WoT Analysis: Gun-Laying Drive vs Ventilation and Stabilizer

Hello everyone,

I could have sworn I posted this before, but… well, no matter. Two very interesting videos appeared on US server – both by player 4TankersAndDog. In them, he compares the Gun Laying Drive with Stabilizer and Ventilation and decides, what is more effective. It’s actually pretty interesting, here’s thread one and thread two.

The videos are here:




His conclusions are:

- during all tank hull movement at various speeds and turret movement: VSTAB helps reduce the aiming circle by 20%, GLD helps absolutely ZERO.
- aim time when absolutely stationary: VSTAB helps 20%, GLD helps 10%, and this is the ONLY time the GLD has any serious benefit.
- aiming bloom caused by firing your canon: VSTAB helps 20%, GLD helps a tiny tiny bit (see the video).
- accuracy when dumping an auto-loader clip at a stationary target: VSTAB wins hands-down, and the GLD would be hindered even more by any relative target movement.

(additionally the video also looks at crew skill effecting aiming circle bloom and aim times, and yes it does in both cases, so booyeah to BIA/VENTS/COFFEE|COKE|FOOD)

- while the GLD helps stationary aiming by 10%, the combined improvements from Vents help aiming by about 5%, plus other skill benefits of 2.13%

For more info and discussion, check the threads, they are interesting.

27 thoughts on “WoT Analysis: Gun-Laying Drive vs Ventilation and Stabilizer

  1. VSTAB is clearly superior than GLD.The only reason why people may use GLD is when VSTAB is not available for certain tanks such as t6 tanks (except M4A3E8,M4A3E2).

  2. What about those tanks with terrybad aiming speed such as wz-120? SirFoch suggested both gld and vert.stab on it. I don’t think that it’s needed to have both, but am I wrong?

    • No, you arent wrong. Even with the bad gun handling, the WZ-120 really doesn’t need to waste a slot on GLD. I’d recommend rammer/vents/vstab or rammer/optics/vstab, depending on how often your playstyle has you spotting vehicles.

      • Agreed, WZ-120 doesn’t need GLD unless you have an obesession to fight at long ranges which is something wrong to do in WZ-120, the 122 gun is awesome but is meant for close to mid ranges.

    • Having both is a great idea for super slow aimtime cannons – except you will be missing out on a ventilation once you also installed a rammer. Not a problem for autoloaders though

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about or they just don’t fit your playstyle. Chinese meds are very good, they have most powerful guns from all meds when considering both damage and penetration thier accuracy isn’t complete garbage either. Although I can agree that poor gun depresion is seriously difficult to cope with.

    • but E50M has the best gun handling of all tier X’s already. No wonder you reach that effect with Chocolate.

      The only tank to ever surpass it was the original FV 215b which could hit moving weak spots with itself being on the move. That is before readjustments that gave it more armor and less handling.

  3. I for one decided to ditch the Rammer on the T-34-2 when using the 122mm gun (since DPM is not its thing anyway, took that advice from SirFoch regarding the WZ-120) and went V.Stab/GLD/Optics on it.

    Got to say it actually helped, made the aim time feel less like an eternity. Especially when having to get some shots off faster

    Still, I would go for BIA+Vents rather than GLD, when I can afford that setup.

  4. Again? It’s soo hard to read eq. description and say VSTAB is best way? How many times it have to be proved?!
    VSTAB for Panther
    VSTAB for Panther
    VSTAB for Panther
    VSTAB for VK3002M

  5. For equipment I would say something like that:

    Most important piece is rammer, no matter what.

    Mount vstab in any case you can as it can help you “poke and make shots more effective with losing less health”. Only exceptions could be when you have very good crews on certain tanks which don’t suffer from long aiming times too much (snap shot, BIA) combined with vents and food.

    General rule of thumb is everything above 3s aiming time should have to have GLD and maybe some autoloaders too.

    Mediums: rammer, vstab, optics (or vents)
    Heavies: rammer, vstab, vents (or gld)
    Lights: rammer, vstab (or vents), optics
    TDs: probably rammer, optics, vents (or gld if aim time is long)

    Autoloaders: vstab, vents, gld or optics instead of vents or gld (for example in batchat I like to play active/spot and use vstab, gld, optics), vstab, vents, gld would be “combat setup” to maximize reload, accuracy. For heavy line autoloaders vents, vstab, gld are good.

    It’s also good to have BIA anywhere you have vents.

    • Most important equipment is vstab imo. If your tank can mount it, that is.
      GLD only on heavies with horribad aiming time or with shitty crews (instead of vents) or <tier7.
      For meds optics, vstab, rammer

  6. Bottomline, if you want better aiming, get Vert Stab. If it isn’t available, get GLD, the case of KV-2, KV-85/122, KV-3, IS, etc.