57 thoughts on “WG EU 9.5 Release

        • Yes, we just sleep the whole time until the patch hits and then spring into action fixing everything in one day…jeez the naiveté. :P

          Ofc. we fix our stuff based on CT iterations. But if WG decides to mess with stuff between last CT and release, that causes problems. Also not being able to test every eventuality (like CW games i.e.) on CT makes up for some bugs. Thats the polishing work coming in after release. :)

  1. i already have my wallet ready for the panther 88

    as soon 9.5 is released it’s going thrown at the screen

  2. First they will have to fix the vastly buged 9.5 that they will release for the russians then they will release 9.5 for EU too

    • Bugs are WG’s Christmas Present to the community.
      -SerB: “and bugs for you! And bugs for you! Bugs for everyone!”

  3. Please ban harbinger for awful language.
    Minors are reading this.


    ps. looking forward to the new patch :)

  4. i loged at 6 AM…misions not available on both wot servers:))
    i loged at 8…same problem
    i loged 5 minutes ago…same…no misions available.
    gj WG….you deserve a lot of ” respect”

  5. People got artefacts on SLI from 9.4 release. Over 3500 people couldnt fix what they broke from almost 2 months!!

    This shows all about this communist company. All what they can do is offer overpriced crap for broken product.

  6. 8.15 am; downloaded the new patch but when i start the game it cant conect to the server…