45 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Tennis…

    • tank movement etc – maybe (still 3ds max can be used with AE 3d camera tracker plugin and Vray renderer – but ye element 3d looks easier)
      about explosions – 100% its fumeFX – characteristic and easy todo

  1. The 947th M1 armored brigade practically won the battles of Kursk and Stalingrad, didn’t you guy ever read a history book?

      • Mobility kill by breaking a track then call in an artillery strike.

        Or heaven forbid… one guy with a panzerfaust shooting it in the ass where the armour is trash.

        Just because it’s a MBT doesn’t mean it’s mythical, it merely has good frontal armour, good mobility and a good gun.

    • how dare you call that nationalistic crap? M1 Abrams tanks won the 1st world war and it’s global, you know.

      • Yes, but who was killed here ??? And why him y idiot? spread your horizons sabane WaffulMann and then y tell me thet is not nationalist crap

      • British won the Opium Wars using M1 Abrams tanks supplied from the ‘muricans.
        The Roman Empire also received a M1 Abrams tank and controlled Italian Peninsula.
        The dinosaurs were also eliminated by M1 Abrams tanks, so they’re extincted.

        • Leave a previous history, think about the future history!!! What would happen if an Albanian killed ??? you have no idea who is Djokovic and you bullshitting here about history

          • sarcasm lvl’s not found
            pls insert joke to his brain while he rambles all over the comments

          • LOLOLOL!!! LOL! Was that rant all about that american tank killed a serbian?!?
            Sooo much butthurt…

              • and the one who beat the crap out of russian empire in Tsushima is not Togo flagship,, Mikasa but Abrams,, or maybe,, that not Mikasa,, but the whole Abrams disguise as Battleships Mikasa,, since she was docked :P

          • You may have figured this out from the comments already, but not everyone cares about Balkan dickwaving. Djokovic is a tennis player, the fact that he is Serbian is merely coincidental. But who doesn’t love any excuse to trot out “Kosova son Argentinos” and other assorted nationalist horseshit?

  2. I am amused by the fact that nobody cared when the audience got some Michael Bay sent at them.

  3. Yeah, use one Serb to help promote the game, Djokovic should sue them :D Djokovic Djokovic DJokovic Serbian Brand, Hell YeaHH :)

  4. Well to be fair, Red Dwarf’s Kryten also borrowed “T-72 from the WW2 game”, so, if T-72, why not Abrams?

    • what? Sir you are the biggest liar i have ever seen you arent just lying but you are miss informing the people of earth Britain send their Mark II starships to Planet 709 to kill the rest of rebels USA never gained their independence and they run away to Planet 709 and Planet 503. But because Mark II starships got stuck on a black hole Planet 503 was never destroyed thats how you live you filthy liar get outta here!

  5. “ohh and look at that, terrible sportsmanship” “thats just not cricket” “no its tennis” XD