WT E-100 and GW E-100 Replacements

I’ll be brief.

Just returned from meeting with Yuri Pasholok here in Prague. He is quite nice in real life and so are his colleagues. It was really interesting. Have to settle my thoughts and then think of whether to write anything or not.

Anyway… this one I can’t keep for myself anyway, plus several people got told already, so I might as well tell.

The potential (not completely agreed, but very likely) replacement for the WT E-100 is Waffenträger Panther with a MASSIVE 15cm gun (very long, L/64 or so). No autoloader, very thin armor. As for the shape, as far as I could see there were several variants, one of which is practically identical to the current ingame GW Panther. Just think GW Panther with longer gun, that’s a TD and not an artillery. The gameplay will be similiar to the WT PzIV.

The plans are historical, it’s not a fake – they were found in Bundesarchiv. Saw them, don’t have them and wouldn’t publish them even if I did (not my property).

Oh yea, and they want to replace the fake GW E-100 with GW Tiger (of sorts, the superstructure is different) with 305mm mortar (Czechoslovak Škoda B20 actually). Alpha ftw! :)

171 thoughts on “WT E-100 and GW E-100 Replacements

  1. “…GW Tiger… …with 305mm mortar”
    now I wonder how severe would be the weaknesses of this vehicle…

    BTW. the 150mm L/64 sounds like a secondary weapon from a cruiser…

    • 2.5 accuracy, only 1 degree of traverse left and right. 70 second reload, 9 second aimtime.

    • Most secondary guns on ships were 127mm L50-ish
      Small enough to fire often, big enough to fire far away (and upwards at planes).

      So really, 150mm L64 would be the sort of main weapon you would find on some light cruisers, and a bigger gun than most destroyers’ main guns.
      Pretty terrifying stuff.

    • Ill be long gone before they do anything to WoT :D

      “We cant has SturmTiger with 380mm rocket, here – grab a 305mm”.

      • I mean, when does it become that this amount of alpha is redundant anyways? T92 fully aimed one shots FV215b etc.

        Are players qq because they can’t one shot Maus with AP?!?!?!

        • In 3 patches T92 is going to be discribed by WG as “one of the nimblest arties, very mobile for a price of low alpha damage (2k)”

        • It’s never balanced enough for arty players until one shot landing 10m away is enough to one-shot a Maus.

      • I’ll have to agree with this…

        “We can’t add Sturmtiger to the game cuz it will be another deathstar, but hey, let’s add another deathstar!” :O Sturmtiger was more like a SPG (heavy assault gun) than a TD, and I think that Sturmtiger would do just fine as a SPG, saying it wouldn’t is just a bad excuse :/

        Another funny thing is… they are going to replace WT E-100 because it’s “difficult” to balance (yeah it’s unhistorical too, but so are all “paper-versions”), but they are going to replace it with another tank that will be equally difficult to balance. You know, it’s not the name “WT E-100″ that is difficult to balance, it’s the characteristics, and from what I see, the WT Panther will have mostly the same characteristics.

        • The thing about the WTF E-100 isn’t that it was only a theoretical “paper tank” made in-game from design schematics or even just rough plans. Wargaming LITERALLY MADE IT UP FROM NOWHERE. The WTF E-100 was never a thing before Wargaming played tank-god.

          At least its replacement, however horrific that 150mm gun is going to be… was planned to be built.

          • That’s difficult to say, you say something that you’re not entirely sure about :) The thing is, WarGaming just didn’t make it up out of “nowhere”, they came up with the idea of WT E-100 from something (even if it wasn’t real), and who knows what the germans was planning? Just because they havn’t found it in archives YET, doesn’t mean that the germans never considered it as a prototype. Who knows, in maybe 1 year they will find the WT E-100 aswell :)

            However, I’m not complaining about the WT E-100 itself, the WT Panther looks nice, but I however think that they should add a autoloader to it. There’s many other tanks in the game that can mount cannons that they in real life never had mounted :)

        • In WoT: Class SPG (Artillery)
          Exp: 1,200,000
          Credits: 7,950,000
          Tier X
          Veiwrange: 310 (enclosed)
          Sig range: 750 (its artillery dont really matter)
          Health: 675
          Hull Traverse: 22
          Horse power per ton: 14
          Gun traverse: Verrry limited (foch like)
          Armor: 150-100-60
          Aim time: 12.0
          Accarcy: 1.9
          ROF: 0.32
          Ammo: 13
          Shell travel time: 8 (at 1000 meters)
          Shell Arc: (GWE100 kind of arc)
          Shell Pen: HE (standard) 135mm Splash 15 meters. Damage 4000 (if it pens) 800-2000 (Cost: 3100 Cred) Closest to impact of shell. armor and spawllining. within splash.

          HEAT (Prem Shell) 345mm damage 2900-1950 (Cost 9000 cred, 35 gold)

          HE (Prem HE) 160mm Splash 24 meters, damage 4000-1950 (Cost 15,500 cred, 75 gold)

          Repair cost: 85,750 Credits

          Most health of all the SPGs in the game!
          Extremely Well armored for an artillery!
          Highest Pen in HE of all the artillery!
          Huge Splash!
          Mostly oneshot any tank it meets!
          Extreme case of Fear!
          Can load Vents!
          Can transform into a deathstar in close range!
          Has gun depression!
          Has its own Gun sound that puts fear in hearts of men!

          Juggernaunt in size!
          slowest reload in the whole game slower then a Reloading batchat autoloading artillery!
          Extremely Slow!
          Shell travel is extremely slow!
          Everyone will target you soon as your spotted!
          blind as a bat! (310 view range)
          can be easily counter batteried because how huge the tracer is!
          Gun is so loud everyone can hear it even if its not spotted!
          Expencive to run!

          There… all balanced…Litterly

  2. Ho ho ho! Now i’ve got reason to buy back GWE100. And also, there is nice new WFT.
    Now we can try to find out which engine and modification it’ll be

    • Same as on Panther. Do you think they will give you better, look on KT, German get only historical engines, not like Russian, IS 3. It will be worse, a lot. No autoloader, so what is point of that TD, if they nerf view range and camo, mobility ? and 15 cm gun, dont work. New arty on tier X is fine, more historical.

        • Get me info, cuz where i had, all IS 3 get 520 hp engine, if u dont know, KT have in plans 900 HP engine, to get in late 1945, so why WG dont give it to KT. Give me info where IS 3 get 700 hp engine, ?!!?!?!!?

          • Tiger II had the 900 hp engine before 8.8 patch.

            Yes, AFAIK V-11 should have 520 hp, although some sources state the tank used V-2IS with 600 hp.
            V-2-54IS was a part of modernization to IS-3M, the same engine was being used by T-10 (IS-8) that was under production at the time.

      • Geez, man stop crying! I know that it is tradition to complain ’bout OP soviet tanks. I dislike em too, myfirst branch was Ger, than murica, after GBrit and only fourth was USSR. And i can see that they are not OP now.

  3. arty with 305 mm gun …… t92 has a 240 mm one and still splashes you for a 1000, same on a direct hit, what dmg will this shit get 3000k? and 200 pen? aww yeah arty balance is improving

  4. “Oh yea, and they want to replace the fake GW E-100 with GW Tiger (of sorts, the superstructure is different) with 305mm mortar (Czechoslovak Škoda B20 actually). Alpha ftw! :)”

    2500 damage, 15 m splash with normal ammo? ;)

  5. damn… I was hoping that we’d get that dual 128mm FlaK 40 Zwilling in a E-100 chassis or something…

    A panther hull in tier 10 is not as impressive as omfg WT-E100 impressive.

  6. Nice switch for the WT, although that 305 will be tricky to balance. I guess it should have about … 2700 damage, considering the T92 with a 240 mm gun has 2250 damage.

    • Even tho I’m an arty player, I think this is a bad idea…

      Just see the actual rage of haters with a gun that does 1500dmg when it hits… Imagine this gun… It could oneshot a Maus !!

      I wanted GW.E for its perfect stats (average reload, average dmg, average accuracy)… I’ll end with the least-accurate longest-reload one, and not even turreted (see how wide the gun can move on GW.Tiger already…)

      Hope they’ll give a compensation…

        • I dont think this arty will be any good.

          Either it oneshots any tank, but one gam outta ten, rest of the time = miss/reload/aim(/repeat)

  7. 15cm L64, what is the use of such a gun on a tank during ww2?

    I mean, i only see very long range artillery or something alike.

    • “what is the use”

      Nazi Germany dealt with more complex and stupider ideas going into the late war than a ridiculous 15cm gun before they were defeated

      But for illustration, a similar 15cm L/68 was the chosen armament of the StuG E 100/StuG Maus project before Guderian slapped the designers silly for getting as far as a model

  8. Would be nice to have Sturmtiger as german tier 10 artillery. Think of it as a tier 10 Bishop (short range, high firing arc) and 3000 alpha damage :)

  9. “The light shell was capable of creating a crater 8 meters wide and 8 meters deep.”
    *looks at BigWorld engine*
    nnnggh :/

      • “better ruin gameplay in order to make historically accurate vehicles”

        Oddly enough, that never applies to Russian tanks…
        Looking at you, frankenT-54…1945 hull, 1947 turret, 1950′s engine and gun…Yup, would not want to make the T-54 historically accurate, it might nerf it, which would be of many sads for Russian patriots.

          • Woras I want you to think for 1 fucking second, you’re “wanting” a more historical artillery piece that is even MORE lethal than ANY current artillery in the game.

            Seriously I hope AW blows WoT the fuck out of the gaming business, but if somehow it doesn’t (which while hopefully slim is a real possibility) and we have to come back to this shithole game, are you sure that you want to have to deal with a 305mm mortar? Because I sure as hell don’t.

  10. 305mm mortar ?

    New biggest gun in the game :3
    New mortar :3

    Conqueror GC can now go cry away…
    Well I wanted the GWE-100 for its accuracy-reload-damage average… Now I’m afraid I might end with the least-accurate, slowest reload arty in the game…

    Quite interested in Waffentrager Panther. Just hope it has a complete turret and a gold mobility. At least it’ll have better camo than actual WTF100

      • But T92 isnt mortar, and is fucked by any slope.

        CGC is biggest gun #2, but being a mortar (hitting the top) it’s actualy more dangerous.

  11. Having played almost 1100 battles in my gwe I do not know if this decision is any good. I would Not like an even lower shell velocity or losing my beloved AP. The Current gun is a mortar as well so we shall see.

    Is there am ETA?

  12. So, it’s WT-Panther? I was expecting something different bc of your teasing SS, but I always thought it will work. 150 mm gun on WTPziv with more pen and shorter reload time would be nice. If we could have medium like speed and decent camo I think it would be more enjoyable and balanced than WTE100, although it probably would lose the fear factor (for better or worse).

    On another side, 305 mm mortar would be quite tricky to balance. I am hoping it will bring something unique, for example :
    - Very slow shell velocity
    - High Arc
    - High damage, high splash, very small pen.

    Actually I am hoping SPG in general to gain some acc, but lose some more pen and shell velocity so it could serve better as anti camping machine like it was supposed to.

    btw L/54 is something like this? http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNGER_59-55_skc28_Graf_Spee_museum_pic.jpg

    • 305mm mortar.
      On GW Tiger chassis…

      If it has the same accuracy as CGC and same shell velocity, this will be the worst arty in the game: 50% of the time aiming, 10% waiting for the shell to travel without hitting, 40% reloading.

    • You know that in order to prevent camping, you have to spot the campers.
      And to spot the campers you have to play agressively.
      And to play aggresively you have to be spotted most of the time.
      And if you are spotted most of the time you are gonna dodge the arty once, twice. The third time you won’t be lucky.

      • I’m aware of that. I was writing with assumption that SPG will not be removed ever and doing hardcore alteration to SPG gameplay is also a big no-no.

        By making shell velocity slower and buffing they accuracy value it would make aiming moving target much harder (or at least reward good leading shot and punish predictable maneuver), while cases of missing fully aimed shot to a stationary bush-camping TD would decrease. Reducing pen will also reduces OHK cases, so slow-armored HT would not suffer too much by the acc buff.

        However, it would screw TD much further. Since they will be hit by view nerf in the next patch, I think they deserve to get at least some stationary camo buff (so they could be less dependent to bushes. But keep the after-shoot camo so we don’t get permanent invisible tank shooting tanks left and right) and probably some more accuracy buff so at least they’re not outshadowed by other tanks in long range.

  13. The 305 should have very limited range unless they wanna make it borderline OP, like CGC.

    And while we’re on the topic of replacing unhistorical crap, how about replacing T110E4 with T58?

  14. Now i did some googling on the Waffenträger Panther (i know, quite reliable), and i found varients sporting a 12.8cm and a 15cm gun. I don’t know how much you can say on the subject other then telling us what the replacement tank will be…but will it have a optional gun selection like the WT E-100? Like being able to choose between this 15cm L/64 you speak of, and a 12.8cm gun? Or will it have just the 15cm L/64?

    • Given that the ‘plans’ they found were just ‘recently uncovered’ or something like that. The 15cm L/64 may be a gun or a plan for a gun that no one has even seen before. If it was hiding in some archive somewhere, this may be the first time it may see the light of day. We’ll just have to wait till SS can be allowed to post any information about the Waffentrager Pather to know for sure.

  15. Is that arti something like the Sturmpanzer Bar? Or a GW Tiger with the Bar superstructure and gun?
    Or is the superstructure in the front like on the Sturmtiger?Maby with a shorter 305mm than the Bar.

  16. “The potential (not completely agreed, but very likely) replacement for the WT E-100 is Waffenträger Panther with a MASSIVE 15cm gun (very long, L/64 or so). No autoloader, very thin armor. As for the shape, as far as I could see there were several variants, one of which is practically identical to the current ingame GW Panther. Just think GW Panther with longer gun, that’s a TD and not an artillery. The gameplay will be similiar to the WT PzIV.”

    Gay. Fucking gay. Stupid and fucking gay. Fucking stupid.

    • Hi Yuri! :)

      May I please ask: How about putting the Sturmtiger as german tier 10 artillery? It could work as a tier 10 Bishop; Short range, high firing arc but a more powerfull gun, for instance 3000-3500 damage with a 40 second reload?

      What would you think about that? :)

      • Sturmtiger (Sturmmorser IRL) have two big problems:
        - too big splash radius;
        - too long time for reloading (10 min IRL, 5 min in WoT). 2-3 shots per one session – it’s not good. ho

        From my side, i absolutely don’t like WT E-100. It’s shit without logic. Initial concept of WT was light base for heavy (anti-tank and howitzers), with mininum of armor, low, as it possible, price, and maximum using of serial production vehicles. WT E-100 – strange mixture of strange gun and strange base, with full same than E-100 from armor side. Absolutely different gameplay, and absolutely without logic.

        • I have to ask how would it be on balance if the Jagdpanzer E-100 had access to the Jagdtiger’s top gun, maybe with adjusted side to side gun arc depending on gun used?

  17. WT-Panther as yet another Death Star?
    Yeah, lets make all TDs the same, put more clones… I don’t like the idea. It will be just “another” FV 4005. Nothing unique, nothing different.
    At least WT E100 was unique.

    • WT Panther with a 15cm gun would probably only do 750 dmg, not 1000, with rediculous penetration. Also fuck the WT auf. E 100, broken as hell, has no right to be in WoT. one clipping enemy tanks in 10 seconds or less? I couldnt care if it was unique, i’d rather have the WT Panther by far…

      • 15 cm typically means 750 dmg, and 17 sec reload time. L/60 will properly give us 0.35 acc. And we’ll properly get AP, and HEAT shells which means they will have shitty travel time.

        If the WT E100 was so OP’ed then why isn’t it dominating CWs?
        No, IS-7, and Russian meds dominate CWs because THEY are fucking OP’ed.

        • WT OP? People are pointing once in a 10 or 20 games where WT E100 has done some actual big damage and cry. Most of the time, as WG pointed, WT E100 is dying on average firing single drum only (and I see that in my games as well).

          In my games, I have never feared WT that much, there are other tanks I fear more. If it camps – it is swarmed in the end by everyone who survived. If it moves in the first or second line… everyone focus on it as soon as it pops up.

          Broken? Sure. But most of the T10 are broken one way or the other.
          Sure, remove it as it is unhistorical and to be honest I loathe tanks that WG created out of nothing – I don’t mind those made on even some obscure plans – those tanks were made by someone who actually know something about tanks, but WG knows how to do arcade tank games, not tanks.
          But please, don’t cry over the tank who can clip you to death just because you let it do it. No one removing Death Star, or JgPz E100 or T57 and those are examples of tanks that can kill you as easily as WT E100.

          • Shell travel time in WoT is completely arbitrary, and adjusted according to balancing, and L/55, L/64, L/68, L/70 or L/71 say nothing about how fast the shell travels in WoT anymore. The only rule of thumb these days are the bigger the caliber, the slower the travel time.

            • Do you have data on this?

              We know they at least program in a number representative of the rounds proper speed(except for HE, then it’s programmed to match AP) and then scaled down by unknown amount to accommodate gameplay

              • Here’s a small sample from tank-compare.com to show how inconsistent the velocity is:

                88 mm Pak 32 L/71, and 88 cm KwK 43 L/71 have a velocity of 1000 m/s for AP, and 1250 m/s for APCR
                88 mm Pak 32 L/100, and 88 cm KwK 43 L/71 have a velocity of 1150 m/s for AP, and 1438 m/s for APCR
                90 mm Bordkanone has a velocity of 1000 m/s for AP, and 1250 m/s for APCR
                105 mm L/52 Ausf. B has a velocity of 1200 m/s for AP, and 1500 m/s for ACPR
                105 mm L/52 Ausf. K has a velocity of 1478 m/s for APCR
                105 mm Bordkanone L7A3 has a velocity of 1478 m/s for APCR
                105 mm KwK L/70 has a velocity of 1150 m/s for AP, and 1438 m/s for APCR
                128 mm KwK 44 L/55 has a velocity of 920 m/s for AP, and 1150 m/s for APCR
                128 mm L/61, and 128 mm L/66 both have a velocity of 1200 m/s for AP shells, and 1500 m/s for APCR

  18. I got a little giddy when i saw 305mm gun. I feel being a complete donkey coming on. In Fascist Germany artillery rains on capitalists.

  19. And that Waffenträger Panther have 360º turret? How many crew members? More info, we need more info!!

  20. So they won’t add Sturmtiger because it is too OP – namely it’s gun being too big – but they do add a 300mm arty in the game. Makes sense.

  21. Good luck to anyone wanting to redlining on 4 maps that are suited for it and not getting trashed by explosive shells. Meanwhile Jagdpz E100 and other armored tds are the way to go.

  22. This is a fucking insult. This panther is a joke – its a only a 90 degree turret traverse on a big arse tank with no armor at all. So everytime you have to traverse this piece of shit, you’ll break your camo value, and get shot to pieces before you even get a shot off.

    The german alternatives will be 1) a useless turtle, with a high alpha, slow reload, can’t-hit-anything-at-300m inaccurate cannon, and shells that flies slower than you can walk useless piece of shit tank, and a 2) shell-less turtle with a high alpha, slow reload, can’t-hit-anything-at-300m inaccurate cannon, and shells that flies slower than you can walk useless piece of shit tank.

    And regarding the GW Tiger – The problem with the G.W. Tiger is not the reload or the cannon. Its the ludicrously slow as a tank, its immensely slow aim time, and “absence” of gun traverse. Now we’ll have all the bad things from the G.W. Tiger but with a howitzer that with the new accuracy nerf can’t hit a cluster of E 100′s parked in the field without any cover.

    FFS WARGAMING thanks for screwing us out of time and money for grinding up these now to be useless tanks.

    I would actually rather have had the dual cannon Leo TD than this panther shit.

  23. So the broken piece of retardness will be gone and there will be a normal tier 10 TD nice!!

    305mm gun for the replacement o.O
    well theeen i wonder how they will balance it and ofc if you just find 2 tanks together you might 1shot both of them for Full HP :P

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    • On a scale of 1-to-completely and utterly fucking retarded, how stupid would you say you are?

  25. WT Panther with high penetration 150 mm gun (270+ pen, 650+ alpha) fits my requirements exactly. :-)

    • L/64 will perhaps have like 299 pen (like 17cm JPz E) just so it wouldn’t be more than stalin Obj 268 with 15cm L/34…

      • I don’t know why you get so excited about penetration.
        It was said that there is nerf coming for high-pen guns. So we get quite average TD with pen somewhere around 250 at best.

  26. You really should have posted two different threads , SS.. one about the TD, one about the arty..as it stands, this thread is a clusterfuck.

  27. The gun will have to be above 750 alpha, otherwise i don’t see the point of the tank.It will be slow, unarmored and have bad camo.If it is not slow and it has at the very least decent camo..then OK, 750 alpha is alright.

  28. ok so whats the alpha per shot going to be? 750 again or something higher? whats to distinguish this from the WT4? faster reload? more accuracy? speed?

  29. its ok for me..
    i dont have one of those so why do i care anyway
    and why worry about changes just deal with it nothing more
    thats my opinion of course.

  30. Ok… After thinking for a Day… dont get it.. Why should i choose a 15cm with no armor instead of a 17cm with one one the best armors in game? Ok its surely faster but… come on..

  31. A Waffentraeger Panther without an autoloader huh? That thing had better have a turret and at the very least keep the 128 mm gun with its unmatched accuracy to be worth the grind. I prefer end-tier vehicles to be unique in some way compared to their counterparts usually, which the WT E-100 is, even if it’s a bit broken.

  32. - Oh yea, and they want to replace the fake GW E-100 with GW Tiger (of sorts, the superstructure is different) with 305mm mortar (Czechoslovak Škoda B20 actually). Alpha ftw! :)

    Retarded alpha is ok for Arty, but the Sturmtiger is “unbalanceable”. Fuck the dev team.

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