Individual Missions Tomorrow, Drag Crews

Hello everyone,

as predicted, tomorrow, in the morning, minipatch 9.5.1 will be applied to EU server, activating the individual missions. We will finally see the list of missions in tomorrow’s patch as well.

Oh yes and one more thing. The girl crews will have male voiceovers, as confirmed by Erissa, WG EU employee. I am sure we are all excited about our new drag queen crews. Hell, maybe they even decided to replace China in the game with Thailand…

73 thoughts on “Individual Missions Tomorrow, Drag Crews

    • russians think that EU is full of retarded degenerate gay people. They got proof of that. Europeans are tolerant and also look at who won Eurovision in 2014! So why bother.

        • nope, just telling you what I hear form russian people that’s all. Besides, making girl crew members with man voice overs is not particularly smart idea for a multimillion company no?

    • they would have to implement something to check whether you have female crew and then play different audio file.

      Something like:

      if(male_crew()) play (“m_audio1.wav”);
      else play (“f_audio1.wav”);

      Now imagine WG coding something this difficult….
      Do you wanna fps drops, ghost shells, broken models, etc? Because thats how you got fps drops, ghost shells, broken models…

      • I hate to pipe in into this already retarded discussion, but it’s much more complicated than that.

        First of all, they have to double the voice files for the game. Sure, it’s not much but the game hardly needs to be bigger.

        Secondly, there is EXACTLY 4 female crews that you can get, and frankly, most people will never get more than two. So for exactly 2 tanks that will need to speak in female voice, you need to spend thousands of dollars (guess what, recording studios aren’t cheap, 5k at least per day) to give you ability to hear female voices?

        Finally, it has to be recorded in EVERY single tree, so 7 different voice overs.

        If I was WG I would spend that money to hunt down most of the people on this forum and go all Silent Bob on them.

        What a bunch of whiny shits. If you want it so much, download a mod.

  1. “Hell, maybe they even decided to replace China in the game with Thailand…”

    oh you

    But i’m sure I remember seeing a video here where they had some Russian ladies come in to do some voice recordings. I guess we’ll get them some time in the far future…..

    • Nope. They are sneaky and made the female voiceover in russian – I think most of russian playerbase uses their voiceover (not changing the crew voices to national), so it’s more than enough :)

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  3. “The girl crews will have male voiceovers”

    I see Wargaming liked the last Eurovision a lot

  4. Next are effeminate crew, men with women’s voices, I guess.
    can’t wait for the Drag Queen crew.

  5. can modmakers mod the game in such a way that only girl crews have woman voices and not all crews?

    • I’d guess it’s unlikely, as that would require crew gender information to be passed from garage to game and as there’s never been a reason for it in the past, I doubt they’ll have it available in the battle area.

      I suppose it would be possible for a mod to check crew in garage and carry the information through to game, but that could trigger other problems depending on implementation.

  6. There are a lot of homophobes in russia, imagine if they put the shemale crews there like they have done in EU server (because in ru server they have female voices).
    For me is disgusting too. Dont realease female crews without the propper audio please.

    • It’s not a server thing. There is no point in making different crew sound packs for different servers. Female voiceover is recorded for Russian crew and not the other nationalities. So female Russian crew on all servers will have female voices. Also in Russian client default crew language is Russian.

  7. I don’t get the point of have male or female crew…. are you playing or watching porn?…

    • That’s actualy a pretty good question…

      No really, female crew, just it, is already useless as fuck (so much time they could have used to work on mm or HD models or something more useful, instead of drawing girls and recording voices that you’ll use in one crew…), but release it without even have the good voices…

      WG be like “well guys, pause Havok for now, we’ll draw Ola and make her record voices”
      “But what for EU ? We cant translate ever voice in every language !”
      “Dude, you must be new dev here, nobody gives a fck about EU, they’ll have the pics, they can thanks us already”

      • Because the same people draw 2D art and work on MM and make 3D models… Think before you write bro.

        • [sarcasm]But every company that developed games ever consists of 5 people that specialize in making every element in the game.[/sarcasm]

        • What I meant was:

          They did work on something totaly useless and will release it without any work on it exept a damn face pic.
          These guys earn millions and they add useless things like that.
          Winter mode: entire game skinned winter: few months for free. WG: add a new map, 5 tanks and a female crew: 3 months.

          Oh also, WG is a company with lots of ppl working in it, the modder had maybe some friends and used his own time.

          You see the point ?

  8. Seeing as how nobody is asking about this (and is instead talking about the female crews), I thought I’d ask; Are the Individual missions going to be starting in NA tomorrow as well? I would hope so at least.

  9. To change the topic a little – do you guys think that anyone will be able to complete the first set of mission and get Stug IV on the first day?:)

  10. It takes about 10 hours to do 75 games/missions (~8 min *75 games=10 hours) but some missions need more than 1 game to complete it and with lot of luck, i think 24 hours is doable :P

  11. world of traps. yeah, yeah, im gonna jump on the bandwagon. but, comon, its not that hard to make some damn voiceovers, is it?

  12. I think in solidarity for gay community they should make gay crews and gay voiceovers, for e.g. when critical hit the voice goes OUUUUPS!
    The perk would be Brothers in bed -BIB.

  13. What most want their female crews to say…

    “We’re on fire!” is now “I’m getting HOT!”
    “Track hit” is now “We’ve been penetrated!”

  14. Sigh… *unzips*

    In all seriousness I didn’t expect much more from WG. Why would they try when they don’t have to and still earn muniez?
    Just a reminder, we get a stock Caernarvon as an upcoming premium tank.

  15. girl crews…they are looking lame, a mod would be better, you get sexy female crew. but still, knowing that your crew is actually feminine, and the voiceover is still male…a little bit weird…

  16. Typical, Asia server gets it later than others. We are getting on the 16th of January, looks like I have to wait a little longer. Sigh

  17. “Hell, maybe they even decided to replace China in the game with Thailand…”

    God, this is friggin hilarious