28.1.2015 (Part II)

- Super Pershing in HD will come “very soon”
- HD IS-3 will keep the unhistorical BL-9 gun
- current interation of HD IS-3 has 50913 polygons
- in HD, various “paper” vehicles’ details will be modelled using analogy to existing vehicles (for example, T110 like M103 and others)
- HD models are now produced by both outsourcers and by WG internally
- Tiger II and T-62A in HD will also come relatively soon
- for now, the base color of German models will not be changed (SS: player specifically asked from Feldgrau to Dunkelgrau)
- Storm states that when it comes to the frontal plate angles of HD IS-3, everything should be alright
- M6A2E1 HD model is not ready yet
- there will not be any new artillery branches in 2015

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    • So super P got major nerf for historical reasons..to the extent wg issued refunds..but is3 gets to keep its admitted unhistorical gun. Because wg logic…….and raisins.

      • Does the Tiger 2 have a 105mm L61?
        Does the T32 have -10 gun depression?
        Does the E 75 get a 128mm gun?

        Yes. Dont complain. BL-9 in game is nerfed, it is decent for tier 8.

        • Tiger II 10.5cm is a historical proposition from krupp, even WT:GF has that version. How ever the T32 had a 90mm irl not a 105mm for your information.

          BL9 is more than decent with 390 alpha and 225mm pen.

          • Then IS-3 with BL 9 is also just as historical. In fact, IS-3 with M62 T2 is MORE historical. You want that to happen?

            Oh it is a good gun. Though 0.4 accuracy and 3.4 sec aim time DOES damage it’s potential IMHO.

            I was talking about the T32 having -5 gun depression IRL.

            The BL 9 in game is not as strong as it was IRL.

            • What historical evidence is there that BL-9 or M62 should have been an upgrade to the is3?

              Why not give the is3 a DT-25 and invent some semi historical bs ammo that makes pen 225 or similar.

                • The IS-8/T-10 deffinitely used it.

                  I have heard that the M62 has been mounted used, but since I cant confirm it, I wont use it.

                  The BL 9 has been mounted on an IS-3. For all its power, however, it is not a very durable gun. That is why it was not used.

                  Anyways, superior 350+ HEAT pen rounds and newer APCR rounds for the D25T (remember, it is accurate in real life) helped it.

                • I doubt the BL-9 was mounted on IS-3.
                  First of all, it was being developed for SU-152.
                  Secondly, there were guns being developed as a possible upgrade for KV-1S with similar ballistics.
                  Thirdly, their development was canceled long before the IS-3 went into production.

                  IS-3 wouldn’t even need any special ammo if it were to lose BL-9. For example, it could be replaced by modernized D-25TA (mainly for the accuracy upgrade over normal D-25T as well as keeping XP prices) which would use BR-471D, post-war APCBC that is currently in-game as premium APCR.
                  I believe this (or something similar) was mentioned some time ago by Storm.

                  Edit: Out of curiosity, would you happen to have a source on the T32 gun depression?

                • Very little would change from balance standpoint, while historicity would be improved. That’s the whole point. Of course that at the same time means it has low priority.
                  Don’t you think M62 would be little bit too strong at tier 8?

          • More than decent? Its a good gun. Not more.

            Penetration is the same as on Tiger 2.
            Accuracy is much worse.
            Aimtime, too.
            It has more alpha-dmg thats all.
            In my oppinion, the IS-3 with Tiger 2 gun would be way better than with the BL-9. Btw: If the D-25T fits in that turret, it could not be THAT hard to fit the BL-9 in there. If it’s a historical proposition is the other question.

        • Right. Who Cafés about guns.

          They could just rename the original and ADF other stats… To make +900 gun types :)

          Having wt like fakes is a Real issue girls!

      • IS3 is regular tank not premium, also the bl-9 was probably a future and possible upgrade on the is3 im not wront. Also many tanks has unhistorical guns to balance it. SP only got armor layout changed just like the is3 did in 8.8.

        Also whats your solution for the IS3? Give it the DT-25 with special ammo so it gets 225mm pen anyways? I hope you dont think the IS3 should have the DT-25 with regular ammo at 175mm. How would that be balanced at tier 8?

        Most tanks having unhistorical guns are not even russians they are german and american. Several american tanks are overbuffed in gun departments because they must be balanced.

        • It could have the D-25AT with some newer ammo type and get similar pen as the bl-9. Devs even said they would keep the same stats for the gun but change the looks (so it looks historical).

          Also giving the is3 the M62 would be too OP, 258mm pen and 440 dmg on a tier 8 heavy, no pls. I am more for the D-25AT or D-25 and then introduce some semi historical ammo so it gets 225mm pen or something like that.

      • It didn’t get a historical nerf!

        It got nerfed passively because they changed how spaced armor works and they tried to buff it a bit because it relied heavily on that spaced armor that now has very little value.

        If Super Pershing was historical it should get around 200+ mm of penetration. The whole point of this tank was to carry a very powerful gun capable of destroying Tigers.

    • not so super pershing will get buffed, i dont see any reason why it should be nerfed further, it has a 90mm with 170mm pen and weak side, rear and top armour, the front is now easy to pen and no1 has to even bother aiming for weak spots….
      it will get buffed

        • It’s not a heavy at all, it is a medium. Compared to other premium vehicles of its tier, it’s still really bad after all.

        • Neither tiger II or is3 got their supposed “upgrades” mounted or tested in real life and it doesnt even say anything about the 105mm on the T32 either or 10.5 on the vk045a other than the devs have assumed that future upgrades could consist of that. So tiger II and is3 they are as accurate then I guess despite there are no specific documents saying that the is3 should mount anything other than the d-25t. Saying that “all tanks should be upgraded with the m62″ is kinda bold and general statement. That is like saying “all german tanks should have gas turbine engines”. Anyways it is pretty dumb to include history in wot because most tanks are paper projects and or having paper project modules just for the balance.

          The E75 for example, the only historical information I can find is that it would weigh 10t more than tiger II and would mount the 10.5cm max due to the same turret size as the krupp turret (which was still too small for the 10.5cm anyways to work decent). In game the E75 weigh 88t. It is safe to say that it would have thicker armor all around but not as thick as it has currently.

            • All these T15M2 or whatever thingy guns on the M46 are not even real. They are all WG’s creative creations, designed to buff the M46 beyond its historical capabilities so they could place the tank at tier 9. Just like the E-50 and the E-50M.

                • WG save tanks for future implementations its not economicly viable to release all “good” tanks at once. They rather keep some tanks to introduce them later and nerf/rebalance/make older tenks premium so people spend money to rebuy their old tanks and retrain crew skills or what ever.

                  That is why the are holding out on french and japanese tanks and even chinese tanks such as arty and TD. They do it by purpose.

  1. RIP T110e5 armour if they’re going to use a similar layout to the M103, that thing got smashed by the nerf bat armour wise when they made the HD model :(

    • The M103′s frontal armor used to be pretty great, even the lower plate trolled quite a bit. Now..it still has a hint of greatness, but I have no problem blitzing through it as long I as don’t hit the ufp at an auto bounce angle or perhaps the gun mantle flush on. The cupola is larger and thinner too, so that really hurt it.

    • What. And how do you figure. They’re just going to add crew stowage boxes, jerry cans and pioneering tools to all those prototypes that so far lacked this kind of detailing. Because, you know, almost all prototypes so far have been modeled in ‘testing ground’ style (unless they resemble the KT, then they already got stuff from KT). For m110e5 they’re going to use stuff from m103 as analogy, vk30s are getting the Panther treatment, Leo prototype from Leo, stuff like that.

      • What value does all this junk on tanks give really? Like shovels, cans, tools etc? Just visual stuff. Also who cares about HD models anyways its not like the tanks we see in game even existed in that configuration. I have never seen a real life is3 with a bl9 or a tiger II with a 10.5cm, or even better a T32 with a 105mm where the turret barely fitted a 90mm.

        • Well, I know some players (and myself from time to time) that run the 90mm as the pen is sufficient and the handling is better. Keeps it rather competitive, and is commonly seen in tier 8 competitive game-modes.

      • I think T110E5 will retain it’s original armor because unlike M103, T110E5 never existed except some designs and a mockup. So basically WG can give E5 any values they want. Where as M103 was actually a production tank with real armor values and such.

  2. Damn, part II? You done wrecking that pussy already SS? You’re a practical person, busy and all, I can understand.

  3. “- for now, the base color of German models will not be changed (SS: player specifically asked from Feldgrau to Dunkelgrau)”

    So we are talking about changing the color from grey to grey? Seriously, that is just plain stupid asking for that. I understand people asking for dunkelgelb for some of the late WWII german tanks, that would be actually nice, but changing one grey to a different shade of grey is just stupid. Mess with the filters a little, and there you have the dunkelgrau.

    • Is ‘dunkelgrau’ a historical paint colour? I think WG and/or SS fucked up, and they mean dunkelgelb.

      • Dunkelgrau (a very dary grey) was the colour used from 1940 to 1942 so it’s more historically than using Feldgrau which was a colour for uniforms not vehicles.

        Personally I’m not convinced that the current colour is Field Grey anyway as that has a more green hue to it whereas the curent one is just a light grey.

    • Some consistency between the old “SD” and the new “HD” models would have been nice. That is the background behind that question.

    • Why is it stupid as the current grey is way too light. A more correct colour is already in the game as part of the early desert camo. Of course it wouldn’t be correct for all vehicles but at least it would be for some.

  4. - Super Pershing in HD will come “very soon”

    I’m actually looking forward to this – it was good looking to begin with.

    Also, I still believe the Super Pershing is the *only* tank in the game still that rocks and sways a full 360 degrees when firing at the corners of the tank or when receiving a hit from the side. Watch it sway around when you fire at a 45 degree angle – I can’t think of a single tank other than this that does it – it’s brilliant looking.

  5. “- for now, the base color of German models will not be changed (SS: player specifically asked from Feldgrau to Dunkelgrau)”

    What’s the damn difference? Grey’s a grey. But yeah, Jerry tanks (at least tier VII+ if not all) should be painted in Panzergelb…

  6. “- HD models are now produced by both outsourcers and by WG internally”

    thats why they look so different …

    Tiger I, Panther looks great, stug, jpanther… not so much. quality is day and night difference.

    not talking baout the color… some are dark grey some are almost white… loos like fucking amateurs did the game…

  7. Are they gonna give the SP it’s original frontal armor back, or it gonna stay as is?

    • It will stay as is since it’s historical, but the gun will remain unhistorically gimped and the armor will probably get more shades of weak zones.

        • Also the engine is not even the pershings stock engine.. it should be a pershing with extra armour bolted on. Gun should be the same and the engine should be the same.. but no let’s put a tier 6 engine on it…

          • Just like on the german tanks despite many of them had historical proposals to mount 800-900hp engines. I guess they some times buff tanks with historical projects and some times nerf them despite that historical proposals exist. SP is nerfed because it is a premium and to be fair it is the only tier 8 medium that has so noob friendly frontal armor so they need to balance it some way.

  8. Did you mean DUNKELGELB? That’s the mustard yellow that replaced the gray.

    Also- still waiting on zimmerit coating!

  9. Yeah yeah yeah, IS-3, stronk tonk, for mother Russia, blah blah blah and all that jazz.

    More updates on the HD model of the T95 would be really great and more information of the upcoming redesign to the T28 would also be awesome to see.

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  11. - there will not be any new artillery branches in 2015

    first rebalance all artys before implementing new ones

  12. “- Super Pershing in HD will come “very soon””

    On the 9.6 Test server, the Super Pershing has a brand new garage slot picture (looks way different). I’m guessing we’re going to see it in HD very, VERY soon.

    • Wow, they are actually very different… hopefully we’ll see this in 9.7? It might make me want to actually get one despite it being so unreliable :\

    • yeah i noticed that too LOL, i thought, “that’s definitely changed, but it looks worse now.”

  13. Super Pershing`s top speed is lower. About 5 km/h. And WG still sell it as 40,2 km/h tank.

    Answer from them:

    “There might be indeed a discrepancy between the real and announced max speeds of this tank and, as we are always looking at finding new bugs and errors to make our game better and more fun for everyone, I have added the link concerning bug reports for World of Tanks: ….”


  14. Please, can you post the leak for February missions?
    Manny thanks for what you do for us “wotters”.

  15. HD models? that is so 2014! cmon WG you are better than that.. we need 4k tank models!
    but in all seriousness, wg in gods name stop working on tank models that nobody really cares about. we need new game modes, new tank lines.. at least something to keep us going

  16. Pffft… So they are going to keep unhistorical gun for IS-3, but they are going to remove WT E-100?

    • WT E-100 is completely fake, IS-3 could actually have a possibility of having that gun (even tho it didn’t get the gun IRL)

      • Well, if we’re going to be entirely honest here, there’s loads of other completely fake things in WoT. Just look at some of the game mechanics for instance:

        1. The spotting mechanics is also completely fake. A tank won’t be spotted by the crew just because there’s a continuous line between a tanks cupola and a special dot on another tank.

        2. The camouflage mechanics is also completely fake. A tank don’t have a magical value that tells it how well it will stay hidden… that completely depends on how well you hide it.

        3. The HP mechanics is also completely fake. If a AP-shell penetrates the armor it will travel into the crew compartment and kill everyone inside, not subtract HP from a fake value representing HP.

        and maybe most important of all:

        4. All tanks that were actually not produced are also fake since they actually never where produced. Prototypes and “paper-tanks” are allowed in game, and who says that WT auf E-100 actually wasn’t a real drawing? I mean, WG made up the idea of WT auf E-100 from somewhere, why wouldn’t Germany possibly have done the same? Just becouse it’s not in the archives doesn’t mean it was never drawed/considered.

        Bottom line is that I don’t actually care so much about the tank itself as I’m fairly disappointed that the replacement will not have an autoloader… that was kind of the goal of grinding that line; the accuracy, penetration, damage, reload… that cannon was so nice and now they will remove it :(

        • They dont want to remove the wte100 just because it is compleate fake, but because it is problematic as well. Read what the devs said earlier either tanks that are too unhistorical or problematic will get phase out. Is3 is historical as fuck compared to wte100 even with the bl9 because I think SS mentioned that they proposed a bl9 gun for it or m62 or something like that. What we know though is that there was some kind of idea to mount a upgraded 122mm on the is3. How ever we dont know what the rof and depression would be.

          Just like the vk045b, that is also overbuffed to the extent that it is not historical. The armor was never that thick, at most the armor could be like on the vk045a (which is a more sane armor upgrade looking at the original armor thickness). Also the gun and turret is fake on the vk045b there were never historical proposals for a 12.8cm gun. A 10.5cm gun at most.

  17. - Super Pershing in HD will come “very soon”

    yeah, it was my first tank as a reward from missions, and my most played !

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