“Happy” by Wargaming

As you can see, Wargaming is working very hard on making the game better, using their time at work in most productive ways :)



An internal (unlisted) Wargaming video with WG staff singing “Happy” :) It’s quite funny actually (not sure why it was never shared). The staffmembers are recognized are Big Boss Kislyi, Ola, Asya, Evilly and Jabba the Hutt, the rest I have no idea who they are.

54 thoughts on ““Happy” by Wargaming

  1. Sorry but CCP (eve online) did better :|
    They sing them selfs…

    Their band name is “PermaBand” < get it?

    • Its there for fun, they are having fun, and they dont care about whiners like u and white knight .:)
      They made one of the best games today, and no mather how u complain the game is having more and more players, so they are doing good job… They deserve to have some fun, not just work… No mather how much they work u will still find reason to complain so…

    • Some folks having “fun”?

      I dont really get what for is this post or other post in your posthistory.

      Also, I see what you did there, Woras :D

  2. They probably just had their fiscal year ending, thats when big companies do vids like that.

  3. It wasn’t published because ppl would write just beneath it: That is how WG celebrates when is GOLD RAINING FROM EU! :-D

  4. It’s probably unlisted because people will say things such as

    “Wargaming is working very hard on making the game better, using their time at work in most productive ways”

  5. They better hope that Lukashenko doesn’t get rolled by Putin and the nationalists get a hold of this video. Decadent capitalists dancing to corrupt Western music. Let’s see how ‘happy’ they are in a re-education camp!

      • You guys forgot to install anti-Soviet parody humour when you got set free from the ‘Soviet’ (Russian) empire?

        Hyperbole aside, it is a pretty bizarre video in historical context. I guess Belarusian nationalism isn’t nearly as stronk as the Russian variant.

  6. This explains why their product continues to be half assed and poorly programed….they are too busy being “happy” and not working on improving.

    • nahhh,, SerB is at Rocket Department,, making legal document so he can send those building material to moon,, and build a base there,, or getting drunk from rocket fuel since it’s common thing in russia,, even the bear tend to get drunk from it

    • Who could be happy having to answer all these mentally deficient Q&A sessions? He used to be the ‘nice guy’ alternative to SerB, but now he is just as bitter and sarcastic.

  7. Some of those WG ladies were pretty smashable. Yum.

    Let’s get them in game as female crew voices m’ok?

      • or his (secret) son which no one knows about until now, who has been logging onto his Dad’s computer and changing the hitboxes and HD models like the E-100.

  8. So many women work at WG but they still can’t record female voices for the female crews…

  9. At 1:16 you have Evilly, one of the leading developers, at 1:27 Kirill Oreshkin (big guy in video department, reads RNG videos) and at 1:44 I BELIEVE is Veider (lead balancer), not sure about him though.

  10. The first thing I thought was that there are beautiful women in all cultures and in all walks of life. So many lovely ladies. :) I was also sad that if an American company made a happy video there would be fewer fit people.

    as an aside, I also wish that more people would have more dignity and stop crying about everything. Constructive critique is always needed and sometimes you have to tell them how the cow ate the cabbage, but crying about every little thing is a character tell. Society has more characters than character today methinks.