EU Server WZ-111 Challenge Skippable

Hello everyone,

so, as expected, the WZ-111 challenge post is here – and, as expected, you can, just like on other main servers, skip parts of it by buying the special bundles in the shop.

So, are these bundles identical to other servers?

- price for skipping one mission on RU server: 10 USD
- price for skipping one mission on US server: 10 USD
- price for skipping one mission on ASIA server: 10 USD
- price for skipping one mission on EU server: 9.95 EUR

98 thoughts on “EU Server WZ-111 Challenge Skippable

      • btw, thx for mentioning that for every nation you get token for (either buy or do mission), you will get 2500 gold IF (!) you dont complete them all… so for us, who can do misions for max 5 nations, we will get 12,5k gold (for free since you did the mission)… that is almost half a year of premium account… oh, and i dont see anything like that on US or RU server, so yeah, WG EU suck ;-)

        P.S.: correct me if US or RU servers have it, here are links:

        • //one guy just pointed out that those 2500 gold you get only for tokens you buy, not the ones you get by doing missoion, so, ignore my coment, and i go delete my wordpress account so i cannot write bullshit anymore. hope i made your day ;-)

        • @Jack_SVK

          No sure if that’s what you wanted to say in this post, but there’s no gold compensation for mission tokens, only for purchased ones:

          “Only tokens that have been purchased in the Premium Shop will be exchanged for gold, provided they have not been used, after the event ends. Tokens that have been achieved in-game will not be compensated with gold.”

          ah well, 2 minutes too late ;)

    • For the same reason why EU server has only “spend money” advent offers and not discounts like 50% crew training, camo etc. It’s very clear from the advent calendar that EU is their golden egg chicken.

        • It is different in every country, but in most digital goods have VAT. In the UK for example books are VAT free while ebooks get full whack 17.5% VAT.

          • In Europe VAT on virtual goods is (or was unless the law has changed) Charged at the rate where the services are billed from.
            In some cases VAT is not charged, but I care not to look at how WG is structured.

            They will also need to pay tax in other parts of the world too, and don’t forget that the tax will also get taken on the profit and that varies across the world as well. WG, EA, Blizzard, and basically everyone else would love you to think it is VAT (Tax) but its not.

            I imported stuff from the US where I had to pay State+Local taxes, then Shipping, and Import Duty was calculated on the Items value (Including TAX!!) and Shipping, but the price was lower for the item even after all of that than what I could buy it locally.

            And all E-Goods in the EU should pay VAT unless there is a exclusion on the books to allow it.

  1. Its exactly the same as it is on Steam…Game sells for 60 USD – boom – that means 60 EUR…

    Its because apparently the global price-tiering system thinks that Europeans are so filthy rich with their culture and history and quality of life standards and all that, that the Euro might as well be the same as a dollar….

    Still, it could have been worse…Just ask the Australians..

    • Yep

      We aussies are used to this rip off. Usually by much bigger margins too.

      They wonder why we are some of the biggest illeagal downloaders but we are continually ripped off just cause we are australians.

      Game on US Steam = $50US. Same Game on AU Steam = $100AU (about $75 US)

      Ok Rant over…..for now :)

      • Same in NZ, so we illegally download everything as well.
        Bigger problem is location to server – when cables aren’t broken our ping sits at 220. 380 ping at the moment- why do wargaming insist on one server in the middle of f@%king nowhere. Vote secondary server in Australia.

  2. So WG “priced” the WZ-111 at 69 Euro ??? Almost double the price of JT 8.8 or Lowe ?
    If one really needs a T8 premium that’s obviously no deal to buy more than 2 packages.

    • I’m pretty sure the intention is that it’s there for people who want to skip a particular nation or two. Not so people can buy the tank and just skip the entire mission…

  3. Thats 70€ in total if you wanna buy it without playing any missions.
    Would reather buy 2 T8 premiums for “almost” the same price.
    T34 is 43€ & IS6 is 42.7€
    So You can basicly buy 2 Tier 8 premiums (which are awesome) for 15€ more.
    Thanks, but no thanks WG

      • So that woud be around the same price for 2 Tier 8 tanks?
        Yup, this mission not worth playing or skipping ;)
        Whoever has the money to skip this mission, dont do that. Go buy yourself 2 nice tier 8 premiums in the shop :P

    • They already announced discounts for prem tanks for Xmass (10% prob.) so you can EASILY get both – Lowe & T34 for the price of WZ-111 tokens.

      That’s not evan a deal, that’s a steal.

  4. Yet there will be ppl riding new WZ111 from the day 1…

    WG is trying to milk us, because we let them

    • Yes there will be people riding it in the first day i for one will skip the japanes and chinese misions

    • Saw a guy driving a WZ-111 today (day 1)… he fired nothing but HEAT (he fired 6 shots at me and I heard the melting and sizzling) and he penetrated zero of his shots … WG these are the fucktards you let drive this glorious tank… guess it was inevitable that this would happen.

      • Every country should have price fixed on same amount but in their currency
        10rub (oh wait, thats 14 cents, now 13, no it goes down to 12 …….etc ;))

        • It should be like this but ofc it wouldnt be profitable for any company. And its pretty much not about the same number but the same value that the money represents for the owner. If you live in some euro country and eg you earn 1600 euro then throwing 10 euro for smth is not a big deal. If you live in Poland and you earn 1600 PLN then throwing 10 PLN is also not a big deal

          But unfortunately 10 euro is 40 PLN…so spending 10 euro for sm1 that earns 400 euro is rather bigger thing

          Applies to pretty much every country that doesnt use euro/gbp/usd

          BTW: Long long time ago (I think it was in beta times) WG said that prices in PL will be a bit lower…yup, you guessed it, we have the same prices, typical WG

  5. I can probably do it on most nations, Japanese and Chinese may cause me issues. I don’t have any tier 6+ Japanese, and only Type 62 and WZ-132 for the Chinese.

  6. the worst thing, my country is not an EU member, and not even close that standards, but when it comes to comparing these kind of things (gasoline prices, taxes or sth. like government-friendly things), we are pretending like EU member. i think i’m getting used to it.

      • ahahah. what do you understand when i say “not even close to that standards”

        not even close = far far better
        not even close = far far worse ==> pick this one :)

          • my ping is average 60-80 ms. i tried when i was in berlin last year and ping was 20-30 ms. still worse than most of europe but not big deal.

            but sometimes in head to head fights, me and my enemy shots exactly at he same time (at least i can see my gun is firing :)) but most of the time i’m the dead one, and he does not take the hit, i feel terrible at that moments.

            • My heart bleeds for you having 60 – 80 ping.
              Best I can get is 219 to US west and 299 to US East :(
              And no I wont play on the SEA server for a lower ping becase it is full of non english speaking retards (and a few english speaking ones also).

  7. What happens if a player buys 5 National Tokens in the Premium Shop but never finishes any other missions?

    All 5 tokens will be compensated with 2,500gold each, so the player will receive 12,500gold in total.

    • nice point. too bad they have a FAQ expansion at the bottom of the page :)

      Fail-Safe Option – FAQ

      Is there any difference when a player achieved the token in game by playing or if they just buy the token from the Shop?

      Yes, there is – finishing the mission in-game will also reward you with 3 Premium Account days (3 days for each token, so 21 Premium Account days in total).

      What happens if a player buys only one token but at the end of the event they do not have the other tokens to finish the whole mission?

      All unused Tokens that have been purchased in the Premium Shop will be compensated with 2,500at the end of the event.

      If I buy one Token, for example for the Germans, will I still be able to play the German Mission?

      Yes, you will be able to play the Mission and if you finish it you will get 3 days of Premium Account time.

      Tokens bought in the Premium Shop are turned into gold only after the event ends, but what happens to tokens earned in missions (assuming you have the tank already)? Are they turned into gold?

      Only tokens that have been purchased in the Premium Shop will be exchanged for gold, provided they have not been used, after the event ends. Tokens that have been achieved in-game will not be compensated with gold.

      If I buy all seven tokens and receive the tank directly, will I still be able to play the Missions and get rewards?

      Yes, you can play all missions and you will also get a reward for each token (3 days of Premium Account time and 2,500).

      What happens if a player buys 5 National Tokens in the Premium Shop but never finishes any other missions?

      All 5 tokens will be compensated with 2,500each, so the player will receive 12,500in total.

      What battle modes count towards the mission goal (random battles, team battles, others)?

      Random battles only.

      Will there be any way to check the number of tokens you have for each nation?

      The tokens sold in the Premium Shop cannot be tracked in the UI (user interface). However, the free tokens (tokens given by missions) can be tracked in the Missions and Specials window, together with the completed missions.

      Does using Premium tanks count towards mission progress (damage/tanks destroyed)?

      Yes, you can use Premium tanks and they will contribute to the mission’s progress, provided that they are at least Tier VI and of the corresponding nation.

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    • I cannot say for 100% no.
      Maybe i will buy tokens – to be able to skip some nations.

      Up to now i am terrible in 112 and WZ-111 seems to be (there are many different opinions) seems to be in my opinion not much different from 112 (i believe in opinions that WZ-111 is not much different from 112 – because if not it would have normal mm for example … soo cannot be overpowered even with limited mm …).

      Soo for now it would be costly tank to play very rarely. But i still dream about grinding WZ-111 Model 1-4 and having 2 instead of 1 premium tank for crew training could be important when. Soo maybe go for WZ-111 because if won’t be possible to obtain soon again …

      I really do not know.

  10. Thats not bad at all. I can do all the other mission easily with T10 TD’s, only need to skip jap and chinese, so 20 Euros for a T8 prem is okay with me.

  11. In the UK the tokens are £7.90
    £1 = euro 1.26, (so 7.90 x 1.26 = euro 9.95, hurrah a 5 euro cent discount for islanders over mainlanders!)
    £1 = $1.57 (so 7.90 x 1.57 = $12.03, boo UK has to pay more than Muricans).
    euro1 = $1.24 (10 x 1.24 = $12.40, hurrah UK paying 37 US cents less than mainlanders!)

    I guess that WG use fixed exchange rates and hedge those so as to avoid undue costs or profits at the hands of international currency fluctuations, this is common in (a) companies who’s business runs across international borders, and (b) would have been recommended to them by their financial advisers at the same time as they fixed on the US dollar as their currency of choice.

    To understand this properly google either FOREX or IFRS 7

    The one thing that I wonder about is whether WG hedged against the fall in the Ruble, when they did it, and for how much as a percentage of their Ruble denomintated business.

    The Ruble was fairly stable until January 2014, then begins to fall, bottoms in May 2014, then rises again through until a peak in July 2014, and then begins a more rapid decline until September 2014, when it begins an even steeper decline in value that seems to be continuing hard at present.

    If WG did not hedge the Ruble they may have lost alot of income due to the currency fall, if they hedged the Ruble, they may not have lost, or may have reduced their losses. In extreme cases when a company hedges a currency it is possible to make a profit on the transaction, but this is very unusual.

  12. this is a fucking outrage! this must be against some international commercial laws or smtg! whoregaming goes too far. shiteaters.

  13. So basically 70€ for WZ while similar performing IS-6 costs ~40€ or ~35€ when 15% discount goes live. Seems legit.

    • No, its free! WZ if you do the mission, 70 euros for a rare tank while IS6 is driven by every potato and always costs you money.

  14. well look like Europe server got the short end of the stick now? I find this funny cause people here on NA forum complaining about EU server deals while we get none. oh the irony

  15. “- price for skipping one mission on RU server: 10 USD
    - price for skipping one mission on US server: 10 USD
    - price for skipping one mission on ASIA server: 10 USD
    - price for skipping one mission on EU server: 9.95 EUR”

    YOU DO mean $10 for EACH nation i think .. right?

    There are 7 nations to go though in the mission and it costs $10 to get 1 token therefore this tank will cost you $70 to skip it.

    IF you look here you will see:

    “Marathon WZ-111
    Collect all seven Marathon WZ-111 tokens by completing the missions in the spoiler below or by purchasing them in the Premium Shop.
    Reward: WZ-111 + Garage Slot
    Once per account”

  16. Poor euro players… They didn’t see the USD/RUB exchange rate. It was 35-40 a year ago, and 60 now. Time to stop giving WG money at all.

    • WG EU says we are paying the same as what 2500 gold cost (as that is what it refunds to).
      So our “Gold to Euro” ratio is the same.

      WG EverywhereElse used the top gold package to get their “Gold to Currency” value, thus the “Gold to Currency” ratio is the same.

      What your seeing is the price difference (Gold to Currency) between gold packages.

      The EU could have used our top gold package, and our price would have been €8.20 (Virtually the same as all other servers)…

      Truth be told, If you want someone to explain. It is because they knew they could milk EU customers for more.

  17. A nice way how to devaluate the tank reward…

    Now give s the option to buy personal mission tanks as well…. so you know.. having one doesnt mean you are skilled/lucky/nolifer/whatever … it will just mean you paid for it :)