Upcoming Map – Smolensk

Source: wot-news.com

I’ll just leave this here – new upcoming map Smolensk.

Loading screen:

Bases and spawns (ignore the coloured zones) – wow, another map with bases next to one another, this is going to work so well.


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  1. Anyone played Suvarvium or old STALKER games lately? Surely the map creators at WG did… That loading screen screams like “OMG WE CREATED PRIPYAT FOR TONKZ”.

  2. The base layout may be a problem, but if the map is going to look how it looks like on the loading screen it’s gonna be beautiful.

    • I guess the base should be okay, capping would result in instant death, but the spawns should be set way more apart (kind of like in the old Erlenberg).

    • Yup, nothing but heavies heaven and people still complain about other classes in the game. The World of Heavy Tanks

      • heavies dont one shot you,1 clip you out of maximum view range, or sit in the back of the map, “sniping” as they call it. so yeah id much rather see heavies than just die from across the map with no effective way to retaliate.

        • The only one-shotting TDs are the Death Stars.

          And everyone agrees that the Frankenstein E-100 is a completely broken abomination and should be removed.

          “or sit in the back of the map, “sniping” as they call it” – actual sniping has been 99% removed from the game, thanks to YOUR stupid whines. Now there’s nothing left for sniper tanks than to camp base or try to brawl, at which they obviously fail hard.

          • If you think sniping has been removed, your a fool, there are still plenty of opportunities to snipe if you are not a scrub. it is now just more difficult to do because you can’t just plant your WT in a bush and never get spotted.

  3. They can do this with maps that are bigger, but with the tiny maps we have right now it seems rather silly. I like the map however, just not the location of the capture points for such a small map.

    However spawns near each other with lots of area around the battleground is a great way to make large maps wherein slow tanks are still useful while mediums and lights can flank around instead of snipe or drive into the line of fire to ”spot” which while a valid tactic isn’t really a good idea at the start of a match. This map design gives options to all types of tanks while not handicapping those with low top speeds too much.

    I also like the art, if they can keep that feeling into the actual map than this map is gold in terms of design diversity.

  4. Looks nice and looks big – like a 1500×1500 or smth

    Tho the base placement is retarded indeed

    • It is a great idea to put spawns /capture points closer together for big maps, indeed. But this is a little much. Still I like the looks of the ”art” if the map captures the art shown there this map will be nice looking, indeed.

    • WG: “We wanted to give players a more unique varied playing experience across maps.”

      In the same vain as Kharkov; which features excellent short range flanking, Prokhorovka; which features extensive camping options and Karelia which features one massive corridor shooting gallery, we now introduce massive unorganized chaos in smolensk as all tanks race for cover at the start of a map.

      • Face it, this game has no really outstanding maps, it never had and never will. There’s still hope that they won’t turn all of them to complete dogshit.

        • I like most things about Kharkov myself, Steppes is nice to play especially with tanks with strong turrets and good gun depression but looks boring but other than that my opinion of maps ranges from ”meh” to ”too class dependent”

  5. Let’s just hope that area 2 will be somehow inaccessible to tanks, otherwise 90% of fighting will take place only there.

    • Don’t you worry, it will and you will be correct. They can’t think of anything more than 200x200m so they make pockets and corridors between them everywhere.

  6. The more maps the better. I can’t get why WG has problem with many maps (at least it was in some Q&A). If they solve the problem with the same map streaks (happens to me too often, T95 = swamp (north base), Firefly = Redshire Encounter (usually south base) etc. it would be nice to play whole evening without a single map repeating.

    To get me right – I am supporter of the idea that players don’t need to know every bush and rock on the map because it leads people to crowd ‘favourite’ places while other important spots remain unattended and lead to ‘pattern playing’ eg. playing the same map the same way all the time (I even support alternate maps, where some elements are at different places, removed or added while the map is still the same. Maps like Prokhorovka or Malinovka would greatly benefit from this, even Himmelsdorf/Ensk could be interesting, sometimes only changing railcars positions would be interesting, and I dont mention that I think that tank should be able to push a railcar pretty easily) I even support return of Dragon Ridge or Severogorsk or whatever map (why we can’t have 100+ maps when weak PC’s can get low-res version?), BUT it would need some WG care – adjust the map selection not to be random (which easily causes map-streaks, random doesn’t mean equal distribution) but somehow tweaked so the maps are different every battle (the more maps, the easier to do this) with the parameter to make some maps appear less often (I think it was the major problem with Dragon Ridge – probably no one would be offended if he got it once, twice a day but if you have it 5 times out of 10 battles it gets on the nerves, especially with such a specific map Dragon Ridge was. But same Ruinberg or Sacred Valley streaks are not any better, believe me, WG.) Then it would open WG mapmakers the possibility to create some very specific maps, that would be, let’s say, not easy to play, but they would appear once a 50 battles. Like this map, for example.

    • I 100% agree with the sentiment that the more maps the better. That’s why I generally don’t like seeing maps removed, even if I’m not overly fond of the map in question. More maps means more variety.

      While some don’t agree with me, I don’t mind seasonal variant maps, i.e. winter versions of summer maps or summer versions of winter maps. My problem is that a winter version of a map like Himmelsdorf is pointless. Gimme winter versions of maps like Redshire and Westfields or a summer version of Windstorm or Erlenberg. (Heck, you want to get really wild…. create a spring version of a map like Redshire where some of the open field areas are water logged with snow melt, making the ground as soft and slow as the valley on Lakeville.)

      And enough with all the new city maps! Let’s get more open country maps, for crying out loud. Real tank fighting terrain!

      • “create a spring version of a map like Redshire where some of the open field areas are water logged with snow melt, making the ground as soft and slow as the valley on Lakeville.)”

        That’s exactly my thoughts – that’s brilliant idea to change some map characteristics with seasons

        winter = leafless tress (less cammo), frozen soft ground (less terrain resistance), snow accumulation at places like dikes or embankments (higher terrain resistance) etc.
        summer = leafy trees, softer ground, water covered at places (or in spring version as proposed above), more birds (no, that was a joke :) and so on.

        I think this would make the playerbase much more happy than botched IM’s.

        • Well, some would whine about cloned maps. But if season changes were significant and actually affected game play, seasonal maps would be a great idea, IMO. The key thing is that seasonal versions of city maps are pointless. Who really cares if Himmelsdorf has a little snow on the streets? I’ll admit that Winterberg is pretty well done, though I don’t think that enough foliage was stripped from the trees and bushes to accurately reflect winter. Still, it feels a lot more wintery than Winter Himmelsdorf.

          Heck, I wouldn’t mind seeing a revision of Windstorm that increased the feeling of winter as seen on Winterberg. Windstorm is a little too bright and sunny for my taste. Darken it up a bit and add in some of that winter fog effect. IMO that would give it more environmental flavor. Heck, the same could be done for Erlenberg and/or Arctic Region. Erlenberg is kind of a blah map visually, and could use an “environmental” touchup.

      • Erlenberg is well done map imho, after rework it’s one of my favorite as it’s suited for all kinds of tanks and allows you to relocate in various directions. It it’s no longer attrition war when one tank moves, gets vaporized by TDs and when enemy loses enough tanks, it’s perhaps finally time to rush them.
        It doesn’t have to be fairytale winter, patches of snow on frozen soil are perfectly ok. Perhaps I miss winter map with sun, melting snow and dark green coniferous forests, perhaps some streams of water (passable).
        I would like some spring maps (only one I can recall is Lakeville) – no spring Ensk pls :)

  7. It’s just me or lower part of this map, is a copy from stalker game ?. And any Tu wrecks on it ?

    • Give us Dragon Ridge and the China server map, Empire’s Border! The more maps the better!!!

  8. It’s kinda historical the location…

    Coordinates are:

    54°47’0.05″ North
    32° 2’18.68″ East

    and it is rotated 90 degrees…

  9. I wish there was a downed plane somewhere there. The butthurt would be stronk in this one. :D

    • It should have the world of warplanes logo on it as a reference to world of warplanes ”sucking.”

      I mean, world of warplanes having happened..

      I mean… promote world of warplanes, totally…

  10. If area 2 was a large hill that had to be climbed, or was just a barrier between the bases, I can see this working to some extent. Otherwise, this map is going to be a nightmare.

  11. Yea that TU plane wreck rage would be nice promotion for WOT. And adding logo of warplanes should be nice too

      • Only bad players dislike Prokhorovka (with no arty present, otherwise its justifiably hated by everyone)

        • It’s honestly too campy for my taste in tier 10 games, if you have 6 mediums in on either team there’s no point in all of them going spotting so they just take turns between spotting/getting shot at and sniping which mostly means the game takes forever. The hill is different, but mediums have largely no place there either, they are usually either sniping or on the middle ridge or risking their lives to spot from the bushes without any nearby hardcover and most of the time they only manage to spot by tanks shooting at them ( and hopefully missing ) to be honest. It’s a war of attrition and patience not a fluid active game.

          Artillery completely ruin the map, of course.

          • Every map doesn’t have to encourage a fast paced “fluid active” game. I enjoy the occasional slower paced battle of attrition and patience.

            • I don’t in this game, I can only read ”scout pls” so many times before I just start shaking my head and call it a game. Rage on prokhorovka is so common that it’s a disease, TD’s raging on heavies and mediums to do spotting while not being able to shoot because the tanks are not in their rendering range.

              Slow mediums are expected to scout the north despite dying while trying to do so being the most likely occurrence and spotting anything shooting you not a certainty. It’s a great map for camping in the back with accurate TD and heavies, but honestly I don’t find it fun to play above tier 7 at all and arty just ruins any chance the map has of being fun in anything but stealthy TD’s/mediums and fast mediums/scouts. ( and fast scouts isn’t even a given )

  12. With bases AND spawns so close together it looks like 90% of the map will be redundant :/

    • Talking about useless terrain: damn, I still haven’t climbed the mt. Fuji on hidden village. :(

    • I agree. I don’t see the point in having the spawns and caps so close together on such a large map. As you say, it’ll probably make much of the map, if not outright redundant, rather underused.

  13. Area 4 – Corridor 1
    Areas 1, 3 & 5 – Corridor 2
    The rest – Corridor 3


  14. whats the point of having a big map, if A: it takes WAY to long to flank with the open ground. or B:the fighting will be contained in one small artillery bait ball

    • Lights + fast mediums will still be able to flank over it no matter what the size of the map unless WG can magically make 5000×5000 maps all of a sudden. Sure heavy tanks have no business going there, which is good since heavies locking up flanking paths isn’t intended.

  15. You did notice that the red base has much more cover than the green base. This map looks cool, but is a nightmare from a balance standpoint.

    • It will get ballanced eventually. Bushes removed, hills flattened, lines corridored… the usual…

      • or removed like marsh.

        ”This camp point cannot be nerfed because we don’t want to, too many draws? Map removed”

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    Fucking gay WG SerB fag CORRIDOR bullshit camper arty fest lemming map! FUCK YOU, STUPID MAP MAKERS! I WON’T EVER BE HAPPY AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT!


  18. This will give the phrase “Meet you at the corner” a whole new meaning ;)

    But it looks like it has great potential and much can happen design wise before it’s actually is released.
    A for effort.


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  20. Well, with just the minimap to go by…wow, that’s an impressive amount of space that will go almost completely unused in a normal battle.

    Wonder if they’ll place boxes of monies and free troop promotions at the far corners and niches where people aren’t likely to normally go.

  21. The problem with this map isn’t the location of the bases. It is the position of the spawn points. If the spawn points were moved to the north of the map on a diagonal line from the enemy base it would in theory create an area where the 2 teams would intersect, and create more and wide-spread combat locations (ie. the teams would be forced to use more of the map to gain a tactical advantage)

  22. having those spawns so close together is just lazy map making
    “Look at this new map we made but didn’t bother with past the town and it’ll be really obvious if you go out there so we’ll just put these spawns right here so you can’t”

  23. Am i the only one who thinks they have a template for map making… in the past 1,5-2 years the (brand) new maps are just ooooh… put a valley like area on the side of the map, put a bit hilly otherwise forest zone on the other side and put some buildings in the middle(or somwhere) then the “urban” maps where put buildings and streets on 2/3 of the map just as orderly as we can then mirror it with different objects …. on the other 1/3 of the map put hills or forest …. -.- Yea i know they try to imitate historical locations, but this is bull…. … And in the end there is only one way to do the maps… i don’t know they may just try to focus on other contents and drop the map “development” for a while.
    Also that map “development/testing” attitude.. dunno the correct word for this… make a map if its unbalanced, rework it, if still, let them whine for a while then purge it… lol… tru professionalism.

  24. Is War Gaming brain damage or something? Smolensk really? Every Polish player out there will only think of one thing associated whit this name – 2010 Polish president plain crash. There are a lot of people thinking that Russians had to have something to do whit the crash. So Russian game, big Polish community and Smolensk map? Are they stupid or doing this on purpose to piss off Polish players ? 10 millions other names for maps and they came up whit Smolensk?

    • Stronk polish butthurt.

      Because Smolensk is only known for that, lets see:

      .”In August 1812, two of the largest armies ever assembled clashed in Smolensk. During the hard-fought battle, described by Leo Tolstoy in War and Peace, Napoleon entered the city. Total losses were estimated at 30,000 men. Apart from other military monuments, central Smolensk features the Eagles monument, unveiled in 1912 to mark the centenary of Napoleon’s Russian campaign.”

      -”In 1940, 18 km (11 mi) from Smolensk, the Katyn Massacre occurred.”

      -”During World War II, Smolensk once again saw wide-scale fighting during the first Battle of Smolensk when the city was captured by the Germans on July 16, 1941″

      -” The first Soviet counteroffensive against the German army was launched in August 1941 but failed. However, the limited Soviet victories outside the city halted the German advance for a crucial two months, granting time to Moscow’s defenders to prepare in earnest.”(Wiki)

      Add some other things to that, like: “Smolensk archives”, “Hodegetria of Smolensk”, “Hero City” and you will see that Smolensk is a really important city for Russians in their history…

      • “”In 1940, 18 km (11 mi) from Smolensk, the Katyn Massacre occurred.” 21 768 Polish officers murdered by Soviet Russia is you point against my post? Nice thinking, but yes there is more “bad” history around Smolensk then “just” 2010 plain crash. But the crush happen 5 years ago, not over half a century or more ago. That’s not history thats recent time. So my point is why the hell they choose this name. And whats next? Map in Konzentrationslager Auschwitz? No thanks. WOT is a game – piss of entertainment not suited to hail to the memory of victims of genocide.

        • You wanna talk about dead people? How about 80 (or up to 110) thousand dead Russian POWs 20 years before that?

          Don’t want? Well, fuck off then.

          • First of all it was 80 to 85k POW. Secondly from those 80-85k POW only 16-20k died doo to bad conditions of prisons camp, disses, epidemic etc. They WEREN’T murdered by shot in the back of a head like Russians kill 100% of Polish POW in Katyń. Thirdly in the same time(1920-21) around 20k from 51k Polish POW died in Russian camp (also bad camps disses etc.) . Rest of Russian prisoners where exchange for Polish ones. But they didn’t last long i CCCP. According to Nikita Pietrow a lot of POW that returned to Russia were executed by order of Stalin in the 1930s .
            So Valikdu read something before you write something. Or are you just repeating stronk Russian propaganda? Don’t be mad at me. Be mad at Stalin he killed a lot more Russians then Polish people. Hell, he killed more Russian then Hitler during the WW2. But probably you didn’l learn about it in school. So first read you history then write comments. OK?

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