47 thoughts on “9.5.1 Individual Mission UI Bug?

  1. Yes its XVM. But dont worry, all it says is “You completed mission X and got Y reward” , which it also says in the stats screen at the end of a battle. So it isnt really needed.

    Noone should remove XVM for that SS.

    • … especially that XVM has been fixed (addressing this particular issue) at about 11:30 AM today.

      • Fuck XVM , I’m being notoriously focused and gunned down just because I have 54% WR,

        Seriously, I’m priority target for any XVM user and it ruins this game for me.

          • I don’t think, I just see what’s happening. I’m not saying that i’m a big deal because i have 54%, I just SEE that most of the time when I’m the highest WR on my team, I get shot by everyone on the opposing team EVEN when there’s an easier target to hit next to me.

            That’s XVM, the good players gets his ass kicked because he’s good. Let’s all be tomatoes and be equally bad and everyone will be happy.

            • Think of it as a compliment. If you got rushed by a tomato and a purple unicum wouldn’t you focus the purple player?

            • Having same WR/better stats/way more battles haven’t experienced that.
              Not sure if me being too dumb to notice and having too much luck or someone feeling too important… /irony

              • I don’t feel important, i just don’t like it when I’m being shot by 10 people simultaneously every time. If it’s not my WR then why would that happen so often ?

                • Who knows…maybe it’s your play-style, either staying in one place too long, or not moving after being spotted.

                  Although if you’re being hit by 10 people simultaneously, it sounds more like too many YOLO runs.

        • I have >60% wr and rarely being focused in battles, so it must depends on your play style.

          If people in public matches are really good enough to know that they should focus on unicums, we wouldn’t have to constantly complain about their stupidity.

        • It happens, but most often when I get shot it has nothing to do with XVM. Proof: simply open the strategic tab and look if the opponenent uses XVM and has statistics enabled.

  2. I got something like {Placeholder} {Individual_mission_complete} etc, that sort of BS.

    Looks like WG didn`t finished the text in the fields on time, just like in Karl missions, when the badge wasn`t named “Operation Nostalgia”, it was something like Fun_mode_badge_commendation.

    Nobody ain`t got time to write these days… :-/

    • That’s not WG – that’s just you using old translation files, which are missing the new text strings. So your game uses the old translation, which doesn’t have the connection “Fun_mode_badge_commendation” = “Operation Nostalgia” (or whatever it is in your language) and leaves it unmatched.

      • Nope, i got the name Operation Nostalgia correctly shown now, but only AFTER next patch which followed at that time.

        • are you usinbg any mods? If yes check if one changes the text/language files of the game (Some hitlogs or garage stats mods do for example)

          • I usually play with localization messages mods and experience bugs as @Steiner011 did, so I can confirm @Nya-chan and @Not_me answers.

  3. after 4 hours of playing i completed only 4 missions, I only got retarded teams and lost 42 out of 50 battles, so i couldnt complete any of the missions that required to win as a prymary mission

    • Took me 40 mins for first 4 missions (completed in full,with primary and secondary goals) in Achilles.

      Man, you are doing somethins wrong.

      • I am doing all the golas minus the wins, because my teams were dead in the first 2-3 minutes

    • you can also klick the button that is lowest middle one
      or esc works to

      or the X in the corner usually works to

  4. after updating XVM UI still doesent work, so its not problem with XVM, any other solution??

  5. TD-2 on Stug has wrong description. It says U should damage module or injure crewman, but to finish it U need to DESTROY module. Orange damaged modules don’t count, only red DESTROYED. I’m not sure how about tracks, I destroyed engine. 3 previous battles with damaged enemy modules (tracks, radios, ammoracks etc.) didn’t count

  6. Well I got this but plus the prise money wasnt payed out. Is that part of the XVM problem?

  7. MEDIUM mission2 is bugged..
    (deal damage while on the move (kill enemy while on the move))
    it needs a victory also… I did it twice, but it didn’t complete because of lose.