17 thoughts on “Chieftain’s Hatch: IS-7 (Part 1)

  1. Quick question: right now I’m playing in SEA. But I’m gonna move to US soon. Is there anyway for me to transfer my account?? Thanks :)

    • Roaming it not implemented yet from what i know…but you can try to make a ticket to support because its possible. Tell them that your are going to move to the US and maybe they will move it.

    • Apparently they actually nerfed the armor compared to RL so it wouldn’t be OP in the game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Inb4 Chieftain gets fired for mentioning that and ruining their bias….and they even hired more guys to do measurings Topkek really

      • They even nerfed the penetration of the gun, because IRL it was 225 mm and that would mean the vehicle fits t12 better according to Derp SerB. Oh wait ..

    • Not even close. Remember the IS3 was 100mm so 20mm added plate is almost 1 inch thicker…Huge increase in armor.

      Also cheeks are 240 not 270mm like in game. And side skirts are 10mm instead of 30mm…..WG and its lies make it funny.

      This is why things like the M103 couldnt compete with the IS7 at T10, because they overbuffed the IS7 so much it was to powerful. INRL it had 3 depression with a 122mm and 1.5mm with the 130mm gun. Its lower plate is 120mm and al the sudden you see how a M103 with -8 and a gun that could easily pen it becomes much stronger.

      • And IS 3 historical engine 520 km, KT 700, in game IS3 750km, KT had 870, but for Historical KT 700….well T54, 520 to 580, 98 front armor hull, i RL so ….russian.

  2. Though bring a Brit I like Challenger I think think the Chieftain has more personality. Also I like the out-takes too :)

  3. Oh god, machineguns… :’D
    “Ivan! Tenk ez neerly feeneeshed, but ez missinge sometinge. How ez crew goinge to etteck enemy infentry?”
    “I hef solushion. mechineguns !”