Swiss Centurion in Action

Thanks to Francis for this one.

Hello everyone,

the following video displays a “counterattack of an armored company RS II/222 of the training school” in 1974 in Switzerland during the visiting day for public. It’s a pretty interesting video, note the gun stabilization on the move and the use of gun depression in cover.


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      • Not unless it loaded ammo that was designed in the 2000s, with 1970s ammo it could no longer penetrate the T72 frontally.

        • Given the Soviet era ended 1991, it would only be T-72B with ERA and the T-80B with ERA both deployed in the last 5 years of the soviet era that could not be penetrated frontally by a centurion with 80s ammo (490mm max pen vs 440/420mm max frontal hull equiv for T-72B and T-80 without ERA). Most soviet era tanks in service today are not so advanced, they are early T-72s without ERA at best (max 380mm equiv on turret so penetrable by 70s 105mm APFSDS), T-64, T-62 or T-55 at worst.

          Whether centurion users have the (for the time)cutting edge 105mm ammo is another matter.

  1. You can see nicely how little smoke the gun produces becasue of the fume extractor on the barrel, unlike the giant smoke cloud it does ingame. Also, no 3 meter high dirt explosions when the projectile hits the ground ..

    And yet people want bigger explosions and effects.

    • I guess they are shooting Sim Rounds (around 1:50). You should see more smoke and some barrel movement when firing live rounds. Hard to see in this video actually, but for a live fire exercise the security perimeter should be larger.

    • I think it depends on the ammunition they were using. It could be practice rounds with smaller charge and projectile different than the combat one. I’m sure real tankers can tell more accurately.

      To be fair, even if smoke cloud and dirt fountains are not exactly realistic, these are hardly the biggest problems of this game :)

    • Only that the fume extractor actually has a different use than what you think – it’s there so burnt fumes don’t come back into the fighting compartment.

      They’re using practice ammo – way less powerful with a way smaller propellant charge!

      Yet people want bigger explosions…no crap!

      • I know what a fume extractor is for dude … It did the same back then as it does now on the Leopard 2 i was sitting in for a year.

        Its main purpose is to evacuate fumes form the barrel that woudl otherwise slowly leave the front of the barrel due to heat. Since rates of fire are ment to be kept high there is no time to wait for them so the fume extrator pulls them out of the barrel. BUT ! it also pulls the smoke that would otherwise come out the front of the barrel for the largest part, so the smoke coming out of the barrel front is actually very little and barely visible. (depending ont he propellant, there are also colorless burning ones).

        It might be training ammo, but there are again two kinds. Small caliber (20-30mm) training ammo that is fired from a barrel inlay (not really possible with rifled guns) and full caliber training rounds, wich in 90% of the cases use the same propellant ammount as live rounds. Purpose of training is that you learn shell handling, so weight and everything are keep close to the live rounds. Also, velocity of the soft metal projectile has to be keept at the same speed as the real KE round, otherwise it would mess up the targeting computer.

        I shot plenty of guns from 105 to 155, i know how it looks and how much smoke they generate. No gun every did som much phooosh in real than it did in WoT.

  2. Did wargaming mix up the model for this with the STA-1!!! am i the only 1 who sees it?

  3. It is a pitty we do not have smoke ammo in WoT like in this video. Smoke screens are very effective hidding tanks behind it during frontal attacks or flank manouvers.

    • Want soviet toasters to overload and go kaboom?

      Yeah, being able to fire smoke would be important, either for making a smoke screen for your own tank or obfuscate the target. Say what you will but having a shell filled with WP impact the turret can’t have too good an effect on viewing devices and aiming assists :D

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