0.9.6 Premium Vehicle Price Changes

Hello everyone,

in 0.9.6 supertest files, premium vehicle prices were changed as follows:

- AMX-13/57 from 7000 gold to 5000 gold
- AMX CDC from 11750 gold to 7450 gold
- STA-2 from 11500 gold to 7400 gold
- M56 Scorpion from 10000 gold to 7000 gold (downtiered to tier 7)

61 thoughts on “0.9.6 Premium Vehicle Price Changes

    • Means nothing, since all premium tanks have a buying price to determine the amount they will sell for.

      • This… I am afraid some of them are new IM reward tanks. I really want that AMX 13 to be standard premium, obtainable without tons of additions – I will seriously consider to buy it (don’t want to grind it in series of sometimes quirky missions).

        • Yea, WG mega policy!
          They don’t have a usual buyable premium tanks for many classes and nations, yet they introduce a reward tanks in those lines first instead of buyable ones. Superb logic, much marketing!

      • For now. I believe when enough time passes and WG sees, that noone is playing those AWESOME Panther88′s and T-54 Protos, they will give them a pref MM.

        • Well I really want that P88.
          Played it at a friend of mine and I like it 100 times better than the FCM.
          That is, until it gets into tier 10.
          If WG limits the MM I’ll buy the P88 for sure.

          Same with all these new upcoming premiums.
          I;m only gonna buy them if they have limited MM.

      • At least it has 275mm pen with HEAT, and not as big as Panther.

        Anyway both Pershing and T-44 have less AP pen and they also can meet with T10 tanks and one of them is considered the best T8 med.

      • These pref MM whining are getting retarded and boring. Since when limited MM become a standard for premium vehicles ? This tank has above average penetration for a tier 8 medium, explain how it should get limited MM ?

        • since there are only THREE!!! T8 premium tanks that do not have premium matchmaking

          and out of those two have penetration BETTER than their standard T8 peers.

          so you can say that limited MM was the standard for sub 240 pen armed tanks untill the P88 disaster

      • I never understood the fascination with preferred MM. I found it to be a cancer in WoT, as it weeds out most of the Tier 8′s, leaving the Tier 9′s face far more Tier X battles than required.

        Also all these stupid 175mm pen guns are a pain to drive. My first premium was the T34, and I still treasure it the most, especially in Tier 10 games. So many HP to farm, so much money to be made.

        I very much appreciate WG introducing more non-pref MM premium tanks again.

  1. I still don’t understand what’s the point of AMX-13/57. What is the thing that this tank can offer, that other tanks don’t, except for faster crew training?

    • that can be pretty useful. Especially for french lights as AFAIK AMX 13 90 is still used a lot in T8 competitions (or it got replaced by new lights? I don’t know I don’t play that stuff)

      • I get plenty of crew training for 13 90 by playing 13 90, and unless you go spamming gold everywhere, it easily breakes even or earns money. That’s why I’m confused.

        • Multiple exp for 1st victory taken 2 times (13/90 & 13/57) with one crew. Whole sense of crew trainer ;) I am extremely average player but got me some decent crews – because some of them drive more than 1 tank ;)

  2. None of these premium tanks will have preferred match maker in my opinion. They also seem to be trending towards standard mm on all new premium tanks unless they are just not competitive two tiers up.

    Why? Because the highest battle tier was removed and now tier 8s (this is my experience) get thrown into tier 10 battles as the lowest tank and there is only one other tier 8 in the match, followed by 2 or 3 tier 9s and the rest tier 10 tanks. They need to boos the number of tier 8 tanks to make that tier more comfortable to play because now tier 9 is the tier to play if you want to be top tier more often and not have to worry about the stress of a tier 10 battle… Again my opinion.

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    • why are you celebrating….. this means it wont be for sale….. like Type 59 which is 7500 gold…… if CDC really would be sold in premium shop its price would stay at 11k gold……. so no CDC for you bro sorry

      but STA-2 seems like standard premium which is nice

  4. Jesus whats the problem with getting into tier 10 battles. It happens for all the normal tier 8s. The CDC has speed and it has good pen values. Vehicles that suffer most by fighting higher tiers are those who rely on armor and have shit pen, IE IS6.

    • Agreed. With its current speed and gun stats, the CDC is already better equipped to fight tier 10′s than a lot of the regular tier 8 mediums, if not most of them.

      • Do you think it would be if it was constantly penned by T10s? Or can you imagine if the T34 or Lowe didn’t see T10?

  5. - M56 Scorpion from 10000 gold to 7000 gold (downtiered to tier 7)

    Stop being greedy and make it a Tier6 then make the IM Reward tanks proper Premium tanks with full Credit, XP, and economic benefits.

  6. The thing I don’t really understand is how their marketing department works. I mean, seriously, they released the Panther 88 which nobody really likes or wants (although I must say it’s a pretty decent tank), but then when it comes to tanks that most people would go out of their way to buy (*cough*AMX CDC or 13 57*cough*) they bicker about as to whether it should be introduced or not. Seriously, the CDC and the 13 57 would bring in a TON of money for them and make the players happy (for the most part), so why not do that instead of releasing crap tanks nobody wants?

  7. Could this be the start of WG returning to reasonable prices for premium tanks?

    Really – 11k gold as an introductory price for a mediocre t8 medium with no pref MM (P88) was beyond stupid. 7-8k gold for a tier 8 is plenty. Jacking up the price so much when WOT is probably peaking player-wise just means less prems and cash for WG.