40 thoughts on “Today’s Advent Offer (23.12.2014)

  1. Not going for it; Expect to pickup a Type64 when it hits the discount though…..all we need to do now is wait till tomorrow……Prepare for shitstorm lads ;-)

      • You never know. WG never said it won’t be sold again, they were not planning it. Just like BT-SV and other “rare” crap. WG is greedy, but we will see tommorow what they got for us.

        • They said countless times it would never be sold again and is now exclusively an event thing… you come to FTR, you should know this.

  2. Yes, I guess tomorrow BT-SV to end the crappy calendar with something unexpected.
    Although… I am guessing they will come with E-25 :P

  3. type 62 is a shit tank with no penetration with X tiers MM..
    don’t be funny WG..

    23 days of that offer and only 2 tanks were good..
    i hope tommorow will be type59 or M6A2E1 <3

  4. Wait, the only tier 8 premium beside the Type 59 that didn’t get an offer yet is the FCM 50 t.
    That’s why I thought it would the FCM 50 t today, and a type 59 offer tomorrow, I guess there will be no type offer on the 24th then, just the FCM 50 t one!

    • My fear is they will spread their cheeks and dump a Panther 88 ‘offer’ on us tomorrow or the 25th.

  5. Yeah, I reckon the T23E3 for tomorrow’s calendar

    There was talk about it being available to buy at some point when it was announced as a prize for the 2nd Tier VIII campaign

    • Just read on wot page Winter special for 24.12. All premiums on 50/30/15% discount in shop and for gold (except e-25)…

      • It’s just your dream. This won’t happen on EU server… We are too rich for discounts….