Clan Mission Rewards – Complete

Hello everyone,

yesterday, Wargaming published that the clan missions would be implemented. What WG EU did not publish is the rewards you can get, not completely anyway. But WG RU did – here they are.

Clan camouflages

How the two of them look on E-100:

How the two of them look on IS-7:

Special emblems

Special inscriptions



“Valiant Hearts”

48 thoughts on “Clan Mission Rewards – Complete

  1. I want a special T1 cunningham with all those fancy camo and emblems. THE PEOPLE IN TIER 6 TEAM BATTLES WILL FEAR ME

  2. these rewards are not even worth the time spending in CW not to mention the stress caused by it!

      • I’d go with ‘keep under controll’ or ‘controller’.
        But that sounds like crap.

        Conqueror comes very close.

        • conqueror has nothing to do with bezwinger, really….
          and “controller” … lol? seriously?

          its more like hellfish already said.. vanquisher or if you go for the verb it could be “to quell” (like “to master somebody”).

  3. Surprisingly fitting that the big and boxy E 100 that makes things go boom gets camo to resemble a creeper

  4. Why is there a Digital Camo?? was the digital camo create in year early 90′s

    • “Pixellated shapes pre-date computer aided design by many years, already being used in Soviet Union experiments with camouflage patterns, such as “TTsMKK” developed in 1944 or 1945. The pattern uses areas of olive green, sand, and black pixels running together in broken patches at a range of scales.”

      And it was even older. It only got more prevalent, because with computers you can generate better patterns.

    • I guess some of the tier X meds could have seen Digi Camo in real life (Centurion, T62, Patton, not sure about others…).

      Eh, sorry, I meant Urban Cammo (big rectangles), that one that can be seen on West Berlin Centurions. This basically renders my post useless… :)

  5. I am very surprised that there are people who don’t want to join clans.

    So… you do WHAT, exactly? Grind tanks all day, get your tier 10′s, and just… keep grinding?

    No strongholds? No clan wars? You know… that END GAME CONTENT?

    I guess you at least play on tournament teams I hope.

    Otherwise you’re just spending all your time masturbating with a sock puppet.

    Clan Wars is the GIRL.

    (or boy)

    (or fish)

    (whatever object real sex would be for you, if you understand the metaphor.) :\

    • I don’t know about your masturbation before you joined your girl (eh, sorry, clan) but I will never join any clan. Why should I actually do that? I don’t need people around to have fun. I can easily have fun for myself. And no, I’m not grinding tanks all day, I have real life with no tanks, so in the evening I simply sit down and have ten, twenty battles. No need for clan so far. End game content? Meh, if it means tier X clan battles, thanks, I’ve seen some, my randoms are much better. Even with tanks I grinded (ground?) long ago – What’s wrong with Hellcat, T-34-85, Cromwell, T-54, Centurion, KV-85, T1 Heavy, KV-1, Matilda, Tetrarch, Chi-Nu, KV-3, Slugger/Jackson…. with 4+ skills/perks? Many times more entertaining than tier X (of which I have 16 pieces).

      If you need new things coming constantly without which you feel like masturbating it’s a problem of you, not people not joining clans… And, by the way, according to constant invitations from recruiters, it seems that it’s the clans who look for players, not players looking for a clan. Maybe you are just another recruiter…

    • Solo pub tier X. What’s the problem?

      Oh yeah, there is a problem: Getting raped by the f*d up MM Russian “me needs pwnage” style courtesy WG retards a.k.a. Storm.

    • i have 16K battles at 57%. 6 tier 10s, and a total of 24 tanks with no premium.
      platooned: 4times .
      tc: 0
      cw: 0
      on missions i’m at the middle on the stug one.
      i dont need end game content. i’m already pleased kicking noob asses.
      right now i can’t think of a tank that i want and i don’t have. maybe in the future i will give AMX 30 a try.

  6. The chinese one has something about siblings (兄弟) on it. The rest I wasn’t able to TL, really…

    The japanese one is 名誉の戦士 – meiyo no senshi – honourable soldier (warrior, etc)

  7. Road signs really? I’d rather put some warning/hazard signs than some boobs on my tank. There is high voltage one already but i guess more would be nice.

  8. Actually I’d love to get the digital camo :D

    But if I understand, these are only for battles on global map, right ?
    So if I’m a member of mediocre clan, I have no chance, right ?