Yuri Pasholok’s Japanese HT Drawings

Hello everyone,

the following drawings were posted on Yuri Pasholok’s blog, check it out.

Type 120 O-I – the blue line, size comparison with T34 (green) and KV-5 (red).


Type 100 O-I – the red line, in comparison with Soviet T-39 heavy


Type 95 Heavy – the blue line, in comparison with Soviet T-28


For extra lulz – under one of the post, SerB was commenting, asking how they were going to implement it. So I guess we know now what Wargaming is working on for summer, eh?

To that end, to find out what’s going on, I contacted Daigensui, who was working on the previous Japanese line with Wargaming. The problem with Japanese heavies is that info on them is notoriously hard to find – Daigensui for example claimed that the scale on Type 120 was off. Additionally, as far as she knows, no new data have been found. That leads me to following conclusions:

- since Yuri Pasholok reconstructed the O-I drawing, Wargaming found some new materials on their own. Unlikely (they have been attempting that for years), but theoretically possible.
- they just took some very basic known dimensions (my guess: the dimensions of the 150mm O-I gun) and “reconstructed” the rest based on them, which means that the line might not be exactly historical.
- tier 10 was already announced by SerB a long time ago, not exactly a well-researched design either.

With that being said, I have the feeling that a lot of these vehicles might be… let’s say “reconstructed” by SerB’s Design Bureau in Wargaming. Previously, I assumed Japanese heavies would not be the “secret” third line of 2015 based on what Daigensui said (as her and Soukou are very busy and were not able to find any additional info), but with the willingness of Wargaming to “reconstruct” vehicles (to the point of practically totally inventing them, see how vague the vehicle linked above is drawn and described – I mean, basing tier 10 vehicle on a drawing from Russian achive, that came god knows from where), this of course changes the situation and the Japanese heavy line is the new hot candidate for the third line of 2015. This of course also means writing about these vehicles is impossible, as there is simply too little info to go with.

My opinion is that the tier 9 and 10 tanks will almost certainly be 80 percent made up (100 percent if you do not consider a vague Russian report on Japanese heavy tanks based on Japanese hearsay a reliable source). Oh well, at least they look cool.

67 thoughts on “Yuri Pasholok’s Japanese HT Drawings

    • Type 95 Heavy: “Only the prototype was ever produced, in 1934″
      Type 100 / 120 O-I: “Only one 120 ton O-I model was rumored to have been built in 1944 and afterward sent to Manchuria. Exact information is lacking however, and it is unknown whether it ever saw combat.”
      So the only one that actually hasn’t been made is the lighter version of O-I, from what you see in the article.

      • Wiki says that “light O-I” was built in 1939 – 1940… Which is wrong, that was Iwakuro heavy tank (there was an article about it on FTR), so only one O-I was probably (if ever) made in 44 – 45.
        Super rare tanks, prototypes mostly but not totally made up.

    • Given the scarcity of other armoured vehicles, probably not. I think they were prototypes at best.

  1. In purely game terms, it’s hard to see much point in adding these. Large, slow paper boxes will be totally shit in the current game meta.

    Still, from an academic point of view it will be interesting to see if they actually come up with anything that is not pure fantasy.

    • i seriously doubt they find anything useable without adding some fake armor.

      these blueprints werent made with the purpose of being hit with a 300 mm pen shell…

    • It’s great though that WG spends manhours on this line that noone sane would ever use – which after the med line should be even less suprising for WG.

      They could introduce EU line or something but nooooo, let’s have more crap tanks like the meds!

      • What? The STA, Type 61 and STB are borderline op in semi competent hands.

        However if these heavies are big slow boxes with no armor and 1939 era guns, there will need to be some serious design magic to make them useful. I dont believe that they would spend time to build a line that they thought no one would use. This would be a poor business management. And WG has proven to know how to milk the cow.

        • Yeah, with about 10% of the population of other meds.

          They definitely did worth the time and money invested…

          Also, their use is dubious at least – stb might be good for playing randoms, but anywhere else it’s just terrible.

    • You don’t know what kind of engines they will have – it’s WoT so even large and clumsy tank might be surprisingly manouverable… And they are not mediums, O-I is KV-5ish armor, 200 – 150 mm all around with possible tumor weakspots, tier 10 tank is unknown, so WG may do whatever they want – like 200 + 100 applique armor on the front…
      Still, roof armor will be probably shit, “for balance”.
      I think of them as grown KV-4/5s rather than Chi-ris

      • I will use them. since most of the META players specially in SEA server are the noobest. and if this tanks will get a DPS-Tiger I gameplay theres no problem for it.

    • I could see these made to be played like chi-ri. Tier X heavy with some 100mm 320dam/220pen gun with a similar 3 round autoloader.

  2. I might be the only one, but I don’t really mind these “reconstructed” vehicles. IMO the different prototypes and what-if vehicles/configurations make the game interesting. On the other hand I’d like WG to clearly label them as such, including short info like you get for tanks for modules themselves. Something like “7,5 cm KwK 40 L/48 was used by Ausf. H and Ausf. J variants since Spring 1943 until the end of the war.”, even for unhistorical ones added because of balance.

  3. so i suppose the japanese heavies will be something like tortoise, slow, with armor that is kinda good, except it really isnt good enough and with puny guns that shoot fast?

      • im kinda worried about the balancing…
        somewhat bad armor
        presumably high alpha

        lets imagine how WG would balance E100 if it had the armor of lets say – KV-5. Reload 3-4 seconds faster with a bit better gun handling? I kinda dont think so, theyd probably just give the tank 4k hitpoints, and that worries me – they might create a shit tank with nothing good about it, except it will take longer to end its misery. But its size could be good for some tactics in clanwars, to block some roads.

  4. Bwah bwah bwah, the left paddle on the back of the tank is off by 3mm, blasphemy! Also the log on the back of the t-54 is made from pine when EVERYONE knows it was beech. Seriously, the nerve of WG!

    I really don’t care about ‘historical accuracy’ all that’s good for is long whiny posts on the forums. If you want historical accuracy go to a museum and look at the tanks this is a game.

    Also, looking at the medium japanese tanks, I say let’s give SerB Design Bureau a chance – the oh so accurate daigensui or whatever she’s called are real useless.

    • High tiers will be the next butthurt of all the FV 183 and WT E-100 haters. :)
      Why? Simply, because WG will have really hard time balancing them. Huge tanks, with no camo, no armor and shitty mobility.
      What will they give to them then? Of course, epic gun handling!
      They will probably shoot E-100 750dmg shells with bigger pen, better reload and aim-time. Otherwise, those tanks would be utter crap in game terms.

  5. Anyone else stuck on HT-15? I find this one ridiculously hard compared to MT-15 for example.

    Did it 3 times without winning so im stuck on 19 tokens :) Well fml.

    • Try an E-100 or a Maus with goldspam. Also don’t kill the little t8 nooblets you meet, they are great for farming damage blocked by armor.

        • 8k combined with a 2,7k tank is pretty doable. If you deduct bad decisions you can do it every 3 match at least, just manage your hp and farm damage blocked on low bobs. Stand in that corner sidescraping ffs.

          6 hours straight is what 36 matches? You can’t win a match out of 12?

    • I managed it with E100 quite quickly. especially if you let them destroy you in the end. Thats another 2700 hp points for you. Im stuck on LT15 thou, either my team lemmings to the wrong side of the map and all my spotting is useless or i get city maps all the time :s

    • Funny. Just did it yesterday in my sti with the bl9.

      Practice driving heavies some more. Its not that hard to complete. Regard it as a challenge ;).

  6. Considering how huge these things are I think it is a good decision to implement Mecha-Godzilla and Mecha-King Ghidorah as Japanese tier 9 and 10 heavies.

  7. Oh, btw will they have real crew sizes? I mean the 120 ton one had like 11 guys in it? Good luck with getting them to 2-3 skills…

      • Doesn’t matter since you will want to commit suicide by the time they get to 100%. Remember that will take 2,75x the time than a normal tank. They will be about one and a half skills behind other crews.

        • How do you figure 2.75 times? Shouldn’t it be 1.25*xp (for 4 man crew) vs 1.09*xp (for 11 man crew). For 4 man crew 735k xp (to complete second skill) is effectively 588k, for 11 man crew it is effectively 674k. @1000 xp a game that is 588 games instead of 674 games, so 1,14 times the time. A +14% increase rather than the +175% you say. Or have i missed something?

  8. If it was me i would revamp some of the german historical tanks like the tiger and tiger 2 but alter them according to the “flavor” of the line like maybe big guns low pen or high rate of fire high pen as examples but being more mobile than the german equivelants because i would guess japenese armour protection wouldnt be as strong as it would be with the germans.

  9. How about passing info to WG “Hey WG, remove this fucking RNG crap from missions”

    Two days struggling to set enemy on fire for MT-9 mission. Fuck this shit straight down to the bottom…

    Whats next, destroy enemy engine ? An RNG crap that happens once in a year ?

    • You can do that easy with batchat or even E-50M. Russian heavies are the ones you are looking for from the side or rear.

      Alternatively you can use a T-34 (the t5 russian), load gold and go to town on KVs.

      The ramming is a bitch though with all the killstealing going around.

      • Yeah well German tanks overall burn like hell and yet I cant light up any of those in my T-54 or Chi-He.

        Srlsy, 2 years can pass and I wont complete that mission…

    • The problem here is that at the end of the war, the Japanese destroyed a lot of their records to prevent it from falling into Allied hands. This without a doubt included some information on tank development, and is why it’s been so hard to find new documentation these days.

  10. I’m OK with tanks made from blueprints or sketches from authentic sources. Who knows, they may have added more armor in time, in response to the west? I just don’t want sketches Serb made on a cocktail napkin from a strip club.