T 40 Medium Tank and TVP Evolution in General

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this article will partially deal with the “newly found” Czechoslovak premium candidate, the T 40 medium tank and some issues, that come with it in the Czechoslovak branch. The Czechoslovak hightier composition evolved like this:

My original concept was:

Premium: TVP Concept (the earliest proposal by the military for a medium tank from early 1946), previously I designated it “TVP Model 1946)
Tier 8: T 50 (previously T-50, but the dash is not there really), in which I included Dubánek’s Škoda proposal from late 1946 as its “stock” variant. When the project was distributed between Škoda and Praga (ČKD), the “T 50″ was a designation assigned to the Škoda project, while the Praga project was designated T 51 (it was somewhat different, for example it only had 5 roadwheels and pike nose armor, not unlike the IS-3)

At that time, the amount of data, available about both the Concept and the “T 50″ was limited to one book and thus, alternative were sought for the Czechoslovak premium slots, spawning the ideas of T-40/75 (Czech-modified Panzer IV), Cromwell (pure clone), T-34/85 or the Tiger with Škoda turret (which, while technically a heavy tank, was, as a desperate measure, considered to be allowed to train medium tank crews as well).

A short intermezzo, regarding the names of these tanks, because they surely can be confusing. The general name of the program is TVP (“tank všeobecného použití” – “tank for general use”) – so, when you say “TVP”, it doesn’t really mean one specific tank, it means the entire program, it’s like if you said “medium tank program”. Various stages of this program had various names and some did not have any names at all – the VTU proposal for example, which I then named first the “TVP Model 1946″ (after the year the drawing was proposed) or (later on), “TVP Concept”, which is in my opinion more fitting. But again, there is no official name. On the other hand, the designations T 40, T 50 and T 50/51 are historical. Please note that the numbers in this case do NOT mean weight (like they did in German VK series, althought the T 40 coincidentally weighs roughly 40 tons), nor do they mean a year. They are just numbers.

Right, back to the TVP program. The week before the meeting with Wargaming took place, Mr.Tintěra (Czech historian, that is helping Wargaming with the vehicles) found something interesting in the archives – the entire official name is “Combat Vehicle Škoda T 40″ and it’s a very early part of the TVP program (basically a reply on the initial VTU proposal from Škoda). It was looking very exciting, but I got to see it only after the meeting with WG guys, because instead of sending the large files per internet, Mr.Tintěra decided to bring it on the flash drive.

Now, I cannot tell you any development history or show you any plans of the T 40 tank, because that is the right of Mr.Tintěra. But I don’t have to, because it turned out that the vehicle is not that unknown after all. Basically, it’s this:


This is Dubánek’s reconstruction of the same vehicle, which he published roughly two three years ago in his book. The thing is, Dubánek fucked up.

- for one, he failed to mention the vehicles accurate name (T 40) and included it in the “VTU stage” as an answer by Škoda
- his reconstruction is NOT accurate: I tried to superimpose on the scan of the original plans and when it comes to dimensions and shapes, they do differ
- also, he failed to mention that the type of the gun (that is only schematic on the drawing)
- there were other issues as well (engine type was not mentioned etc.)

Basically, Dubánek fucked it up. It’s a good example of how it’s important to actually find the archive plans and not to rely on drawings from books, although those can too be used in worst case. Based on these T 40 plans, the order of the tree shifted to this:

Premium: T 40
Tier 8: TVP Concept (or Model 1946, as you like it)

The important point here is that according to the raw data, the concept is actually better than the Škoda T 40 and has more gun options (we got the file for the Concept as well, there are like 4 slightly different hulls,4 slightly different turrets and roughly 4-5 gun options, two of which are 88mm L/71 and 105mm L/63, not bad for tier 8).

As a result of the meeting, the T 40 was actually approved as the first premium tank (either tier 6 or tier 7), with Mr.Francev or Mr.Tintěra writing a post for Wargaming portal (probably in Russian, it will likely be backtranslated). Please note that nothing of this happened with the involvement of WG EU, basically WG RU took everything in their own hands. The history of the model will be disclosed in that article I presume, but I don’t think anyone will mind if I put here a few numbers, so you know what to expect. The vehicle looks roughly like the picture above.

Weight: 39,95 tons
Engine: 16 ADH 140 diesel (700 horsepower)
Power-to-weight: 17,52 hp/t
Maximum speed: 50 km/h

Armor – hull: 65/40/30
Armor – turret: 65/40/40

Gun: 88mm Kanon Vzor 37 (the short Tiger 88, or a similiar weapon, based directly on the 88mm FlaK)
Barrel length: L/56 (actually L/57 in the file)
Depression: -5/+20
Interestingly enough, the file mentions indigenous HEAT ammunition (of post-war Czechoslovak construction).

So, this is what eventually awaits us. Some people at WG are concerned that this vehicle is too good for tier 6, I think it’s however completely possible to balance it using soft stats. In any case, it should be interesting.

25 thoughts on “T 40 Medium Tank and TVP Evolution in General

    • Well, more looks like Panther.
      Initial concept was 30-t tank with 88 gun based on the KwK 36 design. T40 – 40 tons, 88 gun like KwK 36, 700-hp engine. Some details (gun mantlet) looks like Schmalturm, it’s not surprise. Krupp and Skoda have big cooperation in WWII period, as example, in the end of war Skoda start producing of Tiger II hulls.

      • End of 2015? Mein gott WG, what are you doing with all that spare time? You have like hundreds of people!

        • there working on how to not fail in keeping users in there game and lose tgem to AW

          • dont worry, as the same ppl who liked “super awesome wot killer WT GF” are now on the AW hype, AW will do the job for WG :P

            • Most of the players will stay, but a lot of the paying customers will leave for what is essentially the same game with 50x better graphics and developers that listen to what the players want. Oh and fixed artillery and inv. cloaks.

              • You are probably all going to call me crazy or something for this, but I like WOT’s graphics more than what I’ve seen of AW. Sure, some of the enviromental graphics are a lot better, but overall their vehicles look like plastic and the UI + the whole graphical style really puts me off. Granted, it’s still in alpha, so they have time to improve.

  1. I hope this will turn out into more interesting branch than Jap. I dont mind ‘em, but smth make me stay away from East tree. As i see from your posts, we can expect T8 to have 2 realy diffet play styles(especialy if L71 will fit stock(lightweight) turret.
    + one more reason is that top tiers look like mix of USSR and Ger tank trees

  2. “Some people at WG are concerned that this vehicle is too good for tier 6″

    Looks like a slightly different VK 30.01 P to me

    • Yep. If it has worse soft stats or turret/hull traverse than 30.01 P it will be worthless, especially with that mediocre gun depression and armour.

  3. So TVP is similar to 20/25 TP project of Poland. But 20/25 is a less modern because it is a pre-war, not after-war project.

  4. Looks like a Chi-To with the short 88, a larger engine and half the gun depression.

  5. If this 88mm gun has the same stats as the German L/56, I see no problems putting this on tier 6. VK 3001 P has more armour… way more. Hell, the figures are similar to VK 3001 D, which AFAIK has a much better sloped hull.

  6. I wonder though, despite the slightly strange looking TVP reconstruction, the Czechs might be underestimated a lot since the guns look fairly potent.

    btw how many stuff did the TVP program experiment the living shit out of?

    • Actually, lots of components were experimented with, that were connected to the program

      - autoloaders
      - multiple 100mm guns (prototyped)
      - turbocharged diesel (protyped)
      - transmission (prototyped
      - suspension (torsion bars)
      - welding techniques
      - turbine engine (yep, that got born well in the early 50′s, chief TVP designer Surin participated later in his life in turbine research)

      • hmm… I’m guessing that the tier 9 and 10 TVP’s may get the turbine engine although the last thing a player would expect to see is a fairly big TVP tank thats protected by reasonable armor rolling like a bat out of hell and lugging around potent 100mm guns. and SS… did they experiment with bigger gun calibers as well?

  7. So basically “when you say “TVP”, it doesn’t really mean one specific tank, it means the entire program” is just like with german Entwicklungsserie/E-series

  8. Looks like a good tier 6..I imagine it will play somewhat like an elite VK30.01(P) with the 88 equipped.