T-34-85M Armor Error

Thanks to xxviktor for noticing this.

Hello everyone,

in the early 9.5 vehicle changes post, I wrote that the screwed the T-34-85M model by shifting the turret, but not its mantlet – like this:

As a result, the mantlet was clipping into the left part of frontal turret armor and there was a (small, but noticeable) hole on the right side.

So, do you think they fixed it? Of course not. In 9.5:


Notice the yellow hole on the right side, not covered by the mantlet. And don’t forget to buy the T-34-85M bundle and remember: Wargaming quality assurance is one of the best in business!

PS: yes, it’s a small thing, but it’s about the principle – they could have checked, I even posted in on FTR. Especially when it comes to a tank sold for real life money.

22 thoughts on “T-34-85M Armor Error

  1. It doesn’t matter SS.
    Soviet got the most advanced armour in the world anyway – Stalin Spaced armour and SerB Active protection System.

    And also , Merry Christmas!

  2. “Wargaming quality assurance is one of the best in business!”

    It is. From a certain point of view at least. If you take all those developers who produce tons of different barely working “games” and expect to sell maybe a thousand copies of each into account, it’s not really that hard for WG to get in the top few percent. One-eyed among the blind, so to speak.

  3. Well to bad for any who bought it they can’t alter premiums…..oh wait they can’t make them worse…..or ppl complain….watch them buff a prem and everyone be like this is why I bought it….

  4. i was thinking about this deal since a tank t6 for 10€ isnt all that bad of a deal but seeing this just makes me not want to spend even that much.. at least fucking try harder if you want our money FOR VIRTUAL tanks(that we dont even actually own).. its obvious what your real agenda is. make $ – fuck over customers and laugh- ho ho ho

  5. Has anyone noticed the 200mm rear turret armor of the Challengers Avenger turret? I mean, that cannot be right. Can it?

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  7. This is always ridiculous. You`d think they could use say 10 million of there 1 billion dollars they made on game so far to stop contracting models and have there own artists….But nope they need 3rd party modlelers to blame for no HD content and model fuck ups.