Shashmurin’s “Tank of Extreme Parameters”


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as it sometimes happens, Wargaming got hold of some of N.Shashmurin’s memoirs (files, five pieces). Nikolai Fedorovich Shashmurin was a Soviet tank designer, who was, amongst other things, involved in the development of IS-2 and IS-7. In his files, he referred to heavy tanks as “tanks of extreme parameters” (literally “limit parameters”, as in parameters reaching the limits of possibility). It was his opinion that these “extreme tanks” were to be the backbone of modern armored forces instead of the more common medium tanks. As Yuri Pasholok notes, his opinion was – given the fact that modern MBT’s evolved into what was considered a heavy weight category back then – completely reasonable.

Shashmurin’s memoirs and notes contained various tank proposals (including illustrations and drawings), one of which looks like this:


It’s called “Tank of extreme parameters /universal/”. The last vehicles Nikolai Shashmurin was involved with were the Object 286, 287 and 288 experimental rocket tanks (tanks, equipped with missile launchers instead of guns) – and so, it is completely possible that the guns of this vehicle is in fact a pair of rocket launchers…

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  1. *The guns of this vehicle …are…* plural.

    S— of a B—–. Soviet OP. PLZ nerf.

    If we can have MAUS then we can have this also. :-)

  2. Hey SS can you try to get some Information about the upcoming Events and the top of the tech tree Tank?
    Would be Great!

    Thank you for your time and the dayli news :)

      • Doubt it, personally. T-62A was one of the last (if not THE last, can’t remember accurately enough) of original Top of the tree, so… too soon.

        I would really appreciate TotT for T57 heavy for example, would be reason for me to actually resume T21 and move the hell ot of that horribad excuse of a light tank, but with my luck if TotT: T57 came to WG’s mind they would make it exclusively for the other, “Tiny bugger>>another tiny bugger with useless autoloader>>Walker texas Bulldog>>KV-2 on crack” line…

  3. “For Historical Accuracy™ purposes we’re going to add yet another Soviet branch of a new class of vehicles called ‘Tank of Extreme Parameters’ or ‘TEP’, and for game balance reasons we’re going to nerf German tanks even more.”

  4. I can See it for me.. Next Step of Wargaming is add Weird / Crazy tanks into the game.. Just to keep the game feel that it offers something new in tank gameplay. Multi guns And Multi turrets… ohh yea..

    • Don’t get excited, 183 god is on the battlefield polishing 310 pene AP shells while this vehicle is on the paper

      • You, of course, forgot that late soviet heavies was armed with 130 mm gun with shell speed up to 950 m/s. Which gives even more pen than 310 mm.
        This is furthermore reason why late soviet heavies are not appreciated in the game.