Winter Mode Interfering with Mods

Hello everyone,

today, the Winter “8-bit” Mode was started on Russian server. According to numerous reports, this mode heavily interferes with many mods, including XVM, causing the game to crash. It’s possible that the mods will be fixed on time for EU release, but if they are not, be aware that they are the cause of your client not working properly.

To talk specifically, the problematic file seems to be Application.swf in res_mods/0.9.5/gui/flash folder. And here are a few screenies from Russian server.





64 thoughts on “Winter Mode Interfering with Mods

    • MM for a mode that that you can only access by 3 vehicles? Are you high mate? You will end up on this map , if you play the Mammoth, the T-50-2 thingy or the Foch 155 thingy , and those are the only 3 types of tanks there are going to be, why would that require a MM system?

    • Wut? No XP what will move to respective Tier1 tanks afterwards what I can convert into Free-XP for Gold? What a shame. :D

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    • I hope so. Its annoying having to reinstall them everytime ther is a new update nevermind just this little mode

                • stats are mad easy to pad in this game. platoons for winrate and damage. companies for wn8. all you need is some competency at the game(easily done) and people to play with. OP tanks are not required but recommended for padding.

            • Implying that I give a fuck about stats and your rainbow colors. I use mods because I like them and I play this shit game to relax, not to become some pro-nerd that wins money via video games.

          • Haha nice one xD It would be really hard for me to play without mods now indeed. Because most of them give you precious info about what is going around, something that the vanilla game misses completely. Better reticle, damage panel, smart minimap and so many others are just must-haves for any good player to become even more performant. The mainstream noob is not concerned anyway since he has no clue about what a minimap is for and because he only shoots through autolock.
            The fact WG is starting to integrate some mods is a sign that they are of certain use (however, it is to be noted that the WG version of these mods is always worse than the original, because why try to make an effort to become better… In a way, this company perfectly reflects its mainstream player base ^^).

            • Well many of world’s top players don’t use any mods at all. Why? Because mods are not permitted in tournaments. So they just don’t want to get lazy by using them in random matches.

              Out the window goes you theory that mods can substitute skill.

              • The player at the tournament are in a team of 7 or 15 with people they know and have been playing for a long time together which means they can count blindly on them assisting them and the oposite so mods wont help them a lot there also they came against the same lvl of skill in the oposite team
                also what does it means “”So they just don’t want to get lazy by using them in random matches.”” what a mod does that can make you lazy??
                you still have to do the same SHIT with or without the mod…..

                • By “lazy” i meant that certain mods unload some work from your brain. So when it’s tournament time again, player has to work harder to get back into proper mindset. I was loosely quoting one of the last year’s world champions and not generalizing all mod using players as lazy. So no need to get all worked up for no reason. Also i was replying to a person who insisted that using mods makes you better player and person and that not using mods means you’re “mainstream noob with no clue”.

      • Damn, Office out of date. Better reinstal PC, repaint walls, make new roof, dig new drainage, fix ISS, drag new star to replace Sol, adjust laws of physics, go back in time, prevent WW1.

    • No

      2 ways to handle that:

      1. rename folder 0.9.5 in res_mods to 0.9.5.sav, create new empty folder 0.9.5 in res_mods – run game, play winter mode. afterwards delete empty folder 0.9.5 and rename folder 0.9.5.sav to 0.9.5 – run game, don’t play winter mode
      2. copy entire world_of_tanks folder to new folder eg. world_of_tanks_vanilla, remove everthing in world_of_tanks_vanilla/res_mods/0.9.5 (aka leave 0.9.5 empty)
      2a. to start game with mods and no winter mode, start as usual
      2b. to start game without mods and use winter mode, go to folder world_of_tanks_vanilla and double-klick worldoftanks.exe

      simple, ain’t it?

  2. I dont even know why ppl have to use mods.. XVM will give you shitload of info that you dont need.
    Its game and game has to be a little challanging for your mind, memory and brain…

    • Because intel is power. It’s a MOBA game, not Scrabble. Don’t want to use them – don’t use them and be “challenged” by people who apprehend the situation better than you ^^

    • I’m gonna do a reply that will start the same way as you responded to the one above you. You do know that other mods that don’t feed you hidden info still uses the flash folder? Like me that freaking hate the vanilla sight and damage panel. So I use a mod to get a smaller sight and get the HP pool dead center instead of off to the side. Or sound mods that uses scripts to since the normal sounds are still horrid. Not all mods feed you a “shitload” of info. Not since all that info besides the damage done and stats are not “vanilla” to. Reload timer was hidden to before. Now you know that to. More xvm info will become vanilla in the time to come. So you got little to cry about atm. Soon if you wanna play like you say. You need to hit “V” for “hard mode”.

  3. Do the tanks work as a premium tank? So that I don’t have to retrain my E5 crew to use it in the usa heavy?

    • As you can see in last screenshot, it does NOT work as premium. So greedy WG will get some money for crew retraining. And those guys who use gold ammo and equipment/consumables on these fun tanks, now will do it 3 times more because of 3 tanks instead of 1 like in old fun modes. Again – even more profit for WG. Smart, very smart from them! :)

  4. I am not going to play 8-bit mode anyway, so I hope things will be ok.
    I lived through 8-bit game period and I have no desire to go back there, though I can see why it would be appealing as “history” to younger players.
    Do black-and-white mode and I might be tempted to play.

    • It will not.
      One reason: this because the new 8bit tanks are new unique entities, having their own sounds/etc/etc entries in the game data.
      So for example, if you use a sound mod it has to be updated, otherwise the game crashes on startup because it misses vital data on the new vehicles.

      And like SS said their are other thing interfering as well.

  5. I am going to play this mode…..not because I like it but because I could use the free T110-E5 crew after the event is over….

  6. OH my….really Wargaming?! Your new years resolution: release a patch that fucks up everything again and includes NO, NON, Nothing to the game but an useless fun mode?!

    Couldn’t they, yes really! Couldn’t they have released this data in patch 9.5, but disabled. So that modders would have automatically included these changes, which now comes as a separate patch causing all kinds of issues.

    Now I am really glad I have bought Kerbal Space Program! Haven’t had so much fun with a game in a long while!

    • its not their fault that you cant play without mods, its also not their job to care

  7. XVM already fixed this issue.
    And, whoever is interested, this mode brings insane farming and perk pumping up.

    • That’s exactly what I aim for. Hopefully capitalists will get the same missions ,)

      Are you getting crew XP for every battle or only for completed missions?

      • About 4.5k crew xp and 12000 credits per battle, 25000 crew xp+25000 xp (i convert it to crew xp anyway) and 250000 credits every 25 battles.

        • Ok, today they’ve fixed the crew xp pumping (it seems it was boosted by x2 xp bonus for regular tanks), now we get about 3k crew xp per battle, which still is good since winter battles finish 2-3 times faster than normal random ones.