Škoda T 40 Combat Vehicle – Archive Drawing

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Hello everyone,

Mr. Jiří Tintěra, a Czech military historian, who is currently cooperating with Wargaming on creating the Czechoslovak branch, published the historical information on the T 40 medium tank on the valka.cz web for everyone to see – in Czech language of course, so here it is in English. This is the primary tier 6/7 premium medium candidate.


This is the Škoda proposal for the TVP program from 8.12.1946. The drawing looks so “ruffled” (damaged) because it actually was damaged by the floods in Prague.


Length – gun forward: 9060mm
Hull length: 6700mm
Width: 3200mm
Height: cca 2800mm
Clearance: 450mm

Sprocket diameter: 666mm
Number of drive sprocket teeth: 16
Frontal wheel diameter: 500mm
Roadwheel diameter: 750mm
Roadwheel rubber banding thickness: 130mm
Suspension: torsion bars

Track width: 700mm
Number of links per track: 110
Length of the track segment touching the ground: 4600mm
Ground pressure: 60,8 kPa (0,62 kg/cm2)

Engine: 16ADH140 diesel
Engine volume: 33,25 liter
Compression: 1:16,5
Engine power: 700 hp at 2000 RPM
Fuel consumption: 220 grams of fuel per horsepower per hour
Transmission: 5F/5R
Maximum speed: 6 to 50 km/h
Operating range offroad: 200 km
Operating range on road: 250 km

Maximum trench length to traverse: 2,3m
Maximum obstacle height to traverse: 0,9m
Fording depth: 1,3m
Maximum slope to traverse: 45 degrees

Armor – frontal hull: 65mm
Armor – hull sides: 40-30mm
Armor – rear: 30mm
Armor – bottom: 20mm
Armor – hull deck: 15mm

Armor – turret front: 65mm
Armor – turret side: 40mm
Armor – turret rear: 40mm
Armor – turret roof: 20mm

Armament: 88mm L/56 (in original document, it’s L/57) Vz.36N (captured, Tiger I gun)
Armament – secondary: 1 x 7,92mm Vz.37 MG
Armament – tertiary: grenade launcher on the roof (unspecified type)

Archive sources:

VHA Praha, FL: VTÚ 1947, KL: 15, SL: Čj. 15671 Taj.
Tabulky SI, ČSN 01 1300, vyd. ÚNM, Praha 1977

17 thoughts on “Škoda T 40 Combat Vehicle – Archive Drawing

  1. That should make for a very nice looking tank in game, and probably a pretty fun tank to play as well :)

  2. “Sprocket diameter: 666mm”

    Praised be the czechoslovak armoured Satan! :D

    Nah, srsly now, i’m gonna buy this thing for sure as soon as it appears in store, it’s a must for CZ/SK player…

  3. Why is the black outline, superimposed on the archive drawing, mirrored?

    The “drawing” I know is a computer drawing, it corresponds to the drawing beneath it which is very faint, but why not post the original drawing fully, without stuff over it?

    • ehm… maybe because it’s NOT computer drawing?

      the mirrored image is not intentional, it’s just ink transfered by air humidity while the drawing was folded & stacked in the archives for over 60 years They didn’t have autoCAD back then y’know.

    • As has been written, the document was damaged by flood water and most likely stored stacked with other documents, so different drawings were “copied” that way on it.

    • Ever looked ad russian tanks?

      T-34 mod.43, T-34/85, T-43, T-44, KV-85, KV-122, IS-1, IS-2… so on, so on, basically all the russian cast three-man turrets look the same, just bigger or smaller, differing mostly in details (cupolas etc.)

      Or if we leave tank world – look at Porsche’s 911 line – over 50 years of production and development and it still uses the same basic layout and design Ferdinand Porsche copied ( *couch* shamelesslystole *couch* ) from Tatra in the 1940s…

      • At least most of those soviet clones had prototypes. Czechs only had/have blueprints…

        • That’s true, sad, but true. But why, that’s totally beyond understanding from today’s point of view…

          “Sir, look, we have this proposal for this new tank, very modern, totally domestic design and with great potential to prolong its service life with further modernisation in the future!”
          “Nah, scrap that, we’ll buy license to build this “battle-proven” (read: hopelessly obsolete in 1950s) wartime modernisation of 20 years old design which leaks oil and fuel everywhere, has no space for crew inside and needs heavy hammer to change gears properly, big brother Soyuz will be pleased.”

    • Yeah man- except that everything in this tank is different than in Chi-Ri…i don’t even know how you could compare to this one…

    • Yep – but then, so is any other candidate, the Japanese heavies will be even less historical and Swedish hightier heavies and mediums are all blueprints.