- E-100 will not get a Maus turret
- the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well
- accuracy nerf in 9.6 does not mean more shells will drop at the edge of the aim circle, but fewer shells will drop in the dead center
- the size and shape of T95 hatches (weakspots) was a mistake, they will be made smaller in test 2
- the fact that HD Ferdinand hull is shorter than the one of Tiger P is historical
- apparently, WG developers are testing fog of war in random battles in 9.6 test, it’s not a mistake (Storm won’t tell details)
- upper front plate on HD E-100 is not correct, it will be fixed to be the same as it was before, the bar on the top of the turret will also be made smaller
- HD Tiger P towing “eyes” are of incorrect shape, will be fixed
- it seems that the 600 gold price for the crew retrain is not final

111 thoughts on “23.1.2014

  1. Good news on the gold price of retraining. As always, test server comes out, everyone freaks out about stuff they think it bad, forgetting that the purpose of the test server is testing.

    • If no one freaked, there wouldn’t be any incentive for WG to change anything, would there? Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like a good SOP.

      • Same like with gun depression for E-50 and E-50M where they changed it to 0 degrees frontally in one of the tests, so the gun mantlet they changed visually doesn’t clip through the hull. If people didn’t rage that’s what we would have in the game now.

  2. Um… wasn’t the Tiger P (made by Porsche) on the Ferdy/Elefant chassis? Why would it be a different size? Me thinks WG is taking a piss here…

    • wrong: the Tiger P is not based on the Ferdinand Chassis, it’s the opposite, Ferdinand is based on the Tiger Ps Chassis, they had to take the engine to the frond and all sorts of stuff. so the fact that the hull is shortet can be very well true.

      • no, you’re wrong…

        “The VK4501(P) chassis was later chosen to be the basis of a new heavy tank destroyer which would eventually be called the Ferdinand and mount the new 88 mm Pak 43/2.”

        btw vk4501p was the VK name for the tiger P

        • You just said what he just said. VK4501P is Tiger P, and it’s chassis (only hull) was LATER chosen for the new tank destroyer.

    • it would have been shorter because they moved all the transmission/engine to the front from the rear, so it took up slightly less space than the engine in the rear.

    • They were NOT different size. That’s, again, WG’s bs.

      “On September 22nd of 1942, it was decided to CONVERT 90 of the EXISTING (Tiger (p)) chassis into Ferdinand / Elephant, heavy assault gun and tank destroyers.”

      So, as I said again. Same chassis, same size…

      • Spielberger lists the overall length of the Ferdinand without the gun in “Heavy Jagdpanzer” p66 as being 6.97m. Jentz in “Germany’s Tiger Tanks DW to Tiger I” p171 lists the overall length of the hull to be 6.6m

        • OK…they are wrong and correct.

          The HULL form IS the same length, the additional length came from the overhang at the rear of the new casemate applied to the assault gun version.

  3. “- the size and shape of T95 hatches (weakspots) was a mistake, they will be made smaller in test 2″

    Thank god. It’s way too easy to penetrate as is.

  4. I dont play arty but I feel bad for arty player, accuracy after 8.6 nerf was bad enough. Everyone hates arty, but for every shot thats hits you standing still in the open a bunch more miss.

    • Fun fact: I’m going to get the Conqueror GC soon.

      Really suspicious WG, really suspicious…

    • I think it might work out quite well if WG do it right. There will be less snap shots from close range when arty do a full spin and hit you without aiming and there will be less direct hits/one shots. If what WG is saying is true – no more hits near aim circle edge but more just near crosshair center (not dead center) – artillery might be bearable.

      • It’s just more and more RNG, nothing else.

        The problem isn’t the accuracy, the problem are the superguns compared to the shitty armors and the way you can fix it is reducing the penetration not the accuracy, that’s stupid as fuck also because a tank like E-100 now won’t get a Maus at 300m and the meds won’t even feel the nerf because of those laser gun (with some exceptions).

        • I’ve hit Bat-Chats in my E-100 on test server from 400m without fully aiming. It’s not so bad as some people claim. They just got used to sniping with bad accuracy guns. Maybe it’s time to stop doing so when your accuracy is 0.4 or lower which would imply close comabt…

          • Sure… Then they should buff the German L48 gun. Gun was made for sniping, but has .39 accuracy, because fuck you. So derp gun is the only viable option and it has .55 accuracy. Don’t tell me to brawl in low tier mediums, please.

    • I’m an arty player, and I tested arties on test server…

      American arties dont hit ANYTHING, like best aimed shot goes nowhere near aiming point (tier 8-9-10)
      German arties, I got to hit many shots with GW E, nothing bad here. (Tier 10 tested)
      French arties, I dont have any worry, they are accurate anyway, aiming circle is small enough.
      Russian arties… Well I did test only tier 10, the most accurate in the game, and hit nothing, but I am not used to it that’s why. Tier 8-9 shouldnt have any problem as they have high arc.

      British arties not tried, but last test server I already missed most of my shots in CGC so it wont change a lot.

      No big worries in fact

      • American arties are almost unbearable as they are at the moment, after the nerf I can’t imagine many people using them.

      • Well, this might screw up my arty missions for tanker chicks (the only reason I’m playing arty actually, more good crews). I don’t have an arty higher than tier 7 (S-51 since it researches off the KV-2), so if I ever get a tier 10 arty, it will likely be the Obj. 261. I have the tier four French and the premium LeFiFi B2, so I’m half heartedly working my way up the French arty line. I have the FV304, but no plans to get any other British arty, one just needs the FV304.

  5. So much for playing arty again. There were still a few of them (Bishop/FV304, some of the Frenchies) that weren’t too aggravating to play. After this, you can forget about it. What’s funny is that it took me about a year to even start playing it again after the Great Arty Nerf, and now just as I was starting to enjoy it again…

    It will be nice not to get snap shotted by KV-2s more often than not, at least.

    • so you did not notice that the enemy team’s list is missing at the start of the battle?
      and the list appears one by one as enemy tanks are spotted?

      this is not the same “fog of war” as it is in AOE or C&C games :)

  6. “- the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well”

    Oh for fuck’s sake, are they fucking retarded?! Any such change as proposed, without compensating their acc-stats, means complete death for any of those artilleries, that relied on non-splashing, namley almost everything from T1 to T8/T9. Fuck WarGaming! Are they fucking out of their mind?!

    • Well I can’t hit anything as it is. And that is OP. Arty needs to be re-invented, not nerfed to the ground.

      If you are going to listen to the arty haters. Just get rid of the class. No one will be playing it if you make it useless.

      It wouldn’t be so bad if most tanks could penetration all heavies.

    • I agree Quit ruining arty you did a massive nerf a while back to the point people did not want to play arty … Now you are doing another Massive nerf to arty again

      Come on wargaming give it a rest …. its like you are intentionally/unintentionally wanting Arty to get out of the game with the nerfs you are doing ….#stoptheinsanity

    • did you guys even played arty at test server? it doesnt miss i am not an experienced arty player no but even i can connect my shots

  7. geez a lot of screw ups in the CT, it’s like some 7 year old went and changed all their models so they’re incorrect, IDK how they even got that upper plate on the E-100 with the amount of photos of the real hull that the brits capped that are on the internet…

  8. - the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well

    You Actualy serious? It’s fine as it is. All this gonna do is frustrate the people playing SPG, And at the same time getting more whiners for RNG. Genius WG.

    • Well, arty is unbalanced, can’t really complain. Why do you want different treatment all the time?

      • Arty is unbalanced, i completely agree with you BUT arty is not OP, quite the opposite the way it is now. What it needs is a REBALANCE (nerfing one thing and buffing something else) not a NERF.

        OP is not the same thing as unbalanced, and it definitively should not get the same treatment.

        • Totally agree. Arty as it is now is fairly hard to play well with the nothing but straight nerfs it has been getting. I personally liked the reowkr proposal where damage, accuracy, and aim time were super nerfed but to compensate the reload would be much faster and the splash would be massive.

        • This accuracy nerf hit most to “accurate” arties which don’t have splash… GC example don’t suffer of this nearly at all.

          What you are saying about rebalance is correct. How to do it is other question. As I see this thing is that players hate arty because it is “mostly RNG”, especially if you have ever played a lot with arty you know how random it can be even with full aim… And still it feels that really bad players hit you like it is not hard at all….. So I am saying that problem with arty is that it don’t feel fair or so…. can’t really say if that direct hit was really aimed or not etc. So how to fix it? I could say that WG should start from this:

          1. General accuracy buff for arties – 0.05 example.
          2. Increase dispersion – like 30-50%.
          3. Decrease aim time – counter dispersion increase to keep total aim time same as now.

          What we should get from this? Shortly it should mean that aimed shots hit you more often, but shots from turn or without proper aiming don’t which means that if you get hit by arty…. most likely you were in wrong place at wrong time and that arty who hit you… REALLY AIMED THERE. I wouldn’t have problem with it if I know that shots have to be aimed properly, unlike now….

        • WHat me and my friends in my clan constantly say is Arty needs to be an orbital death laser with fast reload, but not a lot of damage, maybe 200-300 for a tier 7 arty. That way you still have to calculate lead and all that but it’s not “shit I missed, now I have to wait 45 seconds to miss again” it’s “Shit I missed, another 5 seconds and he’ll be missing a bit of his health!”

          • Arty was never intended in that time period 1930′s,40′s,50′s and 60′s with “DUMB” ammunition to be able to hit moving vehicles with indirect fire. Even Direct fire wasn’t always the most effective when tanks were directly in sight line.

            Arty would be called to fire on a certain grid coordinate sector on a map. Spotters would call in range direction of travel for units. Then call whether the shells were on target dropping short or going long. They were meant for Artillery barrages. Many guns deploying munitions to a grid sector.

            Only in the past 10-15 years has due to satellite gps tracking, Marking and the use of smart ammunition. (Video guided munitions/ Wire guided etc. Have they been able to bring exact arty strikes on target.

  9. Yes we need a arty nerf because it is now nearly unpossible to finish the arty mission where you have to get the most XP from both sides. My best public arty game was a game with GWE and 10k damage at TierX vehicles. I got 1k base XP for this…

    After nerf you can completly forget the mission or you try 10000 times..

    • Why would you try to do this mission in top tier arty? You have to shoot higher tiers because you are not spotting for yourself. Tier 8 or lower arty should be fine.

      • Thats true, but even with tier8-arty i think its heaviest mission, heavier then killing 4 tds with med, and the nerv will it even more heavier

  10. “- the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well”

    Retarded WG strikes again. After the last acc nerf that made arty a pure RNG now they are making it even more RNG

    Jesus seriously, who the fuck is responsible for all those ideas…

  11. I am going to quit due to so many game changing nerfs. Might as well hack like everyone else before I go.

  12. Maybe the accuracy nerf ain’t so bad after all…meh. But I still have no actual clue why they did that.

    • To make armor more valuable by making less well aimed shots bounce and miss more (hence making accuracy and aim time parameters important again). Also to make armor more valuable in long range and if the tank is partially covered (like hull down). In close range it doesnt matter so much and here the skill and patience is the key.

      Another effect it to motivate people with good mobilty and decent armor, but with low acc/pen guns to get closer to make damage.

      • More will load the gold son.

        Also you obviously could care less about glass td’s like the AC 46 or Churchill GC. Their place is obviously brawling on the front lines and getting two shotted by guys like you.

  13. “- accuracy nerf in 9.6 does not mean more shells will drop at the edge of the aim circle, but fewer shells will drop in the dead center”
    - As I have said many times this is what is happening. Most shells on semi accurate guns hit close to center but not exactly at center as often as now.

    • So less shells in the dead center but not more at the edges… well said, so these remaining shells disappear or what?
      Just shells are less likely to hit dead center and they will generally land closer to the edges – the same in easier way.
      So it will be more advantageous to have more accurate (= less number) gun as aiming circle size is smaller (and target size obviously remains the same) than in less accurate ones… No more sniping cupolas with D-25T at draw distance – unless Russian guns are affected in the same way by the nerf (technically there is no such thing as “dispersion factor” but game often feels so)

      • In practice all shells will hit close to center, I tested both vk45a, tiger Il and is3 with good crews and shots either hit dead center or close to center every time. Try the test server slap on vents and combat food (to simulate BIA, snapshot and smooth ride perk/skill) and see how accurate guns really are still. The differance is the less you aim the less chance the shell will fly close to center. I havent had a single shell that even was close to any “edge” if you aim proper.

        With the IS3 I did a test out of 5 shots 3 hit dead center the others less than 1mm from the center and that is extremely good. RNG and luck maybe, but on test server I have been sniping and doing less well aimed shots with IS3 and penned enemies every time. The limiting factor on IS3 compared to tiger II is not accuracy as I feel it while playing, but the aim time differance.

        Obviously the tiger II with its 0.34 should be more accurate shooting at over 400 meters, but I mean whats the point? You dont play to your strenghts sniping at that range with a tier 8 heavy like tiger II and is3. People exagerate this nerf because they are used to hit dead center with little effort in aiming and with mediocre crew skills.

        Also these premium tier 8 heavys with 0.46acc and 3.4s aimtime, they are not suppose to snipe at distances they do now as well as they should not be able to snapshot and pen as easily. They have longer aim time and lower accuracy for a reason.

  14. i’ m still playing arty, even if they mess it up again.
    but if they keep nerfing it i would barely become playable, arty is broken already,,maybe wg ir preparing to cancel spg by making them less and less enjoyable

    • top 3 arty is fucking impossible because of the way XP is calculated. Arty just needs a boost here…

      • Really, have you never been in the top 3 XP playing arty? I had a game the other night in my LeFiFi B2 where I was top XP and second in damage for both teams. It was a good game, but I missed a lot. If I had connected with 25% more of the shots I fired (maybe less) I would have exceeded 2k damage (did 1635) and would have been able to complete the SPG-15 “War Gods” mission (if I had it unlocked) in a tier 5. I’m neither a frequent arty player or much good at it (I have over 23k games and about 600 total in arty). The trick to being top XP or near top is to not be top tier. I think to actually complete the “War Gods” mission I’m just going to fail platoon my S-51 into a tier 10 game. Well, if having a 203mm gun can be considered fail platooning.

      • Needs to be reformatted with what it’s objective in the game is. Or removed from the game entirely.

        The ability to hit a light tank on the move at 400+ meters with indirect fire is horseshit.

  15. - E-100 will not get a Maus turret

    Why not? Wasn’t it originally like that in the game waaaaaay back when?
    Furthermore, wasn’t it historically accurate that since a turret for the E-100 project wasn’t completed, that they were intending to top the hull with a Mausturm to get it activated in service as soon as possible?

  16. - E-100 will not get a Maus turret
    I misread this to “- E-25 will not get a Maus turret” LOL

    - the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well
    This is obvious, all vehicles use the same accuracy dispersion.

    - accuracy nerf in 9.6 does not mean more shells will drop at the edge of the aim circle, but fewer shells will drop in the dead center
    No more snapshots from derp guns/artys

    - it seems that the 600 gold price for the crew retrain is not final
    600 is too much, 400 would be OK

    • I think 400 is reasonable. It makes sense to make it more expensive since just retaining to a different tank or resetting skills costs 200 while retaining the same role. It is actually realistic that retraining an experienced tanker to a different role would be more expensive than retraining him to do the same job in a new tank.

      Now, not that I ever expect them to offer it (nor would it be realistic if they did, but it is a game), a complete reset for 600 would be reasonable. By that I mean you can choose nation, class, tank, role, and skills again. That would probably make some money, being able, for example, to retrain excess Soviet radio operators to French tank commanders.

    • still got snap shot by arty when driving my AMX 13 90 on the 9.6 CT, i don’t notice too much of a difference between 9.5, and 9.6 accuracy.

  17. Very disappointing about the arty nerf, especially since I’m still mad about 8.6. So the game is about shooting tanks, and you’re making it so you can’t shoot the tanks? Bravo, you inbred WG monkeys.

  18. I really hope they fuck up arties alltogether. At this point this is the only viable solution. I play GWPanth and in 9.5 I can already see the shot dispersion is waaaaay off.
    Add 20s reload to ALL SPGs, +5s aimtime and reduce penetration so that shells bounce off of.. ie MT-25?
    Also while we’re at it, nerf the e25 so that it has 500 more HP, 60deg/s turn speed and a little 152 BL-10 in the ass. Because its way to slow and crap right now.

    • nah son, you gotta give arties 0 armor, be always spotted and a 3 minute reload, plus 1 damage on HE shells with 0.2 pen. Perfect game mechanics!

      • I hate arty, artys are for cowerds and TD also a little. I hate:

        - TD
        - Arty
        - Gold users
        - Campers
        - Autloaders
        - Too high pen (all tier 9-10 heavys, TD and mediums)
        - Too high accuracy (all tier 10 mediums)

  19. Fog of war is a great idea. Makes battles more intriguing and prevents the enemy from focussing good players straight away. You can make some conclusions on lights and arties, but all the rest is up for grabs. Love the idea.

    • FOW is a really dumb idea, meant to boot down the difference between a good player and the tomatoes even more (as if reducing vision control on maps isn’t enough)

      It’s going to be much, MUCH harder to carry if you can’t plan ahead.

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  21. - accuracy nerf in 9.6 does not mean more shells will drop at the edge of the aim circle, but fewer shells will drop in the dead center

    Fewer shells will, instead of dead center , go to My Little Pony magic land?

    Fuckin WG rhetorics.

    • It is true, more shells will NOT go wide compared to our current accuracy, how ever much few shells will go dead center. In practice this means, and I have tested alot on test server, most shots will go close to center on accurate guns and less close on inaccurate guns.

      You think it is good that so many shells go dead center on 0.46 acc guns as it is now scribe?

      • They don’t on my .39 accuracy Type 59 gun and they don’t on my E75 with the .34 accuracy long 105mm. This will only make that worse.

  22. “- the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well”


    • Good thing I farmed enough to play Gold HE only, 12m splash ftw! Good thing now is tha I focuse on dmging a bunch of regular-tank idiots instead of only one.

  23. - the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well

    Regarding low-splash SPG’s, they’re (more) useless now.

    - accuracy nerf in 9.6 does not mean more shells will drop at the edge of the aim circle, but fewer shells will drop in the dead center

    Disappointing… The nerf isn’t needed. and arty is already in the RNG dog house.

    On the brighter side, I’ve signed up for the AW beta (hope I get in). Whatever happens to WoT, I’ll survive it. ;)

      • What makes you think AW will be better? They will have fucked mechanics there as well to attract the casual masses. They have like reactive armor and guided shells (similar to noob shells in WOT). You all hype games not even released just like you hyped WT:GF and look how that went.

    • Good artillery need nerfing.

      Go ahead go and play AW where artillery is still in the game and just as deadly the only thing is you know when they fire but modern artillery are a lot more lethal due to their tracking systems.

  24. “- E-100 will not get a Maus turret”

    In virtually all documentations E-100 had a turret very similar to Maus. Still WG decided not to respect historical model, something they brag about nowadays, and they went with the current ugly flat crappy turret.

      • The Maus turret is only tougher via the mantlet/sides, the cheeks aren’t that hard to pen.

        The main issue with the E-100′s turret is the rangefinder.

    • “Still WG decided not to respect historical model”

      You need to get to reading Panzer Tracts 6-3 then. It’s true that the E 100 was to have a Maus derived turret, and it does in game, which is based on the Maus II turm(Not to be confused with the Maus V2 turm)

      If you bitched about the turret armor values, then you’d have some legitimacy. But visually, the E 100 is pretty accurate

  25. “- the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well”
    Ah yes, just what I needed, to miss even more of my shots because WG just doesn’t give half a fuck about that crucial component they added to the game. God, the wait for AW is killing me

    • Arty is not crucial. It’s cancer. It’s tumor that sits at the back while tanks do all grind. Artillery deserve no respect. They are cowards.

      In my centurion 7/1 tier 10 heavy tanks hide behind arty or camp near the base behind cover.

      Get rid of these parasites of the game or change their role please.

  26. “HD Tiger P towing “eyes” are of incorrect shape, will be fixed”

    That’s gotta be the biggest priority in WoT, not the terribad MM system, or fucked up maps, or lack of Havok, or unbalanced tanks.