Meanwhile in 9.5…

Hello everyone,

five people have already sent me pictures of what seems to be a really nasty bug in 9.5. It does NOT seem to be connected with mods at all, as two of those people do not use any mods or remodels.

Schermafbeelding 2014-12-22 om 19.25.22

Something’s missing here… oh, that’s right, the entire hull. It does seem to be connected to LOD though, or at least detail settings, as all the other pictures come with lower settings than maximum, but that’s just pure guessing. Do you experience the same issue? Let me know, link screenshots in comments!

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    • if only we could get the whole tank become invisible in randoms, stronghold, team and clan war battles! Can u do that, WG? Please!!!!

  1. i think its related to new spotting system,
    middle of the field tank disappears nope, only half of it

    • or the new teleportation system … half of the tank spot or stays as decoy , half goes and flank .

  2. I have been having issues with missing models I presumed it was connected to my abundently modded client, I usually only see tracks or road wheels gone entirely, not the whole hull

  3. Seems to happen to random vehicles once every few patches.

    Here’s a screenshot I took on the 6th of October:
    Jagdpanther with active camouflage… :S
    (no mods, max settings with motion blur and FXAA disabled)

    EDIT: haven’t seen this occur with any vehicles in 9.5… so far.

  4. Got that one too but it happened to me mostly after i died while watching my team. Additionally i could say that it isnt reproducable intentionally afaik and not visible in Replays

  5. Answer to people insulting WG game optimization – added feature for old computers:
    Level Of Detail – no details at all.

  6. I had the same issue since the 9.5 update. I can’t provide screenshots yet because I don’t have access to the game atm, but I can give a description.

    I’m playing on a Mac through the wrapper downloadable from the forum; the quality is set “low”.
    This issue seems to happen only with HD tanks, and not all of them. These are the ones I’ve experienced up to now.

    Chaffee: no hull
    M4 Sherman: no suspensions, tracks float in the air
    T-34: no hull
    T-34-85: no suspensions, tracks float in the air
    Tiger I: no hull
    StuG III G: no hull, only cannon and tracks showing
    Jagdpanther: no hull, only cannon and tracks showing
    British M2: no hull
    Achilles: no suspensions, tracks float in the air

    This actually isn’t always true – the missing parts seldom appear when zooming on them (the green outline is always present instead, so even the “invisible parts” can be shot).
    Furthermore, even non-HD models have some issues since the last update: at times, some parts of the tanks turn black, bright white or gold. There also seems to be an issue with the shadowing, I think, because some of the new HD models (Grant, Stuart I-IV) suddenly change color.

    I hope this can help, I’d really love to see it fixed ’cause it’s really annoying to see turrets in middle air – I’ll upload screenshots as soon as I can.

    • Hey SS, I’ve been a faithful reader of your blog since discovering it some three months ago. Good stuff you’ve been doing out here.

      Anyway, the people I asked (in clan and Gchat at different times) on ASIA server don’t seem to have this issue/ignore my words, but I am facing it myself. Thought it would go away on its own but I guess not.

      Like Percy, I am using a Mac and my graphics quality is set to the absolute minimum cos I need FPS rather than pretty things to look at. The symptoms are exactly what you and Percy have noted above.

      Hope it gets fixed soon!

      • Try turning up the graphics to improved, I use “high” settings and don’t have any issues (also on a Mac). Though it could be unrelated.

    • Ok, so I’ve finally been able to rack up some screenshots; obviously, I couldn’t get photos of all the instances when it happened.

      You can find them at this address:
      Just ignore the username, it was an old account. Please also notice that (as highlighted in the images descriptions) whenever the hull appears, the turret has a darker colour than it should have.

      @ Dstud208 – unfortunately, I really can’t afford turning the settings any higher; as a Mac player I’m limited to the NA server but I’m from Europe and FpS would drop to… how much, 1/2?

      • There is an eu Mac client, go to the “other software” on the eu website. PM me on the NA forums if you need any more details

  7. This is completely normal if you have SLI enabled rig, I often got this with 9.4 and seems to “work” also in 9.5. Sometimes tanks are missing parts in both garage and battle, sometimes parts do even get swapped between tanks while spectating after getting destroyed. This is one of the best, pimped out ELC AMX: :D

  8. I have been getting this bug since the launch of 9.5, and not to the extreme like the invisible hull thing, just mostly tanks that have been given a hd remodel have their texture blink with black spots if I get too close to them

    • The pic doesn’t have the Christmas “garage”. Do you have the Christmas garage or did you mod that away?

    • I notice this graphical glitch occurring only on HD tank models.When viewing them at certain angles the lighting on them gets glitchy,a rather odd bug.Hope they rectify this mistake asa

  9. Fyi everyone it appears to be a texture issue, not a model issue. Still bad, but more understandable, especially since it seems to require very certain situations to occur. Any way if you want to try fixing it without a whole client re-download, just get someone to send you the relevant texture files. This is why changing settings works, since it changes how it uses textures.