Regarding the 9.5 CT2 Launcher Crash

Hello everyone,

several players experienced a crash of the 9.5 CT2 launcher. After updating the cca 170 megs of CT2 client, a white screen appears and says roughly something along the lines of “page cannot be displayed” – while hanging up the launcher, so you have to turn it off using task manager.

There are two “fixes” for this:

- first, you can just NOT run the launcher and start worldoftanks.exe straight away (it’s in your WoT directory)
- second, more proper way, as described by Medjed (thank you):

Shut down WoT launcher via Task manager. Go to your WoT folder and delete wg_cleaner_client_patch.dll. Start launcher again it will download 10 MB and then you’ll have the play button.

24 thoughts on “Regarding the 9.5 CT2 Launcher Crash

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  2. Anybody checked the Mammoth in Tankinspector? Will be funny.
    5000 HP
    1000 mm Pen
    53 ton
    1200 Horsepower
    2500 DPM
    50mm armor
    Like Karl?

  3. WTF… I updated my CT installation and now it tells me that my account has been suspended for my selection during the EU/NA split? I can’t even select the Test #1 and Test #2 servers as before anymore, only the “Common Test”.

    I have a feeling that I the client got confused about which server to connect to, but I CBA re-installing it because I’d lose my settings and it would turn into a mess again.

    Any ideas? :D

  4. I know this might be a little off topic but here I go.
    The website has a give away for keys to get WoWS downloaded If you haven’t been part of the beta test. You have to first have an account on Then you go to giveaways. Then if you scroll down you should see the WoWS give away. Click on that and then follow the steps and then you should have a new email. In the email it will have a key and more instructions. When you have successfully entered the key in the WoWS web page you will get another email that will look like this. I have censored my personal data just in case.

    Dear *************!

    Congratulations! You have been granted access to the World of Warships Beta Weekend and become a Closed Beta tester. You can now take command of a huge fleet, testing legendary vessels while honing your tactical skills in intense naval combat.
    On December 13 and 14, you will have plenty of time to play World of Warships and upgrade any ships. After that, access will be temporarily closed. However, you will be automatically accepted to the next Beta Weekend and the World of Warships Closed Beta.
    Beta Weekend is an intermediate stage between Alpha and Beta Tests. It is an important phase on the journey towards the official release. Beta testers like you will help us prepare the project for the next stage of development.
    Now you can access the restricted sections on the official website and the forum of World of Warships. We encourage you to share your impressions of the game, warships, game balance, and maps, as well as communicate with the game developers and contribute to project improvements.
    To start the game, follow the instructions below:
    Step 1
    To download the game client, follow this link and install the client on your computer.
    Step 2
    To start the game, click the World of Warships icon.
    Step 3
    Enter your ID email address and password. Click Connect! to go to your personal Port.
    Step 4
    Select a warship and click Battle! Use F1 to access the help screen.
    Useful links:
    — Member page on the official website
    — Blog
    — Forum
    — Program to work with bugs
    — Customer Service Center

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