Individual Mission Rigging Caught on Video

Thanks to Buum99 for this video.

Hello everyone,

I am sure many of you have seen this in battle – people screwing the team for the sake of their individual missions. Usually, this sort of crap is not organized, but as everyone suspected, there are also cases of blatant IM rigging. Take this example:



A bunch of asshats from the -LCP- clan (yea, Czechoslovaks,making their community proud -.-) decided it would be a great idea to rig a random battle to help their teammate with the IM’s (presumably, HT-15). Watch the video, it’s pretty funny (and obvious).

This happened two days ago. Guess who didn’t get banned for it? Wargaming, as usual, is taking fair play “very seriously”.


107 thoughts on “Individual Mission Rigging Caught on Video

  1. Well, thats what happens when they design the missions as they have done.

    Remember: WG, Best QA Worldwide…….

    • Exactly. how often has ANYBODY gotten 16k combined? And who’s to say the difference between somebody who fought a bunch of baddies and got it and what that video looked like?

      Fuck WG and their stupid fucking Individual Missions that require platooning.

      • tbh last night i tried to get the 15th mission with honours and i did 15k combined but i had morons in the other team. I did in fact the mission for the object although i needed only8k and win…… so it happens now and then but this what they did is just to obvious …… if they were like 250 meters apart nobody would see it ….. but like this on point blank you gota be stupid as an Ox or Sarah Palin LOL

    • These missions would be easy to complete, if those retards in WG didn’t make gold shells for credits. Since then, only armor that has some effect is the armor of tracks.

  2. For desino Lifetime ban others 1 month.

    FYI these LCP clan is fauvorite clan of Czech forum moderators and WG Staff so i dont expect any normal solution of this rigging problem.

    • LCP are cunts, not only because of this + they suck hard so why they love them so much ?

    • So I’ve been told that someone on FTR said -LCP- is a favourite clan for Czech WG Staff. Let me just make the thing clear: Just because they were the only one who contacted me with an idea for a contest, that doesn’t mean they’re our favourite clan. Yes, we did two contests with them. But because other Czech clans seems to not to bother to ask for our support for their contests, it doesn’t make this particular clan our favourite. Rest assured that regarding this incident, players have been already punished by both their commander and WG.
      If you are a member of a clan and you also have an idea for contest which we could support, don’t hesitate and send me a PM via forums. If you are a member of a clan, don’t hesitate to visit our forums and join our series of clan contests.
      Have a nice day ;)

  3. Plenty of oddball plays going on since the introduction of IM.
    Players platoon up to complete their IM and ignoring the rest of the battle.
    WG doesn’t care about cheaters as long as there are people play the game and spending the time.
    HD models in upgrades are the easiest things to do rather than fixing these cheater clans/players or Matchmaker.

    • I’m glad I got helped by some teammates with those cap missions. It’s sometimes just a matter of ‘get help, now, once – don’t screw all the next battles tryin’ and tryin’ and tryin …’

  4. Well, maybe they shouldn’t have introduced missions that need you to screw the outcome of the battle to fulfill the requirements IN A PVP ENVIROINMENT.

    • so true, so true.

      I cant really blame them, but WG for such a bad introduction of these IMs.
      Not that all are bad – a lot of them are really nice and challenging. But too many of them, as said before, are just stupid and/or screw with the often already very poor gameplay.

    • That’s not an excuse – if you can’t do them, then just don’t, or leave it to luck, you have HALF A YEAR to finish them. And for many players they are fairly easy.

      It’s not an excuse to rig battles. It’s the same like if you said that CWs shouldn’t have been introduced, because they screw up gameplay on larger scale (sometimes you want to lose to secure better defense time) in a PVP environment…

      • “Leave it to luck”? It would work if they were ALL active until completed, not “finish one to unlock others”. Some of them often need picking the right tank to do them or playing against your gamestyle or acting egoistic. Some of them need all of the above :P

        • “That’s not an excuse – if you can’t do them, then just don’t, or leave it to luck, you have HALF A YEAR to finish them. And for many players they are fairly easy”

          Problem is that:
          1) I can only play one day per week. I think that I’m not the only one to have a lot of work,…
          2) I want to also fulfill the missions for T28C. So I have to hurry up.
          3) I have to adopt a shitty gameplay (compared to usually) tu fulfill some of them.
          4) Other people do crap, just like me (and even worse). So it is even more difficult to do it quickly.

  5. i thought there for a second… “how is this rigging”, then i realised there were people from that same clan on the player’s team.

      • mate,these guys are yellow-red tomatoes.flanking is like rocket sience for them.its obvious because they are from same clan not because e-100 didnt flank.

  6. I saw no cheat. It’s only what happened when an average, two below average and a very bad players meet a unicum player. Tomatoos don’t cheat, they are just… tomatoos…

  7. as that guy said in forum, it was a midnight match. and this is what i said when we saw the missions. just push the button exactly at the same time, especially when the servers have the lowest player count.

    • The game has been utter shit since the IM got introduced, so much fail and retarded shit it is unplayable, people play to finish missions not to win and be effective. I am so tired of all this “pls cap, pls let mi kell arty, pls gimme kill”. Fuck that. 90% of players go to the same side leaving the other flanks empty. And so many high tier TDs and arty shooting gold it is a fucking joke, it is not fun anymore. 98% of all games has 3-5 high tier artys now days due to the stupid missions. It is unplayable.

  8. Another Polish guys is freaking about some Czech dudes …good job man. Those guys are from same clan and have noob stats. They could have played so poor that they couldn’t penetrate .. or they just wanted to shoot other tanks driving around them…. And u want perma ban? FOR WHAT? They did not cheat, they did not shoot friendly targets … they only wanted to have fun or complete mission…

    lol when u don’t like this game … DON’T PLAY IT

    • Sure they help him to finish the mission, and there is a problem. Every time if someone from enemy team help you do something (win, mision, etc…) its breaking rules and harm the others players.

      This is individual mission not clan missions

    • And you really believe what you are saying????

      I can tell you what they did. They made the mission HT-15 and just rigged the mission for sure. Normaly these guys will never manage to make these needed 8k or 10k. So they meet somewhere and give each other tons of bouncers. What a crap. This video should be enough to give them at least some temporarly ban!!!!

      I remember that they said that rigged IM will be something you get banned for. But was this reported to WG with this video? I will seee some action here from WG.

    • Yeah they accidentally met guy from same clan, they accidentally shot whole time in to strongest parts of his IS-4, and accidentally IS-4 player had just enough block damage on mission. No rigging at all…

      If you cant play by the rules dont play at all, or go cheat to some SP game.

    • Yeah…sure… In this game there is not cheating,but it is unfair gameplay to the E100s team!
      Think about it,Bat and 2 E100s stopped for 3 minutes by a single IS-4?!? In normal game this IS-4 would have been dead in seconds AND the platoon would have pushed forward eventually eliminating new targets but not here! Here we have 3 top tier players or 1/5 of the team doing nothing!
      Don’t know for u but for me this shit is the same as if they teamkilled someone or drowned,and therefore it must be punished!

    • they play the game?they decide to screw battle for 13 teammates by shoting with e-100s multiple times at side of turret of is4 so cells would ricoshet to complete the mission forgeting something about fair game and try to win battle.this is rigged just because they are from same clan and battle was midnight.less people play that time and if some players press battle at same time there is high propability to play at same battle.ban and make mission incomplete again for e-100.

    • I’m not playing the game anymore but I’m still going full racist against piece of scrap human-like bastards like you.

      TL, DR: Fuck you.

  9. What did WOT think was going to happen? With the missions setup the way they are it’s hard to win some of them without getting help from someone and the bigger clans will always do whatever it takes to win. Time and time again WOT lets the bigger clans do as they please and then punish the smaller clans when they do the same. Guess if you can afford to have a developer in your pocket you can do as you please in this game.

    • “if I’m to dumb to do something, that must mean everyone who achieves it must be cheating”

      explanation of above post and 99% of the cheater, hacker, aimbot crying tomatoes ingame.

  10. I have been stuck on the final HT for a week now with 19/20 commendations since my highest tier heavy is a an E75. I know their grief when it’s not your personal skill that determines if you are to complete some missions, but RNG does. When I would meet friends on the other team I would probabbly do the same. WG really needs to relook at the objectives of the missions and make them focus on actually playing/winning the game instead of focussing purely on your own IM’s (killstealing specific tanks, camping, yolo scouting etc etc)

    • Which gun are you using on the E75? If you are using the 128mm gun, you might consider switching to the top 105mm gun for the mission. I know it seems counterintuitive, but the much higher rate of fire and better accuracy combine to make the damage output pretty good. You might have to spam a little gold in tier ten matches. I found that people expect the E75 to use the 128, and lots of players will rush you after you fire. With nearly half the reload time, you can be firing again much sooner, which often means more damage done in my experience. Just something to think about. I did HT-15 in the E100, and it was really easy. However, I had a friend complete it in an IS-6 the other night.

  11. When I tried to do the HT15 mission with my E-100 I met an enemy E-100 in Himmelsdorf, our teams went on the top of the hill, so we were alone, and both hull down. He shot an AP shell into my turret and I decided not to load HEAT, and just shoot his turret with AP. I think he also needed the same mission, so we helpd each other without talking about it. At the and we both had the needed amount of damage blockd by armor.

  12. Everyone was expecting this to happen. I can’t say I blame them, some IM require rigging the match, or playing a few thousands of battles. WG is to blame for this.

    • You can’t blame WG for this. If someone decides to rig, there is no excuse for their action. Yes, some missions are hard. Yes, some missions require a certain amount of luck and a somewhat large amount of games. But what’s the hurry?! These missions aren’t going anywhere. You have all the time in the world to complete them. The only reason they rigged the game is because they suck and otherwise couldn’t complete it(the way WG intended).

    • This missions are not to complete in 2 days, WG say its a mission for a long time and btw Im close to finish mission on T28HTC and I don’t rigged any single mission

  13. This Clan has Level 8 Stronghold, I will set an attack weekly now – Who is with me? (they are bad so its not even a challenge but maybe they learn something?)

    Despite having lvl 8 they dont show up when you search for them – wtf maybe they degraded directly when they saw this article :D

  14. Well, i would call this typical czechoslovak clan behaving, atleast acording to my experience.

  15. SS seemes to ito be jealous as fuck because nobody helps him with missions lol :) Honestly I don’t care – actualy, it’s a good to know that there are clan whose clanmates are helping each other unlike bia or fame loosers ;)

    • GJ, u have no brain. This is like cheat. Well if for IM, u could not do that, like to have two clan mates spam at you, to give u damage block by armor, it wont be so easy. U are the same, like those fucker. So fuck u.

      • As I said before, another jealous bitch bitching about having no good friends to help you :) Have a nice day

    • Yeah, cause if u r to bad to win the tour the france, that clearly makes it a legal and right move to dope…

      • You silly. Organisors of Tour de France obviusly asked for it. They should have made the requirement: Drive a bike 100 meters. All people who finish this get an equal reward. Bike is optional.

      • Tour De* France

        And yeah, missions are aimed at skilled (understand “lucky”) players. If you cant complete them, it means you’re not good/lucky enough, so you dont deserve the final price.

      • Comparing the ridiculous WoT IM’s to real-life competitive sports? Don’t make me laugh, dude. Wait… too late!

  16. Even hardcore missions are not an excuse for rigged battles, those who do it should be banned anyway.

    But you cant deny that WG asked for it…
    “Total damage over 10k”

    Missions like this easily doable, but requires luck factor: you must have targets to shot at, ennemies to fail penning you… It’s not only skill.

    “Cap and do 1k dmg”

    No skill, it depends entirely on your team. If they kill everyone, no time for cap. If they all die, no time for cap. If you rush cap, not enough dmg. If you have all you need, someone will screw you up. No skill, just luck.

    That’s what they get for adding luck-based missions. “Individual”… The lbly individual thing is their name. It depends always on other players.

    But anyway, rig isnt solution, unless many many ppl do it so WG will consider changing some things…

    Everybody, rig battles :)

    • Why even waste time on IM, for what reason? To get some POS tanks, no thanks. Only desperate idiots make these missions and WG know people will buy tanks and gold ammo specialy to do this missions.

  17. Given I completed HT-15 on first attempt with E 100 because some scrubs in a JPE100, E 100, and IS-7 had managed to get to Tier X without working out how to shoot, rush, flank, or even load APCR/HEAT, preferring instead to just sit there and bounce things off the various bits of autobounce armour, it is still a 50-50 whether this was rigging, or just standard run of the mill terrible play.

    To be honest, I’m more surprised there hasn’t been more butthurt over the fact the IMs favour players with a large variety of tanks in garage, and how WG favours those guys.

  18. Wait – you seriously think WGN does care about that?

    I just thought from the Beginning that these silly Missions will screw up the Gameplay! Comes as no surprise….

  19. Why are people upset at WG because someone rigged a mission? People will ALWAYS rig stuff, no matter what. It makes no difference if it’s work, exams or games. People try to find an easy way. This WG-bashing is getting out of hand.

  20. i just registered even though i have been reading ftr for more than 2 yrs. just to ask what group is singing that first song. What a nice cruising song.

  21. what do you mean “you have half a year to do that”?
    missions will end after half a year?

    then how it is a mission for good players if it is mostly a mission for players playing as much as possible?

    • There is no time limit. After 6 months, new missions will come, but the old ones will still stay.

  22. Sadly WG are either too stupid to do anything about it or just don’t care; I suspect the latter.

    The game as a whole is just an unplayable pile of shit atm thanks to these missions and the amount of bots being run for the referral rewards. All I can say is… roll on AW.

  23. Ok I must admit I do not see the problem here?

    If someone does a IM it does not effect any other player, they are not limited in number.

    A competition or something that it is limited yes but this I really do not see the problem?

    I help my mates out to complete their missions am I cheating as well ?

  24. Seriously who the F cares? I can’t believe something like this is on FTR. Many of these missions are idiotic in how they are worded and what they want you to do. I’m not surprised to see people resorting to this,

    • yeap SS wtf who cares drama queens??
      why all of u PPL want to be more saint than a pope ??
      none of u ever get some “help” in school / studies / work ??
      and what now ?? u wana ban all the other that get one ??

      I get it IM sux but its WG who is making them radiculus and saing do wathewer it takes to do them so

  25. True another rigged battle. Why FAME need to do such stuff? They are skilled enough to be able for it without such stuff. They don’t take the time, just rush through the missions and make rigged battles. Just to say at the end how skilled they are that they made it to the Obj260 in very less days.

  26. For me its some sort of abusing not pure cheating
    Its not this ppl foult that WG made bad decisions especially by implementing such rng demanded tasks and it backfired in all of us
    Most of IM have crappy design witch leeds to abuses and makes other ppl gamplay in randoms misarable and whats the point of the game itself ??
    To have fun … so fock all the ods stop being a prick and have a fun even if this means shooting enemy tank just to bounce them on purpose
    becouse there is really small difference between doing it on purpose or looking for some stupid tomatoes that will do it for U unintensionally
    just the chances sux :D

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    • Sorry, but you are just stupid.

      1) _Calm couldn’t even shoot each other. The E100 even picked the other side of the rock.
      2) There is nothing suspicious going on yet, you hide and type 3 lines of text distracting your team and doing nothing. If sb should have been banned, it’s you.
      3) The E5 was poking around the same corner as you. You drove in front of it.
      4) At the moment you got blocked, you were both safe only you were stupid enough to turn your turret to look behind you instead of just using RMB. You got penned thru the turret and then you offered them your side. LTP!
      5) Lastly, these guys are good enough to do the IMs without rigging and smart enough not to do it within the clan.

      There is sure a lot of rigging but this clearly wasn’t the case.

  28. I’m probably unique in this viewpoint, but Eastern Europeans not a part of the Former Soviet Union got rope for days, in my view.

    And by days, I mean 46 years.

  29. Nobody will be banned. Too many people would have to be banned. Paople paying cash for the game. That would be bad for bussiness.

  30. WOT at its finest :)))

    I wonder why i dont play it…oh right… its full of steaming shit piles…^^
    Thanks for the reminder.

    WT is better. Fact.
    Gaijin doesn’t put out such lousy “special” missions.
    All of them aim for “killing something” (not tanking/scouting idiocy)

    Rewarding sit pissers… pah.