Marathon Tank is the WZ-111

Hello everyone,

contrary to the (fake) earlier leaks, there will not be a tier 6 T-34-85M marathon (T-34-85M will apparently be sold, at least on RU server). Instead, the “marathon” tank will be the WZ-111.

The conditions of the marathon are: for every nation, in tier 6+ tank, cause 150k damage and kill 150 enemy vehicles. No XP, top 10 or anything like that required. So, in total, you have to destroy 1050 enemies and cause over a million damage points. With my average 1,13 kills per battle… that’s a lot of battles :)

The time limit is from 15.12. to 19.1.

A little background – tier 8 WZ-111 was the first Chinese tank to be introduced to World of Tanks. That was a very, very long time ago, like two and a half years back or so. It was until now a Chinese server-exclusive vehicle. You can read about its real life history a bit here. For a week or so, it was speculated on RU server that this would be the Russian marathon tank (as Evilly stated it would be something that only appeared on Chinese server for now and WZ-111 was the only vehicle fitting that description without other issues).

Oh well, I would have perhaps preferred something… lowtier, but easier to obtain. Like that T-34-85M – but good luck :)

120 thoughts on “Marathon Tank is the WZ-111

  1. so nothing for individual nation completions?

    one to skip – that XP stuff would have been more equal to all tank types / play styles – read light tank scouting.

    Hope this info too is fake :-)


    checked from noobmeter – in that timeframe I typically

    kill 1250 tanks
    do 900k damage

    just a bit of a boost to damage and done..

  2. At least they have made this so stupid I won’t bother worrying about it. Looks more time consuming than the T62 mission in the summer.

    For me in particular I have only scouts for two of the 7 nations and to kill approx. 5 tanks every single day will mean I’ll have to put Xmas and my life on hold, and with the number of tomatoes infecting all tiers of WOT these days it just isn’t worth it (or achievable for most IMHO)

    A slight tweak, which would have made this more doable, would be to make it 1000 kills overall, regardless of nation.

  3. Gods… It just means top damage dealers. No scouts, no finesse… And conditions are painful, again. That “fake” mission was ok, but they probably noticed it and something like that just couldn’t pass…

      • You don’t really need 100+ tanks for this. IF this was a mission with XP requirement, lot’s of tanks would’ve been great since you could get shitloads of daily doubles/tripples/whatever. But with damage requirement? You only need one decent damage dealing tank in every nation and you are golden.

        (I still think it’s a bit much tho, at least the kills requirement… I usually do lots of damage but kills? Not so much… oh well, we’ll see)

      • Doohhh! You don’t need 100+ tanks. You just need a tier 6+ in every nation and… skill so you can finish faster the mission
        This mission is very easy for the WN8 farmers ;)

        • Easy indeed, but time requiring as hell, especially on holidays.
          I admit it, I’m a WN8 jackass, but heck, I also have a life.

      • I’m Jewish, so I’ve got no Christmas crap to worry about. I’m going to continue to visit my folks about once a week like I normally do, gonna keep going out to the bar with friends on the weekends, going to continue working 44 hours/week and if this mission comes to the NA server I’ll finish it pretty easily.

    • LOL … I am not sure you have understood the mission parameters Klint. As always the Japanese sub-mission will be the hardest to complete in these multi-nation missions and as you can’t buy a Tier 6+ premium for that nation I am wondering how are you planning on completing it when you have nothing better than a Tier 5 ChiNu in your garage?

  4. I think the leaked mission was much more preferable to this, is WZ-111 worth the effort? Cant find much tank stats at work :P

  5. OMG !?!?!
    150K DMG and 150 killed enemies for EVERY nation ???

    4+ K DMG and 4+ killed enemies every day for every nation, so in total 29K DMG and 29 killed tanks everyday.

    Pfff… F*** off WG.
    I have way more things to do in Christmas period than sit in my hide out and stare in to the screen all day everyday.


  6. With my 4 nations that I play … that’s one irrelevant mission. If WGtards want people to play all tech trees they should add some vehicles to the smallest branches first.

  7. AWSOME news about the reward tank! One more rare tank in garage.
    Can someone plz check, are we able to use Prem tanks for this mission? It would be nice, if I could do the mission and continue to farm credits for X-Mas discounts.

    And they most probably changed requirements to kills and damage instead of XP, because this will be harder to reach, as you don’t get x5 kill/damage events and stuff like that. ;)
    And yeah, the ugly side of this – welcome back Killstealing – we have (not) missed you for some time. :(

  8. Fuck my life . Fuck it hard . Bought amx12t and wz 131 along m41 walker bulldog in vain . I dont need no chinease tier 8 . This is such bullshit . Omg . How can someone do such damage in lights ?

    Or you know what ? Instead of staying home and playing tanks , im travelling abroad . Fuck this .

  9. Droves of yoloing shitlords suicinding to get their kills.. Again.. These FUCKING missions.

    kthx i’ll pass.

    • From what I could tell, it might actually be worse. Slightly better dpm and bit less mobile. And it meets tier Xs, which the 112 doesn’t (and it has the same 122 gun with 175 mm of penetration

  10. Approx. 5 kills a day per nation, that’s kinda tough for some nations (Japanese or Chinese support tanks, f.e.). And it’ll take lots of battles – “if” you had 5 kills a battle (I have 1.27 only), you’d still need 7 battles a day…

    But will see how it goes with the missions and x5s, which will boost playing anyway. Gotta get that Type 61 anyway~

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  12. thx but no thx, my marks for this year is to get cw prize tank and grind fv4202 to have the ability to get free prem someday. I dont need this fokin 111 shitclone

    • There won’t be a free FV4202, it took too long and too many ppl grinded it. WG won’t allow such financial loss.

  13. Santa would be proud.

    Oh and to make sure they can milk every sucker in the planet, today’s advent offer is the 112 AAAAND now they are no longer placing the discount amount, GG.

  14. no way most of the people can achieve that

    I cannot at least

    last month i’ve played more or less 500 games with 700 avg damage and 1.2 kills
    playing just my higer tiers tanks to boost damage i still need to play in this time x2 o x3 times more than last month xdd

    and this not counting than holidays are a shit to play like x5 weekends

    lost all the hype in a min ;(

    • Well, judging by the average damage
      - you are either playing low-tiers and don’t really have a mid-high tier tank
      - you’re playing pretty bad (if you do have high tiers in your garage)

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  16. Hmmm…

    Guess it’s time to retire the T-34-2 and roll back to the T-34-1 (until I can free XP most of the modules on WZ-120)
    Also, I think that getting bored of STA-1 and selling it to buy back the Chi-To may not have been the most inspired idea…

  17. I think the most important question is: “Is that WZ-111 premium in terms of income or is it just crew trainer?”

  18. Another “waste of time” mission, i prefer use the time to research the new UK vehicles because

    1-i dont need a heavy tank chinese trainer
    2-i really really feel bored of game after one of this grind missions
    3-150k damage and 150 kills with every nation is a very random requirement… i prefer a lot more xp based events

    To be clear i do my plans with the old mission but with the real mission i am going to pass.

    PD: with AW so close and WG doing these kind of stupid “fuck you players” specials…

  19. instead on grinding the odd 100+ hours for this – do this:

    1) Sign up for some shit job as holiday helper
    2) in the odd hours done earn the money to buy 10 t8 premiums
    3) buy 1 t8 premium + 18 cases of beer
    4) enjoy your holidays :-)

  20. This WZ is a fatal piece of shit. 112 is a bad tank (lets say a one big fireball) and Wz is worst….
    And have NO limited MM like better 112 so this is realy shitty tank

  21. So, considering that the compatible tanks in my garage are

    (no LTs above Tier 6… yet)
    T-34-2 (soon to be replaced by T-34-1), Indien-Panzer, Panther, Cromwell, T-62A, Obj. 416, Chi-To, T20, Super Persh, M4
    Tiger H, E-75, T29, T32, TOG (which I seriously doubt I will actually touch, hate the damn thing), KV-2, IS-3, IS-6, ST-I
    Foch 155, Nashorn, JagdPz IV, JagdPanther, T40, T30, T110E3, SU-100M1, Obj. 268

    …think I can do this in a week, if I complete the nations on which I have most tanks first?

  22. Ugh…well, guess my ELC and Chi-Nu grinds really need to get going. I really, really hate kill tally missions :| At least damage isn’t so bad…

  23. I was looking for the leaked mission, no way I’m playing this mission for this $hitty tank, The tank is not even worth the hassle … for the same time I can draw some plans … and buy 7 to 10 tier 8 tanks (time for kill stealing guys)

  24. T34 85M with less frustrating mission would have been TIMES better reward and actual fun event but… fuck it who needs a fun game anyway.
    If you want to get a STUPID tank, you need to play other stupid tanks, to reach stupid requirements all the way struggling versus the stupid of the team!
    1 vs 29 anyone?

  25. Hmm 80 – 150 games with each nation in a month. 30 days, 7 nations, 8 min per game. So this would take like daily: 4,6 hours (150), 3,1h (100), 2,5h (80), that’s hell of a grind. Stats wise the tank looks like IS-6 and 112

    • What are those packages all about? Value in gold, $. Does this mean they can just buy invidual nations missions? That would be soo cool here

  26. If I remember correctly we are always complaining on XP based missions.Where’s the problem now?
    The kills will be a bitch ,but I like the prize.

  27. Disappointing news, I really wanted that T-34 and have zero interest in a made of china piece of f**king crap (to quote Marky Mark).

  28. I wish we could see stats of how many people completes it: so time consuming for so litte reward..
    Also it’s going to make t9-10 games painful and silly with even more TD’s around
    I’d rather play my WZ 111 1-4.

  29. Don’t have tanks for the chinese or Japanese damn it I could always free xp my way up there but thats a lot of free XP.

  30. Kind off relieved that T-34-85 was a fake, it would make me grind during this season. WZ-111 is a unique tank, that i give no f..ks about. Especially with such a severe grind.

  31. Does anyone think it is worth a shot if i just got the tier 4 of China? All the other nation will come very easily just not sure if i can get to tier 6 then do the mission in time for China

  32. The former requirements were doable and enjoyable during the holiday season.
    Now you would have to play non stop and you still have no guarantee you get it done.
    I think under these circumstances I will quit the game altogether.

  33. So play tier X for a few days for the damage, then finish off with a seal clubber of low tier?

    Sounds simple enough, I’ll probably give it a go.

    Not sure I like the kill thing though. I can foresee much kill stealing during this mission.

    EDIT: just realized you must do it for each nation… oh my.

  34. Every time one of these missions appears there are all sorts of posts about how it is impossible. I’m not super thrilled about the kill requirements because of the shot holding that tends to encourage, but I suspect I’ll give it a go anyway.

    I like my Chinese tanks, and at the moment I have every currently available one in my garage (no Type 59, it was sold a couple of times while I had an account, but I had no idea it was available and wasn’t playing due to computer issues at the time). I completed both the IS-6 and T34 missions, the latter only took me about two weeks. So, a grinding I will go.

    There are advantages to having every nation and line (except arty) researched to at least tier 8. I’ll have to buy some tanks back for those games where I die early. The only Japanese tank in my garage that meets the requirements for the mission is the Type 61. I’ll probably buy back the STA-1 and Chi-Ri to give me some variety.

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