0.9.6: Friendship is “Magic”

Hello everyone,

let’s have a quick look at how the “friends” mechanism was reworked in 0.9.6 as a part of the contact list overhaul, because there’s a MAJOR change in the mechanism. As I am sure you all know, in current World of Tanks, having someone in “friends” list is simply done by looking for that person and adding him to your contact list. That is no longer possible – in 0.9.6, this was changed to work as it usually does in social networks. Basically, before someone adds you, you have to approve him – a system message will pop up on the right side of the list with a confirmation, whether you want that person to add you as a friend, or not.

You can press either “accept” or “decline” (in this case, I “declined” for test purposes)


If you press “accept”, you will appear in their friend’s list and he in yours. I am not quite sure how this will work with your existing contacts, presumably (as can be seen on test) your friend list will just somehow import, as it is on the test. But what if a lot of people have you as their “friend” while you don’t have them? I assume that only contacts that are in both friend lists will somehow merge into new “friendship”.

This system has one advantage though – people, who are not in your friend list, will not be able to send you any messages:


What this means is that no longer will you get hateful messages (for example when you kill someone with artillery :P) after the battle. What is however NOT solved is that there’s no option to not allow any people to add you, so I am sure that various WoT “celebrities” will have to deal with constant spam of friend invites in system messages.

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    • I think this is the only mmo style game ive ever played where you could not send messages to anyone not on a friends list…it is very strange.

      Now if someone wants to recruit or platoon with you they have to add you as a friend 1st and you back.

      This is an extremely poorly thought out system.

      • And insults. When skycancer kills you, you deserve to return the favour. You can’t even shoot back at it… So insults are the only option.

        Aaaand… If you don’t like cancer wishes, don’t read them. SerB style. :)

      • yeap that’s an issue, usually i see also people texting me for thanks and congrats (i also do it) and you know this makes my day, this wont happen again :[

      • perhaps if you don’t randomly add them and ask them during the battle, he can accept as he expects a friend request!

        i for one get allot of spam invites from same people that i don’t even know!
        and i hate that!

  1. But I want to read people rages after battles.

    Option to send msgs without adding would be nice, but WG so you don’t have any options.

    • This.

      It’s always relaxing to earn a massive rage between battles from your enemies. It means you have done everything right. :)

        • Exactly. Several times I thank a team mate for his work just sending him a quick message after the battle, pretty annoyed i won’t be able to do this anymore, since some of those have become my regular siemka pluton mates. Meh.

        • “What about commending someone for a good match? ” This! I sent many messages like this, and sometimes I sent messages containing how we could have won, just in case the guy wanted to improve…

      • Yes but I sometimes message people to say “gg” to them. If they quickly jump into next battle they won’t accept my “friendship” until they’re done, and I honestly can’t be bothered to either wait or to remember to go back to it after my own next battle, after 15 or so minutes.

        While it does protect people from rage in my eyes it does more harm than good, with limiting social interaction to the very minimum. … And then they shove platoon missions on us! That’s plain stupid.

        How it should work is to be able to message others without a need to add them to any list at all. And if someone doesn’t like what the other person is saying there’s “ignore” feature just for that.

    • Strange that you can only pm people on your friends list. Yeah I know people will just rage at randoms most of the time, but don’t we have an ignore list for that?
      I sometimes want to congratulate someone after a good game.

  2. stupid move.. if u wanna contact other clan comanders/diplos or whatever, and they dont know u, they dont accept the request. Bad luck for all the haters, yeah.. but i think its stupid to change it..

    • I think it is the right move,

      If you want to contact a clan, use the clan tab on the wargaming website, much easier.

      Clan recruiters (or commanders) don’t want personal messages in-game. When you are in-game you want to play, not answer questions/applications. I know all about that.

      • bullshit, Im top polish clan recruiter and I prefer to sending me ingame messages, coz its faster and easier to catch me there than on the website or teamspeak.

        • It is not bullshit, it is how I do it. When I play, I do not want to answer messages. Most of the time I have platoon-mates waiting to start a new match.

          You do it your own way

          • Being a clan recruiter, it is alot easier to contact people in game right after a game to see if they want to join my clan. Not being able to just send them a message makes recruiting take SO much longer then it needs to be.

            So I think it is hurting clan expansion ALOT.

  3. So whenever I have to pm some guy I’ll never meet again, I have to add him as a friend?

    Feels like having to subscribe for a newspaper, when I only want to check the news for a single day.

  4. How many on the list now? is it still stuck at 100?

    Also, is there any point in a Blacklist now you can just decline?
    Or is that to put repeat requesters on…?

  5. I bet all the girls who play WOT will have lots of friends requests. :D
    Silentstalker you too will have to deal with this problem also.

      • Forums? You think they work as well as telling someone “hey wanna join my clan?” right after a game? And what if you don’t have a big clan? Then you are completely overlooked.

        • Yes, if you want people who actually want to play in a clan, rather than just have some letter after their name…

          Be honest.. how many times have you seen someone spam “please join blah blah blah” and actually being interested? They are usually very red toms who ask this and no-one who wants to learn/play/join-in with them.

          There are proper recruitment sections in the forums, for both players and the clans… use it…

  6. Honestly they should let people message whoever, but display down at bottom or in bottom right whether it is a from a friend or “unknown” person.

  7. Good feature.. together with the TD nerf. My Biggest problem with the next patch is the increased RNG.. which totally ruins the game and increases frustration

    • I agree on both TD nerf and messages…but I think RNG/aiming part is good…I mean, the vehicles are ww2 or post ww2, and in some of them (most) you can in many cases snipe tiny weakspot cupolas from 3-400 meter…that´s just stupid. During ww2 I think they were happy to hit the tank anywhere close to the exact aiming point at those ranges.

      Since it’s the same for everyone the game time will probably be a bit longer than now since you probably will bounce more shots, good players who knows the weakpoints will still prevail.

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  9. 1 modification that they should make is that clan mates should not count towards your 100 contact list.

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  11. Bad News.

    People can’t behave in a civilized way so a features is taken away for all, even for those that used the feature in a responsible way. Things are adjusted to the bad side.

    That is definitely a problem for clans diplomacy and recruiting. I cant even image how it will feel without the possibility to communicate freely. Even if someone accepts your friendships. The whole communication may need half an hour. You ask for friendship to a guy that is in game, so you get an answer up to 15 minutes later. If you are patient and wait the contact need 15 minutes. But if you are not patient and start yourself a game….

    First company mode was destroyed by stronkhold with the result that people cant play together between clans, even if they are in the same clan community. Now communication is turned off. This isn’t really a social multiplayer game any more as it should be, if it is a kind of sport or hobby. Its a platform with barricades.

    What about platoon missions? How to ask a mate after battle if he wants to?
    Don’t tell me forum, channels. People should be free to communicate the way they want and should not be forced to do use a specific way.

    I organize a big community event and have absolutely no idea how to organize it in future. In the past i had several thousands ingame-chats per event organisation period. I’m really sad and feeling crushed by WG.

    All happens because of haters, whiners and antisocial people. Thank you a lot. You ruin the game more and more. Let me guess, its not your fault, It’s the fault of polish people and tomates, that makes you rage and insult…
    No its your f**king fault because you don’t understand that everybody has the right to PLAY this GAME and everybody has the right to be a bad player. If you are not able to behave it’s only your fault.

    • Basically this. Sure, it prevents you from getting hateful comments after battle but considering that during my whole WoT career that has happened once or twice (if you notice it happening to you often, you might want to take a look in the mirror), it feels rather pointless and just restricts free communication between players.

      For example, I’ve done recruiting after battle when I’ve seen someone non-clanless do pretty well or when I’ve just wanted to have a chat with someone (“gg, sorry I couldn’t save you in time etc).

      I like the idea that the friend system is more close to a social network but limiting chatting only to the people on your friends list is a bit silly.

      • Why the hell they try again to force people? Why is a option that you can only be contacted by your friendlist not enough? Everybody would choose his preferred mode and would be happy.

        Head –> Desk

        Once again i cant understand what decision maker in their armchair think. I think they don’t know the game they ruin with nearly every single decision (like anti-tactic missions…).

  12. Got to love it when you are against four enemies and the idiot in his Chi-To goes just to kill arty, leaving you for dead. Rage will ensue.

  13. I’m fine if they implement this along with a set of options that you can set to control incoming messages with the default setup to mimic the current situation ie by default anyone can message anyone else (without the dumb step of adding them as a friend first) with options to accept messages from confirmed friends only, clan members only etc. Equally for those “celebrities” you could add an option for blocking friend requests and only add friends you request.
    Not exactly rocket science…

  14. Disappointing move. It was bad enough you had to add people to your friends list just to say hello or thanks for the nice game, but now it becomes even more awkward, to the point of it being impractical.


  15. About time they introduced this. I got tired of being harassed after the battle by sore buttknockers.

  16. So…. they spam “friend invites” then?

    Seen a guy abusing the old system, by opening like a hundred chatt windows.
    Since he wasnt ignored right away – i remained on his list, despite ignoring him later.

    So, he could not send me any message like he did in the first 20 conversations,
    but he was able to open 50 empty chatt-windows without any issues, which i had to close or just “overlook”.

    AND i bet 10€ that this system will have similar flaws!!

    Why don’t they fucking copy a system like in eve online?
    Which has the finest chatt.system i know <.< christ sake. not even stealing is easy enough?

    ps. they might changed the "adding part" a little. but what about the rest?
    fonts… zoom… name-color for users… and the others things that are been around since over 25 years<.<

    fail. thats 1 out of 100 possible points, i cant image any test they would not fail with that score.

  17. Final-fucking-ly, i hate it when know it all trolls contact me after the game, post nonsense and garbage and then quickly add me to their blacklist, puny humans with small souls.

    When they do that ill just copy their nick and send them a PM back on the forums depending on the level of retardness in their messages.

  18. Awww, I’m actually kinda sad now. No more receiving rage messages after battle and trolling the shit out of whoever sent them.

    Ah well, time to insult the shitter pubs even more.

  19. So after a game and someone wants to talk ‘shit’ about you they actually need to get that persons approval first? They cant just add you to the friends list, talk shit about you/to you? Then IGNORE you putting you on their Blacklist? lol ok.

  20. I usually only fried someone to send them a message if:
    A) I accidentally team killed them and I want to apologize
    B) Someone asks me a question and I don’t have time to answer during the battle

    I think in 27k battles, only once has someone contacted me after a battle to complain. It was on Dragons Ridge, and I was in an arty. A scout (13/75 maybe) was in their rear and had just tracked an enemy light. There was also an enemy T29 there but he was full strength and moving. So I killed the light. Shortly after our scout died and he spent the rest of the game (and after) raging that I should have killed the T-29 and not stolen his kill. I see his point but I couldn’t have killed the T29 and frankly, he should have left the area after the spots rather than try to duke it out with a heavy.

    So overall, I will miss the old system of sending messages.

  21. I just hope WG will increase the limit on “blacklist”. I don’t yet feel like disabling chat in random battles but some days… i mean fuck anyone typing in their native language

  22. this means I’ll be deleted from all the good players friend list that added me but I didn’t add back that randomly invite me to various platoons…fuck that! I’d rather have 5-6 platoon invites for different tiers to pick the one I feel like playing than no invites at all after this genius update!

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