9.5 Branch Statistics

Hello everyone,

wondering how the 9.5 vehicles are doing? Here are some statistics from the RU server, coutresy of wot-news.


Notice how well the FV4004 is doing. Its stats are definitely pushed by the fact that by now, only hardcore/experienced players have it (along with a bunch of free-XP’ers), but still. To compare, check how FV4005 sucks, despite the fact that it’s owned by experienced players now.

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      • Well.. TD camo nerf and Rof nerf helped a bit..
        But it’s less a pain to play in Tier 8 since this nerf. But it’s still a dangerous ennemy.

        • Borsig is OP only with it’s 15cm gun, a combination of Alpha, camo and small profile along with ability to legitimately peek-a-boo makes this tank a real pain in the ass.

          As of 12 cm gun… meh, overrated, it’s good but not OP.

          • Problem is not just the gun. It’s that it’s basically a medium tank that has a ridiculous gun and on top of that can always use its good camo. The “glass-cannon” argument made by WG doesn’t work when it 1) rarely ever gets spotted and 2) can trade shots 1v1 and peek-a-boo too easily.

  1. 4005 driven by experienced players? So far I encountered only 3 and all were driven by tomaoes

  2. ”Pz. II D” preforming as I thought it would.
    ”Challenger” preforming as I though it would. ( Circons stream )
    ”4005” Just remove the OP premium hesh and give it more shells already and overall buffs.
    ”T95E2” It’s practically a T-44 with worse normal ammo and better premium, not the most fun.

  3. What good is a great gun on 4005 if you cant use it(terrible platform).Its a piece of shit,you cant play with it.Similar to su100y,dont ever buy this dogshit!

    • love the SU-100Y will love the 4005 too. 4005 same as the WT E100 is not made for average tomato, who rushes and scouts in them. Wait for your moments and wreck havok!

  4. I’m curious how the FV215b 183 performs after the patch.
    It seems to suffer more from the nerfed mobility than it profits from the buffed armor.

    It feels like they nerfed accuracy on the move and while turning the turret also resulting in a much longer aim time. Can anyone verify that?

    • I have driven couple tens of games in it after “rebalance”. The buffed turret is just great if you find a place, where to use it. All sorts of city environments, sidescraping peek-a-boo’s and short range hull down engagements now are very viable option, as you can count on some bounces off the turret and use that time to aim properly, which you couldn’t do before this patch.
      But as the downside comes the nerfed speed – you now have to take a lot of time to get to a useful position, and of course in some open maps there are not so many of those places, where you can blow up the stars at all.

    • Smart people say, that it is not SO bad. It simply isn’t so great as the FCM, which additionally has limited MM. Nowadays everything what isn’t OP, is called “bad”. ;)

  5. Oh, look, tier 7, right before the good stuff, sucks. What a surprise, didn’t expect that at all.
    WG should just start putting tanks without guns at tier 7, where you will be able to buy yourself camo that covers the whole tank with “buy free experience” inscriptions.

  6. Don’t know about Conway, but Charioteer is very nice tank to play, aka – OP. So most likely situation will be the same as with Waffle line – after all needed people will sped their real money on freexp’ing them, the big nerfhammer will be thrown at them..

  7. Brit branch, some german tanks, and bot account US reward get released, guess which one is OP ? T-34-85M trololo no russian bias detected

    • Don’t you know premium tanks are harder to use, usually under perform, just as the statistics show….oh wait.

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  9. Not too surprised that the Achilles is doing a little worse than the Firefly…
    All you get is somewhat better gun handling (though, the aimtime and accuracy are quite nice)/reload and it’s a fair bit more mobile, in exchange for
    -worse armor everywhere
    -mediocre maneuverability
    -TD-balanced turret traverse speed (though, to be fair, the turret was historically hand-cranked…not that this has mattered ingame on some non-TDs with the same historical limitation)
    -less gun depression (which can be argued as not completely historical)

    It’s as if they were afraid that it was going to turn into another Hellcat, so they decided to pre-nerf it just to be safe. The better mobility and gun handling don’t quite balance out everything else, especially the horrible gun depression. Close, but not as well as the Firefly’s pros/cons.

    I think the thing that really bothers me, though, is how *close* they are in fire rate, when the reason that there should be a bigger difference is readily apparent just by looking at the tanks.
    The Wolverine turret is roomier (especially around the loader and breech), open-topped, and has a ready rack directly behind the gun…yet it only loads marginally faster than a cramped turret with the ammo stowed in the hull? What?

    • You need to get that shit out of your head because WG does not balance tanks like that anymore. Oh i remember the days when big turret meant better rof and logical stuff like that, i remember those points.

      Firefly also IRL has a shit reload because of super cramped space in the small turret with the 17pdr upgrade. Yet in-game it’s fast lol! IRL it also has 40km/h top speed yet in-game it has limited 36km/h which feels like driving a heavy not a medium. WG balancing is so fucked up today that logical points has no more place in WoT. Historical values are close to extinct in WoT.

      Somehow i think WG is afraid of having another tree of OP tanks so they intentionally made them lacking so they can fix later. So we will put up with garbage tanks instead of OP. No more crying of OP OP OP!

  10. I don’t know how it’s like on the other servers but on NA I have only seen few FV4005s and none of them were driven by players with a winrate above 50%. Seems like the most of the hardcore/experienced players don’t give a flying fuck about it if you ask me.

  11. Anyone know if there will be a 9.5 launch event for the Brit TDs as there was for the 8.6 Brit and 8.7 German and 8.x Japanese new tech tree branches (when they were introduced)? There was no event for the new high tier LTs, so I wonder if this sort of event is no longer in favor.

    They were one of the few ways to get rare reward tanks.

    If there isn’t I plan to sell the Firefly (E8 is better. Mobility, Rof) > alpha) and the Achilles (neither fish nor meat – not a Hellcat, not a Jackson). I don’t know if I have the stomach fo the Beatdown tier VII Brit TD – too Challenging, perhaps.

  12. FV 4005 underpowered lol!

    Do you guys remember when WG was balancing tank this way : lots of armor, low rof vs paper armor, fast rof.

    This is what exactly what FV4005 needed to be even close to OP. Since it has such a shit armor and depression, it also needed like 3.5 rof. But nah WG decided improved mobility>better rof.
    It’ no brainer that people are snapshotting at this crap because it has no armor. That means less exposure for the enemy. Pop-out, shoot, retreat. Whereas with the FV183 you actually need to aim carefully now since it’s armor got buffed..

  13. No real surprise really. Anyone with 1 brain cell knows the 183 was already the worst tier 10 TD in the game and this new 4005 is an even worse tank than the 215 so yeah… shit as expected.