Battle Assistant Arty Mod for 9.6

Hello everyone,

new patch is here and with it, new version of Battle Assistant mod for artillery. This mod is extremely useful – for myself, I must say it is this mod that helped me complete the artillery individual missions the most.

You can get the mod here, at Plazmakeks’ site (there’s a link right below the pictures) along with other interesting mods. Check it out!

101 thoughts on “Battle Assistant Arty Mod for 9.6

    • I feel a disturbance in the force, there is a storm brewing.

      Oh crap! Roll down the sails, close the hatches and block the comments section! The arty-hate wawes are rolling in!

    • Does anyone knows if arty as been hit hard by accuracy nerf? Or does the difference is minimal?

      • M44 became more unplayable that it was pre-nerf, Pz.Sfl.IVb arty seems to keep doing well, overall arty didn’t change mcu hso far.

      • I found arty as kind of a mixed bag. Low-tier, it hurts a little as the shells overall are less accurate, and thus low-tier arties that rely on direct hits tend to get less damage per game.

        High tiers, however, are another story. once you have something with solid splash radius, the accuracy changes did nothing but help them. The new shot placement system rewards fully-aimed shots, and when you’re a high tier arty, you tend to aim your shots fully before pulling the cord. As a result, I noticed my 40/43 and CGC both were getting significant increases in damage per game due to a more predicable shell placement.

    • I’ll take a large tub of popcorn with a large soda. Oh and if you got any pizza I’ll take that too.

  1. I wouldn’t post a link to a website that carries links to aimbots and cheat packs, SS. But that is just my humble opinion.

        • You can determine in seconds if you can hit or not an enemy who is in cover, but it does not make shells more accurate, and its hard to aim (in BA mode, the camera movement is based on the position of your vehicle and not on the map, if you want to change target or flank i recommend to switch back to strategic mode to do it, also following a moving target in BA mode is almost impossible)

          • Yes, it does help you to determine your aim in a matter of seconds. Even more so with low trajectory arties, and even more so than that when aiming at targets on a down-slope.

            I consider myself a competent player and experienced arty player, and yet, while testing battle assistant I have noticed how off target (either aiming too far or too near) my aim was at some cases, when first aiming from top down view and then fine tuning it with battle assistant. An average player is few skill levels lower than me and I can imagine his aim would be even more off the mark. Battle assistant removes the aim error entirely, so long as you aim at stationary target and there’s no need to lead the enemy.

            No, it will not make shells more accurate, but it makes sure anyone can get the best aim possible. And it can still offer a significant assistance even to seasoned players.

            It’s not for me to decide if it’s a cheat or not, but it certainly DOES provide an advantage over players who do not use it, maybe apart from super unicums who can aim their arties across the map while in arcade view lol.

      • LMAO, either your trolling or are just that stupid.
        Of course it gives (what is already OP) arty a massive advantage. Just watch some youtube footage of it. For fucks sake, it turns that satellite view into basically an overhead TD view, giving arty even more accuracy when aiming. As if arty needs anymore accuracy than it already has, because, you know in WWII arty had that kinda accuracy.

        • Yeah except RNG god will let them hit every time?
          Oh wait you are sitting in the open for like 5 seconds…..

          How terrible, much salt mate. I’d better play more to let you suffer :)

        • @Austin:

          WTF are you talking about? How does this mod gives better accuracy??

          You still have the same accuracy, you still have the same aim time, and you still have the same shell travel time. The only difference is that you aim from another angle, which makes it a tiny bit easier to se if you have the possibility to lob a shell behind some taller cover. Even tho you can se this easier, its still equally darn hard to pull of such shot.

          So stop whining about arty and try it out instead, it actually requires more skill than some other classes to do WELL in arty.

            • You cant hit more than 1/10 in arty without skill. you have to know how to aim, and even if your aim, determined by your skill, is perfect, rng splats your shot 10m away. the reason why we get hit by arty first time as oftern as we do, is because most of the people who have bad aim in arty dont play it, because they get pissed off at rng, only the good players play it in high quantitys. And thats who we run into, and get hit by, well, when the arty driver is lucky at least. Its soooooo rng for arty, its only players who can aim very well that can hit, because they understand how the machanics work. So when rng smiles apon them, they are the players wih the lazer like accuracey.
              When i grt hit by arty, its either because i was making the mistskes, and giving him shots, or he outplayed me, and got a hit in. and it really takes skill to land a shot when your target is playing SAMRT, but tomatoes or orranges like you make his life easy, all he needs is the rng to work, and your getting hit. so its your fault. And if he nails you on the move, between cover, while dodging, and trying to make it hard for him, like a good player, then its because he is a good shot.

      • This was my very first mod. It is no different from having a zoom function on your other tanks, for comparison. It helps you judge your shots, but accuracy and timing is the same. The best part about it is that the game looks more stunning while using it, so it’s a +1 for me.

    • …and i dream of WoT with no mods at all ;) Its true this game is not so P2W, but its clearly sort of “better mods/pack win” case. There should be definetely stricter rules for mods…

      • I dream of a world without morons like you…
        Seriously, mods exist to make the game more enjoyable and add things WG is too stupid to add themselves. Making modding that easy is actually one of the best decisions WG has ever made.

        • I agree with you. Mods make this game more enjoyable. My shortlist on what WG could implement as standard features to make this game more enjoyable, for me:
          1. Hangar clock
          2. Tank caroussel, 2 rows, with quick info on the thumbnails
          3. Pop-up minimap, with draw distance, dynamic viewrange/spotting range circles
          4. Auto telescope
          5. Better more detailed after-battle reports, yasenkrasen…

          To put all these in the game client as standard, does not require rocket science… And I would be a happy bunny… Maybe even pay for some premium time… Maybe

          • there is a lot of basic information that is not visible in WoT: gun horizontal/vertical traverse arc, gun range (artys and low caliber guns) terrain resistance, ammo price/capacitiy (you cant see that before you buy a tank)

        • Oh i agree, but i do not agree with WG implementation of mods. They do not have any control what is being modified nor they have means to detect it – despite what they say. Same files that are used for harmless modding can be used for cheats. Unless it is changed i’d rather have no mods at all.

      • Please explain how some unicums stay unicum with vanilla client, then ;)

        List of things tomatoes use to justify their poor skill:
        - Mods
        - MM
        - Platoon
        - Gold ammo
        - Shitty ping/fps

        What else? :p

        • To this i have only one thing to say:

          Beginners blame the computer, experienced players blame the MM, I just play tanks.

        • Right, and how did they get to unicum status? I bet we both think about a same person. I’m not talking about borderline cheating but minimap mods – like those features WG introduced – already give you a huge advantage. Not to mention it is easier to keep your WN on a certain level then raise it.

      • I’m doing the Stug arty missions with my M41 HMC , and BA does help when I only want to track the guy with fe. 140 HP and not kill him, cause the missions says I should.

        Plus it’s useful when I have to shoot between houses and such, cause I can see why my shot missed. But I don’t really feel like it’s giving that much of an advantage, just a different view to look at things.

      • For me neither. I bought M12 i rage sold year ago and Bishop. Splash two tanks took me like 70 battles and one week. 2000dmg is pretty hard in both, but I believe it’s not enough to be among top 3 by xp or damage on m12 so i’m trying it with bishop.
        But for FV304 mod helped a lot when I tried to land shots on engine deck especially of poor TOGs and it helps a lot to hit tanks behind a stone. For M12 it is not that good, it makes no sense to target week spots or shot at tank almost perfectly hidden behind obstacle, but at least I can finally see shell landing trajectories and learn why same places are not arty safe. On the other hand it reduces situational awareness.

  2. I dont mind mods, however I wish for mods not being a necessity. But if you want to have an edge you really need at least 3-4 mods installed. Also In sick of people claiming their mods are fine because of no advantage, but then why would you want it in the first place? WG finally adopted the minimap mod because it was a cool feature which all players loved and most used – but don’t tell me it didn’t gave an advantage against players without unless they had super minimap memory skills… This arty mod will likely be implemented within a few years and I don’t care about people using it, but don’t come telling me it doesn’t give the player a small advantage. IFf not in most situations then at least in direct fire mode…

    • No, you do not need 3-4 mods to have an edge. The edge, at unicum level, comes from reading the game. It starts with mapknowleadge, assessing the enemy team at the start, which tank will be going where, and then reading the minimap and gameflow, and make a correct decisions to win the battle. This requires a lot of experience. This takes skill.
      I have super-unicum friends, with vanilla client and no premium time.
      And there are mods that do not give any advantage… clock in hangar, vehicle info in hangar, better tank filter mods, autotelescope, etc…

      • Well that’s it. I believe skill is the most important, but there are other things. I tried playing vanilla for a few days and it’s confusing – tank icons … can’t immediately recognize meds, heavies, tiers – well i later found it can be turned on, … not worst. Position of last spotted tanks – important, cause surprisingly 2/3 of players will never change flank or leave base and you always have some clue where main enemy force is. Number of unspotted tanks – you can estimate that there’s unlikely fv215/183 camping and it’s safe to relocate. For me it’s very hard to to read game flow when there are just 3 enemies spotted at any time.
        And yes even unicums are different, some of them are just good players spamming prem ammo, some of them are excellent players that feel bad for using it, some play high tier arty a lot despite it ruins theirs stats.

  3. I only wish WG lifted max. 5 arty per battle cap – then the brown cowards could enjoy 15 vs. 15 tier X arty. In such a case, I would appreciate spectator mode…

    The game will slowly die due to arty. I guess I’m not alone who used to play tens of battles daily. Nowadays I play two, three, after which I quit because of brown bushlickers. But good for other games producers, I usually switch to another game (obviously a WG goal according to their actions – like “we consider buffing arty xp gain”).

    AW don’t worry about lack of players. I think you can await flood of WoT disgruntled players…

    • What is it with arty and “bushlicking”?
      If you sit in a bush i will most definately bomb you out of it x)

      You just make it easier for me to counter you :D

    • I am interested to see how it will develope if nothing will change about arty. I personally do not like it to play any kind of tanks in randoms with arty in it. It only makes the game more boring and/or frustrating for me. However, since I actually use to really like this game and the idea of it, I will keep watching here on FTR if they may do anything about it(Also for the very interesting historical stuff posted etc). I just stop playing randoms till they might change something.

  4. It’s a great mod for occasionall arty players. It takes quite some experience to make proper use of shell trajectory when aiming with map view. This mod helps right here.

    While experienced clickers can do this fine, the rest will benefit.

    So basically, this mod tightens the gap between dedicated and occasionall arty players.
    But it doesn’t really help pushing your clicking to next level, if you are already good @ sending skypig shots.

    I like it, helps a lot with arty missions (as retarded as the whole IM thing is, the crews prize is just too hard to pass) and reduces the frustration from RNG clicking once you can differentiate between actuall RNG and bad aiming.

    • Myself, I am a player who plays every type of vehicle in game. They are in game to be played, with most of them having specific roles. When I am on the receiving end of an arty shell I hate them, but I do not blame them that I got shot, 99% is my bad positioning. That 1% I leave it to heavy RNG, going fullspeed with an ELC and getting oneshotted in the first 30-35 seconds without being spotted by a random cliker, maybe accidental click on touchpad. You can’t do anything about that. In rest it is my/your own fault if you get hit by arty.
      I use the BA mod because it is fun and gives a different perspective when you have to shoot at something behind rocks, houses, etc… but also it can enhance tunnel vision. It happened a few times, that I was so focused on 1 tank, that I did not notice the light sneaking up behind me. With the normal view, it is easier to notice a little red dot moving towards you…
      Basically I consider arty a necessary evil, with the most use for CW/hightier skirmish battles. There you can soften a big heavy group with a few shells, or take out dangerous targets like the big TD’s, counter arty, you name it.
      It sucks being on the receiving end, but it is necessary. The problem is, most of the playerbase, and I assume around 90% does not blame themselves when being shot by arty… Complaining is always the easy part.

  5. Thanks SS…love using this mod with Bert…let the tears flow!

    BTW, the chatbox on that site is rather hilarious…makes the Hall of Shame look clean LOL

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  7. I don;t care about the arty mod but that site has a ton of illegal mods like the laser pointers or automatic fire extinguisher. Do you really have to link to such a site?

  8. And when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any easier for the clicking bots, this. Here’s the new long-range TDs. Enjoy ! Your enemy sure won’t.

    This isn’t useful, this is cheating and when are those idiots at WG gonna ban this shit ? It’s like the no-vegetation mod for TDs.

  9. I wish that artys get nerfed or removed althogether from game they are way too accurate and do to much damage. So as the gameplay is unfair they can hurt you you cant hurt them so its quite unfair and they deserve nerf or removal.