- it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed
- splitting patch 0.9.7 into with the French and other features and with HD models (to reduce the individual patch sizes) is not an option
- the act alone of entering a battletogether with a friend by coordinating pressing the battle button by a countdown and pressing it at the same time is not against the game rules
- WG is allegedly capable of finding game riggers from ingame logs without having to see replays
- Individual missions are fine, but they will be polished more in the future
- Evilly states that if you encounter players rigging battles, you should write a support ticket (SS: on EU this is not working apparetly)

120 thoughts on “8.2.2015

  1. We’ve reached a point where it goes without saying that things regarding support and community don’t work on EU.

      • We do have a support, but they only work for mediocre stuff.
        I’ve asked about my performance issues on my new SSD (Samsung 850 Pro) and they said reinstall windows and game.

        Other than that, ingame shit they just ignore you like a Sir, as in:
        *copy/paste random “we don’t care, pls fuck off” response here for ignoring random player/customer*

        • I wish WGEU would be better… but hopes about that are always crushed :(
          So, we still need to live with these riggers, aimboters, blablabla more things

  2. ” it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed”
    - Of course, why even think about having a maus armored tank at tier 9 that see tier 7 and 8 regularly? I just hope they will make the weakspot on top a real weakspot so tier 7 and 8 can pen it, just like the can pen ALL other tier 9 tenks currently.

      • That is not the issue or problem of tier 7-8 tanks. That is the issue of tier 9 and 10 heavys having 250-258mm pen and mediums 257-270mm apcr pen. The pen increase that happens at tier 9-10 compared to tier 8 is the reason armor is useless in high tiers. Theres is not point forcing down crazy armor at tier 9 just because theri 9 and 10 guns have too much standard pen, nerf them instead.

        Tier 9 and 10 players cant both have good armor and good pen, there must be a trade off. That is why im saying that max pen fior tier 9-10 heavys should be 245mm AP pen, in that way tier 9 maus can be nerfed little so tier 7-8 have a chance while still have significant armor at tier 9 and 10.

        Think about is3 and KT, they can get penned in lower plate and or side and rear by all tanks they face and those are also heavys. There is no reason little maus shouldnt. Or do you say tier 9 heavys should be more worth than tier 8 heavys in terms of armor?

        • mauschen has 180 side and less than 160 armour at back(EA is lower than 180)
          AND front lower plate is only 240 EA

          why dont you insist on KV-4 being deleted since the tanks at tier 6 and tier 7 can possibly not penetrate KV-4 and even some tier 9s

          “Or do you say tier 9 heavys should be more worth than tier 8 heavys in terms of armor?”

          the fuck kind of question is this ? of course a tier 9 is supposed to have better armour

          “but tier 8s cant pen it” they will easily take down Mauschen at tier 9 it would be OP at tier 8 because newbies wouldnt be able to fight back i dont see a reason for it to be nerfed armour wise at least front hull and all around turret seems fine(front turret probably will be 220)

          • KV4 has 150mm side armor over the tracks and spots that are 130mm. The rear is 90mm and that gives 95-97mm effecitve thickness. Even with 160mm slope on the rear maus has around 180-200mm effective.

            Tier 7 mediums have:
            T20 – 128mm (Rear: Yes)
            Comet – 145mm (Rear: Yes)
            VK 30.02 – 132mm (Rear: Yes)
            Panther – 198mm (Rear: Yes)
            T 43 – 144mm (Rear: Yes)
            Kv13 – 144mm (Rear: Yes)
            A44 – 167mm (Rear: Yes)
            T-34-1 – 175mm (Rear: Yes)
            ChiRi – 155 (Rear: Yes)

            All tier 7 can pen kv4 in the rear, while not all tier 8 meds can pen the maus proto in the rear and that is the issue.

            I am not even speaking about tier 6 mediums in relation to kv4, just like I dont speak about tier 7 mediums in relation to mauschen. I speak about tier 7 heavys and tier 8 meds because they are the ones that should be able to pen the mauschen. Okay lets look at tier 6 heavys pen in relation to Kv4 then:

            M6 – 160mm (Rear: Yes, Side: No)
            Churchill VII – 148mm (Rear: Yes, Side: No)
            VK 36.01 (H) – 157mm (Rear yes, Side: No)
            ARL 44 – 212mm (Rear: Yes, Side: Yes)
            T-150 – 167mm (Rear: Yes, Side: Yes)
            Kv-85 – 170mm (Rear: Yes, Side: Yes)

            Again all tier 6 heavys can pen kv4 in the rear and some even on the side

            Now take a look at tier 7 heavys in relation to mauschen. Which has 180-200mm rear armor due to the slope and 180-185 on the side flush on. I speak of realistic scenarios where you often have to aim upwards and shoot when tank is angles slightly.

            T29 – 198mm (Side: No, Rear: No)
            BP – 171mm (Side: No, Rear: No)
            Tiger P – 203mm (Side: Maybe, Rear: Maybe)
            Tiger 1 – 203mm (Side: Maybe, Rear: Maybe)
            AMX M4 – 212mm (Side: Yes, Rear: Yes)
            KV3 – 175mm (Side: No, Rear: No)
            IS – 175mm (Side: No, Rear: No)
            IS2 – 175mm (Side: No, Rear: No)

            As you can see only 1 tier 7 heavy can reliably pen the mauchen which is the AMX M4 due to 212mm pen. All others cant, tiger 1 and tiger p maybe can pen mauschen on sides and rear but 200 is barely enough to get consistent results.

            Tier 8 mediums in relation to mauschen:
            SP – 170mm (Rear: No, Side: No)
            M26 – 180mm (Rear: No, Side: No)
            T69 – 173mm (Rear: No, Side: No)
            Centurion Mk. I – 226mm (Rear: Yes, Side: Yes)
            Panther II – 203mm (Rear: Maybe, Side: Maybe)
            Indien panzer – 212mm (Rear: Yes, Side: Yes)
            T44 – 175mm (Rear: No, Side: No)
            Obj 416 – 201mm (Rear: No, Side: No)
            T-34-2 – 181mm (Rear: No, Side: No)
            T-34-3 – 175mm (Rear: No, Side: No)
            STA-1 – 218mm (Rear: Yes, Side: Yes)
            STA-2 – 185mm (Rear: No, Side: No)

            So only 3 tier 8 meds can pen the mauschen totally since sides and rear have pretty much the same effective thickness. And this is the issue of having a tank that has pretty much the same effective thickness on the side and rear, wheres the Kv4 has much lower armor on the rear which makes all tanks it encounter pen in, even if they need to pen the rear.

            • Well lets be honest…. Nice that u calculate with regular pen. First of all it will have a Huge weakspot on the turret and every one will Spam Gold at it

            • This tank is just going to be invulnerable against low tier stuff (aslong they don’t load premium ammo, good joke 99% of the players are going to load it) but it will also get killed by arty most of the time when it’s at the front. Also you forget another thing, KV-4 is faster. The proto Maus is going to move extreme slow. That slow that you can just move somewhere else. If you can’t win against it then fight something else.

              • I guess “thinking”, and therefore starting to make flanking maneuvers in meds, will be actually worth again ;)
                Newbies will be lost in against Mäuschen – meh… more to carry!

                • Here is idea for all the fucktards unable to fight a Mäuschen: Don’t fucking do it.
                  It’s so slow even a T95 will feel like a racing car. When you are driving a medium or heavy tank of lower tier, shoot gold or go somewhere else. Easy as that.
                  The Mäuschen has to be completely overpowered in terms of armor and the gun to compensate for the speed.
                  An believe me, every slow tank, like the Maus, British TDs, T28, T95 are an pain in the ass – there are moments and situations where these tanks may be pretty useful, but these are rare and most of the time the speed is annoying as fuck reducing the enjoyment of driving these tanks to a minimum.

  3. ” it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed”

    Just don’t touch the armor please

    • Do you think its reasonable to have a maus armored tank at tier 9 that see tier 7 and 8 so often? Just think about it. They design may be historical but WG can make adjustmenets to balance tanks as they always do. Think about overall game balance not just about yourself, you must be mentally mature to understand that by now.

      • The armor might be extreme strong but lets face it. This tank isn’t going to be a fun tank in the current metagame. That alone is going to prevent most people from playing it.

      • Armor means so little in the high tiers that it is nice to have a tank that actually acts like a tank and not like a car with a cannon. I am hoping for a tank that will be able to count on its armor, like the current VKB can.

        If they nerf it in any way so tier 7 and 8 can reliably penetrate it from the front this tank will become useless.

        Just nerf the cannon and other soft stats, leave the armor alone, let us have at least a handful of tanks that actually feel like like tanks :)

        • Armor dont mean anything on tier 9 and 10 because most other tanks have 250-258mm pen. How ever at tier 7-8 few tanks have above 225mm pen and most mediums have less than 200mm. Its not about maus beeing penned frontaly but sides and rear should be nerfed to make tier 8 meds at least flank and pen it. Either way even devs think mauschen shiould be nerfed and that is good, so they can introduce a more balanced tank at least.

          • Yup, I’m perfectly fine with nerfing the rear and maybe the sides a little bit. Just let it be a monster from the front

          • They could nerf the gun a little but they shouldn’t nerf the armor. This tank trades almost everything for it’s all around armor. The mobility is going to be horrible and it’s a huge tank. Also, artillery is going to prevent it that the armour is op and most likely it will end as a tank that will suffer a lot because of arty.

            • Thats actually a good idea. Nerf the fuck out of the cannon (because lets face it, 750dmg against anything tier 7-8 o_O )but leave the front armor as it is. They could also bump up the ground resistance, but thats up to them

              • Well, most competitive players are not going to use that 15cm gun if they don’t want to spend an insane amount of credits for premium ammo. The 15cm may have very good damage but that’s about it. It’s in every other way inferior to the 12.8cm (apart from dpm and over matching cacapabilities )

                • Premium ammo with 225mm pen? Why would you need that when even 225 pen at tier 9 can pen all most tanks from the front anyways and use that 150mm caliber to overmatch? The pen inflation have made people to lazzy and greedy and thats why WG push down tier 10 super heavy armor to tier 9 to make players feel strong, well yeah ofc they do they they cace tier 7 and 8 mediums.

                  Even kv4 at tier 8 can be seen as a problem for those tanks having 200mm pen and there are many that has that at tier 8. And people dont even consider kv4 a heavily armored tank due to all high tier games and or gold ammo. Stop the pen inflation and finaly we dont need to have +1 tier armor in one tier below causing gold spam and other issues.

                  My defention of good armor is that it should only be good as long as enemies hit your strong parts. Sides and rear and lower plate and cupola who cares, they are weakspots for a reason, balancing reasons.

                  Think E75, verty good frontal armor but even then it can get penned in lower palte by 225mm pen guns depending on pen roll and elevation. Sides and rear and turret will get penned by any tier 7 heavy.

              • Both the gun as well as side and rear armor is a huge issue at tier 9. 750 alpha is too much for a tier 9 tank period. And +180mm sides and 180mm sloped rear is also too much. Front I dont care, but at least make players get some reward for flanking and penning sides and rear like it should be and like it currently is at tier 9.

                • I mostly play Jagtig and JPanth, sometimes t29, and i cant even imagine fighting that 120 tonne monster with 750dmg :<

                • Why I see you crying in every thread about t9 Maus ?

                  You afraid or smth ?

                  This piece of shit will move 10km/h and will have an uber weakspot for t8+ that will be raped by everything

                  VKB even now gets raped by everyone in da roof but at least overall all in all the VKB is much better than this t9 Maus will be

                  Also – “750 alpha is too much for a tier 9 tank period” Apparently you forgot of existence of t8 ISU and t9 TD’s

                  Just stop crying and go away. It will be balanced properly, if not with release then with future patches, nothing to worry about. And noone cares if t7′s wont be able to pen it from the side, most of the tanks in game have trouble fighting vs +2t tank, it was always one of the biggest issue of the game (they say that +/- 1 MM wouldnt be fun but yeah, playing as a bottom feed in +2t game is surely fun as fuck)

                • ’750 alpha is too much for a tier 9 tank’ ISU-152 and Borsig say hi
                  also, stop whining, gold ammo for credits has been around for ages. now if this tank had been introduced before that patch, i would wholeheartedly agree tat WG may have gone a bit overboard with the armour, but now, when every tier 8 med has at least 200mm pen (which, i may add, was the best pen a tier8 med had back when i started playing) or alt least 240mm APCR/HEAT pen, these tanks dont have that much a problem if the player knows what he or she is doing and has a sufficient number of prem shells- and lets face it, who doesnt. for the tier 7 meds, the story is a bit different, with only the panther having enough pen to do damage without gold but heavy tanks that are two tiers higher are meant to be a tough nut to crack. the st-i also gives tier 7 tanks a good amount of trouble if they cant get around him and shoot him in the back of the hull and i dont see that many people complain about the st-i.

  4. “- it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed”
    Go ahead Wargaming, just nerf it. This tank is doomed before it’s even released anyway.

    • Nobody force you to play it, besides the armor is too strong for tier 9 no matter how you look upon it. WG have nerfed historicaly tanks before in terms of armor if im not wrong, like the is7 where irl it has sloped side armor and in game it has flat. It may happen with mauschen as well, nerf of armor just to make it fit in tier 9. WG base their tanks on historical design and historical upgrade proposals, but they also mess around just for the sake of balance some times and even a nerfed mauschen will be more historical than vk45b ever was because it was buffed in pretty much all aspects compared to historical design and historical possible upgrades.

      • The IS-7 has a diamond shaped hull in game. That’s why it is so hard to pen. its sides. If anything, they buffed the lower plate a little bit.

      • I know that I am not forced to play it(I got the Maus already anyway) but, it doesn’t matter how good or bad the armour of this tank will be. There won’t ever be many of them simply because arty makes sure of that. This tank might be op in games without arty but it will suffer in all games in which there is arty.

        • Even devs wanna nerf it, end of story stop thinking all about “me me me” and about overall game balance. It is not sane to have a maus on tier 9 meeting tier 7 and 8 tanks so often. I understand maus armor means little and that is just because pen increase for tier 9-10 heavys increase alot compared to tier 8 as well as mediums pen and there you have the issue. Nerf pen on tier 9-10 tanks and then your maus will be more valuable in terms of armor, and then we can have a less armored maus on tier 9 for balance reasons.

          Its no point forcing heavily armored tanks down the tiers just because tier 9 and 10 tanks have so much pen. Now it becomes the opposite, it becomes armor inflation in lower tiers instead. Up untill now tier 7 heavys and tier 8 meds can pen all tanks on tier 9 with standard AP shooting them in rear and side, with the maus they cant unless they have above 200mm pen which render many tier 8 mediums useless. Just think about it, is it sane for tier 7 and 8 to meet a tier 9 maus and also a additional maus at tier 10? Its too much and this maus will break the balance as even devs now it.

          • You don’t understand the problem of which I am talking about. This tank is going to be one that will not be fun. Yes the armor might be strong but arty does not care about it. They will prevent it from being a frontline tank. This tank has almost the worst mobility ingame and it’s a huge target. It will get killed by artillery every time it tries to use that armor on the frontline. Nerfing the penetration of tier 9-10 tanks may increase it’s effectiveness against them but it won’t change the main problem of this tank.

            • Mauschen is not the only tank that suffers from arty. All tanks that stand still for x amount of seconds while aiming are targets inclusive many TDs and heavys. How mobile do you really think the tiger II or kv4 is to be fair? And they dont have even close to the armor of maus. Vk45a that suppose to be a medium flanker is slower up a slope than a T32 and is3…

      • +1, and then again what the hell is the purpose of a super test? it is there to see how to balance the tank. Im amazed of how many people get excited about some test server first iterations of a tank, and then get pissed when WG change the stats in the test server. WTF?

        • Issue is that people think only about “me me me” and that is why game is shit in terms of balance, everybody want to play the meanest shit and that mentality lead to arty infestation in 8.5 and TD infestation in 8.6 and lately medium and heavy gold spam infestation in current meta.

          We know deep inside that having a tank that is “good” is not good for balance. Having tanks that are mediocre and decent is much better because its less likely they will break the game. That is why I love the vk45a, ferdinand and tiger II they are perfectly balanced in their tier, I love playing them and playing against them, despite hated by many in the community because people are selfish fucks.

          Those that plays very good tanks saying “oh they are only good because most good players play them” are living in denial actually. The very same idiots saying is6 and T34 are bad and weak tanks because they have “long aim time” Gtfo ffs. Or the very same people that wants to buff the T57 heavy.

          • It is indeed the best if all tanks are just mediocre, but that is impossible to achieve tho. Tanks will exceed others in certain aspects and so on so how will you be able to give all the same effectiveness ? The Mauschen is going to exceed armor wise but it won’t be able to use that advantage most of the time. There are so many things that ignore this advantage like arty and premium ammo. Both of which are very common, yes this tank has insanely good all around armour but it also has almost the worst mobility. Besides this tank will jusy end like the Maus. Very strong armour, very slow and a mediocre gun. It will also suffer like the Maus does when artillery is ingame. It won’t be able to be at the frontline and be just undestroyable bevause arty will just devestate it.

            • mistermen
              This tank wont fight only tier 7 and 8. It has bad gun, , u wont pen E100 in front, IS 7, Mause, if wont use gold ammo. How u ballance that ? tell us, cuz u cry most. How u ballance gun, 225 pen, 0.46 acc, 3sec aim time, when shoot to T110E3? And dont use gold ammo? HOW ?!

              There was time, when Pz 4 fight IS 7 and Mause, and people dont cry like u. There was time where gold was true gold, and still people did pen all tanks, but know u all CRY. Cant pen, what I do, get gold, cant pen, CRY TO SERB, its OP. Stupid kiddo.

              • Ares I dont think you see the big picture here. First of all the little maus can use the 128mm = 246mm pen which is excellent. Also back in the days when there was crazy spread, who say that MM was good? They change it for a reason. Also back then you saw far less tier 9 and 10 than you do now because more people play tier 9 and 10. Now days playing tier 8 for example, games are often filled with 2-3 tier 8 and the rest tier 10 and a few tier 9 tanks. The distribution of +1 and +2 tier tanks is not the same as it used to be some patches ago because of reasons like:
                - More profitable to play tier 9 and 10 = more tier 9 and 10 tanks alltogeather in MM as well as more noobs
                - Prem tank inflation, forcing tier 7 to see tier 9 far more often, and tier 8 to see tier 10 far more often, which lead more people to play tier 9 and 10.
                - Powercreep, many tanks that exist now didnt exist back then and were much less played = far less chance to meet them in game.

                Second I dont cry about not penning, I never use gold ammo that is why I said that 225mm is suficient even at tier 10 because you have huge alpha on a tier 9 tank, learn to read.

                I dont care, I have 200mm and 225mm and that will pen the sides on the mauchen. But I think also about tier 7 heavys players and tier 8 medium players, those having 175-185mm pen. I actually care about other classes in terms of balance because they are valuable allies to me.

                Also you must be a fool to not see the issues the buff of vk45b caused to tier 7, 8 and 9. As well as a maus at tier 9 that will see tier 7 and 8 so often. Dont speak about the “old” MM, because in that case we tier 7 and 8 should also see tier 3 and 4, and ask tier 3 and 4 players what they would think about seeing is3 and KTs and Kv4?

                If you play tier 9 and 10 I understand that you dont see an issue with this maus because if you play heavys you have 250-258mm pen or mediums with 257-270mm APCR pen (except e50 and t54 and obj 430).

                • I dont play meds much, and i see a lot games in T44 tier X, and when i see Mause, and I don’t wonna to use gold, i fuck off and fight another tank.

                  What is point to use Mause on tier IX, with 12.8 ? none. I will use E75, its faster, got good armor, can defend against meds, its far better. The gun is only good think, that Mause prototype got, if will be shit, why use this tank in first place.
                  Look on E100, who drive this tank witch 12.8? 12.8 is better, but all drive 15cm. Simple.

                  there is no pointo to give us slow crap, and give it same gun like E75 have. If 15cm will sucks, no point to play.
                  If u are so hard, pm me, and show me how you kill me, in E100, IS 7, with 225 pen, 0.46 acc. I dare you. This tank is far to Op for tier 7, and useless in tier X. Don’t you see that ?

            • It doesnt have to be live that because if you take a look at tier 8, that is a good example for a balanced tier as long as non premiums are taken into consideration.

              Sure the mauschen will be mediocre but that is only because of the pen increase at tier 9 and 10 and gold ammo spam, parameters than can be nerfed. This situations is created it just didnt happen.

              Adding this armored target in tier 9 will break the balance for tier 7 and 8 tanks, that alreaddy see more high tiers than they should due to the increased popularity of tier 9 and 10 tanks and prem tanks that soak up all +1 tiers. It is sad that tier 8, which often was regarded as the best and most fun and balanced high tier has been ruined patch after patch and now with the introduction of maus at tier 9 many tier 8 mediums and some heavys cant even pen it on sides and rear. That is one more obstacle and game ruining feature. Unless WG fix the MM and force high tiers to actually use their guns towards others. But if I guess right this maus will just run over a bunch of ther 7 and 8 while the other theri 9 are camping way back.

              One of the issues is that WG made it more profitable to play tier 9 and 10 = more noobs.

              • let’s put this this way, IS 7 is far to Op for all tier VIII tank, OP troll side armor, non pen turret, and ONE weakspot. Wg nerf that ? no ofc not. Tier VIII heavy cant pen IS 7 on hull down, or in c&c. Same goes for Mause prototype in tier VII and VIII but no for tier IX and X. IF u nerf his side and rear armor, and he will have 8 hp /t, and bad terrain resistance, what will be he’s selling point ? Worse 15 cm gun? To kill noobs in tier 7 and 8, great, for tier IX and X, gold spam. That tank u wonna see. Cuz it will be slow crap, big, easy to hit, two big weakspots, bad lfp. What cons will have mauschen?

                U know why Wg buff VK, cuz was worse all round to E75. Guns in the same. Mauschen will have 15 cm, but slow reload, bad stats on gun, and will be slow. Its like WT e100, -> It will be OP for lower tier, but UP for tier X- this is for Mause prototype ofc.

                Wg won’t nerf gold, 330 heat will cut this armor like paper. Tier X TD, 295 pen average. HT 250, Meds 265. Will Mauchen armor matter that much in tier X?, It will be slow. So tell me, what WG should do ?

        • A very small amount of the playerbase goes on the test server.
          Even smaller amount reads rumours and leaks.

          So by doing this you spoiler yourself.
          You can’t seriously expect for thinks to be the same in first leak and final live version.

      • Wg takes Vk, and give u this shit, what about people who had Vk for 3 years like ME ? I will get Pice o Shit, cuz for you is too strong ?

        • You had a choice, you didnt have to play a overbuffed tank like vk45b. Vk45b was broken as well due to the lower plate beeing 300mm effective, it was not reasonable in any way. But at least the rear and sides could get penned by pretty much anything. WG removed vk45b because it was not buffed historicaly, it was overbuffed to absurdness where even vk45a can be considered borderline overbuffed.

          • 4502B got what it deserved, a bit too much but it was supposed to get buffed because 4502B was the worst tier 9 tank in history

            • Both vk45a and tiger II are in the bottom of tier 8 heavys, does that mean they should get some UFO alien reactive armor? Hell no that would break the balance. Vk45b was overbuffed even in the standard form because even vk45a can be considered borderline overbuffed because of the armor and 10.5cm gun.

      • and the fact that they dont want to buff maus and they would do everything to nerf the tier 9

        while i was using tank inspector i was checking IS-7′s side armour and it said 300
        over the tracks probably the spaced armour place it seems really weird

    • Depends on how they will nerf it and if they give some buff to balance it out. Personally I’d like to see it losing some side/rear armour but get better cupola armour, so at least it’s reliable from one side. If it loses some armour it would be nice to see it’s power to weight ratio improve too.

  5. “- it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed”

    Yeah I called it, I’m very smart. It was very hard to figure it out but I did.

    The final stats will be :
    RoF – 2,5 because it HAS to be lower than T30′s
    Cupola armor nerfed to 150mm – we can’t have it immune to IS-1
    Pen – 215mm, to balance the 750 alpha

    And that’s only wishful thinking.

    • Armor is a historical figure and cannot be “nerfed”. Gun pen is usually an historical figure (exceptions for the over 300mm penning HEAT and other rounds). RoF is usually pretty flexible for the game balance.

    • And mass gold ammo to fight tier X tank and TD? When u lost brain ? Long time ago. IS 7, Is 4, E100 and Mause dont give a fuck, when 215 pen gun shoot them. So gg, or get moar gold boyo.

  6. No matter how “good” or “bad” Mauschen is, it’s bound to follow T95′s fate: useless POS that simply cannot be enjoyed because the games are usually over before it reaches its destination

      • Be fair. Some people enjoy playing it quite a bit. It’s a matter of patience. If you have some, then you might enjoy the T95. If you suffer from the WoT equivalent of ADHD and have the patience of a fruit fly, then perhaps the T95 isn’t the TD for you.

        • It’s not about having patience, it’s about being bloody useful.

          Which the T95 isn’t. It’s a one-trick pony – and a very cheap trick, for that matter.

          It’s incredibly bad at winning games, because it’s so mind-numbingly slow. Can’t flex, can’t support properly, totally reliant on moronic teammates.

          It can only do one thing very well – camp. That in and of itself speaks volumes on just how shit it is.

          • even though i agree t95 is useless often, it’s still a very good frontliner and can carry games. imo way better than the current t9 vk4502b, not at least because of the 750 alpha.
            also maybe the main reason why i don’t enjoy t10 maus – because of the bad gun

    • The problem with the T95 is, IMO, the fact that it’s not really a TD at all. It’s an “assault tank”. Its intended targets weren’t enemy tanks, but rather enemy fixed fortifications. And as such, it didn’t really need any speed, since those fortifications weren’t going to run away.

      It’s also worth noting that uber slow “tanks” like the T95 never really saw main stream use because they lacked the speed to be functional in a normal tank warfare environment. In a normal combat environment, if you saw something like a T95 that was going to be extremely difficult to destroy, but you could use your own tank’s speed to bypass, you would, and perhaps call in artillery or air strikes to deal with.

      Not that I’d expect it, but it’d be nice if WG would try to remove relatively useless “assault tanks” from the game and replace them with actual TANK destroyers. Of course, it’s also possible that there were no such vehicles for those nations that had assault tanks that needed replacing in the tech trees.

      • The thing is just that you won’t be able to enjoy the T95 because of it’s speed. It is boring to drive behind the frontline when your team kills everything. It’s also not exactly fun if you get rushed by 10 enemys because your team died.

  7. “- splitting patch 0.9.7 into with the French and other features and with HD models (to reduce the individual patch sizes) is not an option”

    Does anyone have actual numbers on the size at the moment? I can’t believe they would postpone releasing some of the HD models just because “they’re too big”.

  8. - Individual missions are fine, but they will be polished more in the future

    just remove platoons ffs. It sucks hard to ask for platoons for specific task. I join platoons to have fun, asking a b and c tanks to do x y z tasks is not fun, not amusing, boring as fuck and ruins the whole experience of platooning with friends.

    • …and after all it’s “individual”, and the earlier name included “personal”. Nothing about “platoons”.

    • Platoons are fine… comparing to some of the other missions.. Splash damage with arty, capping in general, TD-12, setting fire to enemy tanks can be extremely RNG

  9. - it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed

    Just give this fucking bullshit a rof of 2, 5km top speed, 175mm pen and get over with. Wow they are already thinking of nerfing it. The size alone is one giant nerf compared to Vk4502B.

    We have a candidate for the worst T9 ever.

        • What the fuck god?

          SU 122-54 is fine, a nice and balanced T9 TD. Sure it is no OPject 704, but it has something that no other T9 TD has: extraordinary mobility and speed. Its like a T9 SU 122-44, how can that be bad?!

            • T95 you mean. I would also rate Tortoise below SU 122-54 – useless armor and no speed with a very good gun with no alpha but tons of DPM – bad combination. At least on T95 the armor is somewhat usefull ;)

              Obj 704 > WT auf Pz. IV > JT > T30 > SU-122-54 > Tortoise > T95

  10. Anybody else having problems doing STuG iv HT-3 mission? I did it twice (killed a medium and TD in two of my games doing over 1000 hp) and it never registered.

  11. “””- splitting patch 0.9.7 into with the French and other features and with HD models (to reduce the individual patch sizes) is not an option “””

    Q: Why?

    … just throw the other HD models in a week or two later…
    reduces a lot of stress for player and servers…

    I think, this is just a cheap way, to strip some stuff and say “sorry, could not fit it in” :|

    Okay but lets forget about that “Why” part…
    so they push the stuff to another patch and… that one will get bigger than and… other stuff will get pushed out of it for the very same “size reason” then?

    And this stacks until christmas hits the doors and features just get dropped, since “ops, time up!” Oo?

    “Morgen morgen und nicht heute, sagen all die faulen Leute – bei WG” :)
    German saying.

  12. Individual missions are fine

    Really? Like… Capping missions are great? Skilled players can do it just fine right? BTW – saw stug 4, guy had 499 wn8. I only completed mt chain. For stug.

    Just admit it wg – IMs are FUBAR currently.

    • IM’s are luck only. You can complete them if the planets allign, but you cant when you try. Im at T55A currently, and missions there tend to get totaly retarded in terms of luck needed. Either you need 3 heavy tanks 1 tier above you, or 4 arty on enemy team and so on. Most of the times i dont get into battles where i could even attempt to finish them.

  13. - it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed

    Ahh another “Hysterical” creation of the wargaming staff that have brought us so unhistorical garbage in the past. Nothing better a Tier 9 Maus that will be tracked and destroyed by Tier 7′s or any asshole using warpack in seconds.

    - splitting patch 0.9.7 into with the French and other features and with HD models (to reduce the individual patch sizes) is not an option.

    Sure Stuff it all in one patch make perfect sense. Then immediately after release shut down the office for a week. That ought to show these stupid players who means business.

    - the act alone of entering a battle together with a friend by coordinating pressing the battle button by a countdown and pressing it at the same time is not against the game rules.

    Too many butt hurt eventually screaming so counting will be an illegal modification. But they won’t do F**K all about it.

    - WG is allegedly capable of finding game riggers from ingame logs without having to see replays

    WG couldn’t find their way out of a f**king lit hallway with multiple open doors along the way.
    Ya sure they have the capability to.. do nothing as they always F**King do. Just sit and watch your player base Disappear wargaming.

    - Individual missions are fine, but they will be polished more in the future.

    Yep Medium tanks getting LT missions, TD’s able to achieve HT missions, HT’s able to do TD missions. Yep Working as intended.. or Cluster F**king as intended.

    - Evilly states that if you encounter players rigging battles, you should write a support ticket (SS: on EU this is not working apparetly).

    So you can get a report letter back thanking you. Then get a warning for reporting players and basically telling you to mind your own business. Ya get right on that.

    They have USELESS moderators and Useless Customer support staff. Scraped the bottom of the barrel. Move the only decent people they had out of there over the past 2 years and replaced them with Chimpanzees.

  14. Soooo…. while tanks are being made more “historically inaccurate,” when are we going to see the Super Pershing’s pen buffed to be anywhere close to the real tank’s pen values? Because as it is, the pen is opposite to what the SP was supposed to be able to do, and invalidates the SP’s intended role as a brawler (though they further invalidated that role with the armor nerf).

      • IF APCR was balanced, they sure could do so, without ppl going into their little rages.

        HE : lot dmg, less pen
        AP : 50-50
        APCR : normal dmg AND lots of pen

        notice a pattern? APCR should have LESS damage for MORE pen.

        In warthunder – for example… you get like… 240 instead of 200 pen… but if you hit something – the bullet + some scattered bullet parts just hit quiet straight what ever is in their way , most likely have little impact on the tank, unless you hit something with luck (or good aim).

        IF you use AP in that game… and the shell penetrates… it explodes and you get an nice sphere like area of effect – causing most likely something to be screwed up.

        THATS how you had to balance it, if you want it historical AND game mechanical correct! (at least as far you can get without going nuts)

        ONLY reason WG doesn’t want to do that to APCR in World of Tank’s is… MONEY
        (real and virtual one)
        APCR + friends, are an assured gold/credits sink … :)
        and by god they need that sink: IM, normal missions, clanwars, events and so on…

        So… ANY complaint about that system in wot is: 100% INVALID… unless you got an good replacement for their economy system- which not just sells “gold” but also drains “credits” like a ++++++ :)

        1 more time: problem is not historical or mechanical or anything: its economic.

    • SP is a premium with pref MM why the fuck should it have more pen? WG will balance when it is needed. SP is on of the most noob friendly mediums even nopw, imagine if it would have over 200mm pen? Stop asking for stupid buffs baboon.

      • “SP is a premium with pref MM why the fuck should it have more pen? WG will balance when it is needed. SP is on of the most noob friendly mediums even nopw, imagine if it would have over 200mm pen? Stop asking for stupid buffs baboon.”

        Jesus, what a toxic reply we have here. Here’s the issue I have: not only is the lack of pen completely unhistorical, it also completely defeats the purpose of the SP’s intended role, which is face to face brawling. It’s not a flanking tank because it doesn’t have the speed, so it’s pretty much limited to shooting the front of whatever it faces, while everything else is shooting back. And while the armor can block *some* shells, most of the tanks it’s supposed to be facing (T34, IS-3, Tiger II) can just blow right through its armor (let alone hit its weak spots) while it can’t do jack to them. The SP can still be a decent roadblock IF, and this is a pretty big IF, it’s facing shitty players who have absolutely no idea where to shoot it, but it can’t dish out much damage in return. There are tier 7 guns that have more pen than the SP’s long 90, for crying out loud. And in my post I’ve just been talking about the SP assuming it’s top tier. If it’s middle tier (which happens way more often than you’d think) then the armor becomes even more of a joke, and the tank becomes a nice, fat pinata of a target. It should have gotten more pen to balance its armor nerf, but noooo, it can’t possibly be anywhere as good as a Russian premium tank, now can it?

          • The ability to stand a chance against the Russian tier 8 heavies, maybe? The IS-6 can only be penned by the SP in its front hatch if it’s dead on, and maybe the corners or the lower glacis if the driver’s stupid enough to give it to them. In the meantime, the IS-3 can barely be penned at all, yet can blast right through the SP’s frontal armor without a problem. Saying that the SP can punch through the T34′s frontal armor is a false equivalency since the T34 is notorious for its awful hull armor.

  15. “- Individual missions are fine, but they will be polished more in the future”
    IM are complete crap. Random battles are more and more retarded. Most of the team going straight to the cap zone “I have the mission” is quite common situation. Meds and heavies going “I have to ram” all around the battlefield without shooting even once. Bunches of TDs, LTs hiding “I cannot be spotted” in the deepest bushes, behind arties if possible. But over 95% of WoT players are idiots, so over 95% of WoT players like IM.

    - Evilly states that if you encounter players rigging battles, you should write a support ticket (SS: on EU this is not working apparetly)
    April Fool’s Day so early?

  16. - it’s quite likely that compared to the first version on supertest, the Mäuschen will be nerfed

    Whoever wants it to be nerfed is a fucking idiot.

  17. - the act alone of entering a battletogether with a friend by coordinating pressing the battle button by a countdown and pressing it at the same time is not against the game rules

    Am i just really smart for clicking “Platoon” whenever i want to do just that?

  18. BAN7 is rigging IM’s too btw. Saw them a few nights ago, one platoon IS7, the other platoon WTE100′s and they where farming potential damage.

  19. - Individual missions are fine, but they will be polished more in the future

    I have played this game for over 3 years, but until winning is a requirement, I consider this broken.

    The entire gameplay = broken.

    WoT will be the new Everquest.
    AW will be the new WoW.