Evolution of Tanks with Dmitryi Puchkov – Tank Classes

Hello everyone,

another part of the RU serer video series about tanks with well-known Russian personality, Dmitryi Puchkov. This time, it’s about tank classes. There are English subtitles, so you can watch it as well.


24 thoughts on “Evolution of Tanks with Dmitryi Puchkov – Tank Classes

    • Probably not an assault gun?

      Assault gun =/= Tank Destroyer / MBT sadly.
      It is a infantry support howitzer capable of direct and indirect fire roles, therefore it practically died during 50′s when there were no-more infantry support tanks with howitzers. Nowadays those vehicles are called IFV which shoot with autocannons and mortars.

  1. Agreed, definitely one of the better videos on tank history I’ve seen. I hadn’t seen a lot of the historical footage they showed, so it was worth the watch.