Again, nothing much today, but on 24.12. at 17:00 CET (or so), there will be a stream with Storm, where he will talk about game development, so we got that going for us, which is nice. I will watch it and prepare a summary of course.

- developers do not think that a lot of the feedback regarding recent patches was negative, quite the contrary
- Winterberg was developed as official Ruinberg on Fire replacement
- Individual Missions will start on 15.1.2015 (they are not active in the 9.5 patch client)
- according to developers, it was never promised for Sixth Sense rework to appear in 9.5 (SS: true, it will come later)
- you can enable or disable extended minimap functions in the settings
- according to developers, the Severogorsk map was not removed because of the “veteran players whining”, but for objective reasons. Statistics were analyzed and a decision was taken to remove the map for rework (SS: notice the “for rework” part)
- M56 Scorpion is still in the process of balancing
- Panther 88 will appear in ingame shop likely in patch 9.6

And that’s all really.

52 thoughts on “22.12.2014

    • i like the map also….. i have no freaking idea what everybody was talking about…… you could pretty much make use of the whole map…. lot of possibilities

      the map i would take down would be Karelia assault…… so boring, two ways to attack or to defend, always the same game

        • Yes. It makes maps play out differently. I understand how that would confuse the hordes of mouthbreathers that play the game, but too bad for them. They can just go run around Himmlersdorf in training mode as far as I’m concerned.

          • Why I turned off assault: too unbalanced sides.
            Why I turned off encounter: “Fuck base, kill all” *camps in other side*….

            Twats cant even understand standart mode, and these “advanced” tactics would just explode their minds.

            • That’s exactly why i disabled them too. The constant “don’t cap kill all” when all of my noobs are 10% life against 3 tanks full life even if it’s 12 – 8 make me sick.

              Two minutes later we lose because they go to death one by one, putting sometimes 0 shots to the enemy guy…

              I’m tired of this.

            • Why I turned off Assault:

              Contrary to the other 2 modes, there is no WIN-LOSE-DRAW scenario possible, it’s just a WIN-LOSE-LOSE for the attacking team. So no 10x.
              Until they manage to sort that out, I’m sitting Assaults out ever since we had the option to do so

              Encounter on the other hand can be a place to get some massive games.

              P.S.: Fuck Severogorsk. Fuck it deep.

  1. Fuck Severogorsk. Don’t bring this shit map back. We know how you rework maps. You fail almost everytime. We have seen it multiple times in the past.

    Better remove Hidden village as well. Fucking broken map. Only trenches and a useless village with killzone after it.
    And think about what you have done with Stalingrad. So many dead-ends, ridiculous low fighting distances which make it rly hard for non armoured tanks. Nice looking bad game play. Stop making wannabe dioramas.

    • I’ve never had a problem with those maps. However I hate Himmlersdorf and Ensk. I mean you have to be a real retarded mouthbreather to like those. Yeah so many of the whiners love those maps. And Ruinberg.

      You talk about reworked maps “failing” but I haven’t seen a single failed reworked map. Maps like Redshire and El Halluf are playable. Same with Komarin, yet so many are so butthurt because their childish whining hasn’t gotten it permanently removed they don’t even bother to notice how much it changed.

      We need more maps, not fewer ones. They need to expand all maps to at least 1km x 1km and make most even larger than that.

      • “Maps like Redshire and El Halluf are playable.”

        El Halluf is the 2nd worst butchered map, after Murovanka

        “I mean you have to be a real retarded mouthbreather to like those”

        Oh, you mean like most good players that will admit that Himmelsdorf is still one of the best city maps?!

      • “However I hate Himmlersdorf and Ensk.”

        I appreciate the tactical conundrum these maps pose. We can’t have maps which suit bush campers and hull down campers all the time. At least the heavies can get to work on flat urban environments and do their thing. Skilled mediums can do well to. As for the Clickers they can sit on my dick.

        • I like to play Himmlersdorf in my favorite artillery piece. I always take it to the hill. Bert does a great job of lobbing shells at targets on the hill very nicely. *LOL*

    • Severogorsk was my favorite map, i will miss it .

      for seconds we could be from one line to the other, very flexible map

      anyway i disaggree with your opinion on the maps… maybe you have to learn the game more …

      • “Severogorsk was my favorite map, i will miss it . ”

        I’m sorry, you must be braindead

        • So a player likes a map that you don’t and you call him braindead, there are words for people like you but they have multiple syllables and might confuse you.

          • Sorry, but saying “Severogorsk was my favorite map” is like saying “dog shit was my favorite food”

  2. Shitty maps:
    - Malinovka
    - SWAMP
    - Hidden village

    Maps that need a tiny rework:
    - Highway
    - Komarin (just remove those forest near the 2 cap points damn.)
    - Redshire (a bit too campy.)

    Great maps:
    - Murovanka
    - Sand River
    - Serein coast
    - Mines
    - Airfield

    Go for it WG.

      • You forgot Abbey and Fisherman’s bay ;) Almost everytime i have an exiting game on them, regardless of vehicle’s type

        • Abbey…..Mid is kind of screwed up – you go in and cant get out if base campers there. Water side is arty shoot or again – ruskies win there.
          Other side is again – overrun or ruskies. Remove water for more routes.

    • That is your own personal opinion. I for example like hidden village (and thats MINE). If WG would rework maps based on players personal preferences we would hate them even more.
      For now I think (still my opinion) its easier if players learn how to adapt to certain maps like it or not…

      • No that’s not mine at all. Mediums are really usefull on Mine. On hidden village it’s just a heavy/TD map with no place to move. The situation is a bit better since the last modification but frontal fights are:

        1) boring
        2) an arty meal, and since they are targeting blue/purple because reasons… <_<
        3) Unbrained moments.

        That's why i love the new murovanka with so much space to move.

        • Yes and I think its good that certain maps are better suited for different types. If i happen to get hidden village with a med i can still snipe or go to the town so i can still influence the outcome of the battle. The changes were good indeed anyways.

          Moreover i kinda liked Severogorsk because you could rapidly change positions and you could still weather the storm. And that was doable not just with meds.

          • - Hidden Village
            - influence battle in town


            “Moreover i kinda liked Severogorsk” – enough said
            “you could rapidly change positions” – nigga what?!?
            “and you could still weather the storm” – oh yeah, especially in a -2 tiered TD or MT

            You must be talking about the OLD Severogorsk, where that was still possible.

            • Just because you havent encountered with such scenarios yet, you shouldnt be ignorant…you can win by rushing town and fook up those who got trapped on the other side of the map.

              Tell me more about how bad severogorsk is/was.
              I actually always found my place with both scouts/meds/heavies/TDs.
              -2tiered TDs usually have superior guns (su101 might be the only TD struggling here, but that tank needs a different playstyle (im waiting for your freakout on that TD as well)) thus they suffer less than heavies imo
              -2 tiered MTs hm… i see no problem here i might be cautious or i dunno, unlike TDs meds rely not only on guns (a t44 can fook up things in t10 battles if played well) also, prem ammo is there for less experienced players ;)

              Old severogorsk was fine for me as well, i dunno i might be super patient but theres no map in the game i hate, only sad faces when I find myself in inconvenient circumstances, but on the long run everything pays off :)

              • Dude

                You CANNOT influence the outcome of a battle in a tank without hull or turret armor or Severogorsk!
                Furthermore, you don’t even have the sniping opportunities to support a push!
                Not even from the front, but neither shooting the flanks of the enemy tanks!

                But do please tell me more how I’m such an ignorant for absolutely detesting head-to-head only “tank combat” in tomato-heaven maps like Shiterogorsk!

                P.S.: SU-100M1?! HA! At least that thing is rather mobile, has the DPM going for it and can bounce the odd shot or two with its super structure!
                Please tell me how you can help your team in a Nashorn. In a Tier 8 game.

                • Well, I guess I must have dreamt the match on Sverogorsk then where i won the game together with a badly hurt 416 against 3 tanks, two of which were heavies, one tier 9, with my 212 A with its magnificent turret and hull armor.

                  Oh wait, no, I didn’t dream it.

                  In b4 arty hate by TD camper fag.

  3. Today, I faced M2 and Stuart I-IV.
    Damnit. I cant pen the first with my T7cc.
    Worse, It can also equip the same gun to kill T7cc, with much shorter reload. I becomes very hard to carry in this lovely machine..

    An the second is also very good. Too bad for my gift premmies. :(

  4. Well i dont think recent patches were something great, i mean it was nothing to compare against for example patch 8.0 or 8.8(im not nazi but i liked this patch). Im just missing older shader engine with beautifull sun. I mean those were good times. Just look at the himel or ensk it looks like its going to rain there i know its more atmospheric but it doesnt look nice i think.

  5. Delete all maps give us a 2000×2000 flat area with 0 obstacles as the one and only ultimate map.
    Take away and make only one tank available for players (t34-1 or 113 would be okay because all players like these gems) as well please.
    THIS is what this game needs….

  6. Just reporting in a positive aspect about 9.5:

    My fps was increased. A LOT.
    I mean, from 25-30 (dropping down to 17-18 sometimes) now I’m seeing 40-50 almost constant.
    IDK how the tweaked it, but they did.

    Though I must admit – prior to 9.5 I had a HD minimap mode installed, along with view range circle & all that. So that might have taken in some toll as well.

  7. Hey SS,

    Any hunch (or older info that I missed) on when the special game modes with the Mammoth & co. will come?

  8. 17 CET on Christmas Eve, really? I might be a loner but I’ve sure as hell got better things to do than watch a WoT stream at that time.

  9. I like how Sev apparently wasnt removed due to veteran players whinging.

    But tell me Storm, were our whinges on point? Had we not identified the map had issues and repeatedly pointed this out? did not every single fucking poll on the issue identify Sev as one of the the maps most in need of removal? I love the way the devs try to marginalise player input when it comes to these sorts of changes.

  10. I note that more maps have had cover and hull down spots removed. Other than the new tank line everything that was talked about for 9.5 was scraped. Maybe the developers need to work more and talk less.

  11. 1: Winterberg is horrible (way too much bright glow). Besdies WG mentioned there are “too many maps”, so why make more incarnations of existing ones rather than a decent selection of different ones?

    2: I ran into 2x Panther 88 platoon yesterday on South Coast (on NA server). It was a tier 9 battle anyway (I was in T8 medium) but they did quite well (together with some random Spahpanzer from their team). Unfortunately we had a retard platoon (all 45% or below) on our team as the only two T9 and they were platooned with a T8, while enemies had three less stupid T9. MM screwed us up nicely there, no chance to win.

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