World of Tanks – Old Versions for Download

Hello everyone,

got that old 0.8.7 replay where you totally pwned everybody, but you just can’t play it, because the game changed a lot? Can’t find the old clients on the web anymore?

Well, fear not, player Gappa from EU server has a site just for you:

From this simple site, you can download various versions of World of Tanks client all the way back to 0.7.0, when the replay function was introduced. The versions of the client are available in several forms: torrent file, installer, patch… or you can just download the entire client (the rightmost column).

After the installation (or rather, unpacking is ready), be sure you are running the old replay file with the appropriate client by selecting “open with” and linking to the newly-installed old client worldoftanks.exe file.

26 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Old Versions for Download

    • Found the first replay I uploaded to wotreplays. 8.8k dmg leo1 defeat. Gonna record it an put it on the tube. <3

      • and i can finaly watch my 8.7 replay when i did 14k spot with chaffee :-) i was loosing hope i will see it ever again… thanks, SS, more of this stuff on ftr, pls ;-)

  1. Wow. The website finally has the clients for the newer versions. Last time i checked the site only had patchfiles for recent versions

    • Someone (multimill) managed to collect a load of old versions including the ones that were missing, allowing him to complete the set.

      Re-watching some of my old replays has been painful :P

  2. I’m downloading 9.5 from here just now! It’s like you read my mmind SS :P
    Anyone knows if these files are safe? I’ll run a scan of the folder as soon as it finishes, but some other’s experience would be awesome :)

  3. Dragging the replay file and dropping it on top of the .exe works faster, instead having to search folders in the “open with”

  4. I like the patch summary, it makes it easier to search for when something was added.

    Also you can see that the patches were never really that “glorious” as some players make them to be (in the past everything was better), with the exception of 7.1 (mods) and 8.0 (physics).

  5. This is fantastic thanks alot for posting this SS. Been trying to hunt down old clients for a while.

    • Oh – good point – haven’t wotreplays started checking for such replays and deleting/not permitting them to be uploaded? I’m not really sure.

      Anyway, if you need the client to watch your or your buddy’s replay then you should not worry – unless your buddy is a trollhaxxor :)

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  7. I use WoT Replay Companion — it allows you to watch replays from all different patches.
    It takes a fairly long time for the client to load up each patch after you select a replay for that patch, but once it has done it the first time it doesn’t do it again for that specific version of the game (e.g. if I have a replay from 8.8 It’ll take a while to load up, then play. I can then watch any other replay from 8.8 perfectly fine without it taking ages like the first time, however if I want to watch a 9.3 replay then I have to go through the long process again, but then I can watch any 8.8 and 9.3 replay, etc.).
    Would definitely recommend.