Separatists Press Another Monument into Service

Hello everyone,

another interesting case from Ukraine. Despite recent military successes (which were by no means caused by uncle Vladimir sending dozens of vehicles and volunteers… sorry, I mean vacationers over the border), it seems the separatists are not supplied as much as they would desire. Recently, they pressed yet another monument in service – this time from the town of Antracit. There was an old T-34 standing in front of the culture house (ironically, named after Lenin) and the separatist “specialists” claim they “restored” it.

Poor thing, now it will get knocked out by the first soldier with RPG it encounters. A damn shame, these venerable machines should be allowed to rest.


157 thoughts on “Separatists Press Another Monument into Service

      • It’s funny to read about drunken Russian of stupid Europeans. The ban on drinking from the spring of 2014 on both sides of the front.

    • that cage around chassis protects against HEAT warheads quite well and armor of this t-34 can protect all around from all ballistic weapons up to 12,7mm caliber. frontally I think it could stand against 30mm cannons. and btw, that old engine in that tank is immortal (maintance tools: hammer and wrench). as infantry support vehicle it could work well. but I doubt they will be able to get ammo for main gun…

      • That tank is on the front since last summer, used as infantry support. It can take out APCs without problem, and that 85mm gun can destroy lighter fortifications easily.
        Now they are “upgraded” it with that cage.

  1. What’s the point? Its not like there’s ammo for that gun lying around.

    Even if there was, it would only be good against light vehicles.

    I’m with SS, let the museum piece RIP.

  2. God dammit. In an urban environment against a government force you’ll be no worse off if you ran around with no protection screaming “SHOOT ME”

    • Top kek

      “Hey, these men are clearly Russian soldiers with the insignia taken off their uniforms!”
      No comrade, only brave independant volunteers ))))

      “Hey, those Russian paratroopers are 17km in Ukrainian territory !”
      No comrade, they were just lost ))))

      “Those are Russian tanks aren’t they?”
      No comrade, we are not helping our brave Russian compatriots, not at all ))))

      “Hey, seperatists are using old WWII tanks to go fight the established government of a sovereign nation”
      No, they are brave soldiers! Also, you are a facist.

      Russian logic stronk.

  3. Why Ukraine doesnt launch a 1million troops assault to finish these morons and take back that land? they have lots of population to recruit.

    Arent they aware of the term lemming? so far to me it seems they are just feeding the russian troops with a wave of 1000-2000 troops that end up dead, repeat cycle. Im pretty sure if Stalin did the same stupid “strategy” when germans invaded the country, there would be no Russia country today.

    • when the event began, their army had 5000 combat-ready troops, yes five thousand…. Good luck to find your 1 million men army…

    • Because real life is not like WoT or Starcraft. Logistics rule and the Ukranians lack the resources.

      • You should look up what fascism means and compare it with your own government.
        I dont understand why the rebels don’t just move to russia instead of killing their own countrymen which they grew up with? This is like those dumbass people joining a clan and trying to kick everybody out because they don’t like how things are done…

        • Because Putin want that part of Ukraine for Russia. It never was about a group of people on their own wanting to be their own country. All of this is Putin’s plan to recreate the old Soviet empire .Someone needs to give him a hard swift kick in the ass.

      • you should know that in the “rebel” ranks, there are plenty of Russian skinheads…1 leader of DNR is a ex-Russian fascist…

      • Oh, like the 7 killed civilians and 26 injured others your dear “separatists” (properly named NATIONAL TRAITORS) just caused via a missile attack on Kramatorsk HQ?!?

  4. It’s good to know that it works, but man, it shouldn’t be awakened from its slumber for this purpose. It has long past its prime, let the tank rest in peace.

  5. wow SilentStalker, what an idiot u r SS.

    i just fuck up this blog with your political issues.

    Thank god for uncle Vladimir, fucking Ukraine Jazenjuk and Poroschenko sponsored by our Western governments killing these people not the Russian army.

    Putin does everything right, which country is surrounded by US Army Bases? Russia! absolutely right.

    Everytime when the US sponsored rebels and governments with weapons it failed. Afghanistsn Mujahdin went to Taliban Al Kaida.
    Irak Syria > Al Nusra and Isis, Libya same shit.

    Cant wait to end this warcrime in Ukraine made by Western Richman.

    By the way, there r no NATO vacationers and NATO Weapons in Ukraine right? u just try to screw all these people reading your blog by telling the untruth.

    Yes i am German.

    • peter, do you get payments in gold or in rubels? I was wondering myself to become a Moscow Internet puppet, could fix my budget a little. But I think now it doesn’t pay well to become a filthy pig for such invaluable money. But if they pay in gold? Pls, tell me your secret.

      • I’m pretty sure most countries are surrounded by US military bases now. You moan about Russia feeling “threatened” imagine how Luxembourg feels

    • Peter is so right SS… why you do this, posting political comments (and so stupid comments) on such brilliant blog :(

      You should better find more accurate information sources than ČT, Aktuálně and Novinky. It seems for me, that you really dont know whats going on in Ukraine :-/

      • …and Lemoun knows… Could you tell us that hard truth that no other knows?

        I always wonder why so many Czechs get attracted to Putin’s Russia. As far as I remember they did not do any good to that country. Maybe we could call it a form of Stockholm syndrome… the victim is irrationally attracted to the attacker. Or, the other option, these people are hardcore communists that cant bear that there is no red-shine-over-Kladno any more…

        PS: maybe we should hand the Russians Karlovy Vary right away before they come to ‘help’ their compatriots….

        • honestly I wish I knew the truth… But I am for 100% sure, that it is not what we see in the news, unfortunately I don’t have balls to take a car and go there myself to see the truth.

          I am just trying to find as much as information as possible to make my own opinion. And I am not saying that I am attracted to Putin or EU/US.. I just see poor civilians and young men suffering and dying in thousands…

  6. люди, которые используют танки-памятники отчаянно борется за свою жизнь. они не могут отказаться – они казнили нацисты захватили власть в их родной стране. им некуда бежать из своих домов разрушено зажигательные снаряды и мины. вы даже можете не осознавать весь масштаб трагедии, которые происходят в стране …

    • You could at least translate your lie into english, it’s an english speaking community, after all.

      • Sorry. I wanted to translate something too clever by half with automatic translator. I just saw your video and esteemed discussion comments. I would like to say that people who use tanks, monuments desperately fighting for their lives. they can not give up – because they they would be killed. and they have nowhere to flee their homes destroyed by incendiary shells and land mines. you are joking and write all sorts of nonsense, and there unfolds a tragedy about which you know nothing …

          • it is not propaganda. I have the relatives in Ukraine. all want peace, because there sechas civil war. conflict is beneficial only to the West, this they deal a blow to Russia. there killed ordinary people like us. they are not soldiers. they do not want to fight. they forcibly drafted into the army and forced to fight against the citizens of the neighboring town. you know how much it’s crazy ?!

            • You “separatists” wanted to rip apart Ukraine, because you wanted “independence” (instead of moving your sorry assess to Russia).

              The proper term for scum like you is National Traitors. Which is pretty much everywhere punishable by death.

              • in Ukraine no “separatist” or “traitors” until the contrary is proved to be. all this terminology imposed media. in fact, there are only ordinary citizens. in the modern world, such conflicts are resolved through diplomatic channels in accordance with international law. against criminals (traitors) need to use the law, not the army, do you not think?

      • How about the fact that SS co-operates directly with Russians and translates from Russian to English? :D LOL dude, such a tolerant westerner you are :)) Mr Dr_Wycior has been worried about freedom of speech in Russia, oh well, you have just shown us how it’s done in true democracy :).

        • Yes, and SS translates from the RU forums and VK pages. Where moonrunes belong.

          NOT on Western sites.

            • So anyone who considers incredibly improper to spam a English-speaking blog with a language whose alphabet isn’t even the bloody Latin one belongs to a handicap institute.

              Sorry, to busy wiping my ass with rubles to take you seriously (it’s become cheaper than regular toilet paper).

              P.S.: Hope Russia suffers the same fate as Ukraine in the ’30s – millions upon millions of deaths due to starvation. It’s what you fascists savages deserve.

              • And the hits just keep on coming… :))) Mate, if stupidity made you thrive, I would plant you in my garden instead of flowers… Anyway, when you run out of roubles, I will print out for you the garbage you have just written, so you can wipe your arse with that instead ;)

                • “Anyway, when you run out of roubles” – I think you’re confusing me with your own dumb self

  7. stronk logic, yes. ..

    i wish i could get money for telling the truth.

    but did u know that western govs do this?
    paying internet trolls like the way SS does? wow im wondering, u didnt :-)

    just be honest, what happened when us delivered weapons?

    Maidans people are activists, Donbass separatists? what?

    In Syria they *helped* the Isis rebels, in Mali they attacked them.

    Open up your eyes, blind western junkmedia trolls

    • >>just be honest, what happened when us delivered weapons?

      To be honest what always happens when you pour oil into fire…weapon delivery never proceeds matters towards peace. That includes weapon deliveries made by the beloved russian government too.

      I think the only safe assumption is that neither population, be it eastern or western, gets to “know” the real truth. Propaganda works too well on both sides…anyone claiming to know the truth is kidding himself to maybe get some false sense of importance, esp. if he is as vocal about it in the internet. ;)

      • when did Russia deliver these Weapons?

        right long time ago before Warcrimes started Locastsn.

        Thats a difference but a huge difference between the US, as u said puting oil into the fire.

        Its just rediculous, how under-informated the owner of this World of Tanks Blog is.

        U dont need a Medic, u need a psychopats Hospital for all of you ;) who r with the Ukraine Waffen SS.

        Obamas went for Fitness Gym
        Putin went for swimming in icecold lake


        • “Ukraine Waffen SS”
          Yeah, looks like you are really stupid or trying so hard to work out those russian money they give you to spread this bullshit

        • >>when did Russia deliver these Weapons?
          >>right long time ago before Warcrimes started Locastsn.

          I think warcrimes have been around since the first wars have been fought in history.

          >> Putin went for swimming in icecold lake

          Oh? Was it the one where he found those “legitimate” ancient pieces of pottery by accident? :D

        • and what is the miracle that gives those “rebels” unlimited Grad rockets to shell Ukrainian soldiers day and night?
          No militia in the world should have this luxury without green light from a superpower….

        • Probably Obama went to a fitness gym because USA easily affords fitness gyms. Unlike Russia, which is still stuck in the 19th century.

          But do please tell us more of your homoerotic obsession for “stronk man” Putler

        • The fact that you do not have Umlauts on your keyboard does not make me believe your statement that you are german…

          Düsseldorf schreibt man mit Ü mein Freund.

          • du machst dich aber lächerlich, ich habe hier nen Tablet und mag eben net lange aufs display drÜcken, ich hab extra cologne und nicht Köln geschrieben.

            U made my day locastan

            • Umlauts are an aspect that says whether you are a smart german or not. Just like in romanian with the ă, î, â, ș, ț. I can write for example “Bă da’ prost mai ești, mă…”. Same thing with the german Umlauts, where I can write “Du bist ein großer dumm” (note that I didn’t used the Umlaut but the double S, which if Umlauts aren’t available translates as ss, or Grosser).

  8. STRONK RASHAN TENK!!!! IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL IT WITH RPG OR ANY FASCIST TENK!!! OVERNERFED VEHICLE!!!! Hell, even the shitty M1 Abrams can oneshot it. Not speaking of Leo 2 or a Ukranian tank. Russia as usual. I bet they’ll use even more of these. Oooh, uncle Putin, your head seems to be stuck in your ass for more than 13 years and still it didn’t got out of there. RIP rubble and that poor T-34. Russians are indeed some of the worst people out there. Not wondering why they are the 3rd most alcoholic country.

  9. “which were by no means caused by uncle Vladimir sending dozens of vehicles and volunteers”
    And are there any proofs that there are Russian soldiers in the eastern Ukraine?
    I found no 100% proof.

    But it doesn’t matter if the Ukrainian Waffen-SS is back to kill those “terrorists”

    The pictures were shown in ZDF (big German TV channel).
    Enough said….

    • I guess there is a big difference in who allow a free press and who take any person hostage who want to report from “liberated” areas. Blaim russians, seperatists, Ukraine, CIA, aliens or whoever you want. But allowing dirty laundry being shown tells me more good things than the part where you are not allowed to get any independant information but deliberate propaganda…

      Enough said….

      • I would really like to see them. But as long as there are no 100% proofs that there are Russian soldiers (means regular Russian army or special forces) in the East of the Ukraine, I just won’t believe that.

        Plus: I don’t see any difference between the pro-Russian separatists and the “government” in Kiev. The “government” used irregular methods to gain their goals. The separatists use irregular methods to fight against the irregular government.
        And I can’t find something wrong in it, if the East (or the Crimea) wants to belong to Russia. Their choice, not ours.

    • Ofc…we all do! We love GMO so much in germany….and we constatly watch CNN even if we do not speak english…the pictures are sooo pretty. -.-

      Oh and at least we have water here….all you get in russia is vodka ofc. :P

      Prejudice goes both ways, dude.

    • Why come post here if Russia is a happy hug box filled with happy people?

      Build a wall so us horrible fascist westerners can’t spoil your happy fun times.

    • fanatic russian, fanatic peter, this is a message to both of you.

      fanatics like YOU all over the world, fascists, communists, fascistic communists etc. and the US military-industrial-komplex are the scum of mankind and the reason why there are so many conflicts around the planet and no peace in sight.

      • forpewpew

        u cant even tell something to this shit, right?

        as i said,

        why is ss doing propaganda with ukraine crisis on this blog?

        • because its a daily issue?

          The main aggressor in this conflict is russia, ukrainian fascists are a small group of idiots/born fails like in every country, main population of western ukraine just wants peace and independence from uncle stalin/lenin/putin. If I had to choose between capitalism and communism, I’ll go with capitalism because there is no better alternative yet.

          Ukrainian country became playground for US-RU conflict and the only people suffering from this are the civilians on both sides and the EU in longterm.

          • The US isn’t doing jack to help Ukraine so its only a Russian playground right now. And the EU isn’t going to be safe as long as Russia continues to be an aggressive expanding state and the EU continue to be a bunch of pussies.

            • And there we got the US brainwashed citizen, who thinks the US are the GOOD and are allowed to dictate other countries WHAT TO DO and NOT TO DO.

              pattonpwned, i will tell you something that may shock you, it’s your economy that wants war.

              Tell your John Kerry and especially Victoria Nuland to fuck off.

              • “and are allowed to dictate other countries WHAT TO DO and NOT TO DO.”

                As long as said countries live on money borrowed from the US, I think the US has at least a bit of weight in their saying.
                Not to mention that Pax Americana is EASILY a much preferred alternative to Russian Opression. We (Central & Eastern Europe) had the 2nd for 50 straight fucking years. No more!

                “Tell your John Kerry and especially Victoria Nuland to fuck off.” – You first tell Unkle Putler to GET THE FUCK OUT OF UKRAINE.

  10. Putin suggested the WOT accuracy nerf to help the rebels. Plan B is to shoot Ukrainians from Serb’s rocket ship.

  11. What I like on this site – European schoolchildren and students try to talk about the war and Russia\Ukraine like military\policy experts, with very poor and very fragmentary knowledge of the events that take place in the east of Ukraine. For 2014 in Ukraine was more significant events than in period 1991-2013. It is unlikely that you know at least a part of them (not to mention the different points of view on these events). It’s very funny.

    Schoolboys. They never change.

    • Because it’s soooo hard to figure out what happened in Easter Ukraine…

      Filo-Russians (mostly Russian immigrants, brought in Ukraine back in the days of the USSR) are butthurt that Kiev & Western Ukraine really want to side with EU instead of Onkel Stalin, so they start to “rebel” (most likely encouraged by actual Russian activists).
      Onkel Stalin uses the “protecting minority” pretext (exactly as Adolf Hitler did) to invade Ukraine, secretly supplying the “rebels” with military-grade equipment, for which the “rebels” would have otherwise had nowhere near the required amount of money.

      TL;DR – Putler anschlussed Donetsk & Easter Ukraine with the help of “Ukrainian rebels”

      • No, it is much better than Anschluss 1938 :
        they included the Chinese tricks in Korean War 1950-53 (fake volunteer army) and Sino-Vietnamese War 1979-1988 (mass artillery strikes + battaillon-sized infiltration) and Soviet tricks (maskirovka + mass propaganda)

      • “Because it’s soooo hard to figure out what happened in Easter Ukraine” Only fools think that it is very easy, especially in politics.

        “mostly Russian immigrants, brought in Ukraine back in the days of the USSR” – mvahahah.

        Distribution of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine is now lower than in the Soviet Union time (!)

        80% of the Ukrainian sites only in Russian language, 15% in two languages, and only 5% – only in Ukrainian. Most queries in Google with Ukraine – in Russian.

        Ukrainians – a Russian, who think that they are NOT Russian, lol.

        And with all this, the Russian language has no official status in Ukraine. Double lol.

        “really want to side with EU” – naive European. on Evromaydan was not even 1% of the population of Ukraine. Continues to believe in fairy tales.

        The rest of this shit I will not even comment=).

        • “Ukrainians – a Russian, who think that they are NOT Russian, lol”

          Oh, you mean those people that were starved to death by Russians (Holodomor)?
          You mean those people that were deported from Crimeea, by Russians (native Tartars)?
          You mean the people who’s country was granted sovereign status after the USSR collapsed, with its territory & independence GUARANTEED by Russia, USA & UK in the Budapest Memorandum in 1994?

          “And with all this, the Russian language has no official status in Ukraine. Double lol” – considering all the shit that Russians did to Ukraine, I consider this a mild measure

          ““really want to side with EU” – naive European. on Evromaydan was not even 1% of the population of Ukraine” – is that why the former President, Ianukovich, was elected with a clear majority AFTER promising the people of Ukraine to sign the trade treaty with the EU, instead of siding with the CIS?!?

          Seriously, your idiotic Russian propaganda is so weak, the lies so fucking obvious you’re not even worth your vodka (I assume you’re payed in vodka, the ruble is worthless now anyhow)

          • Mmm. I smell butthurt=).

            “independence GUARANTEED by Russia” – Actually, no. This memorandum has not been ratified by Russia or Ukraine.

            “You mean those people that were deported from Crimeea, by Russians” you you transfer crimes of the Soviet leadership at all Russian. This is a very stupid and not an argument.

            “Seriously, your idiotic Russian propaganda is so weak, the lies so fucking obvious you’re not even worth your vodka (I assume you’re payed in vodka, the ruble is worthless now anyhow)” – You, East Europeans, very funny, when you give a butthurt=).

            “was elected with a clear majority AFTER promising” because he promised not only that and no at the price gap and economic ties with Russia (the largest trading partner of Ukraine – Russia).

            I would recommend to all of you here to learn more tolerant of someone else’s point of view.

            I myself half Ukrainian. I live in Russia. Follow the developments in Ukraine in the autumn of 2014. Read Ukrainian and Russian news sites. I know about Ukraine and Russia are much more than you. So I very funny when you try to me to prove something about the Ukraine or Russia, all the more so primitive.

            • “you transfer crimes of the Soviet leadership at all Russian.” – OBVIOUSLY!

              Because unlike the Germans, you scum never separated yourself from your 20th century past. On the contrary, YOU LONG for that “glorious” past.

              “Actually, no. This memorandum has not been ratified by Russia or Ukraine.” – ROFLMAO!
              So Ukraine gave up its nukes just for the lulz, right?
              I pity them, they were foolish enough to actually ever trust Russia. Dem nukes would have been mighty handy right now…

              “You, East Europeans, very funny, when you give a butthurt=)”
              1) I do not consider myself Eastern European
              Fucking illiterate Ruski piece of shit!

      • good comparison, russia sure wants to invade ukraine.

        whats the reason for this?
        - antifascism? come on…
        - fuck off NATO?
        - fuck off EU?
        - “we russians strongest!”?

        one thing is for sure:


        if you play on testserver and face the russian youth and their fanatism, how they are in love with uncle putin, i can tell you his daddy is worse for sure.

        next to be fanatic islamists, north korea, nazi germany in the past, north america, many there, you choose.

        • their objectives are more complex than you think :
          - firstly, to destroy Ukrainian economy by a limited war
          - next, to collapse actual Ukrainian government, replaced it with the a new puppet regime, more loyal to Moscow
          - in long term, avoid a possible “domino effect” in Belarus, Kazakhstan… and Russia it self which could destroy their Eurasian Empire dream.

          NATO expansion, nazi threats, bla bla are only the curtains to hide their real intentions

          • you’re right.

            and in the end it was all for nuts, because people choose peaceful democracy anyway, when they are ready for it.

            But with russians it will take a long time, i’m not a rassist, but its same with the arabs, they need a strong dictatoric government, otherwise they despair of all that new freedom, because their ideology doesnt allow it. they had democracy and chose muslim brotherhood fanatics, but god bles there was Al-Sisi.
            even putin knows his people are mostly stupid. When he dies next puppet is going to be placed into kremlin, same all over again, but this time with even less stability, closer to that ISIS or Boko Haram kind of stability.

          • From what I gathered, pretty soon Kremlin will have to enforce “freedom” in certain regions in Siberia, that have had enough of feeding the cleptocrats in Moscow…

        • Russia’s budget was reduced for almost all domains (Education, Infrastructure, Health)… except for the Military, which received a 33% increase.

          I’ll let you figure out why. But my guess is – Putler wants the USSR back. By force.

          • Countries spending the most on the military – China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, India all together = 607 billion dollars from which Russian spends around 85 billion. The USA itself = 640 billion dollars. Russia is an aggressor indeed :)

            • Again – Russia has devoted the biggest slice of its budget to the military. Why? What do they intend to do with that funding? Invade more of Europe, perhaps?

              At least we know why USA spends so much on its military – because it’s indeed busy policing the world. They may not do a very good job at it, but at least they’re trying.
              Oh, and while we’re at it, they’re not annexing countries. Unlike Russia.

              P.S.: Of course Russia invests only 85 billion dollars. It’s because Russia is an economic shithole, barely on par with Spain.


    On the other hand this is his blog and he can write whatever he wants.

  13. So the russian Kremlin paid trolls found their way here too to spew their endless bullshit and bad strawman arguments and dodging the blame by making russia seem like martyr when they are the aggressors.

    No thanks, go back to RT comments section or whatever russian goverment official propaganda place, we dont need your useless lies here.

    Greetings from Finland, we still got fond memories of 1939, more room at bottom of our lakes for russian “tourists” lost in our woods.

    • Finland Stronk. Once you’ve lost two wars Russian. Losers=).

      “we dont need your useless lies” – opposite point of view = lie? Where is your European tolerance? You could use the term “Alternative Truth”, for example, hahahahah.

        • *Sarcasm* Anything from western propaganda is obviously a lie.

          Seriously, you do not see what your thinking consists of cliches and stereotypes?

      • Stalin shared with Hitler Poland, Baltics and Finland between each other like two hungry wolves in Molotov-Ribbentropp pact. Only part that failed in that pact was Finland for russians, catastrophal failure in Winter War, which made Red Army lose its credibility worldwide and ceasefire in 1940. And in 1944 soviets tried again with massive strategic offensive, failed, and decided to focus on Berlin instead. So huge Soviet Union failed to conquer small country, where is the victory for russians here?

        Also about your “opposite point of view” and “alternative truth”. RT is a direct brainchild and network founded and annually funded by the Russian government, first under RIA Novosti for the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, and since Putin’s presidential decree in 2013 it now operates under the news agency Rossiya Segodnya, a Federal State Unitary Enterprise owned entirely by the government of the Russian Federation. It is quite literally the mouthpiece of the government and just propaganda.

        Western media companies arent perfect, but atleast they are indenpendent and not directly controlled by goverment.

        Meanwhile in Russia if you try to spread “alternative truth”, you get assasinated by Kremlin:
        Russia has nowhere near the freedom of western media, that much is obvious, and the official media is used to brainwash the population for its goverments agenda blatantly.

        • “And in 1944 soviets tried again with massive strategic offensive, failed, and decided to focus on Berlin instead” – Then why the Finnish government first requested a peace? Why do you have capitulated, if you are the winner?

          So, nice try to rewrite history. Finland was an ally of Hitler in WW2. You attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, together with the Germans. And you lost both wars. Despite the loss of the Red Army in 1940 Mannerheim Line was broken ( and Finland sued for peace. In 1944 you stood (lost Vyborg and other areas), but the breakthrough defense was only a matter of time and effort. The Government of Finland again first has requested peace. You surrendered. Later: indemnity, loss of territories and humiliating status of a loser in World War II.

          Meanwhile, in Russia, many liberals and people with a variety of points of view, many of them I see daily in the Russian segment of the Internet. Continues to believe in fairy tales.

          • “You attacked the Soviet Union in 1941, together with the Germans” – NIGGA WHAT?!?

            Jesus fucking Christ, are you people literally OBSESSED about twisting, bending our outright denying TRUTH?!?

            Just like that MAJOR BULLSHIT about the 1994 Memorandum not being ratified by Russia & Ukraine… a Memorandum that was ABOUT UKRAINE ITSELF.

            Pro-tip: Just because YOU people do not consider any contract signed by you valid it doesn’t make said contract any less valid than it actually is.
            That is why decent, civilized people consider you primitive – you are literally incapable of keeping your own damn word.

            How typically soviet of you. Back to the gulag, where you belong, comrade!

            • “Jesus fucking Christ, are you people literally OBSESSED about twisting, bending our outright denying TRUTH?!?” – this is just another point of view, not more. Why so butthurt)))?

              And learn history. At least read wikipedia:


              memorandum was about the borders of Ukraine. I repeat, it is not ratified by Russia or Ukraine. And stop butthurt, please, it’s too funny to me=)


                “The Memorandum was originally signed by three nuclear powers, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom.”

                “The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine as well as those of Belarus and Kazakhstan. As a result Ukraine gave up the world’s third largest nuclear weapons stockpile between 1994 and 1996, of which Ukraine had physical though not operational control”

                “all separately stated that Russian involvement is in breach of its obligations to Ukraine under the Budapest Memorandum, a Memorandum signed by Sergei Lavrov, and in clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity”

                Go on, spew more Soviet bullshit. Apparently you people are natural scatophiles!

                • Signed – not equal ratified.I know that the contract was signed, but it was not ratified by the parliaments of Ukraine and Russia. See in Google what mean “ratify”.

          • askold at no point did i say Finland won or Russia wasnt winner of WWII, so you are imagining that yourself, im not rewriting history, im just having a laugh at you russians being proud that your huge nation failed to capture tiny Finland and consider that as some sort of mighty victory.

            You just failed in your main goal which was to capture independent nation that you shared together on map with Nazis in 1939, we remained independent even against huge numerical numbers being on russian side.

            So namely we were amongst those who lost World War 2, but for us finns, it was victory of keeping our independence and holding off the hordes of Red Army at bay albeit with cost of some territory. Only 3 capitals involved in WWII fighting managed to keep foreign occupiers away throughout the whole war, London, Moscow and Helsinki.

            And siding with Germans was about the only available option in situation where noone else dared to help Finland and it was obvious Soviet Union still wanted to take what was promised to it by Hitler. There was only bad options available, and worst one would have been become occupied by russians.


            • “askold at no point did i say Finland won or Russia wasnt winner of WWII, so you are imagining that yourself, im not rewriting history, im just having a laugh at you russians being proud that your huge nation failed to capture tiny Finland and consider that as some sort of mighty victory” – nice try, but to me this does not work=).

              Note: I like this complex of “little proud nation” =). We, Russians, always laughed at such.

              The rest – just an excuse alliance with Germany in World War II.

              I remind you that under the terms of the peace treaty Finland also forced to fight with Germany (Lapin sota). Damn communists, is not it))?

  14. It’s always nice to see a game-focused-website going political. GG SS – have you ever thought about starting to publish your own satirical weekly magazine instead? :) Oh and since there is a warm discussion about whose shit does not smell here, some of you might find this as an interesting reading about Ukraine written by American professor (I know some of you donkeys might call him a KGB agent, but still, have a look if you will) for the NY Times which is surely better source than or w/e crap is shaping the public opinion :)

    Have a nice day.

    • Neville Chamberlain had similar policy towards certain Adolf dude back in late 30s, that really went well didnt it?

      • Yes, but Mr. Dolf was pure aggressor whilst The Bear is responding to Sam’s aggression and that is the slight difference which many of the western reader’s eyes seem not to realise. I don’t know why, but the current situation reminds me of August 8, 2008 – War in Georgia – in which Russia was the bad one as well. Indeed Mr. Saakashvili was a great actor back in that time.

        • The only aggressors here are savage Ruskies, invading and taking chunks out of sovereign foreign countries.

          • Ops, I guess I have pinched the cave troll right in the eye, haven’t I? :) What you gonna do now mate? Are you gonna write a meaningless reply to every single comment of mine? Well, hold on and let me find the subatomic flying fuck (+1 to its finder) that has been around somewhere on this forum and which I don’t give. So, beer4me, laughs on you.

    • Do not worry about it, will soon start World War III, we will all die and the Internet is no longer a political shit on game sites.


    • Oh, free speech exercise. A real professor! You guys realize, Was he a Russian opposing the Cremlin fascists- he would be fired, beaten by ”unknown perpetuators” and maybe even accidentally shot by burglars. This is Russian answer tp freedom of speech.

  15. Hey SS,
    you will never mention my nick probably, but anyway,
    I thought we cannot miss this thing moving nowadays XD

    kinch07, proud part of the “bring your own banana program”

  16. “Controversy continues to surround an alleged incursion by an armoured column from Russia into eastern Ukraine on 15 August. UK government sources told IHS Jane’s that the column comprised some 23 armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) that were subsequently engaged by Ukrainian artillery and anti-tank weapons, resulting in 12 AFVs being destroyed. Two Western journalists working just inside the Russian border confirmed seeing the column cross into Ukraine but did not see the reported engagement. The Russian Foreign Ministry denied the incursion, calling Ukrainian claims “fabrications”.”

    “What has surprised many observers is the reluctance of Russian president Vladimir Putin to intervene directly to prop up the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. So far the Russian armed forces do not seem to have been sent to fight openly alongside the rebels, although NATO claims Moscow is regularly allowing resupply convoys to cross the border.

    This might indicate the threat of Western economic sanctions is having some impact, but it is more likely Putin is concerned about public reaction to heavy casualties among conscript soldiers in regular army units. The experience in Afghanistan in the 1980s and Chechnya in the 1990s has made Kremlin occupants very reluctant to risk Russian lives in foreign adventures that could turn into protracted and bloody conflicts.

    So far Putin has been content to let ‘deniable’ intelligence operatives and ultra-nationalist volunteers carry the burden of the fighting in Ukraine.

    An all-out conventional war with Ukraine would also cost a lot of money and impose a heavy burden on the Russian economy.”

    “On 7 August the UN reported that at least 2,119 people had been killed in Ukraine since the conflict started in April. Local authorities in Donetsk reported that about 951 people had been killed in the city during the previous five months of fighting. The Ukrainian government reported on 21 August that about 620 its military and security service personnel had been lost in the conflict.”

    Rest In Peace – all those that have lost their lives during this conflict. Let us all look forward to a peaceful resolution in the Ukraine, and an end to loss of life.

    • Are they gonna put it in time machine and send back to 1940s, or what sort of fantasy or fiction are you reading where it gets to fight nazis?

      Oh yeah, the kinda that is the official “Russian Truth”.

      • I think he has read it in the video’s description (“Боевой единице спустя 70 лет вернули возможность снова стать на защиту народа от фашистов.”) that the tank will once more defend the people against the fascists :).

    • That is very ad hoc and weak protection though, only works on earlier generation RPGs (not tandem). And its been put in limited area, frontal hull and turret still fully exposed. Against any conventional AP rounds it wont do anything.

      I mean, they could also put up old Lada cars to service, just wrap em in birdcages all over = perfect immunity to all RPGs. And then add some sandbags to stop AK rounds to make superior russian warmobile!