115 thoughts on “Tier 7 Tiger I L/56 Premium Preview

      • If I had to guess, I’d say this will somehow be tied to the release of Fury on DVD and Blu-Ray. The finish product will probably look like the one in the movie, and a code will be included with the “collector’s” edition and/or it will be released in the gift shop around the same time. Seems like the only way this tank makes sense (not that the tank itself is actually bad).

        • Highly possible.

          one time at one of these public test servers there was a special desert yellow camo available only for Tiger 1 tank.
          The camo was exactly the same as the Tiger 131 have, and that exact Tiger 131 was used in the movie.

          • Was it desert camo or panzer yellow? Dunkelgelb, the standard base paint coat on all German tanks for the last two years of the war. Not available in WoT, except as part of some ugly camo jobs, because WG care so very, very much about historical accuracy. Heh.

        • I am not sure about this tank, I agree that it might be a collector edition…I just see a bunch of noobs wanting a Tiger and getting this…More dmg and WN8 to farm I guess lol

    • A fiew post ago they said they dont want to make clones, yea right :) Also do teh supertest tanks appear on the live server when tested or is it a separate server?

    • If they restore the idea of historical battles a lot of players will buy it in order to rekt anemies in weaker tanks while driving the mighty Tiger.

    • With 132mm of pen, using the potato thrower that is known in the game as L/56? (legendary gun IRL?)
      Yeah, OK, sure

      • I’m not a Wehraboo by any extent, but the gun was absolutely devastating for the tanks it met. Same for the Russian 122mm, but it sucks after tier 7 and this gun sucks after tier 6.

        • Exactly what I’m saying.

          The in-game L/56 is simply put ABYSMAL compared to its real-life performance.
          The problem, as far as I understood, is the L/70 – it really is a damn good gun even up at Tier 7… and IRL L/56 was slightly worse than L/70.

          • I said that in the game it SEEMS worse than it actually was, because you can’t just wreck T-34s or Shermans all day.

            • Fun fact – the L/56 is almost completely useless against a Jumbo Sherman.

              Learned that the hard way in the VK3601H.

              No, seriously, it IS a potato thrower – why do you think absolutely no one uses it, ever? (except when I decided to give the brand new HT Vk3601H a chance with it – what can I say, it’s decent with APCR spam)

              • Fun fact, the Jumbo Sherman was designed to survive being shot by L/56.

                All the defficiencies in the Tiger and the L/56 come from the match making, put it up against the tanks it actually faced and it is not a contest.

                Even with the L/56 Tiger completely dominates Lees, Stuarts, crusaders, matildas, churchill 1s, Shermans, T-34 (76), KV-1, Wolverines, su-76, T-70, valentine all of which are tier 3,4 or 5. At tier 6 you get the tanks who might take a hit from a tiger or give it one back but not generally both – sherman jumbo, churchill 7, Kv-2, su-100, firefly, jackson, achilles, t34-85, easy 8, kv-85. With L/56 Tiger outclasses all of these in game, though all pose some threat.

          • according to wiki, ingame pen for regular and gold ammo is quite historical:120 and 171 mm at 100m. remember this gun was historically used against tanks which in wot are on tiers 4-6, ike t34 and kv1. no wonder it was excellent against 45-70mm armour

          • Even more fun facts: why do you think the Jumbo sherman was invented? Wonder if to counteract the L/56…naah..couldn’t be.

            As many people have said, the only reason why people think it’s unhistorical is that they automatically assume the tiger was pwning everything it met. Not really, it did very well against shermans, T-34s, hellcats, Sluggers, M3 Lees, Churchills, Covenanters, Crusaders, Cromwells…guess what, still does that in game. Thing is, IRL the IS 2 was made to kick the snot out of the Tiger…well..guess what it does with the 122mm :). Just be thankful the effect of the 122 and 152mm shells on the damn thing isn’t historical. :)

            • Oh you don’t say. Is that IS-2 tanks needed several shots to take out a Tiger ? You really believe this propaganda crap about IS-2 being a Tiger killer ? Seriously, wake up. The real pen on 122mm gun was around 155mm vs 0 degree angle, at point blank, and the RoF was 2/min. And most of the 122mm AP shells were poor quality and had sub-par pen. Not to mention IS-2 carried only few AP shells.

              Tiger on the other hand had no problem knocking out IS-2 at over 1km, using the PzGr 40, and yes unlike IS-2, the Tiger actually had decent ammunition, a total of 92 and most crews would take a dozen more on the floor of the tank – they actually went through all that ammo.

              There’s a very good reason why the russians used T-34/85 extensively, and not IS-2. You can say anything about the russians but they weren’t stupid.

              • The kinetic energy was enough to knock out a Tiger crew. T-34-85 was used more because they wanted more production. 4,000 IS-2s were made which is not bad. Yeah it only carried a few AP shells because meeting a comparable tank like the Tiger, Tiger II, Panther, Jadgpanther weren’t common as you might think it was.I would like to say that 120mm of armor sloped is not going to be penetrated by a 88mm cannon with 120-130mm of penetration. You are exaggerating the reload time. it’s either 1 or 1.5 a rounds per min. With the IS-2 model 1944 it was 3-4 rounds per min. I would like to know where you got your information from.

                • You don’t even know what PzGr 40 means, do you ?

                  And you’re saying the IS-2 mod 44 fired 4 rounds per min ? (Post a clip of Beavis and Butthead laughing)

    • I’m not so sure about that. A 132 pen gun on a tier 7 tank, even a premium, is really pretty darned weak. Even with gold rounds, 171 pen would be quite weak, in tier 8 battles.

      For all its other faults, the Lowe has an entirely useful gun.

    • Actually, World of Tanks is still the “F2P”-game with some of the least amounts of premium vehicles.

      You should try MechWarrior Online. You can count the non-premium vehicles with one hand there, because you can buy them all with gold. They also invented a split type of premium vehicle. It either gives credit or XP bonus, but not both.

  1. Hooray for copypasta!


    Why couldn’t they just release “The White Tiger” with a more sensible hp pool of around 1800hp, the 105mm from the KT and make it a tier 8 premium?

      • It’s not really about the movie – WG already modelled the tank, and it’s not another copy-pasta hack job slapped together for another endless moneygrab. With a sensible HP pool and 105mm main gun, it’d actually make a viable tier 8 premium. If you haven’t seen the WoT model for it, you should check it out – it’s decent in appearance, and “just different enough” from a Tiger P to make it something unique.

        • That is a neat model, but does that fit the “historical” (looking at you WT E100 and E50M) blueprint for a tank to be in the game.

  2. Can’t wait to farm hp from noobs buying this who have username that contains german tank aceks names.

  3. Yes, i know the /L56 is Tiger’s second-to-best gun and it is also the only gun actually ever used on Tiger, but…


    it’s a lot weaker than Ruskies 100/107mm (not to mention 122), weaker than US 90mm (comparable alpha, much lower pene) and those are all Tier VI guns. If not for its quite good alfa (for lowtiers, at VII it’s less than average) this gun would qualify for tier V gun.

    Make it tier VI, give it mobility nerf, 950-1000 HP and it will make Kraut’s very own mid-tier KV-5 (good armour, weak gun), but tier VII? Tiger is quite good VII heavy, but 90% of it’s success lies in L/71. Take away Tiger’s ability to snipe and it will horribly fail with its flat, thin armour (against anything with some meaningful penetration at tier VI+) and abysmal turret traverse…

      • Vulkan 36′s strenght lies in Konish, anything is better than L/56 Vulkan 36. Also, Vulkan’s turret does rotate much faster than Tig’s

        And the Tig can always get some gun nerf, like worse RoF…

    • I had a beef with the L/56 stats ever since I touched the FlatPz IV

      Still hoping that they’ll come to their senses and buff that gun (there are many topics on how they could do that, while still keeping it slightly worse than the L/70, as it historically was) – the gun that gave Allied tanks sheer nightmares deserves more respect than that

      • Yes it did give Allied tanks sheer nightmares, but it wasn’t better than it’s now in-game.

        • The L/56 ripped the KVs a new one easily at 1000 meters. It was accurate and had enough penetration for it.

          In game?

          Go to 21:00 onwards and see how “good” it is against a Heavy Tank 1 tier lower.
          Remember – TD guns are supposed to be good enough to take on frontally Heavies 1 tier HIGHER.
          (and yes, I really miss old Redshire compared to the clusterfuck we have now)

          • The gun is realistic, it wasn’t ment to meet the shit it meets now. Also it wasn’t technically ment to even shoot at tanks if we start from that.

            • Once again – the historical Tiger with the L/56 ate KVs for breakfast. At long range. It was designed to counter them (OK, I’m not 100% correct of course, since it started as a AA gun)

              In-game it’s a complete fail against the KV-1. Not to mention that on almost all platforms it has sub-par accuracy.

              But, once again, the age-old problem of low & mid tier German tanks in WoT – overtiered.

  4. Fuck this.
    I do not want this shit in game!

    Copy paste tank (COMPLETELY this time), we already have it, occupies an unneeded name (lol Tiger L56… historical Tiger…), borring…
    And it is like in War Thunder where we have 123 STUGs, 56 Panzers, 24 T-34s and the like…
    Only make tanks in WoT like this if there is a LARGE difference in power between upgrades (example, T-34 and T-34-85 ; Panther 1 and Panther 88 ; WZ-111 model 4 and the dead WZ-111 5A)

  5. Best part about it is since its an iconic tank so many new noobs and players will buy.. and i love seeing a tiger 1 in t7 games because they suck.. and this has even 200 more hp.. so its basically going to be a tank you dont want to see on your team but would love to go against them

  6. I will buy it.
    but WG is sooooo lazy.
    they should build the new HD model
    like the Tiger early production.
    change the road wheel. and add air filter and so on.
    let the new tiger 88L/56 seem different than the regular tiger.

  7. Said it before, will say it again: if this is released as a premium, I will load full APCR and go on a maniacal killing spree. Forget the HP, it has insane DPM.

  8. OMG, this thing has insane DPM, look how fast can it reload. If run full with APCR, it would be wreak havoc (especially with special MM).
    Wait a minute, is it the game or it’s me making it sound like a big p2win crap.

  9. I seem to remember hearing somewhere that this was something to do with Historical PvE in the future, like a boss tank or something?

  10. A cool idea with this would be to co-operate with Bovington and make this a Premium Tiger 131, and to share profits with Bovington.

  11. I agree with most people here, this is a shocking Gold Farmer copypaste tank. The 88mm L/56 is a very mediocre gun at tier 7, it’s far inferior to the 75mm Konisch on the VK3601H and completely useless on the regular Tiger I compared to the long 88. Sure this tank seems to have great RoF, but what’s the point of being able to crank out a shot every three and a half seconds if you can’t pen mediums and heavies of your own tier? Don’t we have enough dogshit APCR-flogger tanks in WoT?

    • Correction – the L/56 is a very mediocre gun even at Tier 6.

      Hell, a slightly angled KV-1 at medium distance can give you nightmares trying to pen it. That gun was DESIGNED to waste KVs, for crying out loud.

        • 1) I used ye old faithful L/70 on the VK3002D, especially after they buffed & re-balanced the whole tank in 8.8 (IIRC). Among the few times I tried to use the L/56 I failed to kill a KV-5 with it, kept bouncing off the R2-D2. So no 10x.
          L/56 is way better at detracking targets, but that’s it
          2) VK300D is like a Cromwell in mobility compared to the Tiger, so it can actually get to the sides & rear of most targets

  12. Dont get what all the fuss is about, its got more hp than most t8s and most likely gets pref mm.

    armor is unreliable, pen is low, mobility is low but RoF is good and hp is ridiculous…… gee what other premium does this sound like…..

    • Please tell us! Even in Tier 5 tanks are better than this. You either get mobile (T14) or sharp-gunned (Churchill III).

      Stock Tiger has nothing. They could give it 3000-Maus-HP and it would still be a fail factor in any team.

      • Well the t7 VK on the leo line sees 9s and its top gun is the same 132 pen, I made it work… Sure I would have prefered just about any other t7 med over it, but other than the t9 heavies and a few of the 8s (kv-4) the short 88 was workable.

        With 1700 hp and no 9s to deal with not saying its great, not even saying its good… just saying it can be made to work.

        TBH its not far off the kv-5… armor is full of holes, gun has many issues (but good dpm) and even tho I hated the kv-5 at first, you get a hang of it pretty fast and it does work.

    • Hmm… E-25 was also said to be crap at tier 7 with L70…. and how it worked out ?

      There’s plenty of hidden soft stats to consider.

      L56 on the other hand really is crap gun… bad accuracy, 132pen is way too low.
      And somehow I found its shells really unreliable… it feels like the crew is throwing the shells instead of shooting them… 3 out of 10 shells hit the ground in front of the target. Probably thats why I used L70 all the way to get 88L71 or grind Jpanther…

      ROF is nice, but in the end… you will end up bouncing more often :D

  13. If they put zimmerit coating on it, they will sell a heck of a lot more. That would be really cool.

  14. Or Wargaming could pull there heads out of there asses and give the 8.8cm KwK 36 L/56 its historical penetration which was slightly over 160mm at 100 meters. Oh wait, that would make the tank competitive at T7…

    This is a joke and not even a good one.

    • Ah, no 7,5cm L70 had around 160mm or so penetration (100 meters) at perpendicular angle. 8,8cm L56 penetration would be around 145 – 150mm range in the same conditions.

      A vast majority of German guns in the game have 15% or so lower penetration than they should have. Yes even the mighty L71 has the wrong pen in game!

      8,8cm L71 should have around 235mm of pen with “normal” and around 275mm with “premium” shells. Just check any site on net and you would see that in game values are actually penetration values at 30 degress from the vertical!

      • True, WG knows it. The real reason why they don’t buff the german guns to realistic values is because “balancing”, they actually believe german tanks would be too good if they did that.

        You’ll never see justice being done here, stop dreaming, give up this crap and start playing something else, like the near future Armored Warfare.

      • Different test of these gun are going to be different. Russian 88mm L71 shows that it has 160mm of penetration. German testing shows it has 203mm of penetration. Granted, the Russian’s steel aren’t as good as the Germans and the Germans used the highest quality shell when testing. I don’t know where you are getting your information. “Just check any site on net and you would see that in game values are actually penetration values at 30 degress from the vertical!” Well did you see actual penetration tables or a penetration table from a unknown website. I’m not trying to sound like di** but if you can give actual evidence to support that the L71 should have 235mm of pen I will agree. Here the Russian L71 penetration tables http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-u9VFDPfmDeA/UDSiC2YRXVI/AAAAAAAABAw/LhaZy328zxs/s1600/pen.jpg Wargaming possibly made the gun stronger than it should be or possibly got it accurate. Either way, their is too many variables when testing a high caliber gun.

        • The first one that is underlined in red is the Panther’s 75mm, second is the Tiger’s 88mm, and the third one is the Tiger II 88mm. All of them are at 100mm. Don’t come to the bull**** that it’s propaganda. This is testing that was not shown to the public. Why would they do propaganda that was not shown to the public.

          • http://www.panzerworld.com/armor-penetration-table#german-guns

            Have a look at those values which are all from 30 degress from the the vertical

            And btw, go check the sources!

            Considering that NKVD / KGB was notorious to deceive with false information with official data / surveys and even with confidential data this piece of paper is nothing else than a propaganda of itself.

            In 99% if cases with confidential data is to “deceive”.

  15. I might get it for crew trening. But 132 penn at T7. Bad armor. Slow… So it’s a stock Tiger 1. I would rather get unique tank, not a a stock variation of existing tank. Which isn’t that good to begin with. It should be fun as T6 though.

  16. i will buy this if they promise me i will be the only tier 7 tank against full team of tier5 tanks.

  17. No surprise here. The DPM is fantastic. Too bad you can’t possibly use it fully, if half your shots bounce… and that’s a very fortunate case. The only enemies you can kill in a T8 battle are lights, because even T7 meds can bounce your shots.

    I really feel bad for this guy, and I applaud him for having the guts to play this bunghole tank. Because it takes real courage to do that.

  18. Wow! good to know I’m not the only one that gets those match’s over and over again.
    Would be nice to have the “Blessed” account like the YouTube personalities have to help promote the game.

  19. 100mm penetration for PZgR.39 is way low. That would be about right for Spanish Civil War era and pre WW2 era AP rounds, possibly e3ven pre PzGr.39.

    IIRC historical for 88mm L/56 was 125mm and WoT buffed it to 132mm. The gold APCR PzGr 40 round is about right.

    Everyone is so worked up over gun no one seemed to notice the Tiger I Premium is getting a downgraded engine also. The Maybach HL230 P45 is getting downgraded from 700hp to 600hp.

    I like the idea of a premium Tiger I but I see very little incentive to buy a inferior vehicle to one I have in my garage now. If it came with Zimmermitt texture and historic paint and markings and vehicle numbers I might consider it.

    • You don’t get it, do you ? The germans measured the pen of their guns vs a 30 degree angle. That means every value of german guns in WW2 had 15% more pen than it says.

      If the 88mm L56 had 120mm pen, it actually is 120+18=138mm pen vs 0 degree angle – the way pen works it WoT., as for PzGr 40 (gold ammo) it’s 171+25=196mm pen.

      For the 75mm L70 (Panther), it’s 138+21=159mm pen, the real value.
      Long 88mm on KT it’s 203+30=233mm pen.

      I trust you get the point.

  20. 3,88 sec reload? Let’s put that in comparison: the Jagdtiger 88 gets a 4,42 sec reload with gun rammer, vents, 100% crew and BiA. This thing is definitely getting its RoF nerfed before release, it would just promote gold spamming as it currently is

    • And how are gold ammo gonna help you vs any T8 tank ? You think APCR with 171mm pen can penetrate IS-3, KV-4, T28, Ferdi, etc. ? Even Tiger II can bounce your gun unless you hit the LFP.

      JT 8.8 on the other hand has much better pen, it has little problems with T8 and most T9 can be penetrated as well.

  21. If they made it a t6 prem tank in stead and gave it around 1000 health I would buy it… As is, nope, not a chance

  22. if this is really happening, a Tiger stuck with the short 88, i just hope WG limits the mm to t8 max. i mean, if you meet most t9 with the short 88 you’re preety much fucked.

  23. FYI: On his youtube channel. He posted a vid on Jan 1st called “WoT Guru’s Live Stream”. At the 24 min mark. He plays the M56 Scorpion tier 8 US Premium TD for those interested.