Regarding the VPA (ASIA CW Rigging, WG Does Nothing)

Hello everyone,

looks like there’s a very nasty business brewing in the east. Generally, the news from the ASIA server, that get on FTR only concern two things: one is WG information (sometimes, stuff on ASIA server gets released early thanks to the agility of WG ASIA staff) – the other was Tanitha’s former Q&A thread.

But, as it turns out, ASIA has its share of dramas and Wargaming fuckups. This time, it involves a stronk unicum clan, VPA (Vietnamese People’s Army). No, these guys are not trolls – you see, the former separate Vietnamese (VN) server merged with SEA server to create the ASIA cluster. Therefore, Vietnamese players actually do play on ASIA (I can see actually a LOT of visits on FTR from Vietnam and Philippines for some reason – hey guys!).

Anyway, back to stronk drama. I recieved about two dozen e-mails about the same issue, which – for ASIA server – is completely unprecedented. Obviously, ASIA players are interested in this matter and Wargaming’s attitude. The thing is, most of the e-mails contained just a link to a VERY long drama thread, which I did partially read. The short version is: VPA clan rigged CW campaign battles and WG did nothing about it, save for fuelling the fire by locking threads.

Now, before we begin, for the record: I actually like Tanitha (WG Asia producer), he’s been forthcoming and generally pretty decent, but in this case, it’s somehow my impression he managed to drop the ball and – if anything – he did let this issue blow out of proportions. But I am not well-versed in the matters of ASIA server, so I’ll instead let someone else speak, who is – an ASIA server player (I hope he doesn’t mind, but after spending two hours reading the stuff, I didn’t manage to produce anything better than his summary – quite the contrary).

Explanation of the VPA Issue

The context is Campaign 2. A large Indonesian clan called 4S was accused of Victory/Fame points farming with its sub-clans (4S1, 4S2 & 4S3). WG Asia eventually investigated and 4S was stripped of all its points. This sequence is crucial: complaints of collusion, investigation, punishment.

So everybody went, “Whoa! WG are serious about this ‘spirit of the event’ stuff! That’s it, no more campaign battles with sub-clans ever.” And we didn’t.

Then WG SEA merged with the WG Vietnam server to form the renamed WG ASIA server. Enter VPA (Viet Nam People’s Army). These guys were better than good and more than a few people became highly suspicious of their uncanny ability to always be pointing their guns at you even though you hadn’t been lit and so forth. Accusations they were using Warpack started flying around, which have since been corroborated by at least two former VPA members. So, they very quickly became very disliked.

Now to Campaign 3. On the one hand you had very few clans willing to take VPA on because so many people are convinced they’re hacking, and then they started fighting their sub-clan (VPA-F, later renamed VM as they tried to pretend the two clans were not affiliated). Both suddenly rocketed up the Alley of Fame at quite ridiculous rates. Enter the claims of collusion, as per 4S, and the Stage 3 ‘boycott’ of fighting VPA to deprive them of Fame referred to in the thread title.

Tanitha, as always in these matters, was both late to the party and less than helpful when he arrived. He’s notorious for ducking and dodging difficult questions and this was no different. However, maybe halfway through the thread he let slip a ripper: 4S had not lost its Campaign 2 points because of collusion. They lost them because they failed to submit replays of the battles when WG Asia asked for them. To add insult to injury he let this slip on the second last day of Campaign 3.

This opened up a huge can of WG worms.

Now, there’s a campaign rule that says, “Clans may attack each other. This is part of clanwars. This also extends to sub-clans, and allied clans. Clans may however not prearrange battles, for any reason including the purpose of farming fame or obtaining/providing excessive fame scores. This is for all clans, allied or not, sub clans or not.”

But what does that mean? As far as fighting sub-clans was concerned everybody except VPA said, “Remember 4S,” and nobody fought their own sub-clans even when it would have made the campaign easier. But if we are allowed to fight our sub-clans then how are we to avoid the appearance of collusion? Moreover, when WG’s lack of will to enforce the rule, especially the bit about “prearranged battles”, was repeatedly and forcefully questioned Tan got flustered. Having admitted that rule was “not policed”, he went on to say, “Its not about writing rules, and expecting everyone to play honorably, and within the spirit of the game. its about having rules which can be enforced“.

So, to try to wrap this up, it started with accusations of collusion being thrown up (as per 4S), only to have Tan come in and pretty much say, “No, it’s never been against the rules, well, it sort of is but we’ll never know because we don’t police it, we need you to tell us about it,” (enter the sub-argument about whether or not we’re supposed to submit tickets to Support or PM Tan directly), “but all you’ve got is hearsay which I’m not interested in and anyway it’ll all be golden when we get CW 2.0.” It takes a lot of close reading to follow the different sub-arguments, not least to understand the way Tan, as usual, routinely ignores difficult questions or provides only partial and not always relevant answers to them as he argues that night is day and up is down, with the clear implication that we’re all idiots for not understanding WG’s perfectly clear and unambiguous communications.

And that’s just the summary. I’ve left out the bits like the two clan leaders who were approached by VPA to prearrange battles for Fame (FURY refused, I don’t know about the other one), and all sorts of other tidbits. Hopefully that’s enough to get you started on why WG Asia’s CW base is furious at them yet again.

First, there’s the immediate outrage about the whole “4S weren’t pinged for collusion after all” bombshell and Tan’s seeming lack of concern about VPA/VPA-F(now VM)’s exploitation of a loophole you could drive a truck through which most people regard at the least as dishonorable. Second, there’s deep concern about Tan’s “clarification” of the highly ambiguous rule about fighting your own sub-clans on future campaigns. When we were all terrified of “being 4S’d” it meant the only way we could get Fame points was by fighting other clans, which surely is the point of the exercise. If we are in fact allowed to fight our own sub-clans then welcome to Farmville. With the mods now clamping down on the discussion people are looking for another avenue to publicize what’s been going on.


Well, there you have it. Vague rules are a really bad idea in competitive environment. During the drama, another thread appeared, accusing the same clan of not only rigging, but also hacking, using Warpack and account selling. Screenshots from certain FB pages were provided, but considering few people speak Vietnamese, some dismissed them as irrelevant. Wherever the truth lies, this has to be the nastiest ASIA drama I’ve ever seen (apart from the earlier 4S one).

Let’s hope for a swift – and, most importantly just – resolution of the entire matter.

150 thoughts on “Regarding the VPA (ASIA CW Rigging, WG Does Nothing)

    • VPA has been complain they did not have enough battle to gain FP because there is not enough clan who will challenge them.

      The fact is, if other 2 top clans performs well despite not fighting ally/sub clan, so why VPA use it excuse?

      VPA shud consider when they choose to fight with ally, sub clan or even same Viet clan, this will raise a question.

      Even if VPA did legit battle, still people will think that they can do the same and made it seems legit battle. Dont you think?

      When VPA Commander told the Viet clan that they will help the other viet clan / player to get the CP reward tanks, it already raise the question how they will do it without arrangement.

      Then, what happen if other clan based by country do the same too?

      It will surely out of control…

      The rules from WG itself is not exact, but in community we have culture and pride.

  1. I dont really like Tanitha all that much…

    He is… a simple black and white person. He views things in this strange and easy to judge way. No shades of grey in his world view.

    Such people… I dont get along with it seems.

  2. Oh and dont forget the Vietnamese Moderator clearly seeing account selling on the Facebook. But blatantly saying there is nothing wrong.

    And then Tanitha said they can’t do anything about account selling on Facebook even when you post a picture on the Official WG Forums because they dont Police Facebook.

    So you heard it from the ASIA Boss. Selling accounts is totally legal because WG cant do anything

  3. *grabs popcorn*

    ah, WG as usual…
    i am from ASIA server already saw this coming even at Campaign 1 but i am too shy to say this D: .
    as you can see DPS, super unicrums ASIA clan, hard to get 1st place of fame points because VPA took it 1st. and my predictions is right…
    damn, those viets

    edit : yep, they got it, gg

  4. a lot of clans are pissed off to say the least.
    my clan lost 16 907s which we worked hard for…
    so did lots of others

  5. As someone who fought every night of the campaign and had to be the unlucky bastard who came 2001st, I’m rather pissed off at this. I’ve played the game for 3.5 years and yep, this is the sort of shit I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. VPA clearly use warpack (continually deny it yet 3 misses on a Steppes battle including arty doesn’t seem sus) and this is the crap we’ve come to expect from this clan and their sub-clans/allies.

  6. Tanitha is highly incompetent, and while he is a good man in real life, I feel that his distance with the community and a lacking amount of communication/transparency has warped his idea on what is good for the server.

    Also, one of the moderators (a VN mod) was caught red handed selling accounts, and Tanitha’s response was that they had no power because it was out of their “jurisdiction”.

    To add to that, I highly doubt he has enough expertise to judge what an actual CW battle is. He is never present in any of the events that require WG to come out and fight with us (usually left to the other Admins like Conan).

  7. I’m not racist, okay ? But playing with Vietnamese player is a disater, why ?
    Because when beginning the match, they always spam, sometime in the match, they say : ” du me team ngu vl “. But I don’t know the meaning of that. And sometime I tell to them not to spam, they reply : ” stop cl “. What does that mean ?
    I think maybe the education in Vietnam is bad so that is why some of Vietnamese player can’t speak English.

    • “du me team ngu vl” = “mofo, fucking stupid team”
      “stop cl” = “stop my ass”
      I’m sorry for the inculture of some of my compatriots …

    • sr, but some of them dont know what mean of “polite”.
      and not all of them say that, pls dont judge all VNese player just from some randon idiot guys (bad gramma, sr)

        • well not at all,, some veteran from my old clan is a nice guy from nam,, but some scumbag just like,, spamming clan recruitment for the whole match,, or talking with each other for 10 minutes with only less effort in battle,, i’m not saying all of em but SOME of em

    • There isnt any problem for those who do not understand Engrish.
      But, a problem for those kind Vietnamese kids who only know the word “noob”.
      They dont understand what you are replying for the “noob”.

      That “noob” is actually hulldown very well to donk all the return fire!

      Yes I have met some good nice Viet player and I understand that butthurt when someone yelled “stupid VT player”
      I really understand.

      But VPA, i dont know what happens to my mind, I hate them since the first time I saw them in my team with my xvm.
      What they (platoon) did, was to throw the first quarter of the game away.
      Yeah… My memories is not allowed in here. Ikr. Sorry for breaking the rules.
      Whenever VPA appears on my score board during the map loading.
      Well, I know whats going to happen.

      Turn my chats off.
      *deep breathe*
      What a nice day!

  8. hi SS just to make things clear here..
    4S did got disqualified in campaign 2 but its not because they play “crazy farmville” during the event with subclans, they just use the subs to delaying battle time(in map) in campaign 2…

    take a look at this for example..

    they won the mini campaign :)
    i just don’t want the clan get bad rep or get accused cheat chut chit in pubbies. especially from indonesia based clan.. :)

    • if they were really disqualified for chip delaying, CNC-A to Z and all the FBB are the first to go.

      And yes, they won the shitty mini campaign in which the prize was a tank that all competitive players got from the previous campaign, essentially meaning no-one gave a shit about it. Congats.

  9. Well, Tanitha is somewhat right about the rules – only damage control is lacking, as always…
    If they have replays loophole, they should have asked suspected clans for those and then proceed accordingly ;) .

    As for future solution: refine alliances mechanics. And keep ear closer to the ground, there will always be guys wanting to exploit the system and finding niches where it’s profitable.

  10. Thank you SS for being the voice of the decent player base on SEA. Youe have spoken out for us when we where denied freedom of speech by our incompetent and downright bastard of a moderator. He should be replaced. VPA have been up to this for a long time yet it has only come to light because Tanitha did nothing about it just locked our threads never answered our questions. So the drama begins, when VPA and the other Viet clans think everyone is is stupid and will tolerate their blatant cheating and rigging and mod pack using.

    The 1st place in fame points has 1 million plus fame points {HE IS THE COMMANDER OF VPA} Compared to other servers that top 1 max out usually at 8ook. Again Tanitha ignores this. It is almost as thought he is in on it. Not to mention the COAF warning. Clan commanders warning him from stage1 that something is wrong. Yet still no action is taken. VPA is the bastard stepchild of a intolerable admin, who through his good graces has made them Immune to all the rules everyone else plays by. The entire VPA clan and other clans included in the investigation should be Banned. Tanitha needs to be replaced by someone who wants to make things better not just stand on the curve and watch shit happen. This is the only way!

    • Perhaps I should clear some stuff up here.

      About the only part of this entire debacle that Tan is responsible for is the poor damage control. He didnt set the campaign rules, he doesnt have the ability to have them changed and he can only act on the evidence in front of him.

      As for the rest, lets withhold judgement until after the GMs have reviewed the replays and everything else thats been thrown at them and see what they have to say about it. Theres no point going off at Tan for not doing things instantly, because any halfway competent admin would have done exactly the same. You cant administer punishments without having the facts of the crime.

      • There is a basic rule in most EULAs out there that goes along the lines of.
        “If you do something that is unintended to gain a unfair advantage then we consider that an exploit”… Wording varies from game to game but in general it covers cheating. So while they cant say A) or B) or C) is exactly against the rules, if A), B), or C) is cheating the system then it would fall foul of the EULA.

        Trust me in the fact that there will have been replays for all of this stuff, People have deleted them for a reason.

        • Not providing replays is cause for sanctions to be imposed. Its exactly what happened to 4S. There are replays, the grapevine suggests that they have been requested and provided, so now we have to wait.

          Although its been pointed out that most halfway competent clans could rig a CW match and WG would never be able to prove it. All you have to do is put a little effort into it.

  11. The only people to blame for cheating in WoT are WG; if there are loopholes to exploit kids will use them.

    Same thing will happen with “Team Missions” when they come next patch. Corrupt clans will just rig matches to get the Obj 260 and WG will do nothing; 90% of a clan’s players have Obj 260 in garage… they must be awesome players!

    They talk a good talk to appease the paying-tomatoes but ultimately NOTHING will be done about cheats and exploiters just like nothing is done about Bots or clan wars/competition rigging.

    Just one more reason why I will never give another cent of money to these jokers.

    • You seem to get it. VPA broke no rules, it’s Tanithas fuck up by not clearly defining clans could attack/farm came from subclams qnd allies.

      All he can say is wait for CW 2.0, well fuck that if it is going to be run locally by incompetent staff(except Conan <3)

  12. This blatant cheating and almost comedic denial and ridicule from the whole group of VN clans involved has been embarrassing to the whole server.

    I cant see ASIA CW being taken seriously again if they brush this under the rug in the way Tanitha has repeatedly suggested (yeah the couple of hour check he said he is going to do tomorrow sounds a lot like…. VPA played VPA-F/VM/203TB? Yep. Looks fine to me. Rubber stamp

    Would RELIC or other big NA clans be allowed to farm all its sub clans for fame points on NA?
    Would it be acceptable moving players between them during the campaign to ensure enough padding was acheiveable in a short time?

    No it wouldnt, they wouldnt do it and it wouldnt stand up to any scrutiny.

    Ban the lot, set a standard NOW for future events or watch this server fail.

    • Well said! If wg does not take action I will stop playing this game. So few up with this bull shit. Coming so close to the 2k mark only to be stuck out by cheaters and not be able to touch them in game because of their illegal mod packs.

  13. I am banned in the forum for posting what Tan said that account selling is ok if done in a platform outside wg’s jurisdiction and that they cant do anything with the illegal mods.

    2Voz, a moderator and the same time officer of vpa is protecting the interests of the vn clans instead of the rest of the community. He denied in the forum that there is no account selling in their facebook group but the screenshots said different. So it could be possible that he bought his account granting his win rate is too below of vpa’s standards.

    As the main admin of Philippines facebook group for wot, i am thinking to suspend all rules in the group to allow players to sell their accounts. If wargaming cannot enforce its rules then why should we.

  14. Let me say this. I didn’t join the Campain so I don’t care but about the warpack. All those google translate are crap. The only evidence they have is a post that have the word “mod” in it. That sentence in that post means: “Hey guys, I saw someone have a mod that allow arty to aim like normal recently, can you give me a link?”. Obviously, that’s the Battle Assistant mod which appeared here not long ago.

    • Since you seem to understand vietnamese better than google, maybe you can shed some light on the what is actually there?
      Seems like nobody has bothered with this, huh I wonder why.

      • Most evidence are about they recuit people that can always ready for battle (stay online all the time). And some are like: Because we have enough “fame”, anyones that want to have some can join our clan. No comment on this because I don’t even know the rules. But what me me laugh so hard is this.
        [On clan facebook page]
        - (Old member) Hey, they are talking bad about us. Check this out.
        - (New member) LOL, I just join so it’s not related to me. Care all you want.
        And they call that evidence =)).

          • Well the translation broken because the guys posting sounds like hes not actually full blown Vietnamese. So he’s got the whole “i’m going to type half in English and have in Vietnamese and bugger up all the grammer…

            First image essentially says this once you decipher the idiot out of it.

            In order to get as many of our players and sub players into the top 2k, Bao the commander has implemented a new plan for phase 3 of the campaign. therefore,
            - firstly we need 7-10 players from vn/f and 203tb to battle tonight along with their respective clone accounts to form a full team.
            - please write down your name, your ingame name and your current ranking.
            - we will rotate players, so we need you to be on for at least 90% of the night for the following 10 days. Bao will need to consent before you are allowed to transfer out of VNF.
            - The afternoon roster will be as per usual.”

            the second image(i can only translate whats there the other half is cut off.)
            ” hello brothers and sisters,
            all those that have gone, those that are staying and those who turn is currently next for the battles in CP3. (something about uneven points and clan not being ok with players skipping ahead (the wording is very crude))
            Firstly we need to ensure that we win the battles. If we want to win we need to ensure that we firstly have: players with good skills, good tactics and correct vehicles. For those up in the ranks cannot lose. Bao will only direct the players with the correct vehicles only and good skills. Please put yourself in Bao’s shoes
            (the Vietnamese text runs out there)
            The rest of it (from the broken translating) I can assume they just go on about please dont bitch if you dont have the right vehicles for the battle and that no one is to msg BAO about it. The decisions had are for the betterment of the clan yadda yadda yadda.”

            First image may imply rigging of games.
            second image is more of a public announcement to stop bitching about your points of what they are doing. No specifics on what they are doing though.

    • Lol guess you didn’t see the replay of the VPA commander pointing his HUD at the ground while amazingly shooting T-150 turrets in the side.

    • The warpacking emerged from the replays that have made their way to the forums via the usual alts and cut outs.

      The FB images suggest that the battle farming was real though.

    • If your not interested and and have nothing good to say neither do you compete in clan wars. Then do not comment we do not care in turn about your stupid opinion. They use warpack if you played against them in clan wars you would know.

      People like you with the do not care attitude are losers and one of the many reasons this server is going to down the shit pipe.

  15. U meant this Pack? “We are glad to introduce the WarPack – modpack for the World of Tanks game.”
    The modpack contains:

    - smart modified autoaim, that can track a target behind obstacles and highlight its contour. Also, it doesn’t aim at the center of the vehicle, but at (preprogrammed) vulnerable spots. Oh, and it also calculates the speed of the target and aims in front of it to compensate (pre-aim)
    - automatic fire extinguisher/repair, a script that triggers the repair/extinguish automatically as soon as it happens
    - removes any aim circle jerking (contrary to he official version, there is no jerk even when you get rammed)
    - counterarty hack that puts a red dot on the spot enemy arty just fired from
    - sixth sense mod that replaces the perk (if you don’t have it), it shows you not only you are targetted but also who’s targetting you
    - artymode for tanks and TDs, snipermode for arty (with the artymode you can fire HE shells accross the map with a regular tank)
    - tracerhack (visible and color tracers)
    - a mod showing on minimap where trees fell or buildings got destroyed (“ideal for field commanders”)
    - a mod that removes ALL vegetation and “binoculars” in sniper mode
    - laser pointer mod
    - a free camera mod
    - enemy reload timer
    - white wrecks
    - fire burst mode
    - extended zoom in sniper mode

    OMG THATS BETTER THAN SEX :)) now i see why IS7 on move snapshot me directly in tiny weakspots over 300m 3x in row, couldnt believe my eyes…

  16. Over 4k clans registered on Asia server and a total of 65 clans on map. What does that say about clan wars on Asia server?

    • That WG shrunk our map severely so most clans can’t even get on the map anymore. That there is hardly any gold to fight over aswell as the smaller map size, in comparison to our other server brethren. That WG transferred a dead server’s players (Vietnamese server) to our server without any permission or fore-warning from the players who wanted to play in an environment free from legal botting, warpack use and account selling and thus chose not to play on the VN server with said scum.

      Lastly, that WG ASIA have been incompetent in most matters relating to CW since it’s inception here and things are only getting worse.

      Clan wars on ASIA is almost dead and I want a paid transfer to NA, where rule violations are looked into and punished promptly, not met with apathy from the lead WG producer. Where there are plenty of good clans full of good players and the standard of competition is higher, where I get better ping (from Aus!!!!) by a considerable amount. Where the amount of gold in both tourneys and the CW map is worth fighting over. Fuck this dead server.

      • Just to elaborate before I wake up tomorrow wiith people flaming me for being racist, by scum I mean the people on the Vietnamese server that took part and still do take part in activities illegal on any WG run server, not the Vietnamese in general. Every community has bad eggs.

        • Problem is as stated in threads on WoT forums: people who perceive a difference will call racism both ways. Remember the first dude that screamed racist Aussie? I do, I’m in FURY Matto97.
          Great to see guys like yourself fronting up. o7

    • You realize there is a butt ass easy way to tell if someone is using Warpack right…
      If you are on the team of a suspicious player die and switch to there tank. If you notice them firing or ducking for cover and the 6th sense mod icon installed locally on your computer doesn’t go off. (the standard 6th sense provided from wot wont trigger) but a modified 6th sense will pop when you are looking through said tank.
      When you notice that the 6th is missing and the tank is ducking before shots even come in, its a massive hint that they are using warpack. Because even with lag the 6th sense should go off. Now think about it, most of these guys play tierX what kind of idiot doesnt put 6th sense on a tank… the kind that already has a system in place that tells them if they are spotted. Its not a 100% you’re using WP but it sure as hell screams out suspicious…

      There have been numerous occasions where my clans counted in and we get tanks on either side and as soon as you switch to some of those Vietnamese players you can tell, especially when they happen to be double ammo racking your clan mates on the other team and not getting lit up. Then ducking for cover as soon as they light. And you guessed it No 6th sense.

      I mean its hilarious some of them even type it out in the chat when the game’s in the first few minutes. I can read Vietnamese so its hilarious when you can call them out on it. Stuff like they are all pushing left (no ones been spotted yet). Some of you should check that your global chat isnt on… Seriously do you want to get caught… oh wait….

  17. You missed the part about DPS and other AUS/NZ Clans that are going to rush VPA and it’s sub clans…..

    Shitstorm INCOMING!

    • You should probably have tried to work out why you were getting told to gtfo in those other threads. This is a completely offtopic, is unnecessary and unhelpful and suggests you dont fully grasp what youre actually saying.

      Just back off for a bit ok? Theres no CW for the next few weeks anyway, so your incoming shitstorm will have to sulk around on the horizon for a bit.

      And please try not to portray anything happening as being along national/racial lines.

    • ffs screw off already you are starting to piss off too many people for a reason with un-substantiated misconstrued ideas….

    • Can you STOP with the “DPS or Aussies against Vietnamese clans” shit?

      This is NOT a racial thing or any way related to DPS “smashing” people. They have more /important/ crap to do than cause/stir shit up.

      While they use their time to settle things, how about re-read the whole bloody thread before you go off again about some Nationalist crap?

  18. I expected this from an EU server clan, but ASIA? Well… This is like daily stuff for them, knowing their shitty-ness from other MMO games like PointBlank or KnightOnline…

    In fact, EU has this kind of stuff like every day…

  19. I’ve reported clan leaders selling gold for real money, WG ASIA did nothing that i could see. I provided direct proof too, not just hearsay.

  20. If VPA is stronk unicum clan on ASIA i don’t even wanna know how other(non-unicum) clans are.

    I mean just look at those unicum number of battles ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) And best part is, that shitter is 3rd in campaign by fame points kekekekekeke

    • And guess what Medjed.

      Hes a Moderator on the ASIA Forums!
      And denied anything wrong with a picture that showed account selling.

      • TIL In order to become a WoT Forum Mod, I should just by an account sold to me , and its /TOTALLY/ Legit.

    • Has anyone else done the sums here.. 54,007 battles on an account that was created 375 days ago???

      That is like 144 battles a day or 6 battles every hour, 24hrs a day for 375days. If this doesn’t prove its a bot account I don’t know what does…

      • Its an acknowledged bot account that was bought by the current user. WG are probably aware of this, but because all this happened while they were on a different server that allowed that sort of shit, WG ASIA arent doing anything about it.

        Its not all that bad in the scheme of things, it does raise questions about how he became a mod with that background though.

        • Unicum nick easy buy in VN. For example: nick of Liberti just sell in last month :) with price 55USD.
          Sell and buy account wot is public in forum or facebook.
          And when in CP, VPA sell 1 slot in top 2k with price 20USD. They detele it after 30mins, i cant photogrand it yet

  21. I’m Vietnamese player on NA server (not SEA ofc)
    If you need to translate rigging proof(s) into English
    gimme the link(s) or screenshot(s) (photobucket or similar hosts)

  22. So on ASIA you can get away with breaking rules, but on NA you get punished for things that are part of the game and there are no rules against.

  23. i have definatly encountered this clan in battles (4S). this is probably one of the biggest clans on the ASIA server. i had always wondered why they had split into lots of different groups and now i know the reason. i now despise this clan and hope they will all become victims to my su-122-44…

    • Not only that but the sub clans just camp like retards. They pick maps that they can hard camp on and just play vegetable. Stuff like 1-2 line servagosk camps with 10 maus, and e3′s. They just sit there and waste ppl’s chips.

      • Surely this is a joke… what kind of half decent clan is unable to break a turtle?
        If you know beforehand that they are likely to turtle, set up a counter strat! This is literally bread and butter basics of clan wars, I’m amazed you even posted this.

        Take a few arty, get set up to get good lights on them and just bomb them out for 10 minutes, then make a hard, effective punch with heavies to clean them up.

        In hundreds of clan war battles, I cannot remember a single instance of us being unable to break a turtle, with a couple of exceptions when the call to push came too late and they ran the clock down.

        Also, it’s hardly a waste of chips.. far better for them to show and turtle than just hand out Tech Vic’s left, right and center. They turtle > you crack turtle > you win province or move on to the next stage of fights. It’s not rocket science mate.

        Also, the whinging about 4S is completely off topic and irrelevant, they have split up into multiple clans because they have more than 100 members… DUH. Once you exceed a hundred, you need to set up a sub clan to hold more people who want to join you. 4S are by no means the first clan to do this, and I would go so far as to say almost every decent clan on the server would do this.

  24. Nice to see WG Asia is just as Corrupt and ignorant as WG EU and WG NA. Only place wargaming gives a crap about is their Russian Servers.

    They’re just a bad Joke in the gaming world.

  25. The big problem is that HQ left in these horrible clan destroying rules for the campaign. There is no way for the community teams to be able to handle the inevitable grey areas that result. The easiest fix is to just not get Fame from letting the other team damage you, but that would be too easy (for everyone who doesn’t know, the winning team essentially gets a fame bonus of 50% of the enemy team’s score).

  26. chip spamming,battle rigging,famepoint farming….all just normal on ASIA ( former SEA ) server….. also clans who use warpack and and and….. my clan started to die after last mini campaign cause all of this . i mean who wants to stay in front of his pc and play for hours( and there is a time difference from singapore,where the server is located, to australia or even new zealand) to get fame points when you hardly have a chance to get enough of them to get a reward tank cause other clans spam you dead or rig or farm????.
    i am german , living in germany since a year again ,still play on ASIA server cause i lived in the philippines for 3 years and am still in contact with old clanmates but here in europe SOME asian countries are VERY famous for corruption so i am not surprised about all this stuff that is happening atm .

  27. Did u have some evidence like ” photograph in facebook ” that they contact to other clans to get easy win or ” some un-fair replays ” that VPA’s enemy goes and die for a 15-0 or 15-2 15-3 battle ? I think VPA is a good clan with too many unicum players and good leaders that is easy for VPA to beat any clan in SEA with 80-90% win rate. Some clan like CNC or DPS can do like that but they are only 2 clans in total 60-70 clans in cw. I saw that top 2 clan is VPA, this meas they are strong.

    What some clans do in cp3 when they meet VPA ? Someone use a tatic that ” guys take they free win and they get no frame point because we can not win VPA now”. You guys joke other and laught them ! And when VPA do not have any choice , they must to fight with other Vietnamese clans around them. It ‘s easy for VPA to get win because they are too strong, they can win 8-9 times and lose only 1 or 2 times. I’m sure that all replays are clear and fair games. If you guys come and fight with VPA, no more diffrerent. You are no DPS or CNC.

    About frame point, they have a high frame point and you guys have a part of reason. U take them free win to much and VPA has 10-14 lands with 1 chip in each land, they get (14 + x/14 ) x 0.25 + 1 , this greater than x4 compare to other clan only x2. And you guys talk that they farm, or hack point ? Why u guys do not attack VPA and get land from VPA to decrease their multiplier ? You guy want VPA get about 20-30 land and has no really battle so you take them must not fight with other Vn’ clans. It’s a joker.

    When VPA come to SEA, u guys come from Australia clan can not beat them, and VPA get too much gold in cw, i saw that u guys hate them. Then in cp3, you try to troll VPA by tech win. Now we talk that ” if we go to a stranger international school, everyone do not play with us, we must to play with a man come from our country ” . It’s ok. VPA is the same example.

    In conclusion, I strongly recommend that : You should play fair with all clan come from all over the world. Do not try to troll other because you hate their country ok ? And if you find a problem or somethings like that , plz take a clear evidence. VPA are not 2Vz mod or VN-F, 203TB. Plz do not link some of them and conclude that VPA is shit , and Vietnam is nasty country. U guys join they facebook, get a not clear evidence of an other diffirent clans or other mod in forums and conclude VPA is bad . It’s a joke, Plz send an evidence of VPA and we continue or if u hate them, come and fight with them.

    • And u guy must know that, Clan 4S can not show evidence that they do not farm point. But VPA, when WG need replays ,they send all replays of battles that they fight in cp3 to WG. It’s a big diffirent between 4S and VPA , ok ?

      And I think there is a reason that why u guy hate VPA :

      • You, and the others sent here to spam the message that the Australian clans ‘hate and despise’ the VN clans because you have taken all the gold have misunderstood the situation.

        This situation has nothing to do with where the clans originate from, nor is the situation saying that the VN clans have broken the rules. Tan has very clearly stated fighting battles with subclans is in fact legal. The majority of clans have simply misinterpreted the rules, myself included.

        The main reason people are upset is because of the fact that VPA and several other VN clans took advantage of a situation other clans chose not to.

        Everyone bar the trolls/reds on the ASIA server will willingly admit that VPA are very, very good at playing the game.
        WarPack accusations should not enter into it, anyone claiming WarPack will turn you from a red to a unicum is an idiot. Whether or not some members of VPA have used hacks, the simple fact remains that they are very good at the game. Other clans on all servers including undoubtedly use WarPack, given the extent of its penetration and how easy it is to hide, it is ridiculous to assume that only one single clan has ever taken advantage of it.

        The only issue that should be being discussed at this point, is simply:
        How can we prevent farming of fame from subclans IF it is outlawed for the next campaign, and IF it is not outlawed, will the effects of all clans farming fame points from subclans ruin the CW component of the game entirely.

        No racism, no warpack garbage, no ‘they broke the rulez’, leave the judging up to WG who are currently looking into any abnormalities in the campaign, and CONSTRUCTIVELY discuss methods to improve CW in the future.

    • “Did u have some evidence”

      Clearly someone didn’t read or doesn’t bother to look around, there is a lot of evidence around and floating out there, and WG has it.

    • VPA were techhing others very early in the campaign in order to “fight” (LOOLOL) with their sub clans.
      I know 2 Clan commanders that were asked directly to collude in farming “win for win”. There are rumors that others were approached. There were requests to other Clans from VPA to tech to DPS in order to slow DPS.

  28. Dont cry more, guys. why not come and fight with them ?
    When they push chip, where r u ? ran away or did something ?
    And stage 3 VPA farm point too fast and now you’re crying. haha
    Envy and Jealousy.

    • No envy, just the fact people don’t like fighting people who use warpack. We’ve still got the replays and screen shots of the Steppes battle where VPA missed 3 shots the entire battle (including arty). No jealousy, it’s just that the majority of your clan are a bunch of cheating scum.

    • I recall a number of clans getting tech vics against VPA and VM in the last few nights of the campaign. They came, where were you?

      • Firstly, one does not cry when cheated. Your avatar shows a salute, which implies honour. You have loyalty possibly, but honour?

        +1 to Decadox, I am in one of those clans that you guys teched on some occasions…

  29. “BSM claiming that all Aussie clans hate VPA because they stole all their gold and this is just an extention of that and asking everyone who can type in English to post this as a response to the ftr article.”

    And look, they are here, prepare to be spammed FTR Fans !

    • No. That is not a reason at all. All you’ve been doing on both the official forums and here is deflecting and dodging the real issue, are you utterly blind or just totally void of what could be taken as common human morals?

    • Nobody that knows anything on the ASIA server has called VPA bad. Yes some people may be jealous of the gold farming that happened before the campaign. But why the hell would we be envious of the gold farming during the campaign? Wouldn’t this have been brought up while it was happening?

      You are seriously misunderstanding the topic currently being discussed.

      • The utter lack of care about the morals of what they are doing from the VPA members who have responded is half the reason this is such a heated issue , You have been accused of doing the wrong thing , there is piles of evidence proving you have not only used the hacks ,but botted and sold accounts and manipulated the poor wording / enforcement of the rules to give yourselves an unfair advantage , and in turn have screwed alot of people who put in enourmous amounts of effort into the campaign , and your only response is “You must be jealous ” . First off i dont think anyone is jealous they cant ruin Clan Wars for their own benefit by cheating , Second i don’t see how you constantly showing your arrogance is going to do anything but alienate you from the wider community , Third No one is gonna just ” Come at you bro ” so they too can get screwed over by cheats , No one has denied that VPA has some serious talent but its overshadowed by the fact they feel the need to cheat to guarantee themselves all the frills of CW by screwing over everyone else , And just to clarify I for 1 know it’s not all the VN players that do this but your actions certainly provoke others into thinking it

        • And let’s not forget their are quite a few members of VPA who arent Vietnamese and they appear to be just as guilty as ther clanmates are

  30. vietnamese logic= general communist logic around the world!

    do not cover your double standard!

    • So you’re saying all communist logic is lacking in morals and completely flawed from a ‘Western’ point of view? Seems about right.

        • try to play 54k round let’s see how good your stats can be, especially on this shit server where all teammate shot teammate , lemming train , afk , play HT like a TD or LT like TD

          • Um, you must not be particulalry good if you think that people cant have good stats after 50k+ games. Your average stats dont drop to being bad just because you play lots of games.
            Really they should be rising until you hit the your average level of play. Admittedly you could have those actual stats after 50k games, but youd pretty much have to be a drooling potato.
            So in other words, its a bot.

          • please, dont you think it is worse for us original sea players? having to deal with them 555, boxboxbox players and now all your “legal” botting, acct selling, revealing of ally locations (just because we dont speak vn), and wallet warriors whom dont have a single clue of the basics of the game. with issues such as friendly fire, i can remember off hand 7 oout of 10 times happened with players with VN in the name or in vietnamnese.

            i admit that vn players from gns and vpa play really well, but there are also vn players who are really bad…. I had a vn teammate, TOP TIER HT parking beside the arty because” my gun not best”.

            and if vpa wanted fame points and blame the whole server for tech defs, then how did dps and cnc got 1st and 2nd placing eventhough they didnt went for their subclans?

            TLDR: i know of many players who are more than happy for VN players to crawl back into their corrupted and seperated vn server.

  31. Please be aware we have been provided a screen shot by a Vietnamese player not associated with VPA. It states the following:

    All English speaking Vietnamese get on to FTR and defend VPA.

    Nice. Not only orchestrated cheating in C3 Asia but in defending their cheating on FTR!

  32. Seem like many people here r VPA haters, Vietnamese haters, etc… because we took away your gold in global map? your reward tank in cp3? or your victories in game? even SS, that’s really a disappointment. Focus on cp3, the main reason we’re here pls!
    I have no idea about fp farming or anything happened 3rd cp, i just dunno and dont care.
    But to anyone said Vietnamese’re cheaters, using warpack, etc… not the first time i hear sth like that, but even SS this time, if u’re stupid enough to spend money for a cheat tool, then do it, we’re not that rich. Dont blame us, blame your poor skills and tactics that made you lose us game by game ( like my poor Englinsh here).
    Anyway, I chosed wot because it’s a great game, and there r no hacking, cheating or sth like that, noone wanna ruin the game they like.

      • I have no idea about fp farming or anything happened 3rd cp, i just dunno and dont care.

        You’re not the first to say hey leave VPA alone cause we are the best , we dont care about the cheating , Your lack of care just makes it worse

    • botting not considered cheating? sure….

      selling of accts not considered cheating? please enlighten me more…

      even 2 former vpa players admitted vpa using warpacks , and now you are spewing this nonsense?

      stop going all nationalistic and defend vpa. grow some balls and defend whats right

  33. On viet wot player facebook, they want all english speaking viet players come to ftr , using that they won all the gold from other asia players as reason for being attack by asia players , not the fame farming between VPA, VM(VPA-F), VN-F and 203TB.

    WOW , really good tactic. One point for VPA.

  34. So much red herrings from VPA members and their allies.
    Good lobby by addressing the Vietnamese community being attacked by racists
    Such tactics recalls how China covers up their acts of barbarism when the rest of the world accuse him.
    It’s our inner business, none of yours. Don’t interrupt our politics. Oh we are accused by others because they are weak and envious of our greatness.
    See you guys in game are are so ugly as Chinese communists.

  35. People calumniate VPA because these guy are too good , this is an abject behavior of players

  36. As an ASIA player who doesn’t care about CW, I find this a good popcorn material. Seeing some riggers or illegal mod users punished would be nice though, albeit I find it will less likely happening.

    To balance the information, at least I saw Tan started to joining and engaging himself in my country’s biggest facebook page for WoT and as the result the account selling and illegal mod promoting is gone from the group for good, so I appreciate that. Would be nice if they started something like that in VN, too.

  37. You guys just don’t get it do you.

    You are all acting like a heard of sheep just following what your commanders tell you to do and post on the forums here without thinking for yourselves,
    Do you not read the comments in here before posting.

    Most people that are frustrated including My clan are not jealous..
    Everyone who tried to get the tank got it in our clan.
    you see the DPS guys being frustrated as well, are you saying they are jealous of you? I highly doubt it.

    I could not give 2 shits about all your gold from the CW map.
    If I need gold which I did yesterday I will just buy a 25000 Gold because I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it. The same goes for a lot of people in my clan, most of us are 30+ professionals not 15 year old kids still in school.

    We dont care if you are from Vietnam, Sweden or Australia.

    We care about fair play and ethics.

    With all the accusations coming your way you would think that you would try to explain/defend yourself.

    Instead you act like arrogant assholes and all you do is repeat
    “you are racist against Vietnam”
    “you are jealous off our gold”
    “you are jealous of our tanks”

    and so on. jeez……