- the HD E-100 gun is of correct thickness and length
- some details on the HD E-100 model will be reworked to higher details
- the 150mm upper front plate strip of HD E-100 model will remain 150mm thick, its angle however will be fixed
- Storm confirms that gradually, fake or problematic (not very historical) vehicles will be removed from the game, this includes current overbuffed FV4202, FV215b (120) and WT E-100
- another reason for WT E-100 replacement is the fact that it’s really hard to balance, either it sucks or it gets overpowered
- HD IS-3 collision model is not developed yet, Storm will see if there are any armor nerfs or buffs
- currently, WG developers are collecting photos of Batchat 25t rusty prototype so they have more materials for its HD rework
- no ETA on IS-3 in HD “for various reasons”
- some models are created using the photogrammetry method, while others are 3D scanned. Photogrammetry is an alternative method, because the 3D scanner can’t be used everywhere (SS: the background of this question is that I asked Storm, why is WG waiting for a 3D scan of Action X turret from Bovington, when they are using a different method here).

Well, today Q&A comes a bit earlier, gonna be busy later on, so have an nice rest of the day :)

79 thoughts on “28.1.2015

  1. Wow, really early Q&A today, you preparing something special for us later on, SS?

    l.e.: Nevermind, just read the last line

      • when did WT E100 EVER suck?

        Isnt it better to error so it sucks rather than most OP tank in game? After all, theres PLENTY of sucky tanks in the game, but very few considered the most OP tanks in the game!

        Esp a tank that existed in drawings only and would have sucked in real life completely vulerable to anything on a real battlefield.

        • I believe the answer was more like “None of your business” or something along the lines…

          Anyway, to the point:
          Sometime ago they stated “E-100 hull existed, so it will be historical, we can ballance only turret”. Some time later it was “E-100 has historical THICKNESS, but the UFP is more angled – for ballance purposes”. And now they change yet another amor angle “for balance purposes”? Can’t they, like, stick to the original plan, make realistic hull and then do something with the turret only?

  2. I have 2 questions on E 100:
    1. Did Wargaming fix the lower frontal plate angle. IRC it was 51 degrees by design and 50 in game.
    2. Will wargaming fix the upper plate angle? It is 63 degrees now. It should be 60.

    • WT Panzer X
      Just like the curent WT E100 it will have a heavy armored hull with a paper turet but it will sport twin very acurate and autoloaded 150mm pulse guns.
      Penetration around 1500mm and around 3000hp dmg/shell. The autoloading sistem sports 10 shell drums on each gun shoting every 1.5 sec. The trick is loading takes very long, aprox. 15min in total so … you will not get to shoot … at all!


      • Since is not approved by Stalin nor russian…..so NO. :)

        Pls rename it with “IS-X”, Stalin’s slogan everywhere on the exterior…

  3. - Storm confirms that gradually, fake or problematic (not very historical) vehicles will be removed from the game, this includes current overbuffed FV4202, FV215b (120) and WT E-100

    I take it there are far more fakes in the game, or real tanks with fake upgrades.

    • There’s a few more implicitly WG designed vehicles, and another good chunk of vehicles that WG had a hand in “filling in the blanks”

      However on the core idea of the vehicle, most of the 380+ tanks in game are at least native to their home nation.

      You’d get far more “fakes” from vehicles with modules padded in for game purposes

      • Not all of the Wargaming designed vehicles are problematically fake though. The E-50s for example fit the original plan for the vehicles and are a good idea of what those tanks may well have been were they ever made.

    • The “fakeness” of many tanks usually revolves around them being untested paper tanks that overperform in game because the engineers have unrealistic expectations of their creation’s effectiveness on the field, and WG can often only go by paper data when they implement a tank.

      IMO prototypes should never be better than actual tanks, because in reality prototypes never entered production for a reason.

      • Many prototypes aren’t produced because they don’t work, but either due to management/politics. It could cost too much, or a big honcho liked the other guy’s prototype more, etc.
        Or even more different reasons. KV-3 for example was not produced despite being approved for mass-production, because the factory was attacked.

      • What about the is7 ? that is technically a prototype that not at all near historical.
        It is normally the reverse, design and build a prototype tank, pass tests then refine the design so less materials are used, production. the is 7 production model would probably lost all those MGs, had some of it’s armour thin out e.g. engine deck, rear and it auto feed system removed. It got canned due to changing mind set and it being a too heavy for some bridges.

      • You do realise dear red_warning that many of those prototypes never came to be only because they were beyond the metallurgy and general technology of that time ?

        I have nothing against paper prototypes, these are fully legit tanks and those who disagree are just Wehraboos who belive in indestructible Tigers, Shermans burning all the time and succsessful Soviet Suicide dogs. Your ideas ar at least no better than overbuffed prototypes.

        • But a lot of the fake tanks are German, so why would Wehraboos complain about them? Plus, how does the (non)success of the Soviet dog-bomb program correlate to being a Wehraboo? What are you even trying to say?

      • There was an “idea” from Ferdinand Porsche to undertake tthe GW Tiger project.

        You know, that tank is just an extension of his idea, although ridiculous, I still think it’s far more legit than WT-E100

        • WT E100 is a joke.

          Its something u design on paper for “kicks” knowing it would never be produced because it would never work on a real battlefield.

          One HE shell or even a grenade and its knocked out. The fact thst it can clip an E100 is really ridiculous.

        • There was NO idea. What happened is WG got it wrong because they misinterpreted something and it bloomed into the GW Tiger P. Sadly there is basically no other options for the GW Tiger P other then to split the GW Tiger into two tanks.

          Well… There is a 21cm Mortar carrier but that’s basically it unless you get into some very obscure stuff. Or use captured material.

    • Why in the world would it lose the pike nose? Are you perhaps worried the Firefly is going to lose its 17pdr too?

          • Guys, I think you’re missing one thing.

            There was one IS-3 prototype WITHOUT the pikenose, It was a Kirovets prototype (sae as stock turret). Though it was nothing fancy, it looked like Chinese 112 more or less. SerB once said that if they implement alternative hulls, this would be the thing.

            I think CrimsonSam was referring to it.

            • He is reffering to the picture in the previous post. He put a comment stating that the IS-3 got buffed because it lost its pike nose(which is not correct, he just didn’t see it right).

              • Damnit. I checked 3 times the picutre and I still didn’t see pike nose. :/
                Or I/you need better glasses, or we don’t have the same image. :p

                • It’s really hard to see, but if you zoom in, you can see that those “pikes” on the hull are pointing in different directions, indicating that the frontal hull isn’t flat.

            • Also what is the chance of one of the few iconic tanks suddenly being replaced with a one-off prototype ‘just because’ anyway?

    • Why? E5 (if they give it the real frontal armor shape that was planned, though the M103 egg shaped hull aint bad) is mostly a real project. So is the E3 mostly… E4 is the problem here.

      • Even for the e4 is a historical replacement. So the e4 might as well prepare its Anus this Year

          • T110E3 in reality was E4, the in-game E4 is fake to make a turreted murrican TD’s consistent, the 110E5 was a real project that didn’t go far.

            Again, prototypes but I’m okay with that.

  4. FV4202 overbuffed ? Such a statement lets me fear that the CentAX will be mediocre at best.

  5. “- Storm confirms that gradually, fake or problematic (not very historical) vehicles will be removed from the game…”

    Hmmmmm, T28 is being replaced too, whatabout T28 Prot, T25 AT and T25/2?
    Hmmmmm….Probably not in this year :D

    • FV4202 is over buffed indeed

      IT IS NOT OverPowered it is over buffed fv4202 is becoming teir 8 premium for a reason and that is because tier X medium 4202 is buffed a lot to be in tier X

  6. I would like to see IS3 nerfed. Currently, it’s an op tank. Even idiots can do well in it, and they can do well cuz the tank is good, not cuz they do something smart. When a good player drives IS3, it’s just .. And yeah, like IS before him, IS3 is a biggest “idiot magnet” in the game, and i HATE when i see retard in a IS3 having a great game without deserving it.

    • So you are the mysterious RNGesus everyone is talking about? This seems like the only explanation why you get to decide when somebody “deserved” a great game.

    • No because the E50M is not problematic. E50 design and proposal for rear mounted transmission are historical propositions on the E series hull. What isnt is the gun, which would most likely be the 8.8cm. WTE is not a historical project and it is problematic, ofc it should get removed.

      • E-50M will stay. Is a historical project that was patented. By SerB that is. Lel (was posted on ftr at some point, can’t be bothered to find you the link :P)

  7. “Storm confirms that gradually, fake or problematic (not very historical) vehicles will be removed from the game, this includes current overbuffed FV4202, FV215b (120) and WT E-100″

    i really recommend this. but whats about the JP E-100, the E50M or the VK72 fake shit?

        • So is is3 with bl9, it was never even a proposed project or upgrade. Or the T32 with 105mm. Where does WG draw the line between fake and historical? Since many tanks are upp gunned and upp moduled in WOT. Or they are guesstimations like armor and gun on vk450a and e75.

  8. Is the 150mm strip going to lose or gain a bit of slope? Reducing the slope on that might hurt just a bit against tall vehicles or high pen guns.

  9. - Storm confirms that gradually, fake or problematic (not very historical) vehicles will be removed from the game, this includes current overbuffed FV4202, FV215b (120) and WT E-100

    goodbye e50m, bl9 is3, 105mm king tiger, JGPZ E100, wt E100, T110E4/E3, etc… good to have known you, may you rest in peace