33 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Philippines

    • If hit directly on probably not so well :P. But I don’t think the shrapnel itself would do that much damage unless the explosion occured very very close. I think the A-10 would find the FLAK with the TGP quite easily just send a GBU-12 on it.

        • On a direct 88 hit probably half a wing would be the only thing left from the plane…

          On another note I’m under the impression that an 88 wouldn’t fare too good against a low-altitude plane like the A-10. A flakvierling probably would be better.

          • You…do know the warthog is called the flying tank, right?

            This thing has a nasty habit to not give a shit about direct hits from 30mm and lower to the cockpit. That flak-whatever-thing of yours would most likely just piss it of and get you on the wrong end of that GAU-8

      • The answer is simple to that:
        Do we have A-10s in service? Yes
        Do we have 8.8cm FlaK in service? Not for over 70 years :P

        This is also the reason we have M1 Abrams in service and not Tiger I ;)

    • The A 10 is built more like a tank than an aircraft. Anything less than a direct hit would be mosly shruged off by his thing. Ans even though, if your lucky, evwn i direct hit might not bring an A 10 down. This think can prob take more hits than some light tanks in wot.

  1. I can’t recall where I read it, but in the ’90s there was a case of an antique M10 tank destroyer getting destroyed by an A-10.

    EDIT :
    Okay, I figured it out, it was an M36, in 2005, and I read it on FTR. As always, thanks Silentstalker.

  2. when suddenly, a flakbus appears.
    It hits the A-10! A-10 stronk armor bounces the shot into f-15, which promptly explodes!
    A-10 uses BBBRRRRRRT, ammoracks every tank on the map.

  3. Wow they stole Pictures from 2 games and combine them XD
    The Thunderbolt picture is actually from a Tom Clany game called HAWX.
    This will be some work for the legal departments of these 2 Companies I guess.

  4. It makes me want to fire up my XP box and play A10 Cuba. A10 pilots do it inverted. LOL