Fog of War in Random Battles?

Hello everyone,

a strange feature seems to appear randomly in 9.6 test server random battles: the fog of war, the way we know it from clanwars (for those who do not know: FOW is a feature where you don’t see the enemy team until you discover them – by spotting).



Earlier, it was considered a bug, but Storm confirmed that it’s intentional. Likely a test of what would happen, if such a feature was implemented in random battles and to compare it with the results of other battles without FOW under the same conditions of the test server.

The implications of random battles FOW would be tremendous. On the plus side, it would screw with XVM noobmeter and winrate “predictions” (often very inaccurate) would no longer work (so no more “OMG 30 chance to win kkthxbie #drownftw”). On the other hand, it would – in my opinion – lead to MASSIVE camping – random pubbies would not dare to advance without knowing who to expect. Some individual missions would become harder.

But fortunately, it seems to be just a test. And what about you? Would you like to have fog of war in randoms?

305 thoughts on “Fog of War in Random Battles?

    • Qoute: “random pubbies would not dare to advance without knowing who to expect”
      They don’t dare to advance knowing who to expect neither :-/.

        • FoW is a horrible idea. We already have enough RNG in game, no need for more random elements. Knowing the enemy team beforehand (and their stats) allows me to prepare and choose the right flank to go. Unicum platoon – more careful play, attempt to intercept them. Enemy team way better than mine – defensive, perhaps try to guide my tomatoes a bit so that they are remotely useful. My team way better than enemy’s – rush to do at least average stats.

          • It certainly allows for less metagaming and forces you to react to what it happening as it happens. I think it would make for more spontaneous and dynamic game play.

            • I’d certainly like to see it in live randoms for a trial period to see how it works out on the real servers, and ofc to hear all the whines on the forums would be funny :)

              • Same here. I’d love to see WG implement it for all pub battles for a couple of months just to see how it works out. Just running it on Encounter battles on the test server seems to me to be too limited, because there will be a lot of players who turn off Encounter mode and the test server won’t run long enough for WG to get enough data on how FoW would play out. IMO, it needs to run long enough for people to get over their initial hissy fit and learn to adapt to a new situation. Then we’d have a good idea how it would play.

          • THIS is exactly why I like the idea. All you XVM retard STAT WHORES fuck up the game. Just plan a attack and be FLEXIBLE regardless. Do you think if Hitler had XVM installed he would NOT have attacked Great Brittan? Or maybe if SoDamn Insane had XVM, he would have STILL attacked Kuwait because the Coalition was a noob with zero battles and zero WN8. They rolled the dice and lost because they were not flexible and OVER COMMITTED on multiple fronts.

            FoW make you THINK and PLAN ahead of time. They should add the option to REVEAL the RED team by spending 1500 or 3k creds like a consumable or have a voting system so if 2/3 vote to reveal RED TEAM then it will happen. Either way I applaud WG for finally trying to come up with a system that make basic and sub par tankers THINK before they simply YOLO

              • The purple Jagtiger I one-shot yesterday with T92 whined something about historicity. I was simply too much battered by arty that I took one and started picking the purple guys. They were really happy.
                You know, hard job, smoking cigarette, sipping my coffee and once a 40 secs. a single click – 1st – 910HP, light tank (mission completed), 2nd 1800HP Jagtiger, 3rd 899 T110E4.

                This is how WG imagines fun and skill combined in one game. GJ.

            • “All you XVM retard STAT WHORES fuck up the game”

              Sure, good players fuck up a game, the baddies & the idiots have absolutely nothing to do with it whatsoever.

              Grow a brain, you desperately need one.

          • in real life your not told what your going up against so theres realisum involved here not rng you idiot lol

            • But thats wrong, in RL you know exactly what you are up against. Thats what military intelligence is fore.

              You know what armored unit is in what region, what tanks they have and if they are an elite unit or just a conscript unit.

              So if anything FoW is BS.

              • “But thats wrong, in RL you know exactly what you are up against.”

                Yeah which is why the last Iraq war was such a success.

        • Also the random pubbie unicum wouldnt see the other team is stacked against him and either whine or yolo. I don’t think its as terrible an idea as some of the changes this patch but its hard to tell how the randoms would be until its on the live server.

      • +1
        This would be a great option on stronks. I would welcome in randoms if it was say less than 5% of the time – good change of pace but not the norm. What is XVM? ;>)

      • Yeah, I think most random pubbies would play the same as they do now. Go to the same spot they do every time on each map and maybe get some shots in before they die. Better players would probably play a lot more campy at the start of games however. Not wanting to commit to a flank before they know the distribution of the teams better.

      • Well the problem is that: if you can analyse your opposition then you usually have good games. If that has bin taken away its bloody awfull to play randoms

    • I think random pubbies would simply be too retarded to handle this. Most of them are already too retarded to handle randoms as-is, but this would royally fuck gameplay up IMO.

        • i hear uniCUMs crying already. how to sealclub tomatoes if FoW will be implemented? such a sad moment for purple clickers.

          • It’s not about sealclubbing tomatoes (if you’re a tomato at tier X, you’re literally the only one to blame – furthermore if you think Tier 8+ is sealclubbing, you’re nothing but a goddamn idiot), it’s about CARRYING their fucking sorry asses.

            Good players like to win. Winning is ALL in World of Tanks – according to the devs themselves.
            Tomatoes don’t care about winning. Or anything, for that matter, except their own retarded concept of “fun”

      • If the supposedly good players are so good, they’d be good enough to learn to adapt. And if the tomatoes are too dumb already, it probably couldn’t get any worse.

        • The thing is, if this were to be implemented, then the difference in skill of 2 players would make less of an impact on their games.

          • The team with the better scout would still be able to see where the enemy was pushing or camping and could act accordingly. So I think this could slow down the early game and possibly help lights to be more relevant.

          • It likely wouldn’t, the only change would be that skilled players would wait on committing to a flank until they know what tanks are on what flank. Once every tank is spotted the game becomes like it was before, it would only lead to longer games in some if not many cases.

            You can’t play offensively if you don’t know the tanks that aren’t spotted on each flank in many tanks. Especially medium and light tanks are very dependent on knowledge of what is on what flank. Autoloaders are the deaths of many mediums since they are unlikely to survive a clip from them and they only get 2 shells off at most themselves if they aren’t driving with autoloaders.

            So, I would say that it would likely cause more camping in a number of maps. Not all maps, city maps generally don’t have this camping going on. But it certainly doesn’t promote offensive play in open maps. Arty is also another thing since the difference between the tier 10 arties is quite big thanks to an autoloader arty being around and 2 arty with giant splashes with varying gun arcs between all of them.

        • this is the problem the whiners have.. they have their positions and thats all they are interested in…. proper good players will adapt, the exploiters will not.

    • War Thunder does this on realistic battles. You can only see the players names and not what they are flying.

    • Do you have an ARTY on your team?
      Yes? they have arty, assume the most overpowered one.

      Start battle:
      Tactical rear guard with escape options / Save sniping position at the back.

      After a while:
      Wait till flanks are decently spotted…
      ( preferably completely, but TD’s hardly are spotted early in same maps.)

      let the actual tactical (not RNG based) game begin.

      Extra time wasted on being even more careful than usual?
      Unknown, but expect it certainly will at least increase the length of games for the first few weeks. Not because Unicrums play more carefully, but because normal players are more cautious.

      Example: ( tier 10 )
      In an ordinary medium, If you don’t know if the enemy team has 3 batchats racing up hill-wherever but they could have 3 batchats racing up hill where-ever then the correct choice is always ”sit back and wait till you know if it’s safe”

  1. That would be pretty interesting to have. I wouldnt mind some pub matches to be like this

    • I like too.
      From my side – in most cases I go to same spot depending on tank type I play with.
      However, right now, let’s say Mines map – if enemy has more top tier mediums – you can type at start – “hill lost – adjust” and would not even try to take hill..

      • Yeah, but when you don’t know what the enemy has you just run up to the hill and get whacked by more top tier meds, you’ll be utterly angry that you didn’t know beforehand. If neither side knows what the other has they won’t be able to decide what to do with the hill for example.

        • I have the sneaking suspicion that most changes WG introduces to WoT lately are intended to close the gap between bad and good players as much as possible. Therefore I’m slightly sceptical about this feature in randoms.

          • You’re not the only one, mate.

            Cater to your most common denominator – the tomatoes & potatoes – even at the expense of people who actually know to play your game.

          • “I have the sneaking suspicion that most changes WG introduces to WoT lately are intended to close the gap between bad and good players as much as possible.”

            Spot on.

            Make vr control useless, because tomatoes were bitching about invisibul tonkz and introduce maps that make brawling @ 30m DA SHIT + acc buff, so even a total shitlord can actually hit something from 300m+, when camping behind arty on prokhorovka? Nerf vr on td’s, so they can’t carry as hard on those last td-friendly, non-corridor maps? And now this? FFS, even I (green player) can try (or more-or-less) accurately predict how will the game progress by analising the composition of both teams – if that goes down the drain, many could-be-won-or-at-least-carried games will be TOTALLY FUCKED UP BY WRONG INITIAL DECISIONS/POSITONING.

            If that goes live… Fantastic Update wg. *slow clap*

    • Yes, you say that now, until you are the only heavy and the enemy has 4/5 heavies and you go into the city to brawl, and get swarmed.

      • Or maybe if you’re on the team with the lone heavy, you should carefully consider your decisions beforehand, and worry less about what the other team might have.

  2. In CW it is not really a problem since you know in advance what map you will be playing and what most likely will be in the enemy team. It’s tier 10 anyway so there are not that many options to begin with and some tanks are never used in CW as well.

    But in a random pub game? If you don’t know what’s on the enemy team you can’t really decide to which flank you should commit or what vital corner to hold since the whole enemy team could consist of TD’s and Med’s that never would go to your flank and thus they just push through the other one and what not. It would make random games much more of a nightmare than what they already are… if this was a special additional mode, sure. But using this in every random game would be a horrible idea.

    • Fog of war IS a problem in CW. You have no idea what kind of tactic the enemy will deploy. Do they have full team of autoloaders? Full team of meds? Maybe they have mix of super-heavies, td’s and arty for heavy camping? There’s no way to tell until most of the enemy tanks are spotted, so you can see their names and the location where they are.

      Of course you can compensate for that with certain tactics of your own. But even then it might not work every time.

      And I do agree, for randoms it would be very frustrating. It would require team coordination that is non-existing. Many meds? Rush the hill. Many heavies? Go into choke point and brawl. Any idiots in your team, which is always? Go around randomly, destroying any chance for a coherent team play.

      In short for of war would only add another random factor, afrter MM and RNG to drag players down to the target 49% win rartio monkeys, which seems to be WG’s holy grail, seeing the already existing randomness and the way they started to design new maps and rework old ones.

      • Why would this drag toward people to 49%? The more complicated something is the higher the skill cap. Good players can use their knowledge of the maps and mm mechanics to figure out what the opposing team’s comp is and how to overcome it faster than any potato. Also good players will not be XVM sniped nearly as much. Arty will not know to pre aim a med spot because there is a purple med he know will go there.

        Good players don’t need to see if there is an arty on the other team, to know they should always be arty safe — because statistically 1 arty or 4, if you are not safe you will get hit 1 in X times. Potatoes don’t think that way.

        • “Good players can use their knowledge of the maps and mm mechanics to figure out what the opposing team’s comp is and how to overcome it faster than any potato.”
          Dude, what?

          It’s the other way around IN RANDOMS – if you know enemy team composition, you know, what any sane player would do and what his initial position is going to be – if on lakeville, my team has 3 heavies and enemy team has none (or one with paper armor, yes, this happened to me today, I was on the “more heavy end on the stick”) I can already make two variants: the’yre going to get into town to get slaughtered, they’re going into valley to get into a stalemate, so we’ll roll through town mostly unopposed and assrape them. Randoms=\=CW, you don’t have 15 players coordinated via voice comm, +(if you’re not in a potato clan) you have a commander that has way more than 2 brain cells, so he can up with some idea to counter enemy tactic or at least minimize losses ( dunno, learn how enemy clan usually plays this map, so next time you roflstomp them?…).

          Also: if I know there are no arties in game, I can safely sidescrape or hulldown the shit out of tomatoes any game. If I won’t have this info…. I’ll se my winrate diving. Because “HURR DURR IMMA CLICK DA BEST PLAYA ON ZE ENEMY TAEM”, said every fucking xvm-using scumbag.

          FoW in randoms = disaster.

  3. Hmm, how about making the FoW tier 6+ exclusive?

    Using logic that “most players” already know the basics of WoT.. make it so that from tier 6 upwards, FoW would appear as normal part of random battles.

    Having it on tier 1 would make pubbies crazy. Looking at tier 5 as a sort of “barrier” at middle tier, I would put FoW from tier 6 to tier 10. Would make high tier battles more interesting and different to low tier ones.

    • Good Idea but I’d make it more varied.

      Give me FoW lite at tier 8 and full FoW at tier 9-10. Based on top tier in the battle

      So a tier 6 might see FoW occasionally. A tier 7 would see if regularly. A tier 8 would see it all the time.

      As to what Fow lite is. I’m thinking show the top marker for team composition (the horizontal row with markers for heavy, medium, light, TD, arty) but don’t show the player list on the right.

      Find some way to have a transition from regular to FoW and implement it only for the highest tiers.

    • Make fog of war in random battles a separate mode, like encounter and assault. So if you don’t like it you can untick it.

      And then it would die out like confrontations did.

  4. I’d love that !!

    It’ll adding more fun !!

    or use this in special mode, like assault or encounter…

  5. I agree with this move. Hopefully with this people would be more carefull, not rushing blind BUT it could be exactly opposite. IMO they should implement it on live server atleast for the duration od the one patch and see the result on live server.

  6. I wouldn’t mind it if it happened randomly or you had the option to turn it off and on. Sometimes its nice to not know what you are going against. For instance, I don’t use the win % in XVM, I find it gets me in a bad mood if i have bad odds. Instead, I prefer to see player stats to judge my play style based on that.

    • There is already 3 mode game in random, if you add this extra bit to the configuration setting, it is not for me to day but I am sure they will say it would stress the MM engine and might increase the waiting time — but for WG to address.

  7. I think that’s nice idea :)
    And random pubbies? Let’s say i already don’t have high expectation about them anyway…

  8. I would like to see this mode, at least in a “random” fashion. It is always good to have variety in the game and if it is good for CW, it cannot be that bad for the rest.

  9. Best change ever….
    avarge wot player doesn’t care about his team composition, doesn’t care about enemy team composition, doesn’t care about minimap, most of the time he doesn’t care about map or tank he play….. because he #play4fun™

  10. I welcome anything that would kill xvm.It is horrible for the game for countless reasons.

  11. I like it for the reason you mentioned about throwing off the XVM % bullshit. Realistically good players will play like good players and the idiots will continue to play like idiots.

    • Except that good players wouldn’t be able to have almost any tactics what so ever, except if they base them only on their own team (which would make them unreliable).
      Realistically good players will play like worse players and the idiots will continue to play like idiots.

  12. For random pubbies it would not be such a big difference, since they are busy driving their tanks, testing the guns, ramming scouts and counting the airplanes flying over Fiery Salient. For most of them the enemy tank setup is no source of information, since their imagination is pretty….. limited.
    Better players on the other hand lose information about a probable positioning of the enemy and the counter for that.

    Would make it more interesting, but I think it’s a nerf of better players.

    • Its gonna be huge buff for good players if its kill xvm…. I’m blue by wn8 metric and quite often I’m “best” of both teams… arty focus, just because of xvm boner, is really something I can live without, especially now with increased number of this “hardtoplayskillneeded” tank class thanks to IMs

      • Why would Fog of War change that arty hardon? Unless you manage to remain totally unseen throughout the game the moment you got seen anyone with XVM would see your stats and then those same arty that focused you before will focus you again only this time you have no idea they’re there.

        The thing is, suicide scumbags are always going to be suicide scumbags, they’ll just find a new reason to kill themselves. The FoG would really add more random factors to a RANDOM battle mode that is already unpredictable at best and flat out insane at most common.

  13. “How abou big fat no~~”

    No, this would not make any good. Yes leveling the playing field to campers and rushers even more divided would happen, but as there is no coordination, there would be even less moving to see what’s beyond the corner… and there is massive difference if there is 3 WT or 3 Mauses… For random it would just not be of any good. No one is winner, not atleast with the viewrange massacre WG is implementing.

    Just plain horrible idea to try to make random battles more organized… this is not MOBA with ranks, this is plain random with some who listen and some who do not, and there is no way ‘I never listen to team’ would get high ranked. So in skill ranked games, there would be little difference. But in total random chaos… it would be more chaotic and valid tactics would become void for many, as mentioned more camping…

    “WarVideosToday on January 23, 2015 at 5:04 pm said:

    Is the info still sent to the client? If so, i demand modmakers to start working.”

    This comes in mind… if they are not sent, there would be huge lag spikes whenever a tank is seen… For slow computers that is, and some high end are effected too. Just hink seeing 10 tanks simultaneus… nice being scout going over the ridge and tank is not responding….

    • We should not be that cautious and embrace changes from time to time … at least we should try and then see.

      • No trying is enough… WG has proven to be unable to deliver for straigh few years… and they lost client for that long time ago. Not one, nor two, but whole few handfulls. But as long as there are those who care not about game balance and are merely enjoying it… there is no reason to care for competitive players and their groans… they won’t bring the money in, but they are the most likely to stay the longest and use the most money into the game.

        WG + caution was good, it has never changed, but would WG just listen players more frequently, it would more likely have stronger and less divided users.

  14. i wouldnt implement this in to the random battles rotation as a game mode but i think this would be nice as a separate game mode to play alternatively to random battles.

  15. It’s somewhat of an 2-edged sword…
    On one side I like the same thing you pointed out (no more retards suiciding because “fuckxvmfuckwot”) and the fact that you have to be more careful now.
    But on the other side, it fucks up the entire planning process that every competent player is doing at the start of the match…you can’t predict anything and you can’t have any expectations, because if you do, you might get fucked…and yeah, the IM problem too.

    Can’t decide if it’s something good or bad, for now.

    • +1

      I like to elaborate a strategy before to attack. In tier 3 light, I check if there is Pz1C in the opposite team before to scout in an active way.
      If I discover too late they are in game (when I meet them face to face).. I’m screwed.

      Or If a JPanther E100 is hidden somewhere and you don’t know it.. -1000, game is screwed too.

    • Thank you! No one seems to be thinking past “same for both”. You have to be able to prepare yourself for what you face. Other team has more heavies? Stay away form the typical heavy place. Less heavies? Go there and run riot.

  16. I think it would be perfect. First, random gets a whole lot more meaning. XVM would not break the morale of pubbies by not showing winchances, and it also eliminates showing stats of the enemy team so people cannot throw all they have against the brightest colors. It would still show your own team stats, so you know who you can support and who to not have behind your back.

  17. I would remove the table at map loading completely. (i don’t care about my random team anyway) Put a nice loading bar, and some tanks in the background, a bare wallpaper map seems dull…

  18. Just DON’T. If I don’t know what tanks the enemys have I can’t make an educated guess wether being agressive is the right thing or just suicide. It takes away the tactical aspect of wot also good luck tring to explain to your team why they should all relocade because the situation just changed 180°. It could also slow down the game as both teams had to approach eather other slowly.

  19. This would be excellent feature if it would come to random pubs. It would make the scouts heroes as they would be the best way to determine the opponents.The xvm would still show the level of your team so you could still assess your tactic forehand but there would be element of surprise. I definitely would give thumbs up for this feature!

  20. ohh and XVM would probably figure out a different system like evaluating win chance by comparing your team to the average wot team, so yeah.

  21. Something they should have done a long time ago. Larger maps plus FoW = a real reason to scout and spot.

  22. Yes!
    Finally! WG devs came with good idea. I knew they would at surprise me! :)
    *thumbs up*

    and XVM would still work – for me the most interesting feature is to get instant information on the player – how good is he/she.

  23. This is a terrible idea unless you’re a scrub that relies on randomness to get wins.

    Without fog of war a good player can compensate for tomato heavies or mediums that go entirely the wrong way when it’s clear the other team has a platoon or a composition that could rapidly exploit a gap.

    With fog of war it becomes more of a roll of the dice, which is why so many scrubs are posting that they like the idea.

      • It’s not about stats it’s about being able to use your brain to affect the battle. The more dice rolling there is the less brain you get to use.

        Only shitters would be in favor of this. No surprise your tier 10 stats are garbage. Keep padding that T67 though.

        • OOo!!!!

          Someone’s rattled….

          I’ll pad whatever tanks I like…. or rather.. I would if I’d played in the last 2 months…

          Tier 10 is full of morons.. more so than T1…

          and ps.. the T67 and Kitty are retired.. have been for ages… my last 1k battles don’t include those 2 tanks.. and that is about last summer..
          (T67 is exactly 1k, and I “might” do those last 6 battles on Kitty just to neaten up the table)

          So try “reading stats” better next time you simpleton….

    • Yep, RNG factor to the max! It seems few people on here actually plan a battle while the 30 second countdown is going.

  24. I doubt it’ll make too much difference in lower tiers, as lesser experienced players (myself included) tend to not give a fuck what tanks are on the other team anyway.

    I can’t imagine the more experienced higher tier players will like it much, as part of he game includes predicting what players will do in certain tanks, where they will go, etc. It’s hard to plan your game when you have no idea what you’re going to run into.

    I can also see this encouraging much more suicide scouting from the very fast light tanks that will want to get in there and light up the other team so theirs know what they’ll be facing.

  25. How about implenting it t6+ and making it a random extra so it isn’t in every battle? :D
    So there would be this little extra and for all those who don’t want this in every battle it would be accetable. You could also make it an option like choosing which battle types you want to play in random battles.

    • I like the concept as long as it is set up rng style. It could be activated say, once in every ten maps….ie, you get FOW every ten Ruinbergs and once in every ten times one would play Campinova….etc. This way the vast majority of times one would play a given map it will be played in the conventional manner. Throw in a variance like FOW every here and there and I don’t think I’d mind that one bit.

  26. YES for FOW!!!

    Also, you can still guess the number of artys on the enemy team, because the number of SPGs between teams cannot differ more than 1. So, in that battle on the picture the enemy team has very likely one tier 8 arty.

  27. FOW is terrible idea. At CW most games have its first 10 minutes spent at sniffing the enemy – how much arty it has, are there many TDs… Boring! FOW in randoms… even worse. It removes lots of tactical thinking, preparation, expecting enemy moves.

  28. Cover this, disable that… WoT isn’t bringing interesting things, not anymore. They’re simply reworking things over and over again, until the company goons think that the cow is empty.

    And, to answer Silent’s question about wanting the FoW; How about a big no?

  29. I kinda like the idea, at least to give it a try. I think the earlier post about starting at a certain tier, like 6 or 7, might be a good idea. Too bad the test server sucks balls for actually testing, we will have to run it live to see how it works. Maybe as a selectable mode, but we know WG doesn’t like that stuff.


  30. Purely in Random Battle mode all of the time, I’m against it. But maybe as a separate mode thus being a Conscious Decision . I remember the “confrontation mode”. For me it happened so very rarely I could see this Fog of War popping up every once in a while in the “Random Battle” mode. I mean it’s called random for a reason lol. I think it would be interesting ocasionallly. But when this became the mode, I think the battle countdown timer should be increased. Giving your team time to try to throw out ideas for strats. Maybe a good mode to get people to understand the team work idea of pubbies. Of course the complete opposite is always there. lol.

  31. Well… it WILL break XVM since it wouldn’t show you any stats even on the spotted guys IIRC – not just the chance to win (or maybe that only happened in CW).

    Other than that… it might be a good thing – in real combat you know there’s an enemy out there sure, but you don’t know WHO is out there or what they’re carrying. This is really no different. It’d take some time to adjust, but overall – not a bad idea.

  32. It’s an interesting concept. A different game mode maybe? I could see myself playing it. It would be much more tactical. Scouts staying alive would be crucial in this game mode.

    • I would put it into game as an alternate random mode (FOW random) wich you can turn on or off just like assault or encounter, and see how it works.

      • More tactical in that people aren’t just going bugger off where they know they’ll meet the enemy because they don’t know what they’ll meet. People will learn real quick to let the battle play out like it should with lt’s drawing the tactical picture for the team to react to. What you’re thinking of is strategic planning. Tactics is coming up with something on the fly to meet immediate circumstances.

        • “play out” as in sit and wait for the other team to pop up, because no one wants to move, thus leaving a small window to attack as well as pathetic play style, worse than the current meta?

          • Or move up into forward defensive positions where their tanks weaknesses are mitigated. The more I think about it, the more I realize people are gonna do what they normally do anyway. They just won’t push that extra bit further till they know what their up against.

  33. It would lead to enormous camping. No way in hell anyone is advancing not knowing if there is a wt100 or fv183 platoon waiting for you.

    Fow works in cw because of the level of coordination and pubs it wpuld be a disaster

    • Lead to what? Players still camping a lot no matter how many artys or TDs are in the enemy team…

      • Those sniping tier 10 mediums that won’t move before everyone else is low? They will happen every match because mediums are the class that cannot advance on a flank that has quick autoloaders.

        Or pushing a flank in a heavy with 5 tanks unspotted, they might be tier 9 Mediums tanks, but they might also be a platoon of TD’s or E75, good players won’t move forward even more and scouts won’t be able to spot everything on some maps such as campnovka. It will be RNG heaven for the first 5 minutes all coming down to what composition your team has compared to theirs especially when you don’t have scouts or the scout runs into a infamous TD or autoloader which instantly kills him a few minutes in.

        Gameplay won’t improve, it will just be more hilariously RNG. XVM will just get fixed to update the player stats as soon as they are spotted and then suddenly all we have been doing is lengthening the game and adding RNG, fun.

  34. Great idea. I’ve always thought this could add something more to the game. Maybe implement it on something like 25% of matches and see what happens.

  35. Anything that would fuck with XVM is very welcome in my book.
    Plz WG put FOW i will stop whining, it makes random battle more “unpredictable” and “mysterious”

    • Don’t go full retard man .. Most XVM haters hate it because they suck and don’t like getting bashed for blowing .. Well guess what if you suck .. You suck.. So get over it .. XVM is not the reason this game is the way it is.. WG Is slowly destroying their own game .. And this will surely end it for me

      • lol… You suck even worse than he does.

        Thinking that WoT is dying? Then go play Tanki Online, you Ruskie piece of scrap…

      • “Most XVM haters hate it because they suck”

        I hate XVM because I rock!

        Why should a sucker suck even more? He sucks anyway and wil never be a primary target :D

  36. This is a great change, if what they plan is eliminating players who actually care about the game and turn the 80% global player percentage zombies into 100%, no stress for WG, no complaints past “pliz weegee, gif plus/ minu- 1 tankmaking”.

    Or maybe it would force all those players to move to CW where they have this “issues” but they know they have to play for themselves and not help direct 14 monkeys on the battlefield performing enough to cover for 4-8 of them, but I doubt this will happen, most of the WoT players worth mentioning couldn’t care less about CW and only very few of those can be bothered to be “mercenaries” for the duration of a campaign.

  37. I wonder if anyone who voted for FoW ever played a single CW battle. That´s not much fun and it leads to very defensive playstyle. Unless you know you´re the top clan and there´s much worse clan against you.

    • They don’t, that much is clear otherwise they’d rage over the forum at WG.

      For randoms these conditions would make 15min not be enough for a match. Autism can only be hurt so much, at first zombies will run wild thinking they’re invincible, after the effect goes away, they’ll start camping from start to finish waiting for targets to come at them.

      • ^ this! So much true. FoW will not work for randoms. On CW you can more or less expect what you will meet, cause there are typical CW tanks, tier X only and you know the map. Here it’s hit and miss. Zero thinking, just rolling a dice – will they have 2 WT E100′s or not… And all this, ekhm… scrubs thinking it will kick out xvm. It will not. Surely then XVM devs will find a way to refresh the teamlists and add spotted players colors on the fly. In the worst case you can just restart your game during the match and stats will load for everyone (works for current CW as well)

    • because in clan wars you more our less already know what is waiting for you if you push. Waffle, e3, 183, etc. Besides clan wars gameplay is very fixed. More often then not there are established strats that most players are familiar with. In rando’s there’s a much bigger variety of opponents that you are going to face so no team is going have a standardized mix off tanks like in clan wars.

      • Honestly I have never seen a single Waffle or 183 in a serious clanwar.
        ( But there are enough clans that use whatever members have a tier 10, so you get weird stuff sometimes )

        IS-7′s , Batchats, E100′s, E5′s, AMX 50B, T57 and occasionally a Jagdpanzer E100 or E3/E4.

        On open maps it’s usually a lot of batchats, a whole sea of them supported by E5 and IS-7.

        Arty is of course almost always Conqueror GC

  38. It’s good for more time-out draws, I guess. Players without 6th Sense will be screwed. Scouting will become crucial and no Light will move if no Medium or Heavy moves along – and vice versa.
    And I never met a player who likes to run into an Autoloader-Platoon.
    So, it sounds rather like a receipt for stalemates and lock-downs.
    That’s why NO ! Break XVM in another way.

  39. Idiotc idea, it is important to see what tanks you are facing so you can play accordingly. Also who cares abiout xvm? It doesnt tell anything that is not alreaddy knows, if you are bad you deserve to get bullid :3.

  40. e.x toon of unicums with meds vs 2 meds on other team, map himelsdorf
    without fov they get hill easy cuz they know what can be on hill
    with fov they get hill again but a bit harder cuz they dont know how many enemys can be fast up on hill


      • FOV makes game more intresting and makes u think a bit more what ur doin and how ur drivein
        its like COD playin normal or hardmode, hard mode is allways more fun
        but in the end thats the way i like games more
        more challange more fun :)

        • Well, what the hell is FOV?! And, don’t compare this to COD, that’s one of the reasons people enjoy(d) this game, due to less COD style idiocy. Randoms aren’t supposed to be “hardcore”, but to relax and mostly grind. Play CWs/TBs/SHs for a higher difficulty.

  41. Scouts would have a real job, I like it.

    What I really want to see is fog if war in Strongholds battles and skirmishes.


  42. Not read the wall of text above so don’t know if its been said.. but…


    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just how it SHOULD be….

    (stop half the fucking MM whingers if they can’t screenie it during countdown…. and those who say “fuck this we’ve lost I’m drowning myself”….)

    *edit* Just read half the shit above.. bunch of whiner pussies saying “ooo no…. me no likey….”… well.. grow a pair of balls…

    • Oh look, a mediocre Dinger is here to act like hot stuff, nope, supporting this idea doesn’t make you suck any less, if you are the one who owns that nickname.

      Naturally, when a crap player gets involved with an idea, not using the brain will create responses such as yours, you have no clue what this change is even about, you can’t see past the “tanks are hidden other than that there are 0 implications” just as much as you can’t see past pressing the battle button on wot then finding yourself back in the garage after a memory blank of 3-12 minutes.

      • Eh?

        WTF are you on about….??

        No.. I am not part of the Dingers… they still owe me royalties for using my name… go to the forum and PM me… “if you are the one…” ffs…

        And PS… Fuck off… just cos you haven’t got the balls to go into a battle without knowing exactly who is in what tank and where…. it will bring much need surprise and freshness to maps…

        • Oh yes Sectr…

          I forgot.. you are the dickweed who uses autism as an insult…

          Crawl back under your rock please…. you’re making the place look untidy.

          • You’re using too many …’s Ding, careful, people might think you also have some other issues than being a mediocre player who thinks he’s hot stuff and also in unhealthy relations with other men judging by the insults you seem to enjoy.

        • So, having balls means you have no tactical nous and thus are an idiot for having a brain?

          • Nope.. only a true moron would assume that… taking 1 line and extrapolating a million wrong assumptions.

            Fog Of War will introduce new tactics and playstyle.

            Maybe.. shit.. just maybe.. teams will need to work together…??

            • Yep fog of war will bring wot tektics to new heights.

              Extreme camp or consistent 1 minute defeats, much tektics.

              It seems the endless bad results such a change would have and 0 positive aspects completely “ding” your head.

              Face it, dinger tactics are as yolo as they come and the only “balls” thing this will give your arguments is “we don’t CW, we’re pro enough in randoms cuz same gameplay so we’re actually an awesome clan”.

              Keep trying Ding, never give up.

              • Would you care to go to the WG Forums please, and tell me which Clan I am in..??
                …and announce your WOT name while your there…

                Oh… and did you use autism as an insult?
                …which is a bit rich, since you can’t even spell correctly, or prefer to reduce the discussion into “l33t speek” or whatever shit that is….

    • “grow balls” he says as he makes the best players identify the enemy team first, get most of the spotting damage, and most of the damage, while he sits in the back with an E100 in a zero balls position still full HP.

      This is you even without FoW.

  43. Well,it’s unfair:(
    Coz as I had posted in a thread before i asked where can i send 2 screenshots to SS…well one is this:(
    Anyway i hope it doesn’t get fcked like that

  44. In my opinion this would be a horrible idea.. The camping is bad enough … Could you imagine not knowing how many arty the other team has.. With the new IM there have often been 4 arty a game .. And I hate anymore than 1 let alone 4 or 5 … Could you imagine … Rolling out and getting crushed.. And I run xvm and it’s not the problem with the game .. I will agree though and say players look at win chance WAY too much .. I just run it to see who I want to fight around who I can trust and who I’m fighting against … People need to ignore win chance

  45. I already think the game got too much RNG, especially with this upcoming accuracy nerf
    now they want to make random battles even more unpredictable? serb please…

  46. This will make playing solo MTs way more dangerous than before…

    For instance: let’s say you’re in a T-62A or another non-autoloading MT, on Karelia/Mines/Tundra/*insert map where a hill is a clear advantage to the team that takes it*. You will have NO way of knowing if there’s a platoon of 3 batchats on the enemy team that will murder you before you get the chance to fall back & retreat

    Or as a matter of fact any 3-MT platoon can be considered for this.

    • “This will make playing solo MTs way more dangerous than before…”

      Well, WOT is a TEAM game

      • Playing randoms a team game? Where the fuck? The “team mode” is in team battles (it’s in the damn name), CWs and SHs. Randoms is for soloing and a platoon (a team consisting of 20% max of the MM on one side). If you want to implement stuff for teams, do it in the “team modes”. Solo pubbing =|= team.

        • are u sayin that even when u win, u win all alone ?
          cuz thats what i read up on ur comment
          this game is TEAM GAME no matter if ur team suck or not sometimes 1 tard suck hard and make a push while 5 others get chance to shot something otherwise they just sit and wait like stupid fucks 15min
          to not mention that some ppl stay on map thnx to red line

          • Well fuck, learn some better understanding if that’s what you ‘understood’. It’s a game played by individuals, randoms are made up of random people, which don’t communicate. They are made up into two teams, doesn’t mean they are a team. “A group does not necessarily constitute a team. Teams normally have members with complementary skills ***and generate synergy through a coordinated effort*** which allows each member to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses”. I don’t consider it a team effort when I push one flank alone, doing all the damage and then the coward behind me pops up to take the kill.

      • Solo as in “not platooned”

        And more often than not, if I don’t actively try to carry, the “team” crumbles.
        For me there is no “team”. There are just 14 other meatshields (i.e.: if I have to chose between taking a shot from a Jg E-100/FV 183 and falling back behind a allied Heavy and let him take the shot, I will always do the latter) & tools at your disposal.

        You may view it as being selfish and/or self-entitlement, but it’s actually bitter cynicism: I know for sure is that my gun is too important for me to die early. Especially after almost constantly scoring 2x/3x more damage than my “team” in randoms.

  47. After pondering about it a while, I can only conclude that this is another “nerf” for good players.

    If you’re not platooning (and even then…) you will have to play much more cautious than usual, because you can’t know what kind of trouble you can expect from the other side.

    This is basically translated into “carrying will be much harder” since it will be impossible to plan ahead. You’re left to just “go with the flow” with your team.

    All xvm will tell is if you have someone on your “team” to theoretically rely on or not

  48. XVM already gives an unfair advantage (that you have gotten used to) .It is not hard to predict the behaviour of good players in certain/most tanks.Then the game becomes about where to go in order to counter them (lame gameplay).Not to mention the amount of abuse they will receive from artillery and pretty much the entirety of the enemy team.This kind of omniscience and harassment should not have been in the game to begin with, it is an unfair advantage.

  49. Completely fucks up the process of picking viable spot according to enemy team composition. Streamlines everyone into fixed “safe” positions every game. Caters to bads since whatever you do to screw up good players makes their life easier.

    Big fat NO.

  50. Come to think about it, absolutely typical communist approach:

    Stomp down those who are above average back into mediocrity through any means possible.
    It’s becoming more and more clear that WG have become enemies of good players and that they decided to cater to the biggest common denominators – the average siemka

    • How the fuck does FoW favour the worst players ? MM doesn’t change, you can guess who else is on the other team in terms of vehicles.

      • Bad players don’t plan ahead and don’t care what’s more than 10 meters in front of them.
        Good players do.

        Do I have to draw a schematic here?

      • It favors the worst players because the best players have to dumb down their first positions and tone down their aggression because of even more incomplete information.

        Everyone playing passively like a shitter favors shitters.

      • um this favours good players. cos they wont get targeted because no one will know their there

        • A good player with FoW will still try and get spots, so not only will they most likely be the first tank spotted back, they will be the only tank the enemy even knows about.

          It pretty much guarantees all arty will be tracking them more than before, since with FoW arty can’t even guess where a priority tank might go — because they don’t even know it’s on the enemy team.

      • If you’re the only medium or your team and the enemy team has 4, if you think not being aware of this has any affect on playing Karelia, Malinovka, Mines, etc, etc, etc, you’re a goddamn moron.

          • Really? You get matched against the same number of mediums in every match?

            I guarantee you’re some 45 year old slob on the dole, or 14. You’re prepubescent or pre-dementia, which is it?

            • lol, the end of the e-peen is nigh… here’s a tissue, please stop crying.

              dear dear me, your cage has been rattled, off to bed with you angry boy!

  51. “Would you like to have fog of war in randoms?”

    Anything that will stop enemy cancershitclicker focusing me, even if im ELC in full tier 8 battle.Also, anything that will screw xvm is welcomed.

    • Well if you plan on doing most of the spotting and/or trying to get in early damage to start a snowball, you’re more likely to get spotted first.

      With FoW you’ll have the clickers looking at you like before, but with even less of a chance they’ll be looking elsewhere in anticipation of a better target — because they can’t see if that target is even on your team yet.

  52. Nice feature, i’d like to try it out. Maybe that triggers a more tactical approach on the field.

  53. Maybe something like 1 in 10 battles. Or even, why not, as its own gamemode, with special maps taking advantage of the confusion.

  54. I don’t like it at all for public games! There are so many tomatoes that I have to carry my team most of the time even though I am by no means a unicum. If I can’t use proper strategies, then the tomatoes will die even faster than they do anyway. After 90 seconds, everyone who is a really bad player (read: 75%+ of all WoT players) would have died a useless yolo death.

    No thanks. It’s hard enough already for the players who always get retard teams and have to carry these guys in randoms.

    • Most maps don’t favor scout tanks, and most scout players are trash. The only people who want to be totally reliant on a trash player in a scout tank are trash players themselves.

      • I wouldn’t say that “most maps don’t favor scout tanks”, I would say that “most maps don’t favor vision game anymore”, period.

        Scouting is a role, not a class. I’ve scouted the old Murovanka forest in LTs, MTs & TDs alike.

  55. Hmmmmm… FoW in randoms will, over time, remove some of the gravity of Clan Wars battles.

    Seeing no enemy tanks always puts me on my toes at the beginning of a clan wars battle. ;)

  56. Damn, you’d think the apocalypse was coming to WOT with Fog of War if it was implemented for pub matches, lol. Bring it on, you have nothing to fear, but fear itself…. and the KV-2 that you just yolo’d into. Fog of War is an excellent idea, please bring it to the final 0.9.6!

  57. WG is so nice. Just in case some of the people that are part of the 1/3 of wot playerbase that want to play AW can’t decide if they should keep playing or not, they scare them away with this!

  58. Seems very good. So then you will be able to play only to your team’s advantages/lineup not to directly counter enemy team lineup. And some surprise tactics might work as well (TDs/other tanks actually in ambush and to some extent arty).

    Acc nerf is good as well, as its harder to hit tanks (light and fast tanks lost a lot with massive acc. buff now they will gain again). Also some heavies, as it will be harder to hit weakspots. In general acc. of “now” hits in center too much (way too many snapshots are possible, so it basically doesn’t matter as much how accurate gun you have).

    • “Being the only medium on your team and running into 5 mediums at the top of a hill because of FoW is dynamic gameplay,” said every shitter.

      • I’d sooner say ”being on the hill with 4 mediums and running into a 3 man platoon of batchats and a E50M because FoW is dynamic gameplay. ( ps: camp till everyone is spotted if you drive a non-autoloader medium, promote camping in unarmoured singleshot mediums. .) l”

    • Holy Shit! An intelligent post from you!

      Even more so! One that I wholly agree with!

      Yep – Half-Life 3 confirmed!

  59. i like it. for realism elements.
    but at least give type of their tanks even with [?] sign before spotted.
    war is just like that, and even we have intel report before, we cant see enemy’s accurate stats.
    screw xvm, pubs changed since xvm stats whore exist

    • I’m not sure that wartime Intel was even that good.

      Based on your own team’s makeup, you know MM tries hard to balance lights and Artie’s between both teams. You’ll have a rougher estimate for the remaining tanks. Early scouting by light tanks will be more important.

      I don’t see them complaining in CW, no one would be that nooby.

      • if you play for too long on certain areas you will learn the tanks line ups that are used there soo you will have a rough idea of what tanks you will expect even with the FOW o and also clan wars has something called live coms/ teamwork and the players know each other
        in randoms this is sooo rare that is almost inexistant

      • In CW fog isn’t important at all, you already know what tanks your enemy might pick up. The most OP T10 tanks in most cases. Big surprise.

  60. This is literally like asking 2 chess players to start playing without letting them see what piece the opponent moves

    Or asking 2 pro Starcraft players to play in a 1v1 but without any scouting done by SCVs/Drones/Probes.

    It’s beyond retarded. Fits WG perfectly!

  61. Well, there are some good things and some bad things about this. The good thing is you can execute ambushes much better now. A stealthy TD which remains unseen is devastating now, you will effectively not know what hit you, unless you get critted and it specifies.

    On the other hand, this will encourage much more camping due to the statement above, especially in high tiers. Overall this is a bad idea, it’ll ultimately lead to increased frustration on the players side.

    A compromise should be reached. Instead of showing the entire enemy team composition at the start of the battle, it could show you how many lights, meds, heavies, tds and arty the enemy have, with a ? sign at vehicle tier, type and player name. At least this way you’ll have an idea what to expect and still be a mystery.

    • TDs will no longer exist after 9.6, except the front line ones.

      So don’t worry, 1 class of tanks effectively eliminated from the game.

    • The difference between autoloaders and normal tanks is quite big in tier 10, they should also need to be marked, otherwise no medium tank will dare play offensively till they are sure there isn’t an autoloader platoon waiting on a flank.

      The difference in performance between tier 8 and 9 is also quite big for a lot of tanks and that also effects tactics.

  62. Hey wg, next time you want to make scouting relevant in wot – look back. See if by introducing FUCKING CORRIDOR MAPS AND REDUCING RANGE OF ENGAGEMENT TO SOME 30 METERS, YOU DIDN’T FUCK THEM UP BY CHANCE, so you won’t have to introduce TOTALLY RETARDED CHANGES TO RANDOM AND SCREW ANY 1Kwn8+ PLAYER BY THE WAY . Thank you.

  63. Lemmings will be lemmings regardless of the tier, FoW or anything else. Loser line forms to the left. Make sure you go out one at a time and wait for the other team’s complete total reload before the next tank going.

  64. I like the idea of this but think it should be used as a random element to battles. Every now and then, you get a battle that you get FoW turned on. WG can get data from them in normal randoms and we get to have a bit of initial new excitement. And I would really welcome this in stronghold mode

  65. Retarded players are gonna love it, for now… They will suicide rush into unknown tanks just like they would against a known set of enemy tanks, and then they would complain how retarded the idea was to implement it into the game because it obviously made them play a lot worse (even though they always played as retarded like that).

    So yeah, tomato players like the idea NOW, once it’s live they won’t see a difference in their retarded gameplay (still yolo-suiciding in the first 90 seconds, as always) and complain with “Fuck you WG”.

    Totally makes sense. NOT.

    Don’t do this WG. Don’t mess with the few good players who are left. Please don’t!

    • how terrible, the “elites” having to use their brains instead of their epeens for once.

      get shut of xvm please while you are at it wg

      • actually this change would make it so that the elites would be unable to use brain; potatoes are gonna potate and turn any argument in whichever way to make themselves feel better by coming up with ridiculous bullshit to justify why they suck and how the better players are in some way actually the ones who suck dick.

      • You seem to be suffering from the terminal disease called “sucking at wot”, no “human” player can possibly think great players are great because they don’t use their brains and that their starts are given at “birth”, stats are made by using your brain so buy a switch to turn it on.

        • try a different thought process love: maybe the e-peens could adapt or would that be too difficult for you?

          darwin award over here please

  66. Buff at red players, nerf to average-good solo players, and buff to good-very good platoon players.

    Very good players with platoon will be smart and strong enough to adapt and use this to advantage. Ambush, quick decision, dictating gameplay is possible although would be quite risky. They skill will still have value.

    However, I’m afraid average to good solo players who have no power to dictate the game on their own will play more campy.

    So overall maybe a bad idea, but I have no problem trying it in 10% of my games or so just for the sake of variety.

  67. I was always more of an RTS guy before I started playing WoT, and it always made me feel weird seeing what was on the enemy team before you actually saw the enemy team. I would like to see FoW, I think it’d be fun.

  68. I believe the first think to do is to focus on where the FOW on/off is the issue at the moment and then move further? Yes, I am talking about skirmishes, wher the FOW is off which pretty much screws any opportunity to win if your team is not full or assembles with weaker tanks for the map = stronghold down. Then let´s talk public (TDs FTW, non-autoloader meds useless, and finally it will end with having FOW off back to avoid massive nerfs of many tanks).

  69. I like this. Gives me courage that I don’t know what i might be fighting against. would be better if WG made it so that we can at least know how many tank types are there (hevs, meds, etc) (and maybe tier)

  70. I can see the whiners ready to whine on this. Man up and grow some balls.You’re not supposed to chicken out of a mere challenge in a combat-included game. You fight with delight.