EU Server Gold Return for WZ-111 Missions


Thanks to Eikarrramba for this one.

Just a quick update from the EU server. There are people, who bought the WZ-111 mission tokens, but they then played and finished the missions by themselves. Please be aware that if that happened, you will get 2500 gold as a compensation for each such token. These will be awarded – according to the WG EU staff, cited in the post above – early next week (eg. cca 26.1.-27.1.)

16 thoughts on “EU Server Gold Return for WZ-111 Missions

  1. Or based on WG actions in past – it will happen when 9.9 comes out ;)

    Glad I grinded the 111 without any tokens.. but it was hell of a grind. Surely longer than that for IS-6 or SP.

    • Really ? It took me around 8 days to completely grind it .. I found it FAR easier than IS6 or SP (which i both couldnt do becasue of lack of time)

        • Well my luck was that i had Tier 10 TD’s everywhere, so i spammed out the DMG very quickly, then used low tier tanks to farmt he easy kills.

        • I tried to start the WZ mission with tier 6 tanks, only got tier 8 matches, said fek this.

      • I did the IS-6 mission, it took me 304 matches, and I even bought some new tanks instead of ones I already got on elite, so I really didnt try to complete it especially fast. And I only needed tier 6 tanks. It was easy, 1 month prem time, all the x5 XP days and all tanks played every day for extra XP on first win.

        The WZ-111 mission would have been much longer. 7x 150000 dmg and 150 kills. With 1 frag per match thats 1050 matches. I doubt anybody got a steady 2 frags per match in his statistic. And you needed tier 8-10 tanks for the damage or it would take even longer. And on this tier it gets expensive with prem shells, so you better have prem time + prem tanks which you have to play additionally for the creds, since you want that the shot at the lowHP tank doesnt bounce.

    • I did a similar thing. I have no Japanese tanks and I am not interested in a grind at the moment, so I had to buy a token for these. But with Chinese I did like you, I bought a token to actually get the WZ to grind that nation. Type 64 helped with the kills.

  2. I didn’t even try, because I have no German regular tanks and I rage-sold Chi-Ri, so no 3+ Japanese tank either. So I was quite unaware of this mission but funny part is that I completed the US part with a single tank only – T95 while grinding E3 :)

    PS: and I was worth it, E3 is truly a bastard…