk?

    I think you are confusing a PR and marketing stunt with military aid.

    • “Don’t worry, we’ll have our tracks back up in 12 seconds”

      *5 minutes later*

      “Goddamn these things are fucking heavy”

  4. Its giving some young guys a little bit of fun, no need to make it political.
    Army training is boring enough without removing any distractions.

    • Actually in reality tanks can pretty much ignore artillery, it’s pretty useless against a real modern tank. When under artillery fire the best course of action for a tank is to just park in a forest until the barrage stops.

  5. Its a trick from officers! Any cadets that choose playing skycancer will be sent home for being gay.

  6. Would you like to tell the group where the nasty artillery touched you?
    Grow up, learn to deal with it or leave and take your homophobic attitude with you.

  7. No, you are misunderstanding this, SilentStalker. This is actually sabotaging the army :)

  8. Lol what a joke.

    This makes there Army look ragtag at best.

    If the US played Madden Football to get ready for war it would be more prepared as madden football has more to do with real combat than WOT does.

    • Who says that they are getting ready for war? It is just a video game tourney ffs. Can’t you tell the difference?

    • Have you ever checked a map? You got any idea where Russia is? Let me guess, those people east of the Ural mountains are all kaukasians, right? Especially those from the mongolian border or those from Siberia. What are you? A US-american highschooler?

    • Like 90% of Russians I know are what Americans think of as Asian; most of the country is in Asia, after all. Just because the area is called Russia doesn’t automatically turn everyone born within its borders into stereotypical track-suited white guys. Russia is fairly ethnically diverse and as such, so is their army.

  9. You know how WG claimed on several occasions not cooperating with the Russian army?

    Silentstroker conveniently forgot to include a link to the claims that WG don’t cooperate with the army, the translation of the article is full of errors as usual…
    So much bullshit, such incompetence, wow.

  10. SS you’re literally a Tomato at life

    Before you speak about Russia, maybe you should look at more than what fox news says.