Meanwhile in Russia…

Hello everyone,

in Russia, you can run into World of Tanks bonus codes in weirdest of places. Like the Maxim magazine.


Well, I guess it makes sense in the end, given the fact that WG claims most of WoT players are men around 30 or something. I was just always wondering, who actually reads and buys these things? The only person I knew to buy them actively was my ex girlfriend and they used to appear as – you know, toilet reading (not that it had any other use really, the pages are waxed and very hard). For a while it just seemed like they spawn there or something, never saw it brought home, it just appeared there.

32 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Russia…

  1. The code is for 3 day PREMIUM !
    I hope my translate is good. Original here:

    Вдобавок, твой аккаунт на три дня станет премиальным, что означает больше опыта и кредитов, слезы противника и гордость за самого себя.

    • Translation – Your account for three days will become a premium one, which means – more XP, credits which will cause your enemy to shed tears and instill pride into you.
      The other part is retarded, but Russians…

      • No wonder some people think buying gold and firing premium should be an “I win” button!

  2. Hang on… tell us more about that Ex GF who bought these magazines and put them in the toilet…

  3. It’s probably a bad place to ask but is there any new info on Individual/Personal Missions? I thought they were supposed to be unlocked today.