Individual Missions Will Get You Punished?

Hello everyone,

a curious case happened recently – well, let’s check it out. Player XanRO submitted a replay to me. In it, he was playing artillery and was attempting counter-artillery fire, hunting other arties. That’s always a risky business – either you manage to do it, or not and you end up with nothing to show for.

The replay of the battle can be found here.

As a result of this battle, he recieved a warning for inactivity:


Now, look at this – this is from the list of IM’s (individual/personal missions) from the second round of the test server, specifically artillery missions 7 and 10.

Mission 7: destroy enemy SPG (for T28 it’s 2 SPG’s, for T55A it’s 2 SPG’s and win and for Object it’s 3 SPG’s and win)
Mission 10: Cause damage to an enemy SPG that has not yet been spotted.

Unless you want to ride around shotgunning at the end of the battle, these are counterarty missions. Players attempting them will in best cases screw the gameplay for their team (focusing on finding enemy artillery instead of supporting their own team), in worst case, they’ll get punished for inactivity if they are not successful. Good job, Wargaming.

PS: This post is about flawed IM mechanism, not about “WE HAET ARTY” – I was very lenient with yesterday’s article, but I will ask you NOT to repeat that crap again.

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  1. Thats just tip of the Iceberg IF/AS/WHEN the missions are not automatically activated.

    1) Activate mission
    2) do stupid stuff to try achieve the insane goals (not all are insane but there are a few)
    3) fail spectaculare / epic success
    4) repeat

    fix: make then just a bit harder overall but active in bundles – by harder I dont mean idiotstunt hard. but the lowest of them are very easy as auto activating.

    • I got stung back in November for the same thing – so I complained to Customer Service by raising a ticket.

      I’ve just been issued an inactivity warning (Severogorsk @1400). This was an inappropriate use of the warning system.

      I was arty, waiting for a shot. All the enemy arty were being careful and no opportunity presented itself. An enemy tank drove straight towards where I was sitting, no one intercepted him and he killed me. Not a lot I could do. (yeah, yeah, I wasn’t watching the minimap)

      Martin Walk 09 November 2014 13:32
      Hello malairt,

      thank you for contacting us with your issue.

      I am really sorry that you received a warning because of this.
      But please rest assured, you don’t need to be worried about the warnings.
      If this happens too often, every match that you will leave before the end will result in 0 EXP and 0 Credits.
      That is all the system does. It might get expensive but you still can play.
      Unfortunately I can not tell you how much warnings it needs to activate those penalties.

      As the warnings disappear after a certain amount of battles you don’t need to be worried.
      Also the system is still new so cases like this will be looked into and hopefully get fixed.
      I don’t think the chap really understood what I was on about as I didn’t leave before the end – I got shot. Anyhoo, counterbattery gaming obviously has to be conducted with care to avoid an inactivity warning. I wonder how many metres you have to move to be considered active?

  2. That is the Overall problem with some ims (capping and not veing detected being the others).

    Some Missions are just contrary to gameplay, hope they fix that in time.

    As for arty hate: I love it when a guy I hit complains, goes to show he understands 80% of the game if not less. Same as it was with awp in cs.

  3. WG always epic xD
    IMs = luck
    Better that they just made those grindable – number of battles, amount of XP, dmg, medals, etc.

  4. Those counter-arty missions will be bad for the game. As the rest of the arty missions are easy, expect a lot of players to get stuck on them. Counter-battery means taking your SPG out of the battle effectively and send ages starting at the screen looking for tracers.

    • Well they did say some which were detrimental to gameplay would be changed, so we can live in hope.

      On the other hand, shouldn’t all the arty haters be out saying how fantastic this will be? Arty spending every battle hunting faint tracers instead of bombing the first thing to be spotted.

        • “Those counter-arty missions will be bad for the game. As the rest of the arty missions are easy, expect a lot of players to get stuck on them. Counter-battery means taking your SPG out of the battle effectively and send ages starting at the screen looking for tracers.”

          I ll have a go at it. But if you are going to focus on countering arty one can state that in the beginning of the game and ask the team to inform you of the direction from which they got hit by arty. This would make counter-fire easier/faster.
          Yeah, i know. Good luck with that in pubs. :-) One can hope though…

          • It just is a stupid idea, especially on large maps since most arties either lackshell velocity or splash.

            I only looj for tracers if the regular tanks stay in cover well or if I can afford a luck shot to start the game.

            If i am the only arty and the enemy also has just one I even offer anti counter pacts in order to be able to concentrate on the game more (though I still Move after firing).

            • On some maps (Himmelsdorf) you can blind fire into the place where arty usually set up and get a kill more often than not.

              I’ve done that a few times and the dead SPG player complains that I used a hack…. The hack was to shoot where arty usually sets up….

              • When I play arty which is maybe a couple games a day, like 5% of total, I don’t mind being countered. It doesn’t happen very often and I think it is something WG should try to make happen more often.

  5. focusing on finding enemy artillery instead of supporting their own team

    I absolutely disagree with you. I am an arty player and getting rid of enemy arties is the perfect thing an arty player can start with. Team-mate heavies will thank him for the rest of the battle. Of course this is risky but depending on maps there is certain spots where arties have (usually) to be, and the job is “as easy” as waiting for shells flying and spotting the source.

    • this works.. if you find and kill them in the first two minutes. max.
      if you continue to search for arties during the entire game, while enemy arties are pummeling away at your teammates, than you failed..
      you would have been better off shooting other tanks..

    • yeahhh,, if enemies arty shot 1st and he stay in the usual place,, but how about if he didn’t even launch single shells and staying in odd place that no one ever think? and you two just,, sit there do nothing and wait for someone break the silence for that mission.

      • The thing to do with arty counter fire is to co-ordinate with the other SPGs on the team (if there are any). Let them know that you’re going to do some counter fire at the start of the battle.

        Whne you ar ein counter SPG fire mode don’t ingore the red dots that get spotted – especially if the other SPGs on the team have just fired. Always go for high value targets also.

  6. We really need some shit mechanism, maybe a toilet button, when I read something like this, I click on that button and I shit on WG, and as more people shit on them, the article gets more and more brown with some yellowish stains :) :) :)

  7. It is good that team battle format had changed. As in old one T1 were most of the time punished for inactivity. Going to good position and passive spotting own cap circle was punishable. :)

  8. Can’t imagine it will be worse than the current WZ-111 mission, promoting botting/”defensive play” for damage and rushing for unnecessary kills. I’m not talking about killstealing, but rather people prioritizing getting kills instead of doing whatever is beneficial to the team.

    Even if I’m not going to grind the 111, I’d much prefer XP-based missions, making winning a priority rather than getting kills, assuming that getting damage is the easiest part of the mission.

    • Getting kills, as long as you arent waiting a while to take your shot, is extremely beneficial. Removing enemy guns from the game is very important so you can take less damage and deal out more.

  9. So hard to hit a spotted enemy once and do the countering after that?
    Or simply start moving when you see the battle comes to an end an you did nothing. That must prevent the afk warning. Otherwise all those tomatos with 0 dmg would be long banned.
    Jesus ppl I also don’t like many things WG is doing but don’t blame them because you are not using your brain.

      • after first enemy tanks get spotted, enemy arty is still unspotted in most cases. so fire one on some random enemy and then do the countering. I still don’t see the problem.

  10. Maybe just the individual missions prone to anti-game tactics, like this one, must be set/keep always on beside the IM who you set for the current match. So one always on and one switchable.

  11. The image used shows a TD, more specifically Obj 704.
    The time shown in the message says “7:56″ and the mod says “8:06″

    But the point remains the same, let’s hope they make use of the concept of “testing” to where they actually correct the mistake.

    • probably had two game reuslts onscreen

      the obj704 game you refer to was played on Erlenberg
      his warning was issued for inactivity on Ensk..

  12. And I thought that moving is enough to not get pusnihed. If he counter enemy artillery and he does not move after each shot … yea, just make it easier for enemies. I will check the replay when the update is finished.

  13. I wish all arty missions were about killing other arty. Then those fuckers wouldnt be clicking at me. And if some of them got banned for inactivity? Thats a bonus. The bans could also be permanent.

  14. its his own fault for not moving AT ALL, all he did was turn, he only had to move a few meters and he wouldn’t have been issued a warning, not a problem worth making a post for IMHO.

  15. These IM’s turned out to be really crap for the game and the players. Too bad they put in some great rewards, but the gameplay will obviously deteriorate.
    Great job at fucking up again WG.
    Well…if this bug gets some clickers to get banned, at least some good could come out of this whole thing.

  16. Most of the arty missions for Obj260 are near to impossible to complete. You can kill several tanks with one shot, be in the first place in damage and XP, get half of the damage made by your team, kill 2 light tanks and very fast moving mediums, even occasionally kill 3 enemy arties… BUT… Show me one single player, who could do all that shit together several times in half a year!

    I will try to do it, but anyway I will put my own money on completing all the other missions with primary and secondary objectives, so I wouldn’t go mad with the arties.

    • Im aiming for the t55. Arty has some of the hardest missions, though killing a 40km/h target, doing half of your teams damage and maybe killing two enemies in one shot are doable.

      If you have friends who like to play lts it gets way easier :).

  17. So I’m the only one here actually excited about these missions? If I get a tank, great. If I don’t, I won’t be smacking my head against the wall. Credits, new reasons to play besides grinding a tank, and of course having fun too, that’s the most important.
    I just can’t understand why people keep complaining about insane requirements. Just give a shot.

    • not care rats ass about the tank (bcs I dont have suitable Heavies, TD’s, SPG’s :-)

      I just want some girltankers for crew members

    • I think it’s because no one would actively go for these missions unless they know they can complete them (and I’m assuming the biggest bottleneck right now is the mandatory 3-person platoons). I mean, it is a bit of a hassle to manually activate each one and claim the reward when you don’t have an incentive to do it in the first place (and not many will just settle for the crew members or just the credits).

  18. “PS: This post is about flawed IM mechanism, not about “WE HAET ARTY” – I was very lenient with yesterday’s article, but I will ask you NOT to repeat that crap again.”

    You don’t want us to not repeat that crap again?
    Simple – do NOT post that kind of crap again

      • Of course he posts what he wants, I fully agree with that – but when there are a shitton of replies completely disapproving what you posted and you start to warn them that you’ll not tolerate posts that disagree with you… that only makes you a huge hypocrite and a douchebag

        Yeah, it’s his right to post whatever the fuck he wants – just as it’s our right to approve or disapprove with what he posts.

        The “you have the right to remain silent” attitude on a public blog (other than the idiots who do nothing but shitpost) is being asshole-ish, to say the least…

        • +1
          When one post stuff, one should be ready for feedback, positive AND negative.
          Goes with the territory.

          The “moar arty!!!1!” bunch is just as bad as the “WE HAET ARTY” bunch; both can be just as despicable.

        • I did not mean “shut up”
          I just meant “don’t like? no need to comment” he will do whatever he likes either way. I also commented negatively once and got his response, where he nearly boiled. Since then I simply read the news and ignore the rest. You will not win with some ppl.

  19. According to an earlier FTR post, 10 missions that fuck up gameplay will be reworked. I bet these countering ones are on the top of the list among with the dmg block by armor ones.

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  21. …And what happens when I unintentionally satisfy the criteria for a really hard mission, but I had a different one activated? That would drive me crazy if I didn’t get credit for it.

  22. Srlsy ? You need to counter-arty (a thing that barely anyone do because of many reasons) in order to finish the arty missions ?

    Lel….WG at its best

  23. Well shit, looks like no American TD trainer for me, because fuck anyone who does this they must have used illegal mods that make tracers persistent and mark where they come from.

  24. IM will be a serious gameplay breaker, as if there weren’t enough tomatoes going around, now we have the very few skilled players hunting for missions. God, am I glad I stopped playing this shit a couple months ago.

    Go Armored Warfare !

  25. I keep reading about the IM missions and thinking it’s luck-based with much of what we’ve seen so far. Maybe WG will rework some of the missions or maybe they won’t.

    Since I play a FV304, I don’t even attempt to do counter-battery fire. I will go looking for opfor artillery during the end game if possible. Otherwise, it’s about supporting my team. Screw the IM missions.

  26. The Mission 7 shouldn’t hurt you unless you suck :D
    The Mission 10 is just bad for your team in general, it’s ok if experienced players counter-arty, but if noobs going for the Stug try it, it’s not fun for anyone (except the enemy team).