Of Streaming Girls…

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, Rita’s gone on vacation and she won’t be streaming for a while more. That however doesn’t mean you should stay without girl streamers whole Christmas :)

Here’s one nice to watch, recommended by Nixxie and approved by Rita! :) She swears and isn’t particularily a good player, but I guess that makes it ever more fun… :D


87 thoughts on “Of Streaming Girls…

  1. Yes i added you because you’re a female gamer, ’tis an awesome thing to see! Im Brian. Don’t be intimidated, but I’m not a stereotypical guy. If anything, I’ll be the one in the kitchen ;))

    • Seriously, it seems that the only requirement to be “FTR approved” streamer is pair of tits. Reminds me of neckbeards giving free items to girls playing MMORPGs.

      • The not-whore gamer girls stream or make videos with as high possibility as males, only that there are so few of them. Rita is prolly the only one I remember.

  2. Not my thing to watch bad players with squeaky voice (how old is she?).
    But are people out there so desperate that they watch stream for girls ;)

  3. Any option to still hear the sound feed from the game but mute her goddamn idiotic voice?!

    You know, just so I won’t need to buy a new keyboard/screen

  4. So many idiot comments leave the girl alone. Most of you probably wouldn’t even have the bollocks to talk to her if you met her

  5. But her voice, I mean her … screaming virulent piercing voice …. I just imagine …. no doesnt work ;-)

  6. Beyond foul-mouthed, worse than even *I* am at Tanks, and completely off-putting.

    (And I’m a Navy vet who really can curse like a sailor – and choose not to because it’s not generally necessary.)

    *ugh* Not sure why anyone would seriously recommend watching her.

  7. Well Silent… Wasnt you like annoyed by Jacky and hers… You know… Two eyes? Ivy shows quite a pack too lol… :P

    She seems like a nice girl deep within, but HOLY SHIT SILENT ARE YOU SRS? LOL

    • Tbh you should rather promote girls like http://www.twitch.tv/reodora/profile

      She is not only very apealing to look at, but also has a WAY less annoying voice and even despite a total beginner quite some skill potential…

      With all due respect… I couldnt stand staying there longer then 10 minutes. Didnt shittalk or anything in chat (also due to Kptn’s mod status), but I think I got ear cancer from that.

      • Hm, all stream records got their sound muted for copyright crap. She sure looks more like a gamer tho.

          • Yea, I fear it will bait the wrong crowd again and end up as some amagaditsachickontheinternet-fanclub. I’ve been lurking in her chat for a few hours today, and its been rather silly, to say it nicely.

            Reodora herself seems alright though. She’s just begun so there’s still hope.

  8. Well, seeing Silentstalker’s best friend QB got 100 pounds from some idiot last night, i’m very curious to see where this channel will go.

    By the way, she’s more attractive than Rita if we’re gonna be honest.

    Concerning streamers, SS, could you explain why you hate QB, he can be arrogant/condescending sometimes, but his charities prove to me that he’s a good person, I think it’s a shame you guys don’t get along, because you both have the same goal; improving WoT.

    • About QB.
      Cause he is a dipshit who asked his subs for money to go visit a girl in Ukraine, which is utter bs. If you are so in love, earn your damn money without begging and go the hell you want. THAT is why I personally hate QB.
      And he is arrogant as fuck, he thinks he is a god, but actually he is really weak player that sits behind and usually blames the team for everything.

          • QB is arrogant but The Thing annoying me most is either his luck hitting stuff where my packet loss gets the better of me or the fact I have to argue with people stating “coz QB”

    • Rita is awesome i love rita’s smile and her eyes …. plus rita knows what she is doing in tanks …. compared to Whiteivy rita is way better …. also remember we were in WhiteIvy’s position not to long ago learning to play tanks … We all cannot be Unicrums right off the bat and have great stats it takes time and energy and the right people to platoon with to get better …

  9. “Well I’m out of this, bw you should consider killing your cat or yourself, it would be a better life for either one of you. When u chose the kill your cat option consider doing some sport and go to psychologic institution”

    I dont rly give a fuck if she is female or male, but she is just disgusting in every way Kappa
    Also someone should report her for animal abuse

  10. I just wish there was more WoT streamers that didn’t have to plaster their streams with a facecam…. I don’t want to see your fucking face I want to see the game.

  11. Ah really SS, this is fking pathetic.

    Seriously? are you 13 years old .. OMGAWD A GURL.

    Women demand equality yet they get out tits and scream on streams, just ask yourself.. would you watch Rita or this if they happened to be Male instead of Female?


    Reading your site for a long time now and for the life of me I cannot understand someone who complains about the comments going to shit on threads like the Arty stuff and yet posts this kind of content ^^.

    You only ask for trouble, I love FTR but meh I couldn’t leave it alone this time.

    • Yeah exactly. Oh, btw, I am Fred who got banned for stating this in her stream. Way to go!

      SS seriously, if girl gamers are your thing thats fine, but please dont post their crappy content on here anymore while good content doesnt get any attention because of lack of boobs.

  12. Watched 2 matchs, she has a anoying voice and dont play very well, I can’t understand why u SS and Rita recomend this ….

  13. Total waste of time to watch this kind of streams, only for guys that never get a girl in real life.
    But this is the 21st century, so this becomes normal.
    Useless content, tits and cats…

  14. First off Thanks SS for giving us a new person to watch on Twitch.TV she made my day

    She puts a sailor to shame with her language … But also is funny at the same time i needed someting to put a smile on my face besides her being beautiful as well she is hilarious in her word choices and her facial features are awesome …. i cant wait to watch the next one …. it will be epic

  15. whiteivy is a complete waste of our time.

    If you like big boobs you have plenty over the net not pretending to play WoT.

    Actually she is so self-conscious of her boobs on the camera that she wastes most of time replying to the stream watchers instead of playing properly.

    Rita is completely different. She plays very well and has the capabilitie of multi-tasking so she can type, speak and kill all at same time..:)

    Rita rocks!!!! And she is from Portugal too!!!!!!

    Go go Rita!!!!

  16. SS i guess you got paid a lot to make advertise to suck a freak of nature:)) . i dont see any other reason why you have ruined peoples holidays with this horror person- cip and dale ( while get raped ) voice.
    +1 for red…rita rocks !

  17. Congrats, Linda :) . BTW guys: i only pointed her to SS :P (but i still support getting her here).

    For a streamer (and ever more for a youtuber) it’s not about the skill, it’s about personality – and while it’s different for every viewer what attracts him and what discourages – she definitely has plenty of those.
    Pay attention to amount of unicums appearing ocasionally on her stream chat. Some guys do find this stream entertaining.

  18. Another honorable mentioning of Sofilein, it is disgrace to highlight this screamer before her.

  19. unless you got 1000+ greens , pls remove that link…its your site and can do what you want here, but you post for people and we need to like what we see . and so far , 90% are against that abomination . its something to tink about it right?

  20. So, you despise when people swear and insult to the point of disabling comments under the articles, and then you advertise this stream where she’s cursing like a sailor. Hypocrisy at its best. You are really losing grip SS.