Panther 88 in the Premium Shop…

Hello everyone,

Panther 88 aka Hitlerpanther (seen that on Russian server, referring to 88 being the symbol for nazi “heil Hitler” greeting) was introduced to the premium shop with following description and price:


My advice about this offer is:


Two reasons for that really. First and the most obvious one is that according to people from Russian server who actually bought it as well as some supertesters, the tank is shit. It’s uncomfortable to drive and completely hopeless without limited MM against tier 10′s. Good luck flanking anyone in a German sniper. It’s definitely not a tank for beginners.

Second reason is perhaps even more important. Wargaming did not introduce this tank to the 9.5 Common Test, most likely fearing that everyone would see it’s a piece of shit, which would hurt the sales. I mean, why this tank anyway, it’s not like WG couldn’t have modelled the other Leopard prototype (with 90mm and yes, there was a version with 90mm gun) and detuned it to tier 8. By denying us the opportunity to test it, they are making us buy it blindly and no, 40 Euro is really, really not worth throwing away just to find out you bought a vehicle that sucks. Spend it somewhere else – it’s Christmas, take your significant other, friends or family out or buy them more presents – make THEM happy, not SerB.

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    • If this would be at the price of a “”Super (shit) Pershing”, then maybe*.
      Had the (S)Lowe, and could not stand it anymore, so the 2.5 million silver went to better use elsewhere.
      My next T8 Premium is going to be the FCM 50T.

      *- If they reduce it’s MM to pref MM. L71 88mm is a great gun. But not for shooting anything above tier 9, and even then, quite a few t9′s are not possible to pen from front even with premium.

      • Dude the lowe its a very good tank when u reach 3skils onthe crew ihave it is better the is6 112 t34 su 122 44 e25 chnese t34-3 t26e4 how put the skills on it its your choice and because of those skills u can make a perfect lowe i can shoot with lowe from move a tier 10 tank and penetrate it

        • The lowe is great BUT it needs BAI and off road driving. i like it more than the t-34 or old SP

    • I don’t.
      We live in the EU. We have laws (which btw WG adheres to). Laws state that you can cancel your purchase without reason for 14 days. You can buy it, try it and if you don’t like it you can give it back (just raise a ticket at customer support).

      • GL with that.
        Buy it, and quote EU consumer law to them.
        U can go to court, and win, and enjoy War Thunder since probably your IP will be banned.\ from WG.

        • WG terms of service point 8.4.

          Have a nice read! If you want some additional backup go to the US server, check the ToS there and feel sad as they don’t have the option. So no, WG is not this good/customer friendly (just as origin and steam new ‘money back guarantee’ wasn’t their own ideas), it is enforced by EU and must be adhered to if you want to do online business in the EU.

          WG of course follows procedures since he could close shop otherwise. And I don’t want to reply separately to the guy who thinks EU doesn’t have laws – he is stupid.

      • EU is not a country, EU has no law! EU is a nation association consisting out of many nations that each have their own law.

        Wargaming Public Company Limited has its legal site in Cyprus. And I doubt that they have such a law there.

      • 1 more point regarding the panther 88.
        if it was the soviet line, with only the matilda IV available as a medium tank crew trainer, then, and only then, it would have at least some merit.
        The German Tech tree has at least 2 decent to good premium medium tanks with acceptable stats for their MM. The T25 tier 5 (750 gold in 2 days), and the Shmalturm Tier 6 (2625 gold in 2 days).

        No need whatsoever for any other Crew Trainers, but if u r still a glutton for punishment, then there is always the Panther/M10 at tier 7 (4025 gold in 2 days).
        Buying all 3 gives u 4 dailies for 1 crew of a german medium. For 7400 gold + 3 slots (450-900 gold). Or in real money terms, 36 Euro for a specific pack, or 50 euro for 14,500 gold and u still have 7k gold to spare rather then 8 euro to spare after buying what looks to be the worst tier 8 premium available.
        (S)Lowe at least has the gun to deal with tier 10 mm.

        • Obviously you tards lack reading comprehension skills

          “You lose your right of withdrawal, insofar as the Purchase Contract is a service contract, after the service has been fully performed and if the performance has begun with the your prior express consent, and with the acknowledgement that you will lose your right of withdrawal once the service has been fully performed by us.

          You lose your right of withdrawal insofar as the Purchase Contract comprises the supply of digital content which is not supplied on a tangible medium if the performance has begun with your prior express consent and your acknowledgment that you thereby lose your right of withdrawal.”

          Do you understand what this means?
          WG has classified the purchase of their goods as a service, not a supplier of tangible goods. Thus purchasing a tank on their site is purchasing a service. Thus, u buy it, YOU STUFFED.

          • If you download a “service” and then use it, you can’t get a refund.
            EU law on digital services states that.

            If you don’t like the Hitlertank because you had a couple of games, you’re not getting a refund.
            If you don’t play it at all, you can get a refund. The services part excludes tradesmen and WG certainly aren’t plumbers.

    • dident even knowe that the Panter needed reduced armour i used the 88 when it hade its own but never got the feeling it hade to mutch armour

  1. Pity, was looking for a high tier german medium trainer :(
    Even if it were good, 42 euro is a bit steep for a single tank though…

  2. And for now you can buy it only for money… can’t buy it for gold. At least I don’t see it in the three or in-game store.
    Another fumble or they are wanting as much real money before the truth will be discovered? ;)

            • Panther 2 is bad-to-mediocre.

              But do please tell me more of its highlights. I bet it’s stronger in at least ONE department that is actually relevant (HP aside, then) compared to the rest of the Tier 8 MTs

              - DPM? Nope, Obj. 416. And Indien-Panzer + STA-1, if I’m not mistaken
              - Mobility? Don’t make me laugh…
              - Camo? What is that?
              - Armor? Indien-Panzer is a way better brawler, it eats 170-175mm pen shells with its tracks & side armor like it’s nothing. PLUS the troll turret armor
              - Damage per shot? Nothing to write home about
              - Penetration? Only other Tier 8 MT that is under 200mm of pen is T-44. And that thing has mobility & camo going for it.

              So yeah, do tell me more on how the Panther 2 is not horribly outclassed by any other Tier 8 MT out there.

              • But the 88 has 200+ pen it has the same at the panther 2 .

                i would rather have the 88 than the new sta-2 with it’s sub 200 pen

    • No fumble. This has been standard procedure with premium tanks. Released to gift/premium shop first, then to the ingame gold store in the following patch.
      But as far as the purpose of doing it like that, you are completely correct of course. It’s to get as many real money sales of the tank as possible before making it fully available.

  3. Another reason: it’ll probably be on discount in a month or 2, after the initial sales have dropped. Still dont buy it though! ;)

      • Not true per se, for a large market share or other product you want to gain dominance with you sell at a low price directly. This doesnt make sense in the WG market of course since there is no competition ;)

  4. Fully agree with SS..
    And if you want tot drive a prem tier 8 medium, get an FCM
    - faster
    - better pen
    - shit camo just like p88
    And pref MM!

  5. Dont know…

    The Panther 2 I REALLY liked. One of my favs at tier 8.
    If this is like it… dont know…


    Remember when the KV-5 and Lowe were released? People whined the Lowe would be worse to the KV-5… yeah…

    Or when the Type 59 released? In the beginning it was mostly met with scepticism, that it is not worth it and is worse then the Lowe…


    We will see soon.

      • Honestly, that wasn’t the tune people were singing to a year ago.
        The Lowe was quite good for awhile. It just that the “meta” game changed. Now, along with its rarity helping it, the KV-5 is arguably better.

        And no, we werent more ignorant. I will always remember the whining on how underwhelming the Type 59 was in Test…

        • Ever since the rheinmetals rolled out, kv5 is significantly shittier. They pen you everywhere so it makes you less invulnerable when charging a field.

          Best game i have ever had with kv5 involved a direct charge of the field in steppes. Kv5 just isn’t as trolloool versus rhms.

    • The shape of that turret and the length of that gun makes me cringe, considering how UNFATHOMABLY terrain-wise DIFFICULT (as in; slopes, slopes and more slopes!) the WoT maps are…

  6. Of course it is shit, there’s a reason it was not playable in common test of 9.5. Sadly, there’s no single German (premium) tank in WoT which is easy to play. Even the E-25 needs some brain to drive successfully, in contrast to an IS-6, which needs only gold ammo to succeed.

    WG has some serious problems when balancing nations in WoT….

  7. In the end this prem is the tank needs be Panther in tier 7… in the end the true name of this prem needs be Panther F and not the final evolution of F model because germans plan after introduce L71 was try it with an autoloader version with a 4 crew, and of course a much better engine.

    I think this tank is the motive they dont add L71 to panther I, to dont have in tier 8 a tier 7 with buffed HP and nothing more.

    And well, dont give the tank to test to test it shows for me very clear how good it is.

  8. Where the hell was that shitposter that insisted on Panther 8.8 being even better than Panther 2 because herp-derp “more DPM and better gun”?!

    • Hahaha, he probably loves panthers and will buy it in any case,but its funny he’s in denial haha!

    • Yes you fucking moron it has a better gun and its a faster tank,wait for the reviews you shithead,you will be really sad.

        • You are retarded enough to not understand basic numbers,There is nothing else i can do for you.

          • It really doesn’t occur to you that you are about the only person here that is actually looking forward to that piece of junk, does it?

            Hint: a saying from here goes “If 4 or 5 people tell you you’re drunk, you’d better go off & sleep”

            P.S.: Yes, I do understand basic numbers. Slightly better DPM but with atrocious gun depression does not make this thing less shit. The Panther 2 is now one of the worst Tier 8 MTs, thanks to powercreep. And this thing is hands-down worse than the Panther 2. If you are retarded enough to not understand basic logic, there is nothing else I can do for you.

  9. Also this is the first premium tank you will not be able to test in its corresponding release. From now on you always have to wait for the next release to test premium tanks that have been introduced the release before.

  10. Loved it, on CT. launched one battle on regular, loved it too. Lack of gun depression can be painfull but manageable.
    I also love Panther M10. :S
    Am I a freak?

    • No, you’re not a tomato. But if it’s not buyable trough gold I don’t even think about buying as first premium tank. I can play my VK30.02M, Panther, Panther II, E-50 and E-50M for free.

      • You have a point, good sir. If I remember well, this tank will be buyable in-game as soon as 9.6 is released. Like they did for SU-85i.
        That’s just the part when everybody is saying that the tank is crap that I do not understand. Not great why not but a piece of crap, hell no!
        If you only want a credit maker so yes take the FCM but if you want both credit making ability and training for your germans, it is decent.

  11. WG made a big mess out of the entire german panther line.

    From outright copies like E50-E50m with only main difference increased mobility on paper which is directly nerfed by worse soft stats on an identical tank… While leaving the armor identical and horribly powercreeped, ie turret and a lower plate the size of a russian hull

    To jokes like this premium panther88, with the panther 2 already being among the most powercreeped vehicle in the game. Lowest pen of any sniper ingame, both cred (203) and gold(237) pen. The gold pen is actually barely better then tanks like T-44(235) and worse then Type 59 (241) It actually has worse mobility then any other sniper both STA and cent have better acceleration and turning.
    But that wasnt enough nerfing the gun depression on a tank with horrible turret armor and huge profile is just outright flawed.

    Or how about the PZ5/M10 a tank worse then a stock panther in almost every way. But wait there is more its worse then the tier 6 VK3002M on every aspect except HP…

    If WG wants EU to make up for a dropping ruble they will have to adress this.

  12. As a German tank collector (For better or for worse) I actually struggle to open up my wallet for this right now.

    I feel that its far too steep of a price for a tank that I already have (Panther II) with little to no benefit other then being a Crew trainer.

    Unlike all the other thanks that I instabought; I think I’ll wait untill some random discount or something.

    …Damn you WG.

    • Exactly. I love my German Tanks, I have completed the Heavy lines, the original TD line and the original Medium line.

      But this?

      It’s just so bad, maybe with pref. mm I could see a use for it but the idea of driving it against tier 10 machines makes me cringe. I’ll wait for the IMs and see I if can’t get hold of that T55A. Besides I have too many German premediums already.

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  14. Actually, it looks pretty interesting. It has nearly identical hp/t ratio, better traverse speed, much better ground resistance, better accuracy, better aiming time and better dpm than the Panter II while loosing in terms of hull armor, gun depression and signal range. If not that bad gun depression (-5) it would be a faster version of panter II that could fit standard tech tree easily, in my humble opinion. That gun depression makes it fit the premium vehicle principle – worse than regular tanks. Overall, looks like a decent premium med to me really. In comparison to Panther II at least. We shall see how it works out on live servers.

  15. I did buy it and …… crap. I would like to have my money back. If it had limited matchmaking (I thought it had) it would be ok. In a tier 10 game you are but a sitting duck for a T57 heavy to piss on.

    So I agree. Don’t buy it…..

  16. Why the fuck everyone, left and right, want 88 Panther to have pref MM?

    It’s almost a carbon copy of the Panther 2 that does not have pref MM, and despite being shit tank, performs just well enough not to alter it’s parameters (for now at least).

    With pref MM 88 Panther would be ridiculously better than Panther 2, making it pure pay2win (win, lol, I said win and Panther in the same sentence, but you get what I mean) tank. That’s definitely what devs do not want.

    So in order to get pref MM either Panther 2 would need to get a serious buff or 88Panther would need to get serious nerf.

    • What if I tell that the panther 2 really does deserve a buff..
      Its horribly powercreeped. Most sniper tanks these days get 220ish pen.
      With better mobility and better camo.
      Only reason P2 isnt buffed yet is because of its higher dpm( marginally)

      Ow btw the gold pen on the panther 2 is among the lowest of any tier 8 meds and heavies alike. Only T-44 (235) and Type59 (gets pref mm, 241) are even remotely in the same bullpark.
      Making fighting high tiers a nightmare, too slow, too visible, too few armor.

  17. i love how it’s completely impossible to create accounts with ss or 88 in the name… (like name1988 or many german words containing ss) but they bring a tank with 88 in the name and (surprise, surprise), immediatly gets called the hitlerpanzer.

  18. if you want/need a German medium crew trainer get the T-25 or Schmalturm when they are on discount soon.
    Being T5/6, they receive more bonus XP then the Panther would.

  19. My only “need” for another German Premium Medium is crew training. I have plenty of tanks to make credits already. Given that, I’ll work my level best to get a T-55A to train German crews. I don’t care if it makes credits, and I really enjoy the T-54, so the 55A will be much more useful/enjoyable to play.

  20. Well, i love your blog and your occasional WG hate SS, but I am an avid collector (I have some of the rarest of the rare tanks) and I just bought this. Anyone that says this thing is shit is an idiot. Is it overpriced? Yes, by about $10 USD IMO, but it is quite comfortable to drive; it’s very nimble, and it has a good ROF and penetration. If you run some gold through it in t10s, it’s fine. Now, granted, I ran my 3 perk E50M crew in mine, so that makes a difference, but all in all, I like this tank a lot.

  21. Acording to tank inspector it IS A PANTHER II with the 88mm l71 gun(less gun depression , better acuracy , better aim time, same on the move stats, better ROF, less armor )
    its not a tomato friendly tank… so if you never played a Panther II in tier 10 with the 88 L71 gun dont BUY IT!
    if you like the Panther II than you can use this tank WELL

  22. Of course it’s shit. It’s a fuckin Panther 2, which is complete shit. I don’t know why anyone thought this would be any different when they said FROM THE BEGINNING that it was basically a Panther 2 premium. It’s fucking terrible.

  23. > Panther 88 is shit!
    > Why? Because it doesn’t have limited MM!
    > But it’s on par with Panther II? Oh yes, it’s still shit, because Panther II is shit!

    Oh come on, Panther II is a decent all rounder in pubs which could do almost every roles in the game. Stats wise, it also stands on #5 from 12 tier 8 medium tanks according to noobmeter, definitely not a bad tank at all.

    If you don’t want to spend money on any other tank rather than blatantly OP premium tanks, just say so. SS, while I agree not letting people to test it is a shitty move and it’s also quite pricey, it still doesn’t make a decent tank (in stats at least) to be shitty. But well, this is your blog and you have the right to say anything here, I guess.

    • “Oh come on, Panther II is a decent all rounder”

      Stopped reading right there.

      P.S.: Oh, and breaking the “88 Comments” random & ironical status. Just because.

        • You do know why those stats give a wrong impression. Server stats are the worst for things like this. Its like the E50m, worst turret armor, worst mobility, biggest lower plate weakness, worst dpm, worst camo.
          Its a tank with big flaws yet its the thirth most played med after batchat and T62.
          Furthermore the players who do play E50m are generally good to very good.
          Almost no newbies play E50m they most likely wont even make it up that line of brutally hard tanks to play.

          You point out statistical data. Let me give you factual data.
          So lets say we divide tanks in snipers and brawlers.
          Brawlers like T-34-2, -3, type 59, T44, …
          Tanks with lower pen but much better mobility and decent turrets, T44 has worst turret but best gun stats.
          Snipers like P2, P88, STA, cent, indien,…
          Among those P2 or P88 has the lowest pen, 15 to 20 less pen, a big difference.
          However if we look at gold pen we see its barely better then what two brawlers get, type 59 (241 which gets pref mm) and T44 (235) which gets better mobility and better gun stats.
          All the other tier 8 tanks have 20-40 more gold pen, thats the difference between penning an E75 in the lower plate or not.

          88/L71 cannot pen an E75 from the front… good luck with tier 10′s with a bought tank without preff mm… when a better alternative is availeble, FCM…

  24. Entire german prem med line is so fucked:

    S35 – ok, that thing is actually OP, but it is T3 :D
    T-25 – whats wrong with the turning rates (turret + tank)? And why is the gundispersion so ridicously high?
    Pz IV S. – good on T6, decent vs T7. Gets absolutly roflstomped on T8 -> no DPM, no mobility, no armor.
    Panther/M10 – Mobility good, armor somewhat okay. But no fucking DPM – it has lower DPM than most T5 tanks, lol.
    Panther 8.8 – slower Panther II with even worse armor and meh gun. Just compare it to the FCM and you dont even have to think about it….

    • You forgot the Grosstraktor…which actually isn’t all that bad if you’re careful, but it’s not a forgiving tank due to its lack of armor (HE shells can pen it and do full damage). Definitely not a noob-friendly tank.

      Oh, and the Panzer IV Hydro, which is basically identical to the tier 5 Panzer IV with the 75 mm L/48 gun (I think it might lack the sideskirts as well), but of course still isn’t particularly good.

      • Ah yeah, Hydro, got one myself. That thing isnt actually that bad considering its prem MM.

  25. Well according to previous FTR posts the 88 should be better than the panther 2

    it has
    more dpm
    better accuracy
    better aim time
    better turret rotate ( effective faster aim time )
    but does have less depression

    It is 4kp slower
    Has less power to weight ratio by 18%
    But has 28 % better road resistance
    Faster hull rotate

    it has less armor but does that even matter now.

    i would have bought it if it wasn’t for -5

  26. MEH i was updating the last post but i kicked me out

    Well according to previous FTR posts the 88 should be better than the panther 2

    it has
    more dpm 2176 V 1972
    better accuracy 0.307 V 0.34
    better aim time 2.4 V 2.7
    better turret rotate ( effective faster aim time ) 33.4 V 30
    but does have less depression -5 -8

    It is 4kp slower
    Has less power to weight ratio but is pretty much the same 12.9 V 12.98
    But has 28 % better road resistance so in practice is faster
    Faster hull rotate 38 V 36

    it has less armor but does that even matter now.

    With that accuracy it will hit weak spots at range with ease and with the INCREASE in mobility it will be a better “medium”

    i would have bought it if it wasn’t for -5