Movie T-34/85 for Sale in Sweden

Thanks to Tankstar for this one.

Hello everyone,

apparently, the T-34/85, used for the Estonian movie “1944″ is for sale, according to this site. It looks to be in a pretty good shape too. Too bad it’s not entirely historical – according to the page, it has a T-54/55 engine. Well, okay, why not, if it’s running.

The movie “1944″ is actually a new Estonian movie. According to its official description:

This motion picture deals with the events of 1944 in Estonia, from the Battle of Tannenberg Line in July until the Sõrve Peninsula fell into the hands of the Red Army in November. The film focuses on the individual within the context of war, rather than war itself, and shows the war from both perspectives – those of the Red Army and the German Army.

Could be interesting.






16 thoughts on “Movie T-34/85 for Sale in Sweden

  1. Damn that T-34/85 is sexy. And it even runs! (Doesn’t matter if the engine is from a T-54. It’s not like most people would not ice anyway).

    More interested in the movie though. Will it have a version with English subtitles?

  2. So if the engine is a V-2-54, I guess the D-10-85BM is all that’s left for this tank to be equipped like in WoT ?

  3. “Honey, the postman came with a tank.” , “Ups, >maybe< I missclicked when ordering at amazon, but we'll make room for it."

  4. a testament to soviet engineering is that they could fit a TRANSVERSE engine like the T54 one to a VERY old T34 with longitudinal engine/gearbox.

    now that’s something!