Check out the interesting articles on Overlord’s blog… an eyewitness account and the impression of the Ferdinand in battle and how chocolate for soldiers developed during the war.

- Storm confirms that the alternative hulls will be connected to the suspension module
- IS-5 will not have limited MM, but it will have 221mm pen gun
- T-54 in HD model is not correct quality wise, it’s an “early HD model”, which will be reworked (its quality will be improved)
- T-54 HD colour is not correct, the correct HD Soviet colour is the one IS-7 has
- there are no planned changes to various national colours. If tanks of the same nation differ in colour, it’s a mistake
- Storm confirms that the developers are constantly working on the servers and the matchmaker and they are constantly improving the game (SS: hmmm speaking of servers, anyone on EU has REALLY bad lags last few days?)
- Storm states that unfortunately, it’s not possible to make only one or two big patches per year instead of more small ones, for various reasons
- Storm on upgrades to the game: “Serious improvements need a lot of time for development and testing. That’s why they are so rare and why they get delayed. It’s easier to work with content. But that doesn’t mean we should not work with it at all, right?” (SS: “content” in this case means new maps and tanks)
- Storm confirms that the developers won’t remove the platoon individual missions for now
- currently, developers are analysing the IM results, it’s too early to tell whether there will be any changes

63 thoughts on “1.2.2015

      • the day they introduced winter mode in EU was the worst… unplayable… and somehow wintermode is even worse than normal games it seemed. we really need a new server…

        100k+ per server is where it really starts lagging. in the morning when there are only ~20k players online, i had a ping of 50 instead of the usual 100…

        • Meh, I remember that back in the days there were 200K players for the 2 EU servers and it was fine…

    • I asked support before and they said I had to delete (not 100% sure) .wargaming folder in “Roaming” (%appdata%), it really did work for me.

  1. - Storm confirms that the developers won’t remove the platoon individual missions for now

    Good, I love to see friendless people crying over the forums because they can’t do their shitty missions.

    It’s the only positive thing from IMs to be honest.

  2. - IS-5 will not have limited MM, but it will have 221mm pen gun

    So.. When can I buy it, SS? :D

    This will be a beast in Teams and Stongholds.. 0.0

  3. Optional hulls tied to suspension. So you must upgrade it to get an elited vehicle or what? Also they didnt mention what tanks that will have historical hulls either. Most high tanks dont have historical optional hulls either, unless they invent hulls by their own.

    • most likely those tanks will get awesome “removed one toolbox” or “added additional hammer to left side of hull” optional hulls

      • Or, you know, it’s going to work exactly the same like it does for those that don’t have any.

    • It involves various stuff on tanks such as on the T-34. Like a T-34 made by a different factory, different road wheels, more external fuel tanks, boxy external fuel tanks, more or less tools and tool boxes, more steel cables, more or less bolts in certain areas, different position of the smoke exhaust, different type of color in the metal, more extra tracks, different metal texture, dirtier tank, maybe some smoke grenade throwers, different type of mantlet, different muzzle break, and other details

  4. ye im lagging on EU 1 and 2 every now and again….or maybe its cuse ive downloaded too much pr0n recently and my provider is cutting me off….hmmmm

  5. Maybe those IM platoon missions are the reason I’m spammed with platoon invites from unknown players lately. Maybe I should accept them sometimes so they’ll know how playing with yellow in platoon looks like.

  6. ”hello, we are a bunch of incompetent developers, known as WG. we don’t want to and we don’t know how to improve the game properly. instead we introduce moronic IM missions, useless hd models, girl-crew-bimbos and tons of useless bullshit.
    Signed: Serb, The Mighty Vodka Lover.”

    • “So you’ve made a way better game on your own and are making millions and millions per year? No!? Well, your opinion is still very important to us.
      Serb, the guy laughing at butthurt noobs”

      • 1. i never paid a cent to those drunk soviets.
        2. i don’t give a fuck how much millions they are making
        3. if you spend money on WoT, definitely you’re a moron.

          • option 1: i bet you currently have a premium account.
            option 2: i bet you didn’t understand a word from what i’ve said.

        • 1. you’re a parasite then. fuck off.
          2. meh.
          3. you’re a parasite then. fuck off.

        • If people dont pay how do you expect the game to exist? I hate people that dont pay for the game. The lack of subscribtion fee for all is the reason WG has money sink in the game and fucked balance. Which makes us paying customers pay more in the end.

    • All I heard was:
      “Hello, I’m clueless about the inner workings of a game dev studio, but I’m still going to rant and belittle one just to seem cool to like-minded assholes.

      Signed: a random comment troll.”

  7. I don’t care of having a high ping a long as there are no lags. But today it was unplayable.

  8. I hope they replace those out-sourcer models such as the Jadg Panther model. We also had tons of lag on the eastern NA server.

  9. “- Storm states that unfortunately, it’s not possible to make only one or two big patches per year instead of more small ones, for various reasons”

    You know, as much as people make fun of SerB, Storm is really the clueless, DAF one. How is it “unfortunate” that you have to improve your game throughout the year instead of one or two big patches? Then again, he thinks flattening maps and a whole range of nerfs to accuracy, view range, etc will improve game play. And he seems to think fewer maps will make things better. The more he seems in charge, the worse ideas for “game improvements” get. What will it take for them to fire that fucking moron?

    • … Its about, that they dont want to put all the stuff now coming in 5-6 patches into a single one, not about making less content…

  10. Alternative hulls: yet another ‘scrapped’ concept suddenly coming in the ‘future’ again. How many more times will it be scrapped and reintroduced silently to lead players on?

      • They didn’t, they just kept pushing it back

        We’ve actually seen an advance in progress recently. Not too long ago they said they’d wait to add it until all vehicles have their HD models, now it’ll be after most get them.

          • I misinterpreted a post by SS that could have implied alternative hulls were cancelled. Still, multi-gun, and probably other stuff I can’t remember, has definitely oscillated between ‘coming soon’ and scrapped. Even the extensive delays are undeniably leading players on, most notably ‘Havok coming soon (…) eventually (…) before the end of time’.

            SS on SerB’s predictions for 2014: ‘– alternative hulls – nope (plus, this idea is strange anyway and useful only for a couple of tanks with shitloads of variants, like Panzer III, IV, Sherman, T-34 and so on)’

  11. - Storm confirms that the developers won’t remove the platoon individual missions for now

    Then those missions are not an individual missions.

  12. ” Storm confirms that the developers won’t remove the platoon individual missions for now”

    shit decision…

  13. Chocolate for germans was spiked..handed out on special missions.It would get them extremely focused and hyper, couldn’t sleep for weeks..that kind of thing.

    • It’s also some damned good stuff (it’s still made today and can be purchased). Tastes like chocolate and coffee (no surprise given how much caffeine is in it).

  14. That 221mm of penetration on the IS5 would be a good chance to increase the penetration of the D25T in general. With that, IS3 could lose its unhistorical top gun, and IS6 would might be okay if it lost its prefMM. The IS could keep only the D2-5T gun, and such balancing modifications could be further added.
    (its not like im a fan of this scenario, but this could be a OKAYish way of doing what WG wants nowadays…)

    • 221mm apcr pen, which is less than 225mm ap pen when shooting at angled areas. Devs said is3 might get a historical looking gun, but with same stats as the old one.

      • Which would actually be pretty accurate anyway, as the real IS-3 still used the D-25T, but received much better ammunition for it over the years (which is the reason why the D-25T-equipped T-10M stayed in service for as long as it did).

  15. Yeah, they must do something!!! Yesterday I played for like 3 hours or so and was constantly getting THE SAME F*****ING MAPS. 3 or 4 maps were in roll for 3 HOURS. And of course city maps cause I have to complete the LT-15 -.-

  16. Hope they change the IM platoon crap soon!

    Even in a clan I struggle to get anyone to do these with, its made worse when you need people to play specific tanks in order to do the mission like arty so I can spot in a light tank.

    What chance do non clan members have????

    I have no interest at all in platooning with some random window licker picked up from a general chat channel…

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