SerB Thinking of Investing in Space Industry


Hello everyone,

today’s article from news server mentions an interesting piece of information. One of the creators of World of Tanks, Sergei “SerB” Burkatovsky is thinking of investing 5 to 10 million rubles (cca 75k to 150k EUR) in the Russian rocket developer “Lin Industrial” in order to create a super-light rocket “Taymir”.


The company chief designer Aleksander Ilyin confirms that there are two variants – either buying 5 percent of company shares for 5 million rubles or 10 percent for 10 million. SerB confirmed the intention without mentioning the actual sums. According to his statements, Taymir rockets can carry small objects, such as student satellites to orbit. He stated also that the reason he wants to get involved is because he’s a “fan of space”. He also further states that this might be a profitable venture, as businessmen might be interested in sending various small objects to space. It might be also useful for universities and researchers. The company plans in the first years to launch 3 Taymirs per year, with each earning them net profit of 1 to 1,5 million USD. Ilyin however confirmed that if necessery, the company could produce the rockets as fast as one per week.

So don’t forget to buy the Christmas bundles, SerB needs rockets :)

69 thoughts on “SerB Thinking of Investing in Space Industry

  1. “So don’t forget to buy the Christmas bundles, SerB needs rockets :)”

    Well, I can imagine a lot of ways he could spend that money which I’d like less than investing in cool space stuff. If I would still be spending money on(or playing) this game I’d be happy to see it go there.

  2. Reminds me of Von Braun’s claim to be aiming for the stars! but somehow hitting London. Call me suspicious that he wants to “invest” in Russian rockets for student projects. Rockets are expensive, students and universities are usually cash strapped.

  3. An ultra-light rocket? Interesting idea and risky, its likely to have low payload capacity per launch, meaning less $$.

    • but it may (almost certainly will) be cheaper to launch, and because bigger payloads are more expensive, smaller organisations dont want to be launching big equipment, because they dont need to and cant afford it. it will mean that if you want to put a small ish thing in space, you dont need to use a rocket capable put a big ish thing in space, saving the cost by not using a launch system that has more capability than the payload you want to launch. a good idea imo, and it will open up the option to put stuff in space for university or researchers, although wealthy ones only, putting stuff space still wont be cheep :(

  4. “He stated also that the reason he wants to get involved is because he’s a “fan of space”.”

    I thought he’s already a fan of insulting the people that pay his salary at the end of the day. :)

    • What do you call russkies with rockets?
      …A cold war :D
      Oh come on, that was a good one.

      Anyway, I always knew SerB was planning world domination.
      I can just see him starring in the set of a new bond film.
      He’d be like oddjob, except instead of a razor hat and moon lasers he’d have an iron file and missile silos. Probably has the evil laugh down pat too :D

      On a serious note, space development is awesome, +1 SerB.

    • LOL, that was a good one. I just can imagine SerB saying that straight-faced into the shocked face of a potential customer :D

      • But if you buy a premium rocket account it will give you less experience of successful launches even though its supposed to do the opposite.

        “working as intended”

  5. “He stated also that the reason he wants to get involved is because he’s a “fan of space”.”

    He also appears to be a fan of hookers. Is he investing into that business as well?

  6. iirc the Russians were developing some variant of the Ion thruster that produced a thrust more akin to that of a rocket. If Serb were to invest in that, then space bound dogfighters could become somewhat more feasible…

  7. Here’s what they do with our premium account fees.

    They spend it for shit.

    Fucking SerB.

    • well, its not war gaming, its SerB. this is his money, not the company. he is spending the money that he gets paid. although, it must be quite a lot if he is investing in rockets…
      at least its going to to somewhere useful, not being spent on vodka and strippers.

  8. Are you kidding me? We can orbit something in space for SERB, but we can’t fix the Match Maker?

    Make sure you look up and be ready to run, while Serb tries to Nerf the basic law of physics of: “What goes up must come down!”

    All our gaming money spent for this ?? Now, we know why nothing gets fixed…?

    • I want to kill him before he get any satisfaction from anything.

      Full retard? Don’t care, really.

  9. Finally I know the reason for advent calendar special offers with laughable prices. Ugly fat russian cock smelling of vodka and cheap whores wants to play with rockets!!!

  10. The comment section of this post really shows just how stupid the average FTR reader is. “This is what they spend our money on” as if SerB was the head of WG. Get it in your head guys, SerB doesnt manage the money, thats the job of Viktor Kisly, you know, THE FUCKING CEO OF WARGAMING.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      Plus WG is a private company, not your government – the moment you click on “confirm payment” the money is no longer yours but theirs.

  11. I can already see it:
    Employe: “Sir, we are using wrong fuel. We need to change it otherwise the rocket can explode and kill our crew! Also, the design of rocket is flawed and it doesn’t reflect real laws of physics. Our community has some great ideas how to improve it.”
    SerB: “I was with your mother last night, she told be that you are just a little whiny bitch. There won’t be any changes, stop bitching! Besides, our community are bunch of donkeys!”

  12. i think they should do first improved more d WOT including machine guns for penetration, for more spicing the game .should do some dmg to! Every sec it fires

  13. What Christmas bundles are you talking about buying? I’m on the NA servers. No Advent Calendar for us.

    Just think about…

    All those kids sitting around with their parents’ credit cards and nothing to buy on WoT.

  14. Huge black hole of space between his ears..

    Good to see that Serb is doing so well after all those years of taking up space in state run university.